My Fucked Up Fantasy – Night 2

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My Fucked Up Fantasy – Night 2Saturday morning. My head is pounding, my mouth is dry, My eyes are itching. Laying there in hangover hell, I felt a pain in my leg. I remembered what happened last night.Click link to read what happened the night before http://xhamster.com/user/GothicLover/posts/307048.htmlShe called herself Lauren, I giggled thinking about what we did. It was shitty of her to vanish on me like that, after all….I didn’t get to return the favour.Saturday AfternoonNursing my hangover with a cup of coffee, I reflected on what I did with Lauren. She was definitely a rough type, I was somewhat ok with that, What the hell was that drink she gave me? I shouldn’t have been this hung over. I remembered the feeling of her hair tickling my thighs, it was an instant turn on, I became fixated on replaying the scene in my head. As I did, I felt myself becoming moist at the thought of her but, something was different. There was an ache in my stomach, like hunger pains, as I was alone I thought “Fuck it.” I leaned back into my dining room chair and ran my hand up the inside of my thigh, passing the bite mark that Lauren had left. Reaching my my panties, I lifted my fingers up then down behind the fabric feeling past my pubic hair and placed a finger over my clit. Slowly rubbing at myself, the stomach pains went away, I rubbed harder, my hangover faded. I put two fingers inside and exploded with agonizing ecstasy but, this was different….More intense than I was used to, my whole body tightened and spasmed, by breathing became uncontrollable. My entire body became hard as I fucked myself, I could smell my juices as they poured out of me. I felt myself wanting to scream with dikmen escort pleasure, but no sound was heard. I had never orgasmed that intensely before, looking down I saw the mess I had made. I had sprayed all over my breakfast table, like a heavy condensation, I laughed.Saturday EveningAll through the afternoon, I thought of Lauren. Who was she? where does she come from? Will I see here again? my body had remained flexed and tight, that was some orgasm I had given myself. I had to see her again. I found my favourite dress to show off my tits and legs and spent hours on my hair and makeup. If Lauren was in the club tonight…she was mine.I didn’t bother asking Natalie and Jane to come out that night…I was on a mission.Saturday NightI got to the Coven Club door and was greeted by the hefty doorman again”I thought you might be back tonight” he chuckledI wasn’t in the mood for chit chat, I just smiled and entered the club. I did a lap of the club and Lauren was nowhere to be found. Devastated, I found Ben who had hooked up with Natalie the night before.”Hey, I’m looking for Lauren if you know her?””Erm” he said dumbfounded “I don’t think I know her…Sorry””OK, thanks” disappointingly.”I know Natalie is around somewhere” “Yeah? OK thanks again,” I felt beaten, I walked to the railing of the dance pit and stared into the slew of bodies, remembering what happened there the night before. The cramps in my stomach returned as I thought about Lauren, it became almost unbearable. It couldn’t have been my period, I wasn’t due for a few weeks. I slightly buckled in pain against the railings. Composing myself, I looked up, across the dance floor. Lauren eryaman escort was staring at me with those smokey eyes, the ache got more more intense. I grimaced trying to contain the pain as she walked the circumference of the dance floor toward me. The closer she got, she more I ached, I thought of how touching myself helped cure it…but I couldn’t, not here.Lauren, merely feet away from, never broke eye contact as she approached. There was an infinity in a moment before held my face and pulled me to kiss her. All my questions left my head as I thought of how wonderful she tasted.”So, yeah…Hi” I nervously chuckled.”I’m glad to see you came back” Smiled Lauren.”OK, don’t take this personally but…Who are you?” I had to know”I’m the one who is going to set you free”Who was this girl?, is she just a sexy weirdo? Is she just an eccentric oddball?. Mystified and eager to learn, I asked her to leave with me.”Come with me” she said. Following the previous nights antics, I jumped at the thought of having her again. She lead me back the underground room, This time Lauren sat in the chair.”Stand there” she pointed in-front of herself, I obliged. “Have you ever felt different?…out of place?…alone, even when you’re with people?”I didn’t know how to answer, I felt quite belittled and exposed by her questioning.”Have you ever felt so angry inside that you could burn?” her legs parted. I almost didn’t hear the question.”Have you ever wanted to be something else so badly, you’d kill to get it?” Lauren lifted her skirt and shuffled down into the chair, my stomach ache returned. “Do you feel that?…that burning inside?” the pains got more intense, etimesgut escort “That is you burning for me” The pain fully buckled me, I felt my body tighten. “What the fuck did you do to me?” I screamed”I made you complete,” Lauren pulled her panties to one side and showed her pussy to me. My body became so hard looking at her glisten. I looked at her eyes, they began to yellow. I buckled to the floor in agony, crawling to her, I begged for help.Lauren pounced on me from the chair, pinned me to the floor. Her brow shifted into a demonic frown and swelled out from her forehead. Her teeth lengthened as she placed her long fingers to my face and pushed her face into mine for a tooth filled kiss. I was overcome, I reached down to my pussy and rubbed so hard it hurt. Lauren leaned back and ripped off her dress, her breathing had become erratic. I watched her shoulders shift and enlarge, her fingernails blackened and thickened to a point. A sound of cracked knuckles made her yell orgasmically as she her spine shifted and grew taller, Her waist shrank painfully, leaving a perfect abdomen. I could feel the muscles in her leg grow strong as she fell forwards on top of me. I rubbed my pussy so hard, my stomach ache faded and with my other hand I grabbed Laurens cunt and fingered her just as hard. She let out another yell, feminine but gutteral. Her ears shifted up her head and formed points. I could feel her pussy becoming hairier and smaller. Her feet narrowed and stretched out, it sounded like rope tightening. Her pubic hair rapidly grew out from her pussy, finely spreading across her body like a coat. Her breasts flattened against her now muscular chest. She looked at me one last time, I was cumming as I watched her mouth and nose pull out from her face, her teeth lengthened and tongue flattened. I rubbed harder on her pussy, she let out an orgasmic scream which ended as an unnatural growl, then silence fell, the room grew darker, then nothing.Night 3 coming soon

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