My Italian Stallion

Amai Liu

It was my last full day in London before heading back to my home country. It was a beautiful warm sunny day in the English capital. This wasn’t my first time in this large bustling city, and I’d already been here for a few days already, so I’d seen most of the sites and attractions by now, and today I was keen to just chill somewhere quiet and watch the world go by. I managed to find a small café on the banks of the Thames just down from Tate Modern.Whilst sipping my coffee, watching all the cute English lads go about their day, I took the opportunity to scroll through Grindr. So many sexy options to choose from; which one? I replied to a few messages I’d already received, mostly just the usual small talk, nothing really going anywhere, or they were too far out of my way.It was then that I received a message from a guy; Hey there, how’s things?Nothing out there, but his profile pic caught my eye. Muscular build, short hair, strong features with a well-manicured goatee dressed in a business suit. And boy did he look like he meant business. I scrolled through his other pics, a couple from his travels, shirtless pic, yummy, and your usual gym selfie. His profile read he was looking for some şişli escort fun and nothing serious.I replied back with a simple; Hey mate I’m good thanks, yourself? Play it cool, play it cool, I said to myself.He replied almost straight away; Yeah alright, just about to go on my lunch break. You look close.I was, just a few hundred meters according to the app. I told him that I was just chilling by the Thames, having a coffee. He asked if I wanted to meet up during his thirty-minute-long lunch break. I was most definitely keen. A couple more minutes of chat to kill time, turns out he’s Italian, been living over here in the UK for a couple of years and works in IT for a bank here in the city.We exchanged some pics. Yes, the NSFW kind. And yes, the pics were just as amazing as I’d hoped. And yes, he was packing downstairs. Guess it is true about what they say about Italians. Seeing that body minus the clothes… I couldn’t wait to experience it in person.His lunch break started in ten minutes, and he told me where to meet him. I was there in five. I recognized him from his pics immediately when I saw him walking around the corner. Broad shoulders, tight fitting business mecidiyeköy escort shirt and an amazing smile. Cheek bones to die for. After the awkward exchanging of pleasantries, he told me to follow him.We walked about a block and into this rather posh looking hotel foyer. Crystal chandeliers hanging from the high ceilings, dark marble floors and walls, and a large oval shaped bar in the middle. I felt very under dressed. We proceeded past the bar and down a corridor off to one side and into the large bathroom. Floor to ceiling mirrors, gold plated taps, and marble floors, walls and basins. We were the only ones in there. We entered the disabled toilet.I’d just turned around from locking the door when he grabbed me and pulled me into him, kissing me, forcefully, but passionately at the same time. We were on the clock after all.He was an amazing kisser. His large hands holding me into him and mine around his neck, forcing our tongues down each other’s throats further. My hands made their way down his back, untucking his shirt as they went, before reaching his arse. Oh my god that arse. His tight pants left nothing to the imagination. I wanted him, so bad.He pulled away just long enough to remove my shirt, he then proceeded to kiss my neck before slowly moving his way down to my chest and then sucked on my nipple. I let out a low moan. It felt amazing. He was amazing. I was wishing we had longer. I wanted him to take the rest of the day off. I wanted to go back to reception and book us a room for the night. I didn’t want this to end.He came up for more air and we locked lips once again. This time it was my turn to remove some clothing. I managed to get his shirt unbuttoned and I felt his huge chest and stomach muscles. He was clean shaven all over, I wanted to lick it all. I kissed his neck as his hands fumbled with my pants button and fly. Before I knew it, my pants were down around my ankles and underwear not far behind.I was so fucking hard. He knew it. He felt it. And I knew he wanted it. And I wanted him to have it. He sat down on the toilet seat and took my hard erection in his hand. It was throbbing in anticipation. He didn’t even hesitate; he ran his tongue over the head of my cock, licking the precum that was had started leaking out and then proceeded to take my full length down his throat. It felt amazing. I let out another moan, realising that I may not have heard anyone enter the bathroom with everything happening. Hoping that no one had, I continued to moan uncontrollably, trying to muffle it as much as possible.

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