My Liberation


As I glanced at my alarm clock it read 05:00am and I had to close my eyes tightly as the sharp, flickering red light of the clock felt like it was piercing my skull like an unbroken and gnawing migraine.

I pried my eyes open and realized what had woken me up from the erotic dream I was having; it was the soft pitter-patter of the rain against my bedroom’s bay window. I felt underneath me, my silky sheets were moistened and I felt the familiarity of the warm afterglow between my thighs.

Grinning sheepishly, could I have… really… in my sleep? I raised my fingers to mouth, slipped them in and savored the taste of my own gratification. My expression changes to that of a smug gaze as I hunger for more self-indulgence. I fumble frantically in the dresser drawer for my only reliable solution to my current famished circumstance. Aaah… there it is…

With the 5-speed vibrator in one hand, I pull my soaking panties to one side and turn the vibrator on its lowest setting. Teasingly, I coax my clitoris out of its hood with the rabbit head of the vibrator. I can feel my back arching as it sends electrifying pulsations up my clitoris. Mmmff… it feels so good… don’t stop…

A trickle of liquid runs over my clitoris and down my inner labia, I can feel that it’s close as I turn up the tempo and body jerks as it wants to utterly submit itself to the ever so sweet release. Aaargh… my body cries out and pleads for release.

I turn up the speed of the vibrator and force it deep within me. Mmmff… I scream as I grasp at the sheet with my nails. I can feel my muscles contracting with involuntary spasms, my pussy violently thrashing for surrender as I tell myself to hold out a little bit longer. I can feel my eyes welling up with tears from the pleasurable torture that I’m putting myself through and I bite down hard on my bottom lip as I increase the rhythmic rate of the vibrator.

It’s full speed now and my clitoris is throbbing as my muscles wrap themselves snugly around the vibrator. I ram it in hard and pull it out slowly to the tip, still not allowing myself any liberation. Continuing the shift between rapid and slower motions, my body begins to shudder as I begin to allow myself the indulgent climax. I feel a sharp, contorted contraction followed by a swift expansion of my floor muscles as the milky-white substance streams down my pussy and onto the silky sheets. Aaah… ummmff… well worth the wait, I tell myself as I glance at the time. Oh hell, I better get moving or I’ll be late for work…

I dart through the shower as I know all too well that the sensitivity I’m feeling in my clitoris can lead to another erotic episode if I soap myself up too much with the corner of the soap or if I spend too much time rinsing myself off with the pulsating shower head. I stop for a moment to consider the thought but quickly brush it off as time is not on my side right now.

Feeling devilishly naughty, I decided to slip on a tight white long-sleeved blouse without a bra. I quickly admire how curvaceous my breasts look in the mirror and think to myself; what the hell… unbutton another button and reveal that delicious cleavage God gave you.

Returning to my cupboard, I selected a short black pencil skirt and slid it over my hips. Seeing as I was already feeling rather daring, I decided that going commando would make me feel ultra sexy and allow for easy access for later indulgence. I slipped on a pair of black lace hold-up stockings, a pair of black heels and looked myself over once more in the mirror before leaving for work.

Oh sorry, where are my manners? I should probably tell you a bit about myself before I continue the story. My name is Amber and I’m 23 years old. I was born and raised in South Africa; in a small town that never sleeps — Melville. Although I’m quite a sensual creature of habit and am in touch with my own sexuality, I’m slightly reserved to acting out on my impulses partly because I’m shy and partly because I have not as yet found anyone that shares the same reckless sexual thoughts as I do… but that’s all about to change as you will soon read. I suppose I’m afraid that I would be an outcast if I act out what I desire as my personality enjoys the company of others and I couldn’t bear to be lonely. I have light brown hair, blue eyes, am of a provocative build and am 1.64 meters tall. But enough about me now, let’s continue the story I started.

It’s 07:30 am on Friday when I finally stroll into my office and begin setting up my laptop on my desk. Oh my God, I think to myself… I have meetings to attend today and what was I thinking to dress so daringly… I have never done this before, what if someone notices? The sound of the mail messenger quickly nips that thought in the butt… you have mail it bleeps. As I open my email inbox, I notice the usual work emails along with an email from an undisclosed sender. My curiosity gets the better of me and I feel compelled to run my mouse over to the anonymous message Bahçelievler escort and open it. It reads:

I’ve been watching you for quite some time and I have to admit that I cannot hide my burning desire to take you right here and right now… I’m not going to tell you my name yet, I want you to play my game of mystery as by the end of today, I will have you and taste you…

As I mull the thought over in my mind, I feel my pussy twitch with the idea of being touched, licked and fucked by the mysterious sender. Before I can even think, I feel my fingers click the reply button:

Are you teasing me, some kind of joke? What kind of game? I’m intrigued, what are the rules of the game?

I wanted to know who the person was but out of fear of spoiling the game, I reserved from asking that question and as I tried to figure out who the person was or what exactly the game entailed, the messenger bleeped again:

In actual fact, I am teasing you but in a different way, I want you all wet for me. The rules of the game are quite simple actually; no matter what I ask you to do, you have to be totally compliant, no resistance… are you ready to play my game?

I didn’t hesitate to reply as the mysterious sender made me feel aroused and excited to find out what would happen next:

Ok, I’m ready to play your game and I will be fully compliant so what do you have in mind?

A whole ten minutes went by and I felt frustrated as I knew he was cunningly making me wait in anticipation and a suspended arousal state. The messenger bleeped:

First, what are you wearing? Do you have any underwear on?

I began explaining to him:

I’m wearing a white blouse with no bra and a short black pencil skirt with lace hold-up stockings. No, I’m not wearing any panties…

The messenger bleeped again:

Aaah… the mental picture of you without any underwear on is making me horny. Open the second drawer on your left. You will find a small red box and a tube of lubricant. I know it’s almost time for the first meeting so you don’t have any time to waste. Take the object out of the red box, lubricate it well, insert it deep within you and come to the meeting like that so I can see the glow on your skin.

I quickly opened the second draw, found the box and the lubricant. I closed my office door and opened the box to find a set of benwah balls. I’ve heard about them but have never tried them but I did as I was told, lubricated them and pushed them deep within me. Aaargh… I winced as they slipped in, widening me and nestled between my muscles. As I pulled my fingers out, I quickly lapped up any juices on my fingers, straightened my skirt and headed for the boardroom.

I sat down at the boardroom table with my note pad and pen and tried to figure out who this person was. It can only be a Director… I told myself as who else could possibly have access to Management Offices… Which one is it as all the Directors are going to be in this meeting, maybe I will be able to tell by the smirk on his face? I crossed my legs only to feel a sharp rubbing of the benwah balls against the depths of my pussy. I flinched for a moment, particularly embarrassed that someone may have noticed. I can feel a small trickle of liquid running down my inner thigh as I tried to see if anyone noticed but everyone looked rather suspect to me. I closed my eyes for a second, enjoying the moment as Ray started the meeting.

Ray is a Director and has dark, smoldering eyes and dark hair. All the ladies in the office find him extremely attractive and I looked down at his large hands, imagining what it would feel like when he touched me…when he put his fingers inside me… wishing that he was the mysterious sender and that he would just bend me over the boardroom table right now and slide his hard cock in me. Mmmff… the thought was making me wetter and wetter.

In the fading distance I heard my name and I quickly snapped out of my explicit daydream as I knew I was supposed to deliver a presentation. As I stood up to walk to the center of the room I felt the benwah balls stroke my inner walls with persistent pressure as trickles of liquid flowed down my thigh and to my knee. Aaargh…my body cries out for more of this intrusive pleasure as I try to act normal while moving around the room. The benwah balls continued to deliver consistent blows of pleasure every time I moved and I could feel the waves coming over me each time as I continued speaking.

I hurriedly finish the presentation so that I could return to my office to hide my shame as by now, I was well saturated and even the top of my stockings were wet. I sat down at my desk only to find an e-mail already waiting:

You can go to the bathroom and remove the benwah balls now. God, you look so sexy when you feel ashamed but at the same time are enjoying it. The tell-tale signs were all over your face, your actions, and your skin and yes, I noticed the wetness Bahçeşehir escort bayan coming down your thigh. Good Girl, I hope you are ready for the next part of the game?

I felt a rush of blood to my cheeks as they reddened from embarrassment and I hastily replied:

Who are you? If you could see it, then everyone else could see it. What is the next part of the game?

There was absolute silence for what seemed an eternity and I was pretty sure that I had pissed off the mysterious sender by asking his name. I decided to go to the bathroom and remove the benwah balls so that I could do some work as there were heaps of invoices to be signed off on my desk. A few hours went past as I diligently worked through each pile of invoicing, checking each invoice off before signing it.

There was a knock at my door and as I turned my head up to see which of my employees were in need of my assistance, I caught a glimpse of a delivery man standing in my doorway.

Come in…I said rather presumptuously as I still had many other items to be completed on my schedule.

With that, he greeted me, handed over a bunch of twelve red roses and an envelope as he placed the delivery schedule on my desk for me to sign. I signed it and he left in an instant whistling down the hallway until the sound could not be heard anymore. I opened the accompanying envelope and began reading it:

A gift for you to thank you for your participation in the game so far but the game is far from over. I’m still not going to tell you my name yet as you will find out in due time. You will see that there is a voucher attached to this card, I want you to meet me there after work. In the meantime, I’m not done playing with you yet my devious little minx.

I turned the card over to find a voucher attached. The voucher was for an all-exclusive experience for one night at the new spa that had just opened down the road. The spa had opened in the penthouse section of the 5-star Mount Olympian. I had heard about how extremely wealthy clients were able to exclusively book the entire spa and penthouse suit out for the night. I tried to see if the voucher stated what was entailed in the all-exclusive experience but found no further clues to what lay ahead. With that, the mail messenger bleeped once more:

Did you get your gift yet? Are you willing to experience what I have to offer?

Inquisitive and provoked by the mysterious sender’s persuasion, I replied:

Yes, I did, it just arrived. Thank you but I have to admit that I can no longer be held responsible for my actions as I’m so horny now and would probably be capable of unlawful behaviour right now.

A few minutes went by as the familiar sound bleeped on my laptop:

That’s good to hear, show me how horny you are by closing your door and spreading your legs…then play with yourself and tell me when you have come.

Without hesitation I closed my door, shifted my skirt up slightly and started rubbing my wet pussy with long and even strokes. I could feel my snatch writhing beneath my hand and I bit down hard on my bottom lip to muffle the sounds of my pleasure. I slowly slid two fingers deep within my snatch and rubbed my clitoris with my thumb. I could feel the wave coming as I increased the pace. I ran my other hand across my breasts and tweaked my nipples as I worked the rotations. I so badly wanted to scream from exhilaration as I felt my muscles contract violently and rapidly release as the milky substance forced its way out. I pulled my fingers out as I began to close my shaking legs and licked all my juices off my fingers before replying:

I have come and it tastes like honey…do you want some?

I could tell by the time that elapsed between each reply that the mysterious sender’s replies were increasing with a feverish pitch and I assume of somewhat desperation as I could only imagine how hard it was for him to refrain from taking me now: Yes, I want some…I want you to sit on my face so that I can taste that delicious pussy of yours but I’m a patient man and believe me, I will get my fill later. I’m going to tease that wet pussy of yours until you can’t take anymore and I’m going to make you scream and beg me for release. I’m so hard right now and it’s taking all of my mental persuasion to stop myself from ramming my hard cock in you right now. I’ll see you after work my little honey.

The next few meetings went by so fast and I found them rather uninteresting as nothing seemed of consequence to me other than being with the mysterious sender. Eventually, my working day had come to a close and everyone left their offices one by one to enjoy the weekend that lay ahead. I finished up, switched my laptop off, closed my office door and headed for my car.

It was a short drive to the hotel and as I pulled up in the guest’s parking area; I was overwhelmed by the over-towering structure adorned with mystical and frightening gargoyles. It had large windows Escort Bakırköy with intricate brass work and a lit musical fountain. It’s so beautiful…I thought to myself as my eyes pleasingly flowed over their themed mythology landscaped gardens and Greek God statues such as Eros, Apollo, Hercules, Ares, Pegasus etc. I felt as small as a field mouse as I walked up the red carpet to the carved door. I was greeted by a blonde woman who was dressed in a long, flowing white toga as she introduced herself as Aphrodite. She handed me a white thong and a white towel as she pointed me in the direction of the elevator.

Nervously, I approached the elevator and read the large sign above it as I waited for it to come down. It read: Here Gods and Goddesses tread in ecstasy forever. The elevator came down as I had finished reading the sign; I entered the elevator and pushed the spa’s button which read: Midsummer Night’s Dream. Finally the elevator came to a halt and the door opened to reveal a large candle-lit area with an inviting mineral Jacuzzi in the middle of the room. The room was surrounded by lush palms and ferns with hallways inter-leading to other themed areas.

I stepped out of the elevator only to feel my heart pound faster than that of a thorough-bred race horse as Ray walked up to me and handed me a goblet of wine. I gulped down a huge sip of wine to calm my nerves as I noticed that he was wearing nothing but a white towel. His masculine body was well sculpted revealing every tight muscle and those large hands…Oh my God…as I wolfed down another gulp of wine. Smiling mischievously at me, he said in that deep voice of his:

The change room is that way…what are you waiting for, go get changed…

I scurried to the change room ensuring that I took the goblet of wine with me for some more nerve calming. I stripped down and looked at the white thong in disbelief that I was supposed to wear. It was designed not to cover up too much obviously as I slipped on the thong and pulled the narrow string up my cheeks. I avariciously swallowed the last bit of wine, wrapped the towel around my body snuggly and left the change room.

Come join me, the water is as lovely and warm as you are…I heard as I entered the room again.

I felt excited and apprehensive at the same time as I thought to myself…What are you even thinking? On Monday, this is going to be public news at work.

Amber…open that towel of yours… I want you to show me your perky breasts and then slowly turn around so that I can see that tight ass of yours…there’s no turning back now. He smiled mischievously.

My mind was telling me to bolt and before I had the chance to turn around and make for the door, I felt my body push forward as my hands slowly unraveled the towel and revealed my full breasts. I dropped the towel and took my breasts in my hands, rubbing them softly between my palms as my nipples became hard. I moved forward and turned around to reveal my shapely ass. Without even thinking, I bent forward mischievously so that Ray could see my pussy just peering out at him from behind my thong. I kicked off my heels and slid into the warm water alongside him.

He leaned over and gave me a deep, passionate kiss that sent all kinds of electrical currents running down my stomach muscles. His large hands slid to my hips as he pulled me hard onto him with my back to him. Slowly, he kissed and bit the back of my neck as he ran his hand over my shoulder and rested it just above my breasts as he began to grind his pelvis against my ass. I tried to be a tease by getting off his lap but he simply grabbed me by the hair and pulled me violently back onto him. My head was bent back onto his shoulder as he slowly released his grip to slide his hands over my hard nipples. I felt a small but deep groan come from within…Mmmff…

His fingers traveled down my breasts and across my stomach and down to my hips as he slipped his fingers in under my thong. Still biting and kissing me, he began small rotations with his fingers on my clitoris. As my snatch became wetter and wetter, he vigorously forced his finger deep within me and bit me so hard I could feel the tears collect in my eyes eventhough I did not cry as it was more of an intensified pleasure rather than pain. Aaah…I cried out as I felt myself push my hips real hard down on top of his lap.

Just as I felt enkindled by this forbidden pleasure and was getting the hang of obeying his every command, he abruptly and cruelly removed his fingers and released his bite. He stood up to take me by the hand and his large, hard penis caught my eye as I could imagine it giving me hard shafts. I took his hand disappointedly and followed his lead to the next room.

As we got in the doorway, he grabbed me by the hips once more and pulled my ass onto him as he rested against the doorframe. Leaning me forward so that I could hold onto the opposite doorframe, he ripped my thong off and shoved his hard cock well within my pussy. Fuck…you’re so wet…he said as he slid his cock out to the tip and gave another hard shaft. I could feel a thin flow of my juices come down my inner curve of my ass and thigh as I groaned greedily for more. He gave me another hard shaft and pulled out to leave me so frustrated at this point that I could commit rape.

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