My Masturbation Obsession Ch. 07


MMO Ch 7 — The Neighbor

It was a few weeks after Cindy has visited, and the summer nights were getting warm, since the sun went down at almost 10PM, the night stayed humid. Luckily, we had a nice big above ground pool just for these types of nights.

Gina and I had been out for dinner and we stayed for a few cold beers before heading home. I was frisky, and my eyes (and hands) had been all over her ass and I wanted to get down. Gina apparently had other plans.

We pull in the garage, and as we get out, I say, “How about a swim to cool off?”

Gina says, “yeah, maybe…”

“How about a skinny dip then?” I grin and raise one eyebrow as I ask.

“Oh, God, you never stop!” she rolls her eyes. “We’ll see.”

I change into my suit, and hop in the pool. The water feels amazing and cool compared to the hot, sticky, muggy air. Gina comes out, but is wearing “comfy” clothes, and not her bathing suit.

“I don’t want to have to dry my hair,” she says. “I’ll just put my feet in.” She sits on the pool edge and dangles her feet in the water.

I swim around a few times, go all the way under, and the cool water really is refreshing. I swim over to where Gina is sitting, and I come up in front of her legs. I place my arms on them, crossed, and rest my head on them, and look up at her, realizing how much I do love this woman, so I tell her.

She smiles. “I love you, too!”

I rest my head on her thighs, and kiss her. My hands are on the outside of her legs, and they slide up the outside of her thighs under her loose shorts to her hips. I kiss her thigh again, and she makes a nice little hum of pleasure, and her legs open just a bit. I take this as a good sign, and I squeeze her hips with my hands and kiss the inside of her thigh just above her knee. She relaxes just a bit more, and I move my hands around and feel her ass and I kiss a bit higher up her thigh.

My eye is on the prize between her legs, and before I push further, I look up at her. She is looking down at me, just a bit flushed in the face. And then she laughs.

“Oh you look like a poor puppy dog who lost his bone!”

I fake pout, and she smiles. I feel her legs opening wider, and I know I’m Escort in. Her legs come up to the edge of the pool, and she lifts her butt of the decking, and slides her shorts right off, revealing her beautiful sex in front of my face. I smile a bit, and kiss my way up her soft thigh until I reach the top, and I breathe ever so slightly over her lips, hovering over her pussy, but not going down. I then start kissing down her other thigh, teasing her a bit as I use my tongue a bit now and then as I make my way back up towards her soft, warm center.

As I reach the top again, I feel her slide her pelvis a bit to give me a better angle, and I stop teasing and drop my head into her folds, tongue snaking out to taste her tangy lips and then bore in on her clit. It takes 2-3 minutes of lapping at her clit and pussy, but she begins to cum, quietly since we are outside, and she grabs my head and presses it into her pussy as she cums on my face.

I continue licking her clit, hoping for a round two, but she pushes my head away, “Too much” she gasps. And then she giggles.

“What? What’s so funny?” I ask.

“Your face is covered in sex juices!”

“You came on my FACE?” I say in faux horror.

She laughs.

I drop under the water and clean off my chin, and pop back up. “Better?” I ask.


During that quick oral session, I got rather hard, and the trunks were not exactly comfortable anymore, so I surreptitiously undid the tie, and dropped them off me. The cool water flowing directly on my hot rod felt good, and instead of deflating things, the movement of the water increased my arousal. I stepped out of my swim trunks in one leg, and use the other to bring them up to my hand to pull them off, leaving me naked in the water.

I look Gina right in the eye as I lift my wet trunks out of the water, and place them on the edge of the pool. She lights up a bit.

“Oooh, naughty!” she coos.

“Wanna join me?” I ask.

She gets a bit of a mischievous look on her face and she smiles. “Play with it a bit first,” she orders.

I reach down under the water, and start tugging at my hardness. I then take a step closer to her, as I plan on going back to Escort Bayan her pussy for another lick and then a fuck, or at least that’s the plan in my head.

“I can’t see!” she complains. “Step back,”

Hmmmm. Well, foreplay is foreplay, plus whatever, I like being watched. I step back, still stroking under the water.

“I can’t see anything. Hold on.”

She gets up quickly, and steps to side of pool, and then tosses a float into the pool. “Get on this!” and then returns to her position at the side of the pool.

I hop on the float, and start to wank for her. Suddenly, the spot light next door comes on, and I immediately jump off the float. I hear the neighbor Polly next door open the door, “Go on, go do your thing” and her 2 dogs go running out into the yard.

The light above her kitchen sink then comes on, and I can see her face in the window that overlooks part of our backyard. It looks like she is doing dishes or something.

“I didn’t say stop. Besides, you heard her, she said ‘Do your thing!’ so Do your thing!” Gina tempts and taunts me.

“She’ll see me,” I protest.

“She can’t see anything, now get up there and do your thing!”

I hop back on the float, and start stroking again. I’m very hard now, and I fight through the fear of discovery to get to the excitement of the display. As I stroke, I look at Gina, and I glance over to the window and still see Polly’s face in the light. She looks up a few times, but I don’t see any sign of recognition, but I am still starting to get bolder as I get hornier.

I notice Gina’s hand has nonchalantly dropped into her own lap and is moving very slowly as she watches me. This gets me really hot, and I decide that this isn’t foreplay, I am going to cum for her out here and throw my head back and really start stroking harder and faster. I thrust my cock up, and arch my back to extend it out even further as I stroke the entire length of my hard shaft, and I can feel the tingly beginnings of an orgasm, that point where you know that if you continue this motion, there is no turning off the spigot.

“Oh god,” I grunt out, and I hear Gina respond, “Yeah, stroke it for me. Give it to me.”

I glance Bayan Escort up and see her watching, and her hand is moving a bit faster down below her waist. I focus on her pussy and hand, and keep stroking, and I am getting close to blowing. This is so exciting, stroking my cock outside, watching my wife watch me. The hint of danger without any real danger is making me so horny, I am going to finish myself and its going to be an explosion. My pace quickens and my cockhead is starting to expand as the blood flow increases.

For no particular reason, I peek over to the window, and I see Polly’s face in the window still. But now, her face is turned directly at our pool, and she is not moving, not varying her gaze. Instead of the fear I felt before, I felt more alive, more emboldened, more sexy, more ready to blow my load. I turn my head to look directly at her window as I stroke again and again, and I feel my balls constrict a bit as my ass tightens. I am ready to erupt.

Whether it was my movement or something else, her eyes look up, and we lock gazes for just a second, and in that second, the first spurt of cum ejects from my cock. My mouth opens a bit and I grunt out “Oh uh!” as the second shot of sperm fires out from my stick and lands on my belly. I watch Polly’s face as she seems to be watching my spunk shoot out, jet after jet, onto my naked body, and a small smile appears on her visage as I continue to shoot my wad. Finally, I stop spurting after 8 or 9 times, and the last bit trickles out onto me. I see she is still watching, and I scoop the cum off my belly, and rub it over my cock head, and down the shaft, slowly sliding my own sperm over my cock and rubbing it into my balls.

“Fuck that was hot!” I hear Gina say, and I break my glance away from Polly’s window to look at my wife. Her fingers are as sticky and slimy as my own, from her own little self-fun games, and I smile at her. “Yes, it was! You are so gorgeous!” I tell her.

I hop off the float, and make my way to the side of the pool, and she bends over as we intertwine our tongues in a romantic, sexy kiss.

“You ready to go in?” she asks.

“You bet!” I say, looking forward to round 2.

I hop out and look over at the window. The light is off. I hear the back door open nextdoor, and Polly calls out to the dogs, “Come on, dogs, get inside. Nothing to see out here.” A slight pause of two to three seconds.


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