My Parent’s Friends…


My Parent’s Friends…My Parent’s FriendsI often think my parents were slightly naïve in some respects. I used to get a good telling off for what I believed where minor offences like home work not done, coming home late etc. but for some things I don’t even realise they thought anything was wrong! Every Saturday night they played cards with a couple they had known for years, certainly as long as I had been aware. I was 19 and working as a trainee manager in a department store in my home town. Saturday evening meant meeting up with mates for a few drinks so when the time to say goodbye came I popped into the lounge and said goodbye to the four of them. My parents were in their late fifties as where their friends Bob and Sylvia, they all enjoyed a game of bridge, several drinks and a laugh each weekend and most of the time they had the place to themselves. I don’t know what it was but Sylvia was a dirty bitch. Very well behaved, educated but liked a drink and had a look in her eyes that said she was good in bed at least that’s what I thought, she was slim and always dressed well. Bob was a business owner in the town and did well out of it and had a beer belly to show off! They had k**s when they were in their 20’s and where empty nesters now enjoying some time for themselves.Part of this time they had was spent modernising their big house in a nice part of town, not much had been left in its original state apparently but the job was nearing completion. One Friday afternoon, mum asked if I was available to help them move some furniture over the weekend as they wanted to start to put the finishing touches to the house and I happened to be free and needing some beer money. ‘Please give them a ring and arrange a time would you?’ said mum. ‘No problem, is their number in the book?’ I found their number and called up, Bob answered the phone in his mildly assertive way changing to happy and smiling when I introduced myself. ‘Mum says you need some help over the weekend?’ ‘Yes please.’ Says Bob, ‘Are you free to come over anytime we could do with some younger help.’ ‘We are getting fed up of this job and just want it finished.’ He laughed. ‘We’ll look forward to seeing you around 10 o’clock.’ I replaced the receiver of the phone and smiled, happy that I was earning a few pounds more and being busy. I had no idea about anything else happening but happy to seeing Sylvia again. Next morning I arrived at the house in good time and rang the bell. Bob and Sylvia had been busy since early on so they were ready for a break when I arrived. ‘Come in Peter.’ Bob said ‘You’ve timed it well for a coffee break!’ I was asked in and went to the kitchen where Sylvia was pouring coffee into mugs. ‘Hi Pete thanks for coming to help, would you like a coffee first?’ Sylvia smiled and looked great even in her working clothes. A nice pair of old Levi jeans showed off her curves and slim waist. ‘How are you getting on with work?’ said Bob. ‘It was your mum’s suggestion we asked you around.’ ‘We both thought it was a great idea as we’ve seen you in the shop and wondered how you were doing?’ ‘She thought you looked smart in your suit didn’t you Silv?’ ‘Yes.’ Said Sylvia, smiling broadly ‘Very much the part.’ ‘It’s ok’ I said ‘But not really what I want to do.’ There was a glint in Sylvia’s eye and she looked at me for just a little bit longer than you normally would do. ‘You will be ok.’ Said Bob‘Something will happen, it took me ages to find my feet.’ ‘Now we have some tables to lift, can you give me a hand?’Off we went to the back of Bob’s car which was loaded up with tables, chairs and boxes, one by one we carried them in and set them down in the right room for Sylvia to sort out and allocate to the right place. She had a great eye for detail and an artistic streak you could easily tell by her dress sense and nice clothes even today!Bob and I discussed work more in between trips to the car then emptied some further boxes and helped move everything into place. ‘We have to do a trip to the storage place Pete, come on let’s go.’ We got into the now empty car and drove to the other side of town to collect the remaining items. Bob mentioned my parents and how long they had known them. ‘I have seen you grow up.’ Said Bob ‘You’ve developed into a good looking young man!’ I blushed and didn’t know what to say. ‘You don’t have a girlfriend do you Pete?’ I was surprised. ‘Did mum and Dad tell you that?’ I said, quietly cursing them. ‘No I don’t.’ I said ‘Not through want of trying!’ ‘I know someone will be out there for me and I’m not in a hurry to do anything serious anyway.’ We both laughed and agreed it was difficult to find the right woman. ‘I am lucky to have Sylvia, what do you think of her Pete?’ I smiled and breathed a sigh ‘She’s very nice and looks great, her figure is amazing!’ Bob smiled ‘You like her then?’ ‘Yeah too right.’ ‘She’s very fit.’ We arrived at the storage unit, Bob stopped the car and switch the engine off. A little more seriously now he looked at me ‘Look Pete, we’ve both known you for a long time and think you’re a great k**.’ ‘How would you like to have a more adult friendship with us?’ I looked at Bob not believing my ears. ‘What do you mean?’ ‘Well, every now and then we could get together, have a meal or go out and then you could help me look after Sylvia?’ ‘Often I can’t satisfy all that she needs and I want to see her enjoying herself.’ Said Bob. ‘Wow.’ I said, ‘That would be great, I would love that so much.’ I said beaming from ear to ear. ‘Ok leave it with me Pete and I’ll get back to you. Don’t forget to be discreet though will you?’ ‘No of course not.’ I said ‘Good that’s settled then.’ said Bob ‘Now come on and get these boxes with me.’Back at the house, by the time we had arrived with the remaining boxes it was lunch time and Sylvia had prepared some sandwiches and tea for us to refresh ourselves. Lunch passed with no real drama and we all chatted about family and work and their plans for the house. Bob finished first and got up from the table to go upstairs and Sylvia began to clear up. ‘I’ll put those away.’ I said getting up from the table. ‘Oh thanks Pete.’ Said Sylvia ‘I’ll gaziantep suriyeli escort just pop upstairs.’ I busied myself with the boxes we had brought from the storage unit and sorted what I thought was the right box for the right room. I looked up as Sylvia came in. The Levi jeans had been replaced by cut off shorts and a white blouse tied at the waist showing off her breasts and slim figure. I caught her eye and my smile must have said it all. ‘Hey looking good.’ I said. ‘Thank you kind sir.’ Said Sylvia. ‘I was getting a little hot this morning with all this moving about, this is much better.’ ‘I agree.’ I said and we set about emptying more boxes. Something had clearly changed as Sylvia was grinning now most of the time and casting her eyes in my direction. Every few minutes she would bend over, her cut off shorts riding up, stretched across her ass, giving me a full view of the bottom half of her buttocks and the shape of her pussy. As well as bending over Sylvia twice got onto all fours and pushed her bottom into the air, pretending to reach under a chest of draws. ‘What do you think of the view?’ said Sylvia. ‘Looks just great from where I am.’ I said ‘Are you sure?’ Said Sylvia. ‘Bob told me you had a chat in the car and I’m so pleased you want to play with us.’ ‘Er yes but I’m not sure what you want me to do.’ I said. Sylvia’s voice lowered to a husky level. ‘Come over here and play with me Pete.’ I moved over to where Sylvia was kneeling, her bottom raised up in the air, cut-off jeans riding in between her buttocks and the lovely mound of her pussy stretching the denim so the shape could be clearly seen. As I walked over, Sylvia turned her head and smiled. ‘Bob and I are really pleased you want to have some fun with us, I hope we are all going to enjoy ourselves?’ she said. ‘I think so yes.’ I replied. ‘I’m really pleased you asked me, I think you’re both nice people and I hope we can have some good fun too.’ ‘Great’ said Sylvia. ‘You can touch me if you like.’ I didn’t need to asked twice or even at all to be honest, I reached out and placed my hand on her gorgeous denim clad bottom and felt the difference between the exposed flesh and the denim stretched across her arse. I ran my fingers up and down the back of her legs and over her ass cheeks, up and down her lovely crack and over her pussy. I was breathing pretty fast at this point and had a hard on like no other, I could hear Sylvia breathing deeply also and softly moaning as I explored her pussy and ass. ‘I like my bottom played with Pete, I hope you don’t mind that. If you do I’m sure we will all get along and have a nice time together.’ ‘I love your bottom.’ I said, ‘It feels really nice and soft and looks great.’ ‘There’s nothing better in my book than a lovely, mature lady with a great figure showing off her sexy bottom.’ Sylvia laughed and turned around to me. I was kneeling at this point and she turned around on her knees to face me directly. Sylvia put her arms around my waist and pulled me close to her. Our lips met and she gave me a passionate kiss on the lips, her tongue pushing into my mouth. For a woman forty years older than me she was well up there in the good looking stakes and I was about to have the time of my life. Our kissing as interrupted by Bob coming in to the room. ‘Ah I see you two are getting to know each other.’ he laughed. ‘Yes!’ I said, ‘Sylvia is a great kisser.’ ‘Oh yes you’re right she is.’ Said Bob ‘And a dirty bitch too aren’t you darling?’ Bob smacked Sylvia’s bottom as he talked and we all laughed. ‘I think we should go upstairs.’ ‘Pete, give us 10 minutes and then come up to the bedroom would you?’ ‘And make sure you’re naked!’ ‘Ok yes, no problem. ‘I said. ‘Try and stop me.’ More smiles and laughing as Bob and Sylvia made their way upstairs laughing and chatting. There were a very together couple, very open with a positive attitude and up for having fun but not with every man they met so right now I’m the luckiest guy around. I took off my clothes and left them folded in the dining room as instructed, now completely naked I climbed the stairs towards Sylvia and Bob’s master bedroom and knocked on the door. ‘Come in Pete.’ They both answered and I opened the door. Inside Bob and Sylvia where on the bed, both naked, Sylvia playing with Bob’s cock which was stiff and big, he was shaven around his cock and balls and trimmed across his chest and legs. Sylvia got off the bed and came towards me smiling. Her figure was just as nice as I had seen with her clothes on. Her pussy was completely shaven, in fact I couldn’t see a hair anywhere except for the blonde hair on her head. The bones at the top of her pelvis stuck out slightly and her hips where quite wide so that when her legs where together, there was a gap at the top showing her pussy off so well. I didn’t try to hide my erection which her eyes fell upon. She smiled and looked up. ‘Pleased to see us are you?’ She joked and put her hand on my cock, softly stroking my hard on, her lips made contact with mine and we kissed, out tongues meeting in each other’s mouths. ‘Come with me.’ Sylvia said grabbing my hand and leading me to the bed. ‘I want us to talk about a few things.’ ‘Sure no problem.’ I said. I lay down on the bed next to Bob. Sylvia was sitting upright looking at us both, a more serious expression on her face. ‘Pete. Bob and I are looking for some fun with the three of us, not just you and me on our own but always all of us together.’ ‘Is that ok with you?’ Yes.’ I said, I would actually prefer it with the three of us so that’s fine.’ ‘I also would like to watch you and Bob have some fun together, how do you feel about that? Sylvia said. ‘Er I think it would be ok.’ I said ‘What sort of thing did you have in mind?’ ‘Don’t worry said Sylvia seeing the concern in my face, ‘I just want to see you play together and if you enjoy it we can try a few things, but one step at a time?’ ‘As long as we talk about the things we like with each other we can all have a nice time.’ Now Sylvia looked more concerned. ‘I hope that’s alright with you Pete?’ ‘Yes I said it sounds like great fun and I hope I can help you both feel good?’ Sylvia smiled a bid broad smile, then leaning over Bob, kissed me on the lips, flicking her tongue which danced around my mouth. Bob watched us closely and then leaned over to the two of us. He came between our kissing lips and kissed us both. A three-way kiss between my two horny new friends, our three tongues in each other’s mouths. Sylvia pulled away and I found myself kissing Bob’s mouth, the two of us enjoying each other, tongues in mouths. I felt his hand on my leg, rubbing up and down, then making contact with my stiff cock, squeezing it and rubbing the shaft, clasping his hand tightly around it and wanking it up and down. Following his lead I placed my hand on his leg and felt upwards for his cock. Once I had grasped it with my fingers I did the same wanking movement up and down his shaft. We broke our sloppy, erotic kiss and came up for air, in time to see Sylvia with her hand on her shaven pussy, rubbing herself and looking like she was about to orgasm. ‘Wow, that was horny.’ she said. ‘Keep going like that and we’ll have a great time!’ ‘Pete, suck Bob’s cock.’ Sylvia ordered. I leaned over to bring my face inches from Bob’s stiff, circumcised penis and took the head in my mouth. Bob lay back and closed his eyes, murmuring softly as I took as much of the shaft into my mouth as I could, licking the head and slurping my tongue around his balls. ‘Bob likes to be wanked off Pete, I want to see you do it.’ Sylvia was getting more agitated and keen to speak her mind. ‘Wank his cock Pete, I want to see him come.’ Things where heating up big time and knowing that I was getting comfortable with my new friends, I opened up a little which drove Sylvia over the edge. ‘Do you like me playing with your cock Bob? Is that nice?’ I said as I wanked his stiff member up and down, seeing an expression of pleasure and intensity on his face. All Bob could manage was an occasional yes and various mutterings and murmurs neither Sylvia nor I could make out. Not that Sylvia was concerned about any replies, she was rubbing her wet, shaven pussy faster now, her eyes locked onto Bob’s cock and my hand pleasuring him for both of us. ‘It’s a very nice cock.’ I said, ‘Big and hard in my hand, stiff and pulsing.’ which is was. Bob was responding to my touches and I was getting hornier and dirtier as each minute went by. Bob answered yes and I could see him sweating lightly. ‘I’m glad you like me playing with your cock Bob.’ ‘I really like it, it’s so nice.’ ‘mmmmm yes said Bob’ ‘I bet you’d like to put it up my bottom, wouldn’t you?’ I said, getting a little faster. ‘Ahhh yes’ mumbled Bob. I could hear Sylvia’s wet pussy being pounded by her fingers. In a two handed move she rubbed her clit with one hand and pushed three fingers up with the other. ‘Well we will have to see how we get on.’ I said. ‘I would like to feel this cock up my bottom, slowly at first easing into my arse then faster as I get used to it until ..’ At that point Bob’s cock twitched and he uttered a low moan, his face and body stiffened for a moment and then he cried out ‘errrrr aghhhhhh’. A stream of spunk shot out of his penis onto his stomach and the rest dripping down my hand and his hard shaft. Further, slightly lower noises kept coming as Bob’s orgasm died away and he relaxed once more. ‘Wow Pete, you really hit the spot there, phew…’ Bob said as he rubbed sweat from his brow. ‘What and orgasm.’It was then Sylvia’s turn as she screamed ‘Yes and Arrgghhhh.’ climaxing with equal force by the sound of it. Sylvia fell on top of Bob and slowly came back to earth. I laughed and we all laughed together. ‘Wow Pete that was incredible.’ Said Sylvia, ‘Oh my God’ Said Bob ‘You have a great technique!’ ‘Years of practise on myself.’ I said and we laughed some more, all relaxing now on the bed. ‘Did you mean what you said then?’ Sylvia asked. ‘You mean about taking Bob’s cock?’ I said. ‘Yes, would you?’ Said Sylvia. ‘I think so, I’ve always wanted to try it.’ ‘When I was younger I used to try different things up me to see what it would feel like to have a cock up there.’ ‘I would like to try it properly some time.’ ‘Oh you will.’ Said Sylvia. ‘If I have anything to do with it.’Sylvia, having climaxed was ready to get going again. ‘When I climax, it just makes me more horny and dirty Pete!’ ‘Come on you have some fun with me, whilst Bob watches and get his breath back.’ Sylvia got up off the bed we were all lying on and stood up on the bedroom floor walking around suggestively. ‘I like to behave like a dirty tart when I’m really horny.’ She said. ‘I know you like my figure don’t you?’ Sylvia said as she walked around the room swinging her hips, pushing here tits and ass out and showing off her juicy, shaven cunt. Looking straight at the two of us lying on the bed, Sylvia pushed her hips out towards us, lay down on the floor and opened her legs wide for us, her cunt glistening with we juice, she played with her clit, rubbing her fingers around and pushing them down into her cunt, taking them out and licking them. All the time her eyes where fixed on us both. ‘My two men.’ She said ‘Just here to satisfy me.’ ‘I am a very lucky girl and I’m going to make sure you are both well looked after.’ Sylvia then turned over onto her knees and showed us her gorgeous arse. ‘Pete, come and lick me please.’ she said and pushed back opening her buttocks. I got down on the floor and gazed at this wonderful sight, here I was with two new horny friends and pals of my parent’s too. I ran my hands over Sylvia’s bottom and felt the heat of her cunt, she moved with me moaning, rocking from side to side and back and forth. I grabbed her buttocks and spread the cheeks open with my thumbs, moving my head closer. My tongue made contact with the sweet tang of her anus. Sylvia moaned as my tongue circled around and around and up and down the crack of her arse. I pushed against her rosebud and pulled her cheeks as wide as I could pushing into her, the tip of my tongue firmly inside her ass. Sylvia moaned loudly and rubbed her clit as I gave her arse a good licking. ‘Oh Pete you don’t know how good that feels darling.’ ‘Well if it felt as good as it did for me.’ I said ‘Then I’m glad you enjoyed it.’ ‘Now my cunt needs some attention, so fuck me please Peter.’ I pushed my hard cock against Sylvia’s wet pussy and pushed, it was the best feeling to feel my stiff member slide into her. I grabbed her around her waist and began moving backwards and forwards, feeling her pussy muscles grip me. In spite of having two c***dren, Sylvia’s pussy was still tight. ‘Oooh that’s nice.’ she moaned. ‘Come on give it to me.’ ‘Let me feel you explode inside me.’With all the days horny activities, I felt myself coming closer to orgasm and pumped Sylvia faster and faster until I could feel a stream of spunk shoot out from my cock. ‘Oh God.’ Sylvia said. ‘Yes give it to me.’ ‘I can feel your cock twitching inside me.’ I finished shooting my load and pulled out, seeing the spunk still coating the end of my cock. Sylvia turned around and took it in her mouth, licking the head clean and pulling out any remaining drips. We both got up and went to the bed where bob was smiling with a dirty expression on his face. ‘Looks like you two enjoyed yourselves.’ He smirked. We both collapsed next to him, all of us happy in the glowing satisfaction of having had a good time.During that following week I got a phone call from Sylvia, her and Bob where keen to know if I had had a nice time and enjoyed the things we had done. The answer was of course yes. ‘Good.’ Sylvia said ‘We were both wondering if you would like to come over again this weekend?’ Said Sylvia. ‘Oh yes that would be great, when would you like me to arrive?’ ‘How about 11am then we have most of the day to play and we can have a rest and carry on in the evening if we fancy.’ ‘I like the idea of that.’ I said. ‘That would be fab, see you then.’The Saturday duly arrived and I pulled up outside Sylvia and Bob’s house, parked and went to the front door. Sylvia answered all smiles and kissed me on the lips just as I went inside. ‘How was your week?’ she asked. ‘It was great thanks.’ I replied. ‘But it seemed to drag after we spoke on the phone, I couldn’t wait for today to come.’ ‘Well neither could we.’ Said Sylvia and I followed her into the sitting room where Bob was already waiting, sitting in his favourite chair. I sat down and chatted with Bob whist Sylvia went to make a cup of tea. Bob brought the topic of conversation around to our last meeting. ‘We both hoped you had a great time like we did Pete?’ Said Bob. ‘It was brilliant, no regrets at all.’ I said. ‘Good.’ Said Bob ‘How do you fancy pushing the boundaries a bit more?’ he asked. ‘I think that will be ok.’ I replied. Sylvia came back during the tail end of that conversation with the tea. ‘What are you two planning?’ She asked. With that sexy smile on her lips. ‘Well we had something in mind for Pete didn’t we darling?’ ‘Yes we did Bob.’ Sylvia replied smiling. ‘I’m sure Pete is up for some more fun?’ she said. ‘He’s just told me he doesn’t mind trying some new things, didn’t you Pete?’ ‘Yes.’ I said, ‘That’s fine with me.’ We drank our tea and chatted further about the week and my parents until Bob suggested we go upstairs to the bedroom. Sylvia went up first to get ready and then Bob and I followed a few minutes after. In the room, Sylvia had changed into a pair of black PVC shorts with a zip at the back and nothing else. As Bob and I went in and sat on the bed, she got up and walked around the room, showing off her micro shorts. ‘They have a zip at the back so you can access my bottom.’ Said Sylvia, sticking her arse towards us. ‘You know I like it played with don’t you Pete.’ She added. ‘Yes I remembered you do and it looks very nice.’ I said. Sylvia sat down on the bed next to Bob and kissed him passionately, she started undressing him and I undressed while they watched. I could hear some whispers between them but not quite enough to understand what. Bob go up and left the room and Sylvia and I started kissing and running our hands over each other. In a few minutes Bob was back with a small shopping bag. ‘We have two things for some fun which I hope you like Pete.’ He said. Sylvia and I broke off our kisses. ‘This is something that Sylvia gets really horny about.’ He said. With that he stood up and Sylvia got into the doggy position on the bed, knees together, bottom up in the air and shoulders almost touching the bed. Bob moved behind her, his cock erect and stiff and unzipped the zip on the back of Sylvia’s black PVC shorts. He grabbed an item from the bag, a jar of Nutella chocolate spread. Bob put three fingers in the jar and pulled out a good portion of the brown, sweet spread and placed it in-between Sylvia’s buttocks. He spread it around her anus and the parts of her cheeks which were exposed until the gap the zip had opened was almost completely covered. ‘Pete, come and lick Sylvia’s arse now.’ I looked at the brown streaks of chocolate spread and started to lick until I had covered every bit of the exposed area. Up and down her crack, tickling her chocolate covered anus and smearing most of it on my lips looking like a young boy at a birthday party! Bob put his hands around the front of the PVC shorts and undid them, pulling at the waist band he peeled them off Sylvia bit by bit, not much chocolate was remaining so they came down cleanly revealing her bottom completely. All three of us naked again. ‘We weren’t sure if you would be up for that but it felt lovely.’ Said Sylvia. ‘Now we have a special treat for you.’ ‘Another one?’ I said. ‘Yes.’ Said Bob ‘As you have been such a good, horny friend to us, we have something for you.’ Bob produced a tube of sweets from the shopping bag, mints to be precise. He peeled the paper off and took one out. He put it in his mouth for a few seconds and then, with his fingers pushed it into Sylvia’s anus, his finger going deep in her ass. ‘Lay down Pete.’ Bob said.I lay on the bed and Sylvia crouched over my head, pulling her cheeks apart, her anus a few inches from my mouth. I could see her pushing and gradually the white mint appeared at the opening. I reached up and licked her bottom, feeling the edge of the mint coming out, a bit more pushing and the mint fell into my open mouth. ‘God that felt so good.’ Said Sylvia ‘Your bottom is lovely.’ I said ‘I could play with it all day.’

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