My Sex Adventures Part 1 – My Aunties Secret


At the age of 15 I had discovered the joys of wanking (masturbation) and began to wank almost every day, my thoughts whilst doing the deed were usually of a few girls in the same class as me or my English Teacher (another story about that later). Anyways I decided I would need a porn mag for visual aid as I jerked off. So I set about getting one.

My local newsagents was run by this evil old bastard who hated kids and scared the hell out of us nearly every day on the way to school. I knew there would be no chance of me being able to buy one at my age so I stole it from his shop. That day at school I resisted temptation to look at it until I got home (I had a bedroom in the loft/attic which I could carry out my deed undisturbed by my parents or sisters).

Rushing up to my bedroom after I got home, and putting on some heavy metal music. I got undressed, sat down and began to read, if you could call it that, my first porn mag. The sight of these ladies exposing themselves and using toys on themselves got me so horny I got my cock out and began to wank, slowly turning the pages making sure I saw every cunt, tit and ass on each page. My cock was standing proud at 7 and a half inches in my hand as I slowly carressed my shaft. I was half way through the mag and got to that issues Model of the Month. That is when I spotted my Auntie.

HOLY CRAP! thats my Auntie Helen, at first I didnt know what to do, it was my Auntie, my mums younger sister, she was using a different name but I was 100% sure that was my Auntie Helen. I couldnt turn the page I just stared at the picture of her with her legs up behind her head using her fingers to spread apart her shaven pussy. My cock started throbbing and I began to wank furiously just staring at My Auntie’s inviting cunt. I came so hard and shot my load all over my bare chest. I wiped up my mess and just kept flicking through my Auntie Helens 6 page section, over and over again. I was impressed by how great her body was, I had never looked at my Auntie like that or even had the slightest sexual thought about her. Questions ran through my mind Does the family know? Is that really her? When did she do this? and Why? So I thought maybe I should go ask her about it. I went downstairs for tea and watched a bit of TV not really concentrating on both, My sister, Kelly who is 2 years younger than me said I must have a girlfriend and that I was in love, I told her to shut up. That night before I went to bed I had another wank whilst looking at my Aunties section this time I muttered her name as I did.

At school all I could think about was my Aunties porn modelling and decided I had to go confront her about it but how could I get there? She moved to the other side of town with my cousin Rachel after her divorce 2 years ago. I spent all day trying to plan on how I could get there. but then luck was on my side. I got home and My Mum and Dad said they were going to a retirment party and would be gone all night for one of my Dads work collegues and it was up country. So me and my sis were going to stay with my Aunite Helen and Cousin Escort Rachel. I pretended I was offended and that I could look after me and my sis for one night but my Mum told me to go pack some clothes and that I was going round there straight after School the next day. Kelly was really excited about hanging out with Rachel who was just one year older than her and was running around all giggly. I went to my room and packed some clothes and I put my porn mag right at the bottom of my bag. Next day at school time dragged forever. I watched every minute go past on the clock. Eventually Kelly and Me were picked up and taken round my Aunties. The sight of my Auntie opening the door in tight jeans and a tight white t-shirt would be one I would treasure forever. She was 33 and had long golden blonde hair down to her shoulder blades, her tits must have been 34d and with curves to kill for. My Parents did the usuall gossipping with my Auntie as me and my sis were dragged off by Rachel who wanted to show us their new swimming pool.

After my parents had left my Auntie showed me the guest room where I would be staying (Kelly was sleeping in the same room as Rachel) we all went for a swim. I was hoping Auntie Helen would join us but she didnt, although my cousin did look like a younger version of her which caused a few stirrings in my pants. After something to eat and a bit of TV it was time for bed. I sat in my room for a while before getting out my porn mag, I went straight to my favourite section, which you all by now should know, and began to wank. It had crossed my mind to show my auntie but I kept chickening out. I was half way through when my Auntie knocked on the door, quickly hiding the mag under my sheets and pulling them up so they covered my hard on I confirmed to her it was ok to come in. She walked in wearing a Dressing Gown and her hair was wet (just been in the shower) She sat on the bed next to me and asked if I was ok, I said I was so my Auntie then asked seeing as you are older than the girls would like to come watch a Horror movie with me I wont tell your Mum. I confirmed I would and I will be down in a bit, she smiled and went to tickle me Why what you hiding she joked next thing I know my Auntie pulls on my sheets and my porn mag drops to the floor. She bends down and picks it up, she looks at it intently for a few seconds and flicked through a couple pages then she must have got to her section she paued looked at it then Ordered me downstairs to the lounge I ran downstairs my heart was pounding I was so scared what was she going to do. She came down a few seconds later and stood in front of me as I cowarded on the sofa.
“where did you get this?” she finally asked
“I stole it from a shop” I muttered nearly crying
“Really and what for”
I didnt know what to say, I was begining to panic so I blurted out “I didnt know you were in there, I wont tell anyone please dont tell my mum”
“so you know its me then?”
“yes” I mumbled
“and what did you think?”
I looked up, she didnt look as angry as before, I smiled weakly and said I thought she was Escort Bayan the best lady in there. My auntie stepped closer and handed me back the magazine.
“show me what you do while looking at my pictures” she ordered
I couldnt believe my ears, was she asking me to wank in front of her, “p p p pardon” I finally managed to get out.
“show me what you do, I am guessing you play with yourself”
Those words had a strange effect on me, I could feel my cock begining to harden slowly (it had gone flaccid when I thought I was in trouble) I pulled my cock out and began to stroke it whilst looking at my aunties pictures. my cock grew and grew to its full size and I began to pump my hand up and down my shaft, then the magazine is snatched from my hands my Auntie kneels on the floor in front of me and puts my cock in her mouth, her lushy lips gently clamp over my shaft as her head slowly bobs up and down. I could feel myself about to cum already,
“Auntie stop” I cry ” I am going to cum”
but instead of stopping she got faster, sucking hard on my cock , I could feel my nuts tighten and my shaft swell as i was going to shoot my load. I closed my eyes and fired my hot semen into my aunties throat, she carried on sucking away swallowing up every drop and after a few seconds looked up, she stood up, walked to the kitchen, got something out the fridge and started walking upstairs, come to my room she whispered over her shoulder, I noticed she was undoing her Dressing Gown as she walked up stairs. I sat there on the sofa my cock fading into a semi hanging out my boxer shorts, I stood up and walked after my Auntie, Mag in hand.

I got to her room and was told to shut the door behind me, she was lying naked across her bed with her legs wide apart and some squirty whipped cream over her pussy Lick it off she said. I nervously approached her and knelt on the cushion my Auntie had kindly left on the floor for me my mouth inches from her pussy.
“use your tounge, bite eat or suck the cream of my cunt” she demanded
I began to lick away, my tounge touching her pussy lips as I consumed the cream, I noticed another taste enter my mouth at first it tasted a bit strange but I grew to like it, I noticed my auntie was using her fingers to rub the top part of her pussy as I did this, she was moaning. I could feel my cock getting hard again. My auntie then re-positioned herself on the bed and told me to get on top, bringing her knees up to her chin she told to place my cock on her pussy, I did and she put a leg either side of my head resting them on my shoulders, I felt her hand move my cock about until I felt my tip push through her pussy lips. Now push your cock in she said as she stared into my eyes. Using my hips and grabbing her thighs I pushed until I felt my cock slide into her wet pussy, her cunt gripped tightly on my shaft as I slide my length in.
“My your wider than I thought” she smiled after biting her bottom lip “Its been a while since I been with a man”
“this is my first time” I told her
“OK now pull you cock out slowly till you are near the end” she Bayan Escort guided me “and then slide it back in deep”
I did as she said, it felt good, with every pump my auntie moaned a bit. She moved my hands to her breasts and was told to squeeze them and I slide my cock in her. Again I did as I was told, slowly growing more confident and slowly picking up the pace of my thrusting. I fucked her for a while and was amazed I hadnt cum yet, usually a wank only lasts 10-15 minutes but I was still going strong after half an hour. My auntie stopped me and had a dirty smile on her face
“I got an idea” she said as she leaned over to her bedside table and began rummaging around “seeing as this is your first time, I think I should give you the honour of one my first”
Before I could reply she found what she was looking for and squirted some cold jelly substance on my cock and rubbed it all over she then got on her hands and knees and squirted some on her asshole, using a finger she pushed some of the substance up her ass, working her finger in a circle
“Ok now slide your cock up there”
I positioned myself behind her and put the tip of my cock against her asshole, I pushed the tip in but it slid out, I tried again but felt a lot of resistance, it wont go in I cried
“Push really hard”
Again I lined myself up and grabbing the base of my cockI pushed the tip into my aunties tight asshole I felt it give slightly and her tight ass swalloed up my throbbing bellend,
“good baby” my auntie moaned “now slide your cock in my ass slowly”
I pushed the rest of my shaft into my Aunties shithole, I watched as her hands that gripped her bed sheets the knuckles went red then white as they clenched really hard, I could hear a soft moan from her but couldnt tell if it was good or bad.
I began to repeat the movemnet I had done previuosly on her pussy, slowly pumping my cock in and out, her ass was a lot tighter and warmer than her pussy and I was feeling my cock swell as I was getting ready to cum, also I noticed abit of blood on my shaft as in pulled out her ass but I didnt say anything.
“thats it baby, fuck me harder” my auntie pleaded
I picked up my pace my cock pumping deep and hard into her ass, a few more seconds
“I am going to cum” I told my Auntie in an apologetic way
“just do it baby” she replied “just do it”
I stopped trying to hold back and shot my hot liquid deep up her asshole, my cock swelling a bit wider as it did.I dug my fingers into my aunties butt cheeks as I felt my shaft empty my cum. I pulled out and fell in a collapsed heap next to my Aunt, she had tears in her eyes and muttered thank you to me. She then fell asleep and I went back to my bedroom stopping off in the bathroom to have a quick shower.

Next Day my auntie acted like nothing had happened and I didnt dare bring it up, My Parents came and picked us up early in the afternoon. When I got to my room I opened my bag and realized I had left my porn mag at my Aunties in her bedroom, but there was something in my bag I hadnt seen before I opend it and there was 3 magazines all of which had my Auntie in inside one was a note from my Aunt saying “Keep this a secret and I will see you soon x x x”.

coming soon My Sex Adventures Part 2 – Sister and Me

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