My Sexual Tales Ch. 01


Author’s note: All participants are older than 18.

Dedicated to Elly.

Me and my friend Sara had been friends for a long time. When we were in our late teens we’d done a lot of partying together in London and most Friday nights would end with us trying to find somewhere to stay and her hooking up with guys so we could find a floor or couch to sleep on. This was something she didn’t have too much trouble doing as she was a very attractive brunette with hair that fell to her waist in lovely waves, and she had deep brown eyes that men just seemed to get lost in.

Those are stories for another time though.

Sara and I had always been pretty open about what we got up to and she had been the first person I told about my first gay encounter and we were forever exchanging salacious stories of our escapades.

This didn’t really slow down too much once she got her first steady boyfriend, Michael. Michael was tall, with straight blonde hair down to his jawline and green eyes. Sara said he reminded her of Kurt Cobain, but I was unconvinced.

On a fairly regular basis we would meet up and she would tell me what new boundaries they had broken – the first time they had done it public, the first time they tried anal etc. They were an adventurous couple and I had to admit that I was a little jealous that he was stealing her away from me even though I was happy she had found someone.

It was one evening while we were in the pub that she spilt the beans on their latest frontier, they had had a threesome with another woman. I, the eternal pervert, was listening avidly about tongues, fingers and the sorts going all over the place. Then she dropped the biggest bomb:

“So, he was watching me eat her pussy and he was telling me how hot it was to watch two girls together.” Sara enthused. “And the girl we were with just said that a lot of girls think it is hot to see guys together. And he sort hesitated and said that HE might be into that too”

“As in he would be into watching two guys or…” I asked.

“I think he meant being with a guy.”

“Did you ask him afterwards?”

“No, it felt like maybe it was the heat of the moment thing you know to encourage us to keep going.”

“Like you need that.” I joked.

She playfully slapped me in the arm. I took another swig of my beer and let it out:

“I would be into that.”

The statement seemed to hang in the air for a minute. Sara looked down into her drink and her face looked like it was deep in thought. She then looked up at me again with a smile.

“That would be wild.” She said. “I mean we’ve never done anything together.”

“I know but it might be fun, right?” I asked.

“Yeah, I think it might.” She finished her drink and then added. “Let’s just see what happens.”

I wasn’t sure whether I’d fucked up by saying this, but Sara got another set of drinks and changed the conversation so I didn’t think too much of it.

A couple of weeks later Sara arranged to see me and she brought Michael. I guess I still had my mind on what she had said before, so I made some half flirty statements like mentioning he looked good. Not quite what guys said to guys but enough that if seemed upset about it I could pretend it didn’t mean what it meant. We were out at Brighton beach and I made sure to get a bit of physical contact with him, a hand on his shoulder, or knee and the occasional ‘maybe this means something maybe it doesn’t’ looks at him. In turn, Michael seemed okay with it, not completely relaxed but not shying away from it either. I started to really take Michael in too, he was a good looking guy, not overly athletic but a solid set of shoulders and an intensity to him that I imagine would make people melt.

Sara was watching this all like a hawk. If Michael wasn’t on to what I was doing, she definitely was.

After we hung out, Sara called me the next day and gushed on how hot it was watching me flirt with her boyfriend.

“Don’t know what you are talking about.” I laughed.

“You absolute liar.” She laughed back. “I fucked his brains out afterwards. He seemed… How do I put it… Motivated.”

“Yeah, whatever.”

Sara started bringing Michael along for our get togethers, I kept my flirting at low levels with plausible deniability. Each time, Sara would watch the little moments and then tell me about the hot sex afterwards.

And then nothing. I was busy working for a testing company, and they were busy touring with Sara’s band, or something. I didn’t hear from Sara for over 2 months and then I got a text that just said:

*Miss you we shuld meet up*

I texted her back and we arranged to go to our favourite pub right on the seafront that was only about 10 minutes from her flat. I arrived late and found them at a table near the back. Michael was dressed in his typical scruffy jeans and T-Shirt but Sara had made an effort beyond her normal half-hippie self. She had on a tight fitting dress and had clearly spent some time on her make up. Her eyeliner, in particular, was on point.

She greeted me with a hug and big kiss on the cheek.

“We’ve missed you so much!” She sounded a little drunk already. “Didn’t we just say that Michael? How much we missed hanging out?”

“Yup.” He gave me a smile. “It has been a while.”

I settled in and the pints started flowing, Sara was being overly friendly in a really endearing way. She kept making an effort to hug me and gush about how much she had missed me. This wasn’t new but Michael seemed to come out of his shell a little and seemed more relaxed around me. The three of us ended up sharing stories about the local music scene and Michael and I traded stories about Dreamcast games.

I flirted with Michael a bit, and to my surprise it seemed more reciprocated. Each time there was this little moment I looked at Sara and could see she was looking at the two of us intently and the final time I saw her and I recognised that look from our times as teens and she was less drunk and more horny. It was then that I started to slow down my pace of drinking.

The pub called ‘last orders’ so Sara suggested we go back to their place and keep on drinking. I agreed as I didn’t want the evening to end.

As we walked back, Michael put his arm around Sara and she pulled me on the other side. I put my arm around her and it overlapped with him. He didn’t shrink away and seemed to be fine with it.

We all bundled into their apartment – a small 1 bedroom place with a surprisingly large living room. I flopped on the sofa next to Michael, and Sara went to make drinks and put music on. Almost immediately the room was filled with the opening track from The Cure’s ‘Disintegration’ album (I am pretty sure this was Sara’s idea of ‘dangerous sexy’ music).

She came back in with drinks and sat between the two of us as we drank cheap stubbies of beer. I half believe that Sara was faking how drunk she was as an excuse to get handsy with both of us. There was a lot of knee-squeezing and drape herself on us. It was annoyingly cute and I was embarrassed to say that it was working on me. At one point when Sara had her hand why to high up on my thigh I look at Michael and he is looking pretty nervous as if he wants to say something but doesn’t know how to. We both understand what is going on but I certainly don’t want to break the spell and, I hope, neither does he.

We get about another beer in before Sara walks off into the bathroom. My own nerves have set in a bit so I ask:

“Michael, are you okay?”

“Yeah, yeah man, I am just a bit drunk.”

“Okay, do you want me to leave?”

“No.” He laughs. “No not yet.”

Sara comes back in and she has a grumpy/sultry look on her face and without saying a word, she straddles Michael and starts making out with him.

I sat and watched from from my end of the sofa. Her dress hiked up over her knees, her long brown hair cascading over his lighter mane, which serves to obscure the two of them kissing. I feel like an observer rather than an intruder, like I should be doing David Attenborough commentary over what I am seeing. It was awkward but really hot to watch them.

Sara broke the kiss with a sigh of satisfaction and held his head in her hands.

“Right.” She said with determination.

Then she slid down onto the floor and unbuckled his belt. Michael said nothing and just watched her do it. She slowly unzipped his trousers, looking at him with sly grin, he smiled back. Then he lifted his butt up to help her pull his jeans and underwear down.

His cock was half hard with a patch of light hair at the base. Sara took it in her hand and started to stroke it hard. It was long, thin with purple head poking out from his foreskin. It only took a few strokes before he was proudly erect in her hand. She looked at me briefly and then put her lips on him.

He starts to buck a little as she bobs her head down, which caused her to pull off and laugh:

“You like that?”

“Yes, baby.” He moaned.

“Good.” She said stroking him some more. Then, she left him alone.

She adjusted herself so that she was now between my legs. Afraid of breaking whatever spell was on us I said nothing. She undid my jeans and with my help pulled them off.

“No underwear?” She observed.

I was already fully hard but she started to jerk me off, staring me straight in the eyes as she did so. Then she carefully kissed the tip of my cock before opening her mouth and swallowing me.

The feeling of her mouth around my dick was heaven, she managed to take almost all of me down her throat and I felt her tongue extend out from her lower lip and tease my balls.

Breaking eye contact with Sara, I looked at Michael and was almost scared by the look he was giving me. If Sara’s oral skills hadn’t been so formidable I think I might have shrunk at the stare.

His expression was intense, like he wanted to hit me. I almost got up right then and there and left. Fortunately, instead of hitting me he reached down and started playing with himself as he watched his girlfriend sucking on my cock.

Emboldened by this I was more turned on than I had been in a long time ‘THIS IS REALLY HAPPENING’ is just screaming through my head.

Before I could cum, Sara moved back to her boyfriend. This time she used a twisting motion with her hand while licking his tip and encouraging him.

Michael looked at me while this happened and I kept myself hard in front of him, he slipped between looking at my face and looking at me stroking myself. The sight clearly didn’t bother him so I decided to lean across the couch and kiss him.

He opened his mouth and let me explore his mouth with my tongue. He was definitely nervous at first but got into it even returning the attention in a clumsy way.

As I was getting really into it, Sara tugged me by my shirt and pulled me down to her level. Me have falling/stumbling with my trousers still around my ankles.

“That was so fucking hot,” she breathed. “I’ve fantasised about this for a long time.”

“Yeah, I guess I have to.”

“Well?” She said questioningly, still stroking her boyfriend.

I was about to take a step with Michael that we could not go back on. I placed my hand on his thigh and shuffled to take Sara’s place. The two of us shared a look and I asked him:

“Do you want this?”

He nodded.

I reached out and held the base of his cock in my fist and proceeded to stroke him. I looked at him one more time and then wrapped my lips around his cock.

I made it a long langorous suck, focusing on creating a vacuum in my mouth while I swirled my tongue around his head. Occasionally I would go deeper but only briefly before focusing my attention back on his crown.

Sara was beside me watching the whole thing, she kept pulling my long hair out of the way to get a view of her BF’s cock in my mouth. Her other hand was around my hard-on, giving me gentle encouragement.

It didn’t long for Michael to put his hand on my head and gently coax me.

“I’m going to cum.” He said firmly.

I sped up my pace.

“I am going to cum.” He seemed to be trying to warn me not realising this was exactly what I wanted.

His first burst filled my mouth and I quickly swallowed as he came two more times

Leaning back and resting for a few seconds the three of us were sweaty and elated.

“So, what’s next?” Sara asked.

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