My Sister’s Ex Pt3 – My Bed, My Submission


So here I am, standing in my sister’s living room, wearing no underwear and having received a heavy pounding from her bully ex-boyfriend. I was in total shock and panic that my sister was upstairs, upset at what she had most definitely heard from me and Rich. What the hell would she think, finding her brother dressed like a slut in her living room?I hurry to unlock my phone and book an Uber ASAP. In my moment of panic, I hadn’t realised that Ally had made her way downstairs, presumably expecting both Rich and me to have left. I look up from my phone and there she was in the doorway, eyes puffy from crying and looking sad.’Oh my god, I am so, so sorry. Please do not tell anyone about this. I can explain…. I,’ before I could finish my sentence, Ally cuts me off.’I just knew Rich would do this to me one day, invite a pretty girl back to our home and make me listen, knowing I wouldn’t be able to do a damn thing. I’m sorry to you for being drawn into our little drama.’To my surprise, Ally hadn’t noticed who I really was. Maybe it was because she had been crying but she thinks I’m a ‘pretty girl’.Ally looks at me, ‘What’s your name?”My name is Sophia, you must be Ally?’ I play along with her presumption that I’m a girl and she doesn’t know who I am.’Yes, I’m Ally. I’m the one who Rich was saying those horrible things about while you were… together.’She sits down on the sofa and invites me to sit next to her, I sit down and do my best to make sure that I pull my skirt down to cover my exposed body underneath. Ally looked at me with an expression that said she was curious about my and Rich’s interaction that evening.’I hope you don’t mind me asking, did you enjoy your time with Rich? I know what he can be like with sex, he likes to play rough. I hope he didn’t hurt you?’I couldn’t believe that she asked me about that, was she jealous? I compose myself before replying to her questioning.’I guess I knew what I was getting myself into. It was a surprise to hear what he said but I have to be honest I did enjoy myself.’Ally went on to explain that she has always struggled to get used to Rich’s ways in the bedroom as well as his size. That it is likely the reason that they have broken up and have to sell their home. My sister at twenty-five years old has always been reserved when it comes to sex. She was sitting next to me wearing a grey hoody and tight-fitting green yoga pants.My sister is petite, pale skinned, with perky 34B breasts, peachy bottom, flowing brunette hair and could easily still pass as a teen. She went on to explain that she could hear every word that Rich had said and could also hear us fucking too, going on to describe the slapping noises as Rich pounded me. I sat there thinking about the fact she is telling this to her brother, Şerifali Escort dressed like a sexy slut while my sissy pussy still gaped and leaked between my legs. Ally was almost excited wanting to know more about my time with Rich.’Did he try to fuck your face?’ Ally bluntly said.’He didn’t try, Ally, he did fuck my face until his entire cock was in my mouth and down my throat,’ I stated.Ally looked totally shocked that I could do that. She was getting more and more interested in what I had to say and as she crossed her legs on the sofa, wanting to know more I swear I could see a wet patch between her legs. Just as she was about to ask me how I managed that, my Uber arrived. We exchanged goodbyes and Ally gave me her number. I couldn’t break it to her that I was a sissy girl and also her brother.I got home and went straight to sleep. I slept for like fourteen hours. I checked my phone and could see that Ally had followed Sophia’s social media account online and had also sent a message.Ally: I’m sorry again about you being drawn into my little domestic. I’m glad that we got to chat though and would love to talk to you more soon xMe: I’d like that Ally. Speak to you soon xI got up and got dressed into a yellow crop top and red cotton hotpants. I then had something to eat and decided to freshen up with a shower. Still wearing my breastplate and brunette hair I was en route to the bathroom when there was a knock at the door. I stop in my tracks and turn to answer the door. Lo and behold waiting with a beaming smile on his face was Rich. I was so cross with him I wanted to slap him across his smug face!’What the hell were you playing at last night you bastard!’ I angrily growl at him.Rich just smiled and complimented my outfit. ‘Damn Sophia, you look sexy in those hotpants.”Rich, I’m being serious. You left me there alone with Ally, what if she had recognised me?’Again Rich was just looking me up and down, taking in my body and trying to sneak a look at my ass. I was staring into his soul at this point as he snapped out of his trance.Rich knew he had to say something. ‘Look I’m sorry I lied to you, but Ally needed to know that someone could handle me right as she has always said nobody could.’I couldn’t believe that was all he could say. I was beginning to dislike him even more for what he was doing to my sister, I also felt guilty as I’d played a part in it too.He put his hand on my shoulder and looked me in the eyes. ‘Look, the reason I came over here is to say thank you. I had an incredible night with you and I also realised that I had all the fun. You didn’t climax, did you?’I blushed and nodded ‘no’ in agreement with him. His hand had moved from my shoulder to the side of my face.’That’s why I’m Şerifali Escort Bayan here, to return the favour.’I was surprised, I never expected him to say that. He asked me to turn around so he could look at my ass. He knew it was too soon to fuck me again, I would be feeling the effects of our exchange for a few days.’Your ass looks so fucking sexy in those hotpants. Why don’t you undo them and I’ll massage your clitty until you cum.”Rich, are you crazy? We’re in my doorway, what if a neighbour walks by?”That’s why I asked you to turn around, no one will see.’ He said to me while running his fingertips along the outside of my ass. He was smooth, very persuasive and had me in heat before I could even think about the potential consequences.I unbuttoned my hotpants and exposed my clitty. Rich got in close behind me, his lips against my ear nibbling it and whispering that he hopes I enjoy cumming as I deserved it after last night.He continued to rub his fingers over my body before finding my semi-hard clitty. He started to slowly massage it back and forth as my breathing started to get heavier. I instinctively pushed my ass back into him and could feel his long cock pressed against me.’Mmmm that’s it, Sophia, you feel that cock against you? I can’t wait to have it inside you again.’I let out a moan, at this point I didn’t care if anyone heard or saw us in the doorway. Rich had picked up the pace massaging my clitty. My precum had coated my clitty in a shimmering wetness, making Rich’s hand movement slippery over my hard clit. He whispered into my ear, ‘Are you ready to cum for me, sexy?”Mhmmm,’ was all I could muster while biting my lip as he continued to grip me and quickly pulled up and down my clitty.’Ahhhhh I’m about to cum, Rich.’With that information, Rich moved his left hand around the opposite side of my waist and positioned it like a cup at the tip as I climaxed on to it. Shot after shot of my sticky honey landed in his hand and as I came I reached around, turned my head and kissed him. I pushed my tongue into his mouth and sucked on his lower lip as the last shot landed in his hand. This took him by surprise, but he kissed me back. I released him from my kiss and did my best to catch my breath.’Before I go, there is one more thing I want you to do for me?’ He said.Still riding high on my orgasm, I turned to him and he presented me with my honey in his hand. He didn’t need to say anything, I knew what he wanted me to do. I held his left wrist with both of my hands and like a cat licking a saucer of milk, I seductively ate my tasty cum until it was all gone.Rich, with a smile on his face, said, ‘Good girl, I’ll see you soon.’Then he left.I couldn’t work out what sort of spell he had on Escort Şerifali me but there was nothing it seemed that I wouldn’t do for his cock.The next few days were the usual routine. Eat, sleep, work, repeat. Until I received a message from Rich.Rich: How’s my sexy sissy slut doing? Missing me?Me: I’m still mad at you for what you did to me and Ally. And how the hell did you convince me to orgasm with my door open for all to see?Rich: You want my cock Sophia, a sissy like you will do anything for a big thick cock, wouldn’t she?Rich then sends me a photo of himself, standing on a building site in the sun with his glorious nine-inch cock at full attention.Me: Yes, yes I would. I can’t deny it.Rich: Are you ready for the next round?Me: MhmmmRich: Good girl. I’m coming over to your place tomorrow night. Make sure you look super sexy, Sophia.Me: Yes Rich, I will.By now it didn’t seem to matter what he wanted me to do or what the consequences were, love him or hate him I needed that man’s cock. I still felt guilty about hurting my sister, Ally but my desires took full control.I spent the next day getting ready for Rich. My apartment was tidy, I’d made sure there was food and drinks in the kitchen and also had a music playlist set up in case he wanted another dance or striptease.I then got to work on making myself look the part. I had a long bath, making sure that I smelt perfect by using coconut soap. While in the bath I ensured that my entire body was hair free. I then thought I’d go a step further than before and apply self-tan all over my body. I had grown out my nails and painted them my favourite shade of claret and the same on my toes. I then applied my makeup, starting with a toned foundation, a contouring technique plus some blush. Mascara, fake eyelashes, black eyeliner, bronze eye shadow and finally my favourite red lipstick.I brushed and curled my brunette hair, made sure my breasts looked perfect and then got dressed. Sticking with a red theme, I wore a red lace-patterned bra which was see-through and highlighted my nipples. It was underwire too so pushed my breasts up to give a sexy cleavage. I then wore a matching lace thong, which showed my shaved clitty, a suspender belt and clipped-on black sheer stockings. I then put on a figure-hugging red silk dress that cling to my body, it was mid-thigh and showed off my feminine frame perfectly. Final touches included a silver necklace with ruby-colored gems, matching earrings and my black patent four-inch stilettos.I looked at myself in the mirror and I didn’t see any of the old me, I saw a confident, feminine, sexy girl. I saw Sophia.The next hour seemed to last forever. Finally, there was a knock at the door. I went and opened it to see Rich standing there, smiling at me. He was drinking me in with desire. While he was checking me out I got a look at him too. He was wearing a muscle-fit white t-shirt, denim jeans and beige Timberland boots. He looked like he had done some push-ups as his arms were pumped. He had shaped stubble too, one of my favourite looks on a guy.

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