My Slutty Manager


My Slutty ManagerLet me introduce first, I am Rohit 26 years, it’s a real story about my slutty manager Roopa with a curve line of Big busty boobs, fair tall and beautiful with a perfect ass which are always ready to bounce off from her tight skirt she wears and no one will believe Roopa is 35.I’m working under her from last 4 years, No one would think of having sex with her. She is very aggressive, strict and used to maintain distance with every guy in our company.Once there was a Project party, the whole team attended for a dinner and few had a share of drinks. It was around 11pm by the time things got packed up and my luck favored the same day. She was wearing a white sleeveless top which was hugging her sexy breasts showing her curves and a jeans revealing her thighs. Soon after the party I was going back to the parking lot to get my bike and I saw Roopa waiting for a cab and she was worried as it was already late. I waited with her for 15 min but couldn’t any cab.So finally, I offered her a drop at her place if she is fine with it. My luck, she agreed it immediately and She sat on the pillion seat and we started heading towards her place. In between we had different kinds of topics in conversation and suddenly it started raining heavily, as we are in middle of the road couldn’t stop any where and reached her place by around 12:15 am midnight. we both were completely drenched by rain and I was able see Roopa’s aerola from her wet top, by seeing that I was fully triggered. she then gave me a towel and went to bathroom to change her dress. she came out fresh wearing night dress and gave her tracks and asked me change my dress, I was like no thats ok i can manage and go home and change. she forced me to change, then i took her track pant and t shirt went inside the bathroom, by looking at her wet dress in the bathroom, i was fully on and saw her panty and bra lying and took her black panty, which was totally wet but still sniffed it and fondled to my dick, it was an amazing feeling with best aroma.then came out wearing the tracks without any inner wears.She then asked me where do I stay? to which I replied another 1 hour drive. She felt sorry for troubling me and as it was raining heavily she asked me to stay here tonight and leave tomorrow morning as it is a Friday anyways?I was surprised for her invite hesitatingly – Hmm okay if you are comfortable then I would do that as this climate would drive me crazy if I start now.Her house was well equipped with all the amenities and decorated so well. I complimented her taste to which she said thanks with a lovely smile.I then asked for her husband and k**s to which she replied saying, “I am a divorcee and staying alone for few months”. I felt sorry for her situation andinternally I was feeling happy that this could ignite her feelings and my day would be made with a lovely sex with her.She was in a red satin gown strapped one which revealed her ample boobs over a sexy bra and it ended just till her knees exposing her white milky legs ready to get licked by me and She was looking like an angel with white milky complexion and her boobs with 36C size which are actually firm in shape slowly peeping out of her deep necked bra and her waist curves with 30 size were pretty evident making me go mad to move my fingers on them just to make my fingers float away in the curves like water and her hip with 36 size drove me crazy to hold her and spank them hard to see the red color tinge on her ass.We then sat on the sofa and started watching TV and discussing general topics and also the official ones. I understood that she was more interested in knowing about me and my life. I was happily answering them having lost in her beauty and she caught me staring at her assets meanwhile and I was embarrassed to the core and immediately apologized and she was like why are you asking sorry for small things! I can understand this climate is not allowing you to control your emotions and this age is like that, cannot help you with a naughty smile.I was confused at her statement and was looking into seductive eyes to get some hint and she was like feel free Rohit, Today I am not your manager. Take me as your friend and just be open. I like the way you handle things in office and also the way you smile and your sense of humor.This Escort conversation went on for some time with lots of jokes and mocking from my side and interim flirting with each other which ultimately made her to come closer to me and she laid her head on my shoulders saying, “I was never so happy and lively till date Rohit. Thanks for this”. I sensed that she was missing fun and happiness in her life and supported her saying that I would be her good friend here on and she can be free with me anytime. Mean while I was just moving my right hand in her silky hair making her feel calm and soothing her to make her normal.I sensed that she started breathing heavily and the breath was touching my chest area making me warm and we both understood where we are heading to. I was tensed that moment and pushed her away as she is my manager and any wrong step would screw my career. She understood my fear and came closer to me with her hands on my highs and planted her lips on mine slowly. I got her signal and proceeded further by licking her upper lip with my tongue and rubbing my beard stubs on her lips making her shiver with lust.Then the kiss went on to a passionate smooch for next 15 min. I tasted her lips so well sucking each other and making her mouth wet with my saliva. She pulled my tongue out and started sucking mine so wild while my hands were slowly playing with her waist curves and came up to her neck. I moved her hair aside covering her earlobe and started kissing her neck under her ear which made her moan, “hmmmmmmmmm”. I then got her weak point and decided to seduce her so much that she should crave for a fuck. I kept kissing her neck and licking every inch bending her head kissing her nape area made her go mad and lost a breathe.My hands went on to her boobs over the gown and started feeling the huge boobs where her cleavage was bumping slowly for every breathe she takes in and out. That twas a sexy view I cannot forget. Immediately I started licking her cleavage and gave love bites on her upper part of boobs for which she screamed with pleasure asking me not to stop. We locked our legs so close that my knee started pressurizing her pussy area over the panty and I felt the warmth rising around her pussy.She removed my t-shirt and started biting and sucking my nipples. I was in ecstasy with her tongue touching my chest portion. I removed her gown strap with my teeth by biting and licking her shoulders and while it slid down her shoulders, I put my tongue in her under arm and licked to the core tasting the sweat and lovely aroma of her arm pits.She went mad and started touching my huge hard dick over my tracks and then I understood how wild she was, so I made her lie on the sofa itself and started kissing and licking her body starting from toes to calves and to thighs and then slowly moved her gown up to her abdomen area by inserting my tongue in her deep navel, spit inside her navel and licked hard to make her tummy wet. Her nails were digging the sofa cushion with the peaks to which she went and I loved her expressions with pleasure and moans.She then removed my tracks and We were able to feel each other skin and the feeling was just amazing; a hot lady just in inner – bra and panty, It was damn horny. I loved the way she was breathing heavily whenever I kissed her body which is making her boobs to pop out of the bra and her tummy to vibrate with pleasure wanting more and more.Then, I put my legs in between hers and locked my legs feeling her warm pussy which already started oozing out the love juices and I started rubbing my knees to her pussy to make her feel the pressure building up and my mouth started pulling down her bra releasing her firm breasts. It was so huge and I loved her pink nipples and was looking at her boobs and her eyes. She smiled naughtily and pulled my head towards her boobs and ordered me to suck it harder. She was shouting,“Please don’t tease me, I’m all yours, and just suck it hard. Do whatever you want. Please!She started rubbing my dick with her legs and made it more harder than usual and She loved my huge dick pointing towards her. I was busy sucking her right breast with my tongue being rolled on her areolas and tickling the tip of nipples. Another breast is taken care of my left hand squeezing it harder and Escort Bayan my index finger slowly rubbing the nipple which is already point out. I kept on exchanging the boobs and sucked her so harder that she was begging me go on wild and start treating her pussy.I came down licking her stomach and my hands kept on pressing her boobs and pinching her nipples hard. She voluntarily spread her legs, with one on the sofa rest and other on the floor and myself between her lovely legs to see the entry to heaven. I tore her panty in wildness and she liked it. She was clean shaved there and juices were oozing out like never before and she forcefully pushed me to her pussy and started pleading me to suck it hard but I wanted to tease her more. So, I just kissed her inner thighs and rolled my tongue over her pussy lips just tickling the tip of the pussy but not entering in. She was screaming, “Ohhh baby lick me, suck me hard. I am unable to control just do it idiot!”I loved the way she was shouting and slowly entered my tongue in her pussy and was rubbing it with my tongue touching all the walls insider her. I then got her g-spot and stimulated it so wildly that she started shaking and pushed me more inside by holding my hair. (I love oral sex and it is my asset to get a girl many orgasms just with fore play and licks). She then got her orgasm and squirted her love juice onto my mouth and I started tasting her juice with my tongue and let her also taste it while smooched back so hard sucking her lips and tongue along with her juice. She then said, “It’s my turn now!! You literally made me go crazy and now enjoy the show”.I was amazed seeing her wild and she threw me on the sofa and got on top of me kissing my whole body and making me wet. She then took my shaft into her mouth using her tongue, teeth and lips, blowing me to the core, playing with my balls and I was rhythmically fucking her mouth deeper. She was lovely and a pro in blowjob. I kept squeezing her boobs hard while she was blowing me which made her go crazy and wanted me to go inside her.She: Hey just fuck me now. I want you inside me. I’m going mad. Just fuck me harder like there is no tomorrow. Come on baby!I was smiling at her desperateness and she was so mad at that and smooched me hard pulling towards her hitting her boobs on to my chest and made me to be in between her legs spreading it wider. I slowly started hitting my dick on her pussy to tease her more. She was shuddering for every hit I give on her pussy with my shaft and I loved her sounds and words she uttered while doing this.After a lot of teasing, I started inserting my dick slowly into her and stroked her slowly. She moaned with pleasure “mmmmm aaaaaahh oh baby”. I suddenly gave a huge thrust inside when she was slowly enjoying the pleasure. This made her go mad and loved it to the core. I started stroking her so wild and faster. She was reaching her peaks and shouting, “Faster baby deeper, deeper, aaahh my baby do it. Fuck the hell out of me am yours!! I went so wild and fucked her so deeper and harder by drilling my dick and rolling my dick inside her pussy where it touched the walls of her pussy making her feel my dick totally insider her clit. While I was stroking hard holding her boobs and squeezing it, she came loads and was so very satisfied.Then she came on top of me to release my pressure building inside. She was pouncing and jumping on me resting her hip over my dick and her boobs moving up and down and she rubbed her boobs over my mouth in the process which I licked and bit her nipples holding her waist. After a lovely fuck for another 10 min of hard huge strokes, I came inside her loads and filled her pussy with my juice. We leaned on each other on the same sofa hugging and kissing each other in love and my dick still inside her slowly making her feel the presence of warmth.Then she told me that she wanted to be a submissive slut for me and take my orders anywhere anytime by caressing my dick.Morning before going down and she took my cock in her mouth for a morning massage and I cummed in her mouth with jet forces and said: “I am going to fuck your ass tonight”.Evening she quickly sucked and made my dick erect and she was wet like never before with the thoughts that she will get her ass fucked.After a nice Bayan Escort suck, I asked her to be in doggy, I put some lubes in her asshole and forced my dick into her and started fucking her. Whenever we are excited to the core. I keep on slapping her ass and fucked her for around 40 mins and flooded her asshole with my cum.Next day , it was clear Sunday morning , she woke up and made some breakfast and came out of the kitchen and I was sitting on the table with his my mobile on. She was wearing a satin night gown that comes till her knees and didn’t wear any bra , so her cleavage was visible. As soon as she entered I smooched her hard and grabbed her ass, I deposited her in the dining table and dropped my pant and started fucking her slutty pussy and all she could do was spreading her legs as wide as possible and moaning to fuck me harder. I was hell horny. Once I was in the climax , she sat on her knees and took all my load into my mouth.I took her on my lap , fondling her boobs and started having my breakfast. then we went out for shoppoing, she was in a nice one piece dress and put some makeup and she was searching for a nice heels, then I handed her a gift wrapped packet in plastic bag . she just sneaked into it and saw a note “ For my Whore” . After that we get back home.In the gift packet, there was a dress, which was transparent and her 90% of cleavage will be seen. if she wore that dress and bend a little then her whole ass will be seen and butt plug which was made up of stainless steel and by default it looks so shiny. The base has flat knob that we can rotate and it get aligned to the ass creek.After going home, she called me and thanked me for the gifts. then with naughty smile i asked her to insert that butt plug and come to office.She said that she had put some lubes tried the whole day by inserting the plug inside and after inserting deep, it took a couple of mins to be stable and adjusted with it.Monday Morning, I was not able to concentrate on my work and feeling really kinky on the thoughts that no one in my cubical or my teammates knew that this Roopa was having 4inches butt plug stuffed into her asshole and got fucked mercilessly by me.We entered cafeteria to have breakfast and found our table. As soon as she sat , she jumped up like a spring ..as she sat down , butt plug pushed deeper and leaving a shocking sensation to her body. We settled down and I didn’t beleive that she is wearing that and asked her to go to washroom and click couple of pics and send me. without uttering a single word, she clicked some photos by pulling her jeans and panty down and sent, adjusted her dress and came back to her cabin.. and she texted me telling that she really want to replace this plug with my tool”“wait baby .. You will get a dick in sometime..” I replied with calmness. We finished our dinner got back to her home and from the main gate itself I was grabbing and slapping her ass. she was trying to open the keys and I was behind her grabbing and holding her boobs and pressing her ass with another hand.. As soon as we entered , I kissed her passionately , took her in my arms and kept on smooching her and pressing all parts of her body. I put off the light and turned on couple of dim light and snatched her jeans and panties till her knees and turned her into doggy position. Keeping her in thatposition , I just went ahead and parted the window curtains. Being in that position she was straightway able to see the road outside main gate and it was so thrilling to get fucked in a position where someone could have a glimpse from the roadside.I removed my jeans and underwear in a flash went behind her and slowly took the butt plug off her asshole and exclaimed in excitement “whoa.. Roopa.. My slutty Manager.. Your asshole is looking so wide”She: “what you are waiting for .. Just fuck it baby”Though i was not looking for any permission ,just came behind and put my one leg on the sofa and put my dick inside her already lubricated asshole since last 8 hours. I just started ramming her ass from behind where she was only moaning to the top of her voice and was also looking at outside , if anyone by chance is looking us from outside. Believe me guys , the fear of being seen or getting caught can make u real hot !! Within couple of mins , I was fucking her so hard that she was almost feeling like fainted.I just hold her hairs and kept on ramming her asshole and pinching her boobs.***********Photos and videos are in my locked Gallery*****************

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