MY Stepfather 4


I had settled into my new life the best I could. On the positive side I was free to be the girl I was and my room in the new house reflected that. It was painted pink and I had a nice canopy bed and a vanity and all the clothes I could want. On the bad side I was taken away from everything I had known my 15 years. My mother had died and I couldn’t see any of her family, especially my grandma, as they wouldn’t understand me being a girl. Also Daddy did his best to control and isolate me. I never had a lot of friends, but now I didn’t have any. As we lived outside town I couldn’t go anywhere and since Daddy home schooled me(in how to satisfy him ), I was always home except when he took me someplace, which was rare.

Since Daddy was now retired he didn’t do much but watch T.V., drink beer and fuck me. Although I liked being fucked, I wished he would treat me with a little kindness. I was there to satisfy him, not to be satisfied myself, and to do housework. Since we lived outside town, the house had a good amount of property and we didn’t have any neighbors close by. Because of this, Daddy liked to fuck me in the backyard or have me give him blowjobs while he was barbecuing.

One morning after breakfast Daddy told me I would be going to the doctor later that day. I was surprised as since I had become a girl I hadn’t been to the doctor, as well as I felt fine.

“Daddy I’m not sick, why are we going to the doctor?” I asked.

He slapped my face and yelled “Don’t question me slut. I’m doing this for you. Just be ready at 3:00 P.M. “

Needless to say I was ready. Since we were going to a doctor I dressed down, wearing jeans, a t-shirt and sneakers. We drove into town in Daddy’s new pickup truck. We went into the doctor’s waiting room and Daddy checked in with the receptionist. The office was in a shabby building and the waiting room was worse. The linoleum floor was cracked and the chairs were old and threadbare and the magazines were at least a year old.

After a minute the doctor came out. He told the receptionist since this was the last patient of the day she could leave. She immediately gathered her stuff and headed out. He turned to Daddy.

“Mr. Kozlowski can you follow me?” he said.

“I’ll be right back. Wait here” Daddy said and followed him through the door.
I sat and waited for a few minutes, when I heard Daddy’s voice loudly come through the door . I didn’t hear what he said so I crept close to the door to listen. Things had quieted down so I put my ear to the door.

I heard Daddy say “Yes I know that was our agreement, but I’m having second thoughts.”

“If you don’t want to that’s fine but then I can’t help you” I heard another voice say.

“I guess under the circumstances I don’t have much of a choice. Ok Doctor it’s a deal” Daddy answered.

I heard footsteps and I quickly retreated to my seat. The door opened and Daddy came out, followed by the doctor. Daddy walked up to me.

“Chrissy I want you to do what the Doctor asks. Do you understand me?” Daddy said. I just nodded yes.
“Alright I’ll be waiting out in the truck for you.”
With that he walked out the door.

“Chrissy, I’m Doctor Wilde. Would you please come with me.” the doctor said.

I got up and followed the doctor into his office. It was a dingy room with an old desk, a couple of file cabinets and two chairs, one on each side of the desk. The doctor sat down. He was tall and skinny with receding salt and pepper hair that could use a wash. He wore glasses and had a mustache.

“Please sit down Chrissy” he said gesturing to the empty chair. I sat and looked at my feet.

“Now Chrissy your father tells me you were born a boy, but you feel you are a girl. Is that correct?” he asked.

“Well he’s really my step dad, although he has legally adopted me” I answered “I’ve never discussed it before , but yes I’ve always felt like and wanted to be a girl.”

“Good, good. So in no way were you coerced into this. I have to ask since you’re a minor you understand” he said.

“No I’m not coerced. It would be easier if I was normal, but what can I do?” I said.

“You shouldn’t say you’re not normal, just sometimes things don’t work out easy. But hopefully I can help you in this transition. Now I’m going to have to give you an exam before treatment begins but let me tell you the plan and then you can ask any questions you might have” he said.
“The plan is to start you on a special hormone treatment of mine for now and see how you react. At the least this should prevent you from developing more male characteristics such as facial hair growth, your voice deepening and so forth. The regimen I use has been very successful in not only arresting male development, but in promoting female development as well. If you respond well, hopefully your hips will widen some, your skin will get softer, your hair thicker and perhaps you might get some breast growth.”

“Wow” I said “ all that.” My mind raced from the possibilities.

“Yes, you might be surprised from the modest location, but I have successfully treated many transsexual patients even some coming as far away as N.Y.C. My main practice is mostly locals with government provided care, but my true passion is helping young ladies such as yourself.”
He said this with great fervor and I detected lust in his eyes.

“No more questions, good. Now please step into the examining room and change into a gown and I’ll be in shortly” he said indicating a door.

I went into the room Escort and started to undress. There was a paper gown on the examining table. It was one of the adjustable kinds that could allow you to sit up or lay flat. It was in the sitting position and had a sheet of paper covering it, as well as two small stirrups at the foot end. I put my clothes on a chair. I left on my panties and put on the gown. I then sat on the table. After a few minutes the doctor came in the room.

“Ok Chrissy let’s begin” he said “I’ll first take a blood sample, just as a precaution. It shouldn’t hurt too much.”
He proceeded to take a blood sample, take my blood pressure, look in my ears and mouth, test my reflexes and listen to my heartbeat. Before putting the stethoscope on my chest he breathed on it first.
“That way it will be nice and warm on you” he said with a creepy smile. His teeth were stained brown, probably from smoking, I guessed.

“Now if you will raise your gown I have to examine your genitalia” he said leering.
Reluctantly I raised the gown revealing my panties.
“Ah a shy girl for a change. I like that” he said. He reached out and hooked the waistband and pulled down until they were removed.
“Now you are perfectly functional I was told. I will need you to have an erection for a proper measurement. Don’t worry I can help” he said before leaning in and taking me into his mouth.
I was shocked a doctor would do that, but it was also the first time ever that someone sucked my dick. I quickly forgot my shock as his warm lips and tongue made my dick grow.

I got scared and I said “I think you should stop because I don’t think Daddy would like this” even though it felt real good.

He took his mouth off me but began to stroke me with his hand. “I’m sure he doesn’t like it, but that’s our agreement” he said while stroking me. “When I treat my special patients I never charge them a monetary fee. I just have a sexual encounter for each treatment. I prefer it this way. Didn’t your stepfather tell you to follow my instructions.”

I nodded yes at him. He then put his mouth on my dick and started sucking again. It felt so good that I started to moan. The doctor stopped and lifted my legs and placed my feet in the stirrups. He gripped my dick again and then started to lick my small, shaved balls. After a few minutes of attention there, his tongue worked it’s way down to my tight little hole. It felt good as he lapped at me. He then used the thumb and fingers on his free hand to spread my cheeks, so he could stick his tongue into my hole. The doctor pushed his tongue in deep and began to rotate it, which drove me crazy. I actually grabbed his head and tried to push him further up my ass.

“Oh yes fuck my ass with your tongue. Don’t stop please” I gasped.

To my disappointment he actually removed his tongue, but quickly replaced it with a long thin finger which he slid up my fuck hole. He began to slide it in and out and soon slipped a second finger in there, at which time he started to suck my dick again. I let out a gasp as his fingers began hitting my special spot. I began to writhe as he continued his two pronged assault on me. Within a minute I was on the edge and I managed to say “Yes I’m going to cum.”

Doctor Wilde pulled his mouth off me and stroked me with his free hand. On his third stroke my dick started to cum. My first shot arched high in the air before landing on my chest. My next few landed on my stomach. He continued finger fucking me hard while I came. With a shudder I released my last spurt just above my dick. Doctor Wilde then began to lap up my cum from my stomach. His long fingers scooped up the cum on my chest and he licked his fingers clean.

“Delicious, Chrissy, you taste just like a special girl should. Unfortunately I forgot to measure you. But no matter, we are far from finished. And since you are so young I’m sure you won’t have any problem getting hard again. But now it’s time for me to release my penis from my trousers.”

Doctor Wilde reached down and fished his cock from his trousers. It was already hard and it suited him as it was long and thin. He stepped to the head of the table and adjusted it so it was flat. He held his cock in one hand and put it by my mouth. I didn’t need any guidance here. I opened my mouth and swallowed it around halfway down. I swirled my tongue around the head and shaft, then started to slide my lips up and down the shaft taking him to the back of my mouth with each movement of my head. I reached out and grabbed a hip for leverage and began to rapidly work his cock back and forth in my mouth. I then slightly adjusted the angle of my head so the doctor’s thin cock slid into my throat. I kept going further until my lips were against his tan trousers.

This prompted him to let out a loud moan. “OOOHHH yes Chrissy, deep throat me yes. You are young but you are a little cocksucker aren’t you” he grunted.

I just continued to suck him, hoping he would cum soon, but the doctor had other ideas. He pulled his cock out of my mouth and moved between my legs. With my feet in the stirrups I was totally open for anything he wanted to do. He put the head of his cock right against my wet hole and pushed the head in. I let out a little gasp as he drove it all the way in. His tongue and fingers had loosened me up sufficiently that he could go deep. Although he wasn’t nearly as thick as Daddy, he was actually longer and went deeper than I had ever taken before. He paused a minute, before pulling back until just Escort Bayan his head was inside me. He then thrust all the way in again. He gripped my thighs and began a slow steady rhythm of fucking for the next few minutes. The doctor was very methodical, barely varying in his approach. He fucked me at his speed, sliding his cock all the way in until his trousers rubbed against my ass then almost withdrawing from me.

“Chrissy I want you to stroke you penis as I fuck you” he said “and let me know when you are full erect” the doctor told me, as he continued to sodomize me.

When I reached for my dick the doctor spit on it a couple of times. I gripped my dick and worked his saliva into my skin. I was hard quickly, as I was never allowed to play with myself when being fucked by Daddy. I ran my hand up and down my small shaft while he continued pumping my ass. It took the doctor talking to me to remember his earlier instructions, as I was greatly enjoying myself.

“Chrissy are you erect yet?” he asked me, snapping me out of my sex daze.

“Yes Doctor I am” I replied “I’m sorry, I was caught up in the moment.”

“That’s quite alright” the doctor said “it’s not always easy to concentrate while engaging in sexual relations.”
I almost laughed from the way he talked in a scientific manner even while fucking my 15 year old ass. He reached into a pocket of his white doctor coat and removed a roll tape measure. He paused in his thrusting and I removed my hand from my dick. He placed the end of the tape measure on my dick, above my balls and stretched it until reaching the tip.

“The length of your erect penis is 4 inches” he said.
He then wrapped it around the base of my dick, which was the widest part.
“And the circumference is also 4 inches” he said dispassionately.
He then rolled the tape measure up and placed it back in his pocket and resumed fucking me.

“Doctor” I asked “ isn’t that small for a penis?” using the proper term for my girly dick.

“Well Chrissy “ he said “there are too many variations to say for sure. You are on the smaller end of the spectrum, it is true. But having a larger penis doesn’t mean you have greater pleasure. And as you prefer the passive role I don‘t see how the size would matter and it‘s far easier to hide in your panties.”

While saying this, his face was starting to get red and his breathing more rapid. Suddenly he stopped thrusting and pulled out of me. He stepped back a little.

“Chrissy I would like you to get up and bend over the table please” the doctor said.

I did as I was told and he positioned himself behind me. He then slid his cock all the way inside me again. The doctor put his hand by my mouth.

“Spit on my hand Chrissy. Yes that’s a good girl” he said as I did as he asked.
He slid his hand to my hard dick and started to stroke it in time with his thrusts. It felt real good and I couldn’t help moaning from pleasure. He then grabbed my long brown hair with his free hand, pulling my head back while increasing his speed.

“That’s it Chrissy, I want you to cum on my cock, can you do that? I want your young ass to squeeze me until I can’t hold back. I want to fill you with my cum while you cum” he said pulling even harder on my hair. He was pounding me hard now, no longer in control, his hand stroking me fast. Suddenly I felt his mouth bite my neck and I lost it as cum shot out of me, onto the exam table.

“Oh yes Doctor, I’m cumming” I moaned as my body tightened on his thrusting cock and I continued to shoot cum out my girly dick.

“Yes that’s a good girl Chrissy” he said while still stroking me. I felt his cock spasm in me and start to empty his hot cum deep into me. After his cock stopped cumming it started to go soft inside me. Doctor Wilde groaned as he worked his cock out of me. There was a plopping sound as his head came free and I could feel some of his hot cum start to ooze out my fucked hole and run down my leg. I stayed like that a minute, trying to recover from my intense orgasm.

“Would you like some paper towel to clean up with?” Doctor Wilde asked me, as I saw he was cleaning himself.

“Thank you Doctor” I said, smiling shyly. I took the towels and began to wipe myself clean. I first wiped my dick and then began to dab at my hole.

“Hmm yes, sorry about the mess but your tight, young ass certainly made me cum a lot. Normally I would use a condom, but as your stepfather assured me that he is the only man to have relations with you, in that case it would be ok” he said.

“It’s alright, I didn’t mind” I answered.

The doctor had finished his clean up and had tucked himself back into his trousers.
“Now Chrissy we have a few things to go over, though I would appreciate if you would remain undressed as we do, just so I can admire you some more” he said while looking at my body with admiration.

My face turned bright red but I stayed naked.

“Now Chrissy “ the doctor began “allow me to talk first and then later you can jump in with any questions. You will have to come see me every two weeks for treatments. As well as that, once a week you will need to see a therapist for the mental aspects. If you don’t I can’t legally give you the medication. I’ve given your father a name of a nearby therapist who works with me. If you wish to discuss things with him fine. If not as long as he receives payment you can just stare at the wall for an hour. Your father, sorry stepfather, has also discussed your options about plastic surgery Bayan Escort with me.”

“Doctor” I interrupted “two things. What kind of plastic surgery? And when did you discuss all this? Daddy wasn’t in the office very long.”

“Well to answer your second question first, he has been in contact with me since before you moved to Stroudsburg. I believe that is why he decided to relocate here. I have a certain reputation among the transsexual community. Normally it is the patient who contacts me directly, but since you are a minor I felt your legal guardian reaching out to me was fine. As to your first question the surgeries discussed were breast implant surgery as well as what is commonly called shaving the adam’s apple. It has a scientific name but that doesn’t matter” he said in a matter of fact manner.

My head was spinning. That’s why we moved to this town? Breast surgery, wow I loved that idea.
“And shaving my adam’s apple. What is that?” I asked.

“It’s a procedure to surgically remove some of your adam’s apple. It is one of many things done to make a male seem more feminine, as females have much less prominent adam’s apples. There also are many other procedures done, but in your case I doubt many would be needed. Nature has seemed to understand the female in you and you already appear very feminine. I feel the shaving would be minor and with my unique treatment regimen and your young age when starting treatment I believe you will appear more feminine than many genetic woman. Obviously breast surgery would be helpful in that regard” he concluded.

I had one more question. “What about a sex change surgery?”

“Well that is a possibility, but at the least you should be of legal age before consideration. Only you can decide if it’s for you or not. But I will say with SRS that though medicine has made great strides especially on the cosmetic level, science can’t equal nature. Obviously you couldn’t bear children, but though science has improved in preserving nerves in the area there isn’t any way to truly give you a female orgasm and you no longer could have a male one. Many transsexuals who had SRS have regretted it and many have not. It will be up to you. I hope I helped. Now you may get dressed and I’ll administer your meds and then you can go.”

When I left the office I met Daddy in the parking lot. He was pacing impatiently.
“It took you long enough” he said angrily “were you going at it the whole time, you whore.”

“No Daddy” I answered “ he had to examine me and tell me about a lot of things that you obviously had discussed with him without telling me anything.” I was mad that he had done all this without letting me know, since it was my body.

Looking sheepish for a moment he said “Sorry I didn’t let you know sooner. But Daddy knows best, so just do as you’re told. Let’s go.”

His humility sure didn’t last long. After we got home he told me to clean up so I showered and enema douched. Daddy was waiting for me in my room, naked with a big hard on.

“Get on the bed on your hands and knees slut. It’s time for a real man to fuck you” he ordered.

“Yes Daddy” I said, quickly complying.

“Did that half a fag doctor have a cock like mine baby?” he asked as he rammed it deep into my already fucked hole.

“Oh no Daddy” I gasped through clenched teeth “his thing was much thinner.” But I was thinking he also treated me like a human being.
Assured of his own superiority Daddy pounded my ass hard and deep. His large, powerful hands gripped my hips tight, his fingers digging into my soft flesh. With each deep thrust his large, hairy balls slapped into my soft skin.

“Take it you little whore, take a man’s cock in your ass. Beg me for it bitch” he ordered.

“Yes Daddy, fuck me like this. You know I love it when you pound me good” I cried out. The sad thing was it was true. My dick had hardened and my moans were real. I liked being dominated during sex, I just wished he didn’t have to be so mean to me.
Daddy now grabbed both my shoulders in his hands and increased his already fast rhythm. I started to squeeze my ass muscles tight, bringing Daddy’s cock pleasure.

“That’s right slut, use that ass, you know that’s what you are good for. Milk Daddy’s cum. I’m going to cum in your whore ass” he said while crushing my shoulders in his viselike grip. He thrust a few more times into me, then I felt him shudder as his cock began emptying his load into me. With a groan his body pushed onto mine, forcing me flat on the bed with him on top, pinning my body down underneath him.

Over the next few months I continued to get treatments, both medical and sexual, from Doctor Wilde. Once a week I would go to the therapist, but I never talked with him. On the days when I visited Doctor Wilde, Daddy was always rougher and nastier than usual, as if to punish me. However even he couldn’t argue with the results. My hips did spread wider, my nipples became larger and more sensitive and the hair on my head became extremely thick and soft. At the beginning of summer I had my adam’s apple shaved and got a pair of pert B-cup breast implants. Daddy wanted me to get larger ones, but thankfully agreed to go for the ones that fit my slim body more proportionately. After the swelling went down, I was in heaven from my new profile. Daddy, as well as Doctor Wilde, certainly enjoyed them.

Daddy had me lay in the backyard in a thong bikini every day so I got a tan, and he loved my tan lines. All in all things weren’t that bad, but every cloud has a black lining and things soon would get much worse for your narrator, little old me.
End of Part 4

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