My Story Down Under


This is a story of my first visit to the Australia in my early 20’s.

My name is Michelle. I am a very attractive woman but ever since I was about 15 I realized guys were fuckheads and never wanted to have anything to do with so I decided to turn lesbian. Because of this at school I was a loner. I tried playing on the soccer team but all the girls made snide remarks about me and they were all afraid to change in front on me in case I turned them on. So as you can see I had a pretty lonely journey into adulthood.

But the moment I finished high school I noticed how many people were gay and in no time I met this hot girl. We haven’t been apart since and we are both now 23 and going along strongly. We have a pretty open relationship, so if we want to bring another chick back to the apartment we can share her or have her to ourselves, our choice.

I decided to take a break from the life of working as a hair dresser for a couple of weeks and take a holiday to Sydney in Australia and have fun in the sun on the beaches in the warmth, a welcome change from the cold dreary weather I’m enduring in New York. Unfortunately my girlfriend Jenaveve couldn’t join me due to her work commitments (high profile lawyer) so I made the trip alone knowing I would miss her but enjoy myself as well.

I left a week before Christmas (I didn’t do anything for Christmas because basically my family disowned me after I decided to become gay). Jenaveve waved me off at the airport at around 4am (cheaper tickets earlier) and 21 hours later via Los Angeles I arrived at the sunny shores of Australia. I tried my best not to sleep to much on the plane so I could adjust to the time zones easier and enjoy my holiday earlier without suffering the effects of jetlag. By the time I was off the plane and in my hotel room I was absolutely exhausted. I ordered a light meal from room service and by the time that was finished it was pushing 7.30. I stripped off all my clothes and fell onto the bed and fell into a deep sleep.

By the time I woke up it was close to 10am. I stumbled out of bed and stripped off my clothes to have a shower in response the summer heat to find an attractive woman standing in the kitchen. “Good morning ma’am, how are you today?” she asked me with a smile on her face. “Good thank-you, what are you doing in my suite.”

“I’m preparing you breakfast.”

“I didn’t order any breakfast.”

“I’m sorry ma’am we thought you’d like some. I’ll just leave, I’m sorry for the disruption, have a nice day.” The attractive girl was only young and dressed in the typical maids outfit, short black dress with white flap going down the front. Although it was meant to be short the young girl seemed to have received one that was at least a size too small. Gaziantep Oral Escort Her breasts were very large and they were nearly busting out at the front. As she turned to leave I noticed the dress didn’t even cover her whole ass and also the she was wearing a g-string, and as she continued to walk the dress rode up a little more each step, revealing a little more of her bare ass to me.

She had been quite rejected when she had left and it had been nearly two days since I had been with a girl and I was quite horny and she was quite a good looking girl so I decided to go for it. “I’m sorry honey I didn’t mean it like that, I just startled to see someone in my suite, especially when I’m naked.” With that she turned around I noticed that a couple of tears had been running down her cheeks. “It’s just that…when people say that…I feel…useless.” She began crying now and I went over to comfort her, giving her a hug. “Your not useless, you’re a beautiful young girl and you are very nice,” I told her to get her to stop crying. “Thank-you ma’am,” she responded to my kind words.

“It’s the truth so no thanks are needed. And could you please stop calling me ma’am. My name is Michelle.”

“I’m Jessica.” Seeing the formalities were over with I wiped the last tear off her cheek and leant in and kissed her. Just softly at first so as to not startle her before it began to get more intense as Jessica kissed me back opening her mouth allowing me to probe at her tongue with mine.

As our kiss broke Jessica went straight down to start kissing and sucking on my large breasts. As she delicately starting sucking on my left breast I pulled her off me and once again she had that rejected look on her face. I reassured her, “I just want to take your dress off and see your beautiful body, then you can go back to doing what you were doing.” A smile lit up her face as I bent down to her crotch area and slowly lifted up the hem of her dress to just above her waist, which wasn’t that far, where I stopped and took a long lick of her pussy through her panties, resulting in her letting out a small whimper. I pulled her panties aside and stuck one finger into the perfectly shaved and beautiful pussy to my first knuckle and then out again. Despite being dripping wet it was a struggle to get my finger in. With the next push into her tight pussy I got it to second knuckle before again withdrawing it. Continuing this only 3 or 4 times, each time no further than the second knuckle, she stopped me. “Please stop ma’am, I am supposed to be pleasuring you, not you to me.”

I ignored her request, jamming a second finger inside her, pumping them in and out, bringing her close to orgasm. As she got close I finger fucked her with her the two fingers while using a third to rub against her clit making her scream with pleasure as her legs began to buckle. Just before I could tell she was about to come I started to lick her out, licking her pussy from asshole to clit, lapping at every drop that had already come out, waiting for the major event. Only seconds later Jessica began to cum, all over my face and into my mouth. I tried to take in all I could and what I couldn’t I let run over my face then scooped it up with my fingers and licked it off them.

She collapsed on top of me on the floor, and while there we kissed again. She seemed eager to taste her pussy as she not only sucked on my tongue but all over my face, trying to find some juice that I had left over. As we continued to make out on the floor I resumed what I had previously been trying to do, get her naked. Grabbing the bottom of her dress I ripped it up her body, over hear large tits before our kiss broke to allow it to pass over her head. This revealed to me her large tits compressed in a lacy black bra, a matching set with the black panties she was still wearing. As I undid the bra at the back she attempted to slip out of her panties. Because I reaching around her to undo her bra she struggled to use her arms to help herself out of her panties. When I finished unhooking her bra and releasing her from it I noticed the struggle which she was having, and now that her tits were free I could see the bouncing around, the hard erect nipples dangling right in front of my face. I reached in to kiss one of them, pecking at it several times before taking the whole thing in mouth, sucking it and the rest of the tit around it. Jessica began to moan as I tongue went to work on her nipple and tit, swirling around the nipple. Before I moved on to the other neglected nipple I gave the one I was working on a quick bite, before moving on the next one. I performed the same routine on the other nipple, making her throw her head back in ecstasy.

Her panties were off by now allowing me easy access to her beautiful young pussy. So, as I was kissing, sucking and biting her nipples and tits, I stuck two fingers into her and began pumping them in and out, fucking her hard, occasionally brushing her clit with my thumb. The combination of her nipples and pussy being pleasured at the same time brought her to the edge almost immediately and she creamed all over my fingers and hand. I gave each nipple one last kiss and her clit one last tug and brought my fingers to her mouth and Jessica licked every last drop of juice from them. She loved the taste of her juices and so did I so I kissed her, tonguing her tongue and sides of her mouth to try and find some remaining woman juice that she hadn’t already swallowed.

Jessica broke our kiss and pushed me down on the ground and started kissing me, not allowing to kiss me back, slowly kissing down my body. Next from the lips was the neck, softly pecking at it, before making her way down to my tits. She was finally back to where she started at over half an hour ago. Whereas she was soft with my lips and neck she was rough with my tits. She sucked on them furiously, attacking them. One then the other, then back the first one again. But I loved it. It had me moaning the loudest I had ever from just someone stimulating my tits. I was continually moaning and panting for what seemed like hours but must have only been several minutes before moved down my from to tits to my stomach, kissing my naval, before arriving at my pussy. It was the first time I was disappointed that someone had stopped pleasuring my tits and moved to my pussy. But if she could do that my tits it made me wonder what she could do to my pussy.

For once my pussy wasn’t shaved clean, but was covered in hair, not really bushy but not as attractive as it could be. But one thing that it was for sure was dripping wet. I could feel her breath on my clit as she kissed me so tantalizingly close to it. She kissed all around my pussy without touching it. The inside of my thighs, causing me to shiver with anticipation. Eventually she decided to touch my pussy and when she did it was electric. First she kissed my clit, then taking a long swipe at my whole pussy from bottom to top, licking up all of my wetness. She then spread my pussy lips wide, tonguing the inside of pussy. First off slowly with small movements, then increasing in deepness and speed. The feeling was incredible. She continued to do this before in one swift movement removing her tongue from my pussy and jamming three fingers to the hilt in my pussy and her mouth moving to my clit. Her mouth was never removed from my clit as she fingered my soaking wet pussy. I was approaching my orgasm when I felt a new sensation, Jessica had stuck a finger in my ass! It sent me over the edge and I immediately came all over her hand and in her mouth.

Not only did she lick all my juices off her hand but she also sucked on the finger that had been in my ass. This girl was full of surprises. She really seemed to enjoy it as well. After she had finished teasing me with my own juices we kissed one last time, this time probably the most passionate, a thank-you kiss to each other for what we had done. “I look forward to seeing you tomorrow Michelle,” she said me as she dressed herself, readying up for the rest of her working day.

“I’ll be right here waiting,” I replied with a devilish smile on my face and my legs spread wide on the couch playing with myself. As she made her way out the door she lifted up her dress revealing an ass with no panties on. She then bent over, gave her clit a tug, and left me alone in my room eagerly awaiting tomorrow morning.

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