My Whipping Ch. 07


By Susan Greenway

[This is part of a series. You may enjoy it without having read the earlier chapters, although you might grasp some behavior by the characters more readily by reading the series from the start. It contains Fetish play, including bodily functions, and sometimes severe discipline (BDSM). If any of this is not to your taste, please read no further. All characters are over 18.]

Recently, as I approached my 30th birthday, I became much closer to a former student of my Aunt Kathy’s, Lynn, who was very fond of Kathy ever since Kathy had helped her in moving on to a good career. Lynn, who is in her mid-20’s, recently moved in with us, as we have plenty of room. I agreed that she could bring her submissive roommate, Sandy, with her, and when Lynn has spent intimate time with me, Kathy gets the opportunity to be with Sandy, whom Kathy is able to dominate.

Lynn and I enjoy being together: to play, live, have sex, and sleep, and we find we are really fond of each other. We also share the need to be in charge and to be taken charge of, too. Lynn is petite, and I find it wildly arousing for her to bring me to heel, and I have found she is excited to be in thrall to me. She continues to exercise her authority over Sandy, and I supervise and occasionally find a need to discipline my Aunt Kathy. Lynn is very fond of Kathy and would not like to dominate her; I have no desire to control Sandy.

I love my boyfriend Brad, whom I see frequently and who occasionally stays over. He and I are much more than bedmates and have discussed a potential marriage. In the interim, Lynn likes being with him, and I’m ok about sharing him in bed, as is he. Dennis also finds himself in bed with either or both of us. Lynn and I are open so that we have not had the jealousy issues or one of us sneaking off to fuck one of the men.

Although Lynn and I each have our own rooms, we spend most nights in bed together. For better or worse, we cannot share clothing, because she is petite and I am–well, just not petite. When one or the other of us is in charge, we’ve acquired special clothing to wear, mostly on the submissive side. We each have tight little girlie panties to wear with short little skirts, and also have rumba panties–the ones with ruffles. It’s easier for Lynn to put on a training bra but much more humiliating for me.

Ever since Lynn discovered how my unhappy but ever-present memories of how my mother beat me, she finds it highly effective to put me in my place with the mere statement, “Susan, you have been naughty, and you will be whipped.” I suppose I find it arousing because I enjoy Lynn so much–she is bright and funny and also loves to play the way I do.

I am not a large woman, merely what I would call average size. The spectacle of this small woman whipping me turns me on mightily. I say this now because I have been told by Lynn that I have been naughty and will be whipped today at 5:00 P.M.

I felt my panties get wet with excitement when she announced my punishment. Since she told me, it has been impossible for me to focus on anything else.

I was told to put on my white training bra, which presses my tits into me, and a pair of little girly panties with animals on them, and nothing else. Lynn further told me to be on all fours on the large bed in my bedroom. This did make me feel better because it suggested that my punishment would be private, with only Lynn and I there. Lynn could have made it public by having me appear in our living room, where Kathy and Sandy, and possibly, Dennis, would be waiting.

I had whipped myself (figuratively) into a frenzy and now I was sitting on the toilet in my ensuite bathroom, panties down at my knees, peeing now so I wouldn’t lose control when Lynn was whipping me. As my urine splashed out of my peehole, I gazed down at my trimmed pubes: soon they would be on display, hopefully only to Lynn. As I scrutinized my panty crotch, I suddenly saw that I had not wiped quite well enough when I had last had a bowel movement.

I thought about changing my panties, but I felt an impending need to make another doody. I’ve never gotten that word out of my head because my mother would always be hectoring me about whether I had made my doody every day. I relaxed my anal sphincter and out of habit, began to push. It must be a big wide one, I thought, because it was not responding much to my pushes. In fact, it started to hurt as I ever so slowly got it to start to move into my anal ring.

It really hurt as I struggled to eject it from my rectum. As I was straining, Lynn came into the bedroom and saw me sitting on the toilet and heard my straining sounds.

“Suzie,” she said sweetly, “are you constipated? I heard you pushing in there.”

She was now standing in front of me staring. I felt totally embarrassed to be caught in the middle of a bowel movement.

“Turn around so I can see your bottom-hole and I’ll help you have your movement,” she said, trying to be helpful. I almost forgot the shame of this situation Buca Escort as I appreciated her kindness. It did seem weird; after all, she was going to whip my bottom soon.

I did what she said and turned around on the seat, pushing my bottom out.

“No,” she said, “I can’t really get in there that way. Sit back on the seat and hold your legs up so your bottom is accessible.”

I now put myself into a version of the humiliating diaper position. But my asshole was now on full display. I pushed once more and felt the poo start to move out of my anus.

“Oh, that’s better, Suzie,” Lynn exclaimed. “Now it’s sticking out a little!” She took a pair of plastic gloves from the drawer under the sink and put them on as she found a little vial of Vaseline and rubbed some on the gloves. Then she bent down on her knees in front of me and cleverly pushed a finger past the wide turd sticking out of my hole.

“It’s very thick and stuck,” Lynn reported from my rectum. I felt a sharp pang when she managed to press her admittedly small forefinger at the side of the turd into my bottom and managed to urge the turd along so that it moved edgily, and painfully, out of my anus. Then the dam was broken, and my movement easily slid out of me and fell right down into the bowl.

“That was quite a major doody, Suzie,” Lynn said calmly. “It must have been bothering you in there.”

I wasn’t thrilled at discussing the progress of my bowel movements, but I did say that I was very appreciative of Lynn’s help in getting it out of my colon and rectum.

Lynn smiled, as if humoring a child, and just smiled, “Suzie, I do feel very pleased that I could help you out of a problem that was hurting you. I know it was embarrassing for you, but I also did feel funny sticking my finger around your doody into your anus. On the other hand, I’ll confess that this got me very wet.”

“I guess I’ve been naughty too, in not being able to get my shit out without your hands-on help,” I giggled.

“Well, thanks for saying that,” Lynn remarked, “because now there’s really a reason for your whipping.”

At 5, she came into my bedroom, saw me dressed as directed and in the position she ordered. She came behind me and had a thin cane in hand. She used the cane to probe between my spread legs and tease my split through my panty gusset. When I flinched, she snapped the cane right on my panty gusset. The stroke hit my vulva; the impact was only slightly diminished by the panty gusset.

Then Lynn spoke.

“Suzie,” she began, “you’ve been a very naughty girl and you know naughty girls need to be punished where it will do the most good–on their coochies. She ceremoniously bent over and put her thumbs in the waistband of my tiny panties. Then she pulled them down to my knees and ordered me to spread my legs as far as I could with the panties at my knees.

I did as she ordered, and realized my vulva was totally exposed. She spread my labia with her fingers and teased me along my now-engorged labia. It stimulated me and also made me begin to feel very vulnerable as I knew she would be punishing this sensitive place.

Lynn had put her cane down on the bed and picked up a small whip. She began whipping my bottom, deliberately and aiming from slightly above the middle of my rear end to the base of my bottom, occasionally hitting me in the tender crease between bottom and thighs. I did not scream out but let out moans and then groans.

She aimed one right at my anal opening and it stung mightily. I cried out.

“You have been very naughty, Suzie,” Lynn pronounced, “so I want you now to stand.”

I pulled myself up and managed to move off the bed and stand up. Lynn had me face the wall and spread my legs as far as they would move. Then she picked up her whip and began to whip my bottom again. It seemed to hurt more in this position. Then she placed the whip down between my legs and flicked it up right into my vulva. This hurt and I let out small screams of pain.

She then issued the order I feared the most.

“Hold yourself open between your legs, Suzie,” Lynn intoned.

I was now in abject fear of what I knew was coming as I held my labia apart, exposing my vaginal opening, my urethral opening, and also exposed my clit more prominently. Then the whip snapped up and struck me right on my open split and I screamed.

“That’s what happens to naughty girls, isn’t it, Suzie?” Lynn asked innocently.

I told her that, yes, their cunts are punished.

“That’s right, Suzie,” Lynn agreed. “They are punished where their naughtiness can best be dealt with–on and yes, in their cunts.”

“Here you are, a grown woman, yet you behave like a spoiled, disobedient child and have earned this severe punishment,” Lynn went on. “I want you to keep holding that naughty cunt open for my whip.”

I did and she kept flicking the whip up into my cunt. It was torture and yet I was sopping wet with excitement. Suddenly, I realized that I really needed to pee. I didn’t expect Escort Buca Lynn to be kind during this disciplining.

“Miss Lynn, this has made me need to pee,” I pleaded. “May I be excused?”

Lynn said nothing but picked up a large china bowl and placed it on the ground between my legs.

“You may weewee, Suzie,” she said coolly. “In future, you will use that word when making that request. But be quick about it. This will not cut short your punishment.”

When you need to go but have been ordered to squat and do your business in a bowl, it can be hard to start. Thus it was for me.

“Suzie, if you don’t start, I shall resume your punishment now,” Lynn warned. “I hope this was not a ploy to escape your deserved punishment. I may have to add on a caning after your whipping to make you learn not to trifle with me.”

Thank goodness that my pee immediately burst out from my peehole and made a noise when it hit the sides of the bowl. It bubbled up and I could detect the strong smell, as I hadn’t bothered to pee before the punishment. I peed for a long time until it dropped off.

“Miss Lynn, I need to make another doody too,” I pleaded, wildly embarrassed at having to speak about, much less perform yet again, my most private function.

“I’m assuming you’re not blocked up again, but you will receive extras for this, Suzie,” Lynn announced, “go ahead and do your doody in the bowl.”

I squatted down some more and made some grunting sounds–highly embarrassing–to push my bowel movement out of my anus.

“Are you finished, Suzie?” Lynn inquired.

“Yes, Miss Lynn,” I responded. “Thank you for allowing me to weewee and to make a doody.”

Lynn gazed into the bowl and could see my long, thick, brown log. She took some toilet paper and humiliatingly wiped me front to back, showed me the smeared sheets, and deposited the soiled tissue into the bowl.

“We don’t want you to have to interrupt this anymore,” she said. Then she picked up a butt plug with a diamond at its top and slowly pushed it into my relaxed anal opening. I felt the plug fill me and it did not turn me on as a nice cock in there might have.

“Now bend over the bed,” Lynn ordered.

When I did, I saw her pick up the cane. She began applying strokes with it to my already striped bottom from the whip. The cane hurt more, and she kept giving me stronger stingers. She then delivered some crisscross strokes that crossed the others–these were truly horribly painful. I knew that she was creating the much-feared gate pattern on my bottom.

When my bottom was thoroughly striped and gated in red, Lynn told me I could pull up my panties. Then she had me stand and follow her to the bathroom.

“Since you were allowed toilet privileges during your disciplining,” she said, “you’ll now have the privilege of serving as my toilet. She unhooked my training bra and pulled my little panties down and off. The plug stayed in my anal canal.

I was told to assume the position in the bathtub on my back. Lynn reached under her skirt and pulled her own little panties off. Then she squatted over me in the tub and held her skirt high out of the way. I found myself staring up at her cute little cunt. First, I watched her peehole twitch and a powerful dark yellow stream poured out on my face, and she told me to swallow.

It was strong, foul-smelling pee–she probably had held it in for a while–and I almost vomited, mostly from the smell. But then her anus spread, pooched out, and a brown spot grew bigger as her movement edged toward her anal opening. It emerged slowly and stayed together until several inches had come it. Then she snapped it off and it landed on my mouth, and she said I needed to take it in.

I was not required to swallow but she continued to shit out more and it all was on my face, soft and quite smelly. She leaned over and with a tissue, retrieved her turd and deposited it into the toilet bowl.

Then came the most humiliating order.

“Be a good girl, Suzie, and lick me clean,” Lynn said bluntly.

* * *

Life at my house had gone on with few changes. My brother Dennis has stayed on, knowing that I am delighted to have him here, and my Aunt Kathy also has become a mainstay of the household, as she enjoys preparing meals and managing the maintenance and cleaning of the house. I’ve worked with her so that we have a dependable cleaner come twice a week.

My good friend Vivian Hayes did move out after she accepted a position across the country. I do miss Vivian because she was good at keeping track of Kathy and did not hesitate to discipline my aunt when Vivian felt she needed that.

As you know, I still have qualms about Kathy because of her participation in my mother’s treatment of me. But when I inherited the house after my mother’s death, I decided to be magnanimous and offer Kathy a place to live. Kathy is a natural submissive, so Vivian was able to take over my responsibility for supervising her.

As Lynn is able to discipline me, Buca Escort Bayan as I have described, I also put her through her paces. The last time I did that, I told her that she needed to put on her punishment costume for the session that evening. She knew that meant she had to put on the red rumba panties, a skimpy pale purple bra, and a see-thru top. Over the panties, she had on a pair of petti-pants.

When she reported to my bedroom at the appointed hour, she was directed to take the pettis down to her knees and then pull her panties down below her bottom. Lynn looked ashamed of being there with her privates exposed and the shameful pettis and panties hanging below her knees and bottom, respectively.

I noticed that there was a string hanging out of her vaginal opening.

“So, you’re having your period, I see,” I said in a cutting tone.

“Yes, this is my second day,” she responded quietly. I decided that that was why she had been especially bitchy when she had punished me but didn’t say anything.

“What level of tampon are your wearing?” I continued.

Her face reddened, appropriately I thought, as she answered that she was able to use a regular tampon. I raised my eyebrows and she started to whimper as she explained that that was the largest she had been able to insert into her vagina.

“Tight cunt, eh?” I offered, definitely unsympathetically.

“Somehow I get tight when I try to put anything bigger,” she was almost crying in shame at having to discuss this intimate part of her life.

“I don’t recall that you had any problem taking Dennis’s big cock into your cunt,” I remonstrated.

“I don’t know what it is, Miss Susan,” she whimpered, “but it seems I can fuck any size cock, but my vagina won’t take a tampon bigger than a regular,” she said softly. “I have to change them a lot.”

“I imagine you do,” I said, still unsympathetically. “How often?”

“Every two or maybe three hours,” she admitted abjectly.

“No wonder you’re so naughty, Lynnie, during your period,” I responded.

Then I told her to take her tampon out and show it to me. She flinched but reached down and slowly tugged the tampon, which was soaked with red-purple stains, out of her tight little hole.

“Smell it,” I ordered.

She held it to her nose. She didn’t seem put off by the smell. I figure that this meant that the old saw about your own shit not stinking to you applied to period smells too.

I put a plastic mat down on the bed. Then I told her to get up on the bed on all fours.

“Can’t I…put a tampon in first?” she pleaded.

“Not right now,” I replied offhandedly, as if this was a minor concern. Lynn was now realizing that she would keep bleeding out of her hole while she was being disciplined.

I picked up my favorite thin cane and laid it on her slim buttocks. Then I drew it back and fired three quick stingers. Lynn screamed with both surprise at my instant imposition of severe cane strokes and the developing pain in her bottom cheeks. I mischievously poked the tip of the cane into her tight little bottom-hole, and she winced.

Then I placed the cane again on her bottom, but lower down this time. I gave her another speedy trio of strokes but moving the cane a bit lower with each one. Now I was near the tenderest spot, where her bottom met her thighs.

“Do you have to hit me down there?” she pleaded. “It hurts so much.”

I put down the cane, but she quaked when she saw me through her open legs pick up my little whip. I began to whip her on her already red-striped bottom, and she groaned and let out small screams. Then I placed the whip on the bed down between her legs and snapped it up, right into her cunt.

She howled. I flicked the small but deadly whip up again and hit her in her open vulva.

“There are more than one ‘down theres’,” I observed.

“I’ll be good, Miss Susan,” Lynn exclaimed. “I will, I will I will!”

“Very well,” I said calmly. “You’ve taken your punishment well, Lynnie. “But it does look like you should be changing her tampon more often.”

Her face turned red–I’ve never met a woman who would take kindly to being told she was sloppy about her period protection. I then said she could put a fresh tampon in as I liked the idea of watching her perform this intensely private act. I almost had decided that I would insert it into her cunt but desisted. I concluded she had taken enough punishment for this occasion.

* * * *

Lynn and I agreed that we needed to improve the behavior of both my Aunt Kathy and Sandy. They had not been keeping the house clean. This bothered us because both Lynn and I had high-powered jobs that meant we had to rely on Kathy and Sandy to maintain the house.

We called them into the living room to discuss the situation. As I criticized how they had been performing their duties, Kathy began to whimper, and Sandy actually cried. I told them both to grow up and act like big girls if not ladies.

This got their attention and Lynn now announced that they each were going to be punished. They started to protest but when Lynn said that if they didn’t stop that, their punishment would be doubled, they became silent. She said that I was going to whip them, and they whimpered again.

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