My wife and our new neighbor part fifteen


I woke at eight o’clock the following morning and I went to the kitchen; Kevin was already up and had the coffee brewing. He poured me a cup and we chatted for about fifteen minutes.“It was a marvelous Christmas day, wasn’t it?” Kevin said.“Sure was bud, thanks for letting me stay over.”“No problem, like Christy, said, we are family, Steve.”He went to Greg’s room and returned to me about three minutes later.“They want coffee,” Kevin said as he poured two more cups of joe.“Do you want to take them?” Kevin asked.“Sure.”I was excited that I would see my wife in bed with Greg and I felt my little dick get hard as I walked to their bedroom.I knocked on the door and called out, “Christy, it’s me; I have brought your coffee.”“Hang on a second,” Christy shouted.Moments later, she called out, “Okay, you can come in now, Steve.”I opened the door and saw her in bed with Greg for the first time and my dick almost exploded with excitement. They were sitting up and her left hand was holding the covers to her chest to hide her breasts from me.I maneuvered my way through the clothes that they had stripped off the night before that were strewn on the floor and placed her coffee on the nightstand next to her side of the bed. I saw her clit ring on the nightstand next to the lamp and I smiled.I leaned forward and kissed her forehead and I saw that the covers were not quite covering all of the right side of her right tit; her nipple was covered but a large amount of flesh was showing. I could see some red marks where Greg’s hand had found its target the night before and again, I smiled.I leaned over the bed slightly to pass Greg his cup of coffee and started to tell my wife and her lover that Kevin would be fixing breakfast in about thirty minutes. Christy stretched her right arm to the nightstand to take her cup of coffee and as she did, more of her tit showed.I could clearly see Greg’s handprints on the fleshy part of her right tit and I imagined them being spanked the night before.She took a couple of sips from her coffee cup and as she went to place her cup back, her right nipple became visible. I could see the new nipple bar that Greg bought her for Christmas as well as Greg’s handprints.I quickly nodded my head in the direction of her tit and said, “Christy.”She looked down and saw that her nipple was on display to me. She quickly moved the sheet to cover her nipple and pouted her lips to show me that she was a little embarrassed at what I had just indicated. I smiled as she blushed as Greg looked to see what I was telling her.“You were showing a bit of your tit babe,” I said softly, “I didn’t want to embarrass you.”“Nothing was showing was it?” Christy asked, even though she knew that her nipple was on display for a moment.“No babe, but I didn’t want to embarrass you,” I went on, “I know that you would hate it if I saw anything.”“Yes, I would,” Christy smiled, holding the sheet tight to her chest.“Kevin is fixing breakfast soon,” I smiled.“Thanks, Steve,” Christy smiled, “Can you go and stay in the kitchen while we go to Kevin’s bedroom and take a shower?”“I’m not stopping you,” I smiled.“You need to go out, Steve,” Christy said, “I’m naked and I need to get out of bed.”I left them to get up and shower and they joined Kevin and I an hour later for breakfast. Kevin kissed her as she entered the kitchen and his hand went straight to her tit.“Good morning darling,” Kevin said, you are not wearing a bra?”“No, my breasts are a little sore today.”“You have your chain in?” Kevin asked.“My nipple chain? Yes, can you feel it?”“Yes, I can, it feels nice.”After breakfast Christy helped me carry my Christmas gifts home; she wanted to get another couple of pieces of clothes to take to Kevin’s.She was wearing a brown woolen knee-length dress and she looked sensational.As soon as we got inside our house, she kissed me deeply and I told her how amazing she looks today.Thank you for letting me know that I was showing my nipple this morning Steve,” Christy smiled.“I would not intentionally embarrass you, babe.”“I know and I love you for that. Did you see much?”“No, it was only the outside part of your nipple that I saw; and the handprints on your flesh.”Christy blushed.“Did you hear us last night Steve?”“Yes, I did, it sounded like you were having a great time.”“We were Steve,” Christy smiled as she collected another couple of winter dresses from her closet.“He fingered my ass, Steve, it was amazing! And he spanked my pussy!”“I am so happy for you babe,” I replied, “How hard did he spank your pussy?”“Not that hard, just hard enough to make me climax.”“I saw your clit ring on the nightstand this morning, did you put it back in yet?”“Greg put it back in for me this morning after we had showered together.”We kissed again and I asked her how sore her tits and cheeks were?“They feel fine, Steve, my breasts are a little sore but okay.”She told me that after they had made love, they talked about things and in particular, our sexual intimacy, or rather, lack of it.“We talked about that again this morning, Steve,” Christy said as we sat on the bed Gölbaşı escort and she took hold of my hand.“After you teasing me this morning about me getting out of bed in the nude in front of you,” Christy smiled, “we talked about it again.”“And,” I asked.“Greg knows how much you like the denial thing and he also knows how much you would love to see me undress,” Christy said, “I told him that I can’t give you the denial and still allow you to see me naked.”“I know babe,” I replied, “but, I want the denial to continue. When you said that it will last for longer than the middle of February, I was very happy and excited!”“So, how does this sound, Steve,” Christy said, “I will extend the denial period. No touching me or seeing me naked but I will sleep in my plain bra and panties when we sleep together.”“I get to see you in your bra and panties?”“Yes, but they will not be sexy ones and no touching. I will work you off when you need me to.”“I see.”“Now comes the final part,” Christy said, “Would you mind if, on Wednesday’s that I am home with you; Greg came and spent the night with me?”“In our bed?”“Yes, Steve, every Wednesday night. You get to see me in my plain bra and panties, but I spend every Wednesday night with Greg in our bed.”“And you will work me off when I need it?’“Yes, Steve, how does that sound?”“I thought that you didn’t want me seeing you in your lingerie though.”“It won’t be lingerie; it will be a plain bra and panties, nothing sexy, Steve.”“Okay, but I thought that you didn’t want me to see you undressed at all.”“I don’t really, but I wanted to give you something.”I thought for a moment.“Christy, if you don’t want me to see you undressed, then I shouldn’t. I don’t mind you sharing our bed with Greg every Wednesday, but I shouldn’t see you in your bra and panties.”“Okay then, we will forget that part’ I would prefer if you didn’t see me like that.”“I understand! How much longer is the ban on for then?”“I don’t know yet, maybe until you can’t take it anymore,” Christy laughed.“I lasted almost a year the last time!” I informed her.“I know you did and you may have to last longer than that this time!” Christy teased.“Now you are talking!” I shouted, “What about Saturdays and Kevin’s poker nights?”“I am still going with Kevin to his poker nights,” Christy replied, “And yes, I will still strip naked for them.”At this point, I must add that I got a comment on my story from another reader who is heavily into spanking and he suggested that Kevin involve spanking into the poker nights. So I wanted to speak to Kevin about maybe introducing this into the game. I had a few ideas and I wanted to run these by Kevin to find his thoughts on the subject.“So, does my new ideas sound okay, Steve?”“As long as you get fucked as often as possible by Greg and Kevin and you get spanked by them both at least twice a week Christy,” I smiled, “I will agree to any of your rules and conditions.”“I promise that I will get fucked by them both as often as I can Steve, and yes they will both spank me at least twice a week. I may even have them both fuck my ass as well.”We gathered her clothes and as we were leaving our house, another neighbor was just about to knock on our door.“Hi Steve, hi Christy,” Scott said,” Happy Christmas.”Scott and his wife, Trish, live a few houses down from Chris. They are a middle-aged couple and are heavily into helping the community.“I am glad that I caught you, Steve,” Scott said, “Trish and I are throwing a New Year Eve party and we would love you both to come.”‘Thank you,” Christy smiled, “we were going to spend New Year Eve with Kevin next door; his son Greg is down for Christmas.”“I was about to go to Kevin’s next, to invite him as well,” Scott smiled.“We are just going there now,” I smiled.We all walked to Kevin’s and I was secretly hoping that Kevin or Greg would kiss Christy in front of Scott. My heart was racing as we got to Kevin’s front door and we walked in and shouted to Kevin and Greg.They were in the kitchen; Greg was at the coffee maker and Kevin was sitting at the dining table.“Hey, Scott,” Kevin said as he stood up and shook Scott’s hand; would you like a cup of coffee?”“I will have a quick cup,” Scott replied.Christy walked to Greg as I silently prayed that she would kiss him.“Pour an extra cup for Scott,” Christy said as she got to where Greg was standing. My dick nearly exploded as I saw Greg’s hand plant itself firmly on her ass and squeeze. I heard a little giggle from her as she picked up the cup of coffee and gave Greg a quick peck on his lips!I couldn’t talk, my mouth was dry and my heart was beating like crazy; she kissed Greg in front of our neighbor, I don’t know if Scott saw or not but the fact that Greg squeezed her ass and kissed her while our neighbor was there was extremely hot for me.Scott sat and explained the New Year Eve party and it was agreed that we would all be attending. I think that I was the most excited one of us all as I was hoping that Christy and her lovers would continue their thing at the party.Scott left and Christy Keçiören escort bayan apologized for kissing Greg while Scott was there.“I am so sorry, Steve; I forgot that Scott was there.”“Don’t be sorry,” I said, “you shouldn’t hide anything.”“I will have to be with Steve at the party,” Christy explained to Greg and Kevin, “I hope you both understand.”“We do,” Greg smiled, “of course we understand.”My heart sank!“No, you don’t,” I shouted, “you are still living with Kevin and Greg and you must still be with them!”“Are you serious?” Christy asked, “Even at the party?”“Yes, I am serious,” I replied, “We are not changing anything just because of the party.”“But, our neighbors will see,” Christy said.“I don’t care who knows; we are all happy aren’t we?”“Yes, I am!” Christy screamed, “Incredibly happy.”Kevin and Greg both agreed that they were very happy with how we all live.“So, we continue at the party, she is yours until the fifth of January and she stays yours, no matter what,” I demanded.Christy came and hugged me and both Kevin and Greg thanked me.“We must go into town for me to buy a new dress for the party,” Christy said excitedly.They insisted that I go along and we decided to make a day of it. We would have lunch out and enjoy our time together as a family. Greg and Kevin went to get ready and Christy asked me if I was sure about continuing our lifestyle in front of our friends.I reassured her that I was and that we continue, no matter what. She kissed me deeply and asked me to stay over again that night. I quickly agreed and she kissed me again before her lovers rejoined us in the kitchen.Our day in town was extremely hot with Christy kissing both of her men at every opportunity.She found a knee-length, black, figure-hugging dress that had a very plunging back to it.The front plunged down to just below her breasts and the back plunged completely down to below her waist.We ended our day in town and returned to Kevin’s around seven thirty, exhausted but happy. Both Greg and Kevin were happy that I had agreed to spend another night there and the wine flowed as we all enjoyed each others company.“So, who’s the lucky guy tonight that gets to sleep with you Christy?” I asked.Christy smiled, “Kevin.”“Actually babe,” Kevin smiled, “Would you like to sleep with Greg tonight?”“Why babe, it’s your night?“I know, but I think Greg would love it if you slept with him, wouldn’t you son?”“You bet!” Greg smiled.“There, so please be with Greg tonight babe.”“Of course,” Christy smiled, “If you are sure?”“I am, definitely babe, thank you.”Kevin went to the kitchen to get another bottle of wine and I followed him. I asked him if everything was okay and he assured me that everything was perfect.“I like seeing her and Greg together,” Kevin confided, “I am too old for her; I love that I have sex with her but I am getting too old and I want her to be with Greg as much as possible; he loves her and loves being with her.”I hugged Kevin and told him that was sweet of him.“I want her to be with Greg, Steve, I believe that he is better for her than I am,” Kevin said softly, “I will still have sex with her but not as often as I did. I prefer to see her with Greg.”“I understand bud,” I smiled.This was my opportunity to talk to Kevin about my idea for his poker nights and he thought that my ideas were fantastic and he would implement them into the poker nights.We rejoined Greg and Christy in the living room and found them locked in a deep passionate kiss. His hand was caressing her breast.We continued chatting while we finished the bottle of wine and then we went to bed. Again, it was past midnight before my wife and her lover finished their lovemaking and I enjoyed listening to the wall to their screams of ecstasy.The following day, I went back home and left them alone and as soon as I got home, I worked my little dick and cum within four minutes. I had enjoyed the past two nights, listening to my wife have sex with her lover but it was now time that I left them alone.I was excited about the upcoming party and throughout the next few days, I had scenarios about possible things that could happen during the party run through my mind; everyone brought another erection.Finally, New Year’s Eve had arrived and I was looking forward to seeing Christy in her new sexy dress and when I arrived at Kevin’s, he told me that she was still getting ready. We chatted for a while as we waited and he explained to me that she had been in Greg’s bed all week.“You haven’t slept with her?” I asked.“No, Steve, I wanted her to sleep with Greg. I love seeing them together.”“Okay bud,” I replied, “It is your choice.”“I will sleep with her on my poker nights, but I want her to spend the other nights with Greg if you don’t mind.”“When she lives with you, I have no say in the matter bud,” I replied, “it’s up to you three to decide how you live.”Moments later, Christy and Greg came into the living room and my eyes popped! She looked amazing and so sexy. Her dress was even sexier than I had imagined and I got another instant Escort Kızılay erection.She hugged me and kissed my cheek as I told her how beautiful she was and she asked me if I was sure that I wanted her to continue being with Greg for the party?I assured her that I wanted and needed her to be with Greg.“I want you to kiss and touch each other at the party babe,” I said, “I don’t care who sees!”“What are you wearing under that dress?” I whispered.“My nipple chain and a tiny black thong.”“You can almost see the cheeks of your ass from the back,” I smiled.“I know, that’s why I am wearing a tiny thong, Steve, if I wore a normal thong, it would show.”We left to go to Scott’s house and my erection was obvious as we walked the five hundred yards.The evening went even better than I imagined. Kevin and I mingled with other guests and Greg and Christy were almost inseparable as they danced together and spent most of the night together as a couple. I saw them kiss on several occasions and it was very hot and erotic.I had a couple of slow dances with my wife and the silky smooth soft skin of her naked back felt amazing as we danced.Suddenly, Christy’s favorite song came on the player; Unchained melody and I watched as she danced with Greg. They had several quick kisses while dancing this sexy song and I saw his hands slide down the plunging back of her dress. His hands were inside the back of her dress and he was caressing her thong covered ass!I’m sure that other party guests saw like I did and that excited me even more. Midnight approached as the clock welcomed in a new year, everyone cheered and kissed and hugged.Christy gave Greg a long kiss and wished him a happy new year before coming to me to kiss my cheek and wish the same for me; Kevin also got a full lip kiss from her and I needed to cum.We left the great party about one o’clock and walked across the road and when we reached Kevin’s house I bid them a good night.“Stay over,” Kevin said.“Yes please, Steve, stay over, please,” Christy said as she took my hand.I decided to stay over; at least I would hear my wife and her lover again. We went inside and Kevin opened a bottle of wine and we all toasted the New Year.“I hope that Greg and I didn’t flirt too much,” Christy said.“Not at all,” I smiled.“We did kiss a lot at the party,” Christy quickly replied and I smiled.I raised my glass, “To the four of us. May Greg and Christy get even closer,” I said.“I hope we will,” Greg smiled.“I know we will,” Christy smiled as she kissed Greg passionately.Again, I listened until almost three in the morning as my wife made mad passionate love with Greg. It was so hot and erotic and they didn’t disappoint.I went home after we ate breakfast and Christy walked me to our house. She gave me a deep passionate kiss as we got inside and wished me a Happy New Year.“Did you have fun last night?” I asked.“It was great, thanks, Steve.”“You looked amazing,” I smiled.“Thank you and I flirted a lot with Greg as you asked.”“I know, I saw.”“I’m sure others saw as well!” Christy said softly, “I hope that we didn’t make things obvious.”“I don’t care if you did babe.”She kissed me again and I could feel the straps of her bra through her sweater. I got another erection as we hugged and I asked her what color her lingerie was that she was wearing?“Red,” Christy replied, “bright red.“Do you still have your pubic hairs, or have you shaved them?”“I still have them; I couldn’t let Greg see my tattoos.”I whispered, “I would love to see them, Christy.”“What, my hairs?”“Yes, I would love to have a quick peek at them.”We broke from our hug and she sat on the couch.“Steve, I can’t; I can’t show you my hairs, please don’t make me.”I smiled and quickly replied, “Christy, I would never make you do anything. You don’t have to show me your hairs if you don’t want to.”“Thank you, Steve,” Christy replied, “I really don’t want to show my hairs to you; I’m sorry.”I kissed her gently,” You don’t need to be sorry, I shouldn’t have asked. It is your body and you are in control of this, remember that; you are in control.”“Yes, I am in control aren’t I? I sometimes feel that I am being mean to you Steve and I feel guilty about what I am doing.”“Don’t ever feel like that Christy,” I replied, “you know that I love being humiliated, dominated, and denied!”“I know that you do Steve and I promise that this year, I will give you lots of what you love!”“Now that’s a New Years resolution that I hope you keep,” I shouted.“I intend to,” Christy replied, “starting off with extending the denial for you.”“Cool.”“It was supposed to end in mid-February, wasn’t it?” Christy smiled as she took my hand.“Yes, it is.”“Well, it’s not.”“It isn’t?”“No, it will not end until at least the end of March! How does that sound?”“Fine with me babe, you are the boss.”My erection was getting bigger by the second.“The end of March it is,” I smiled.“I said, at least till the end of March, it may be longer, we will see.”She knew how much I loved hearing those words.She told me that Greg had a job interview the following day and he wanted her to go with him for moral support. She also told me that Kevin had asked her if she would sleep with his son every night except Saturday. She told me that she liked that idea and agreed quickly.We kissed again and she went back to her second house and her lovers and I worked my little dick to relieve my erection.

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