Naked girl’s week outside at cold weather, Day 2


That is a follow-up to the first story: http://stories.xnxx.com/story/54332/Naked_girl%26%23039%3Bs_week_outside_at_cold_weather%3A_Part_1%2C_introduction_and_Day_1

Second day, 18th March
Temperature in that day
At 6 a.m -18
9 a.m. -12
Noon -7
3 p.m -6
6 p.m -8
8 p.m -11

Marlene was sleeping and had a dream, that she is in Antarctic observation station and her task is to check temperatures in all weather stations. There were six weather stations approximately 10 kilometres around and she stepped outside… naked . First thermometer closer to station showed minus 72 degrees. Marlene thought, that chief of the station will give her another duty, but he had said: „I don’t care you have no clothes. Checking thermometers is here the most easy task and you can do it.“

Marlene felt an extreme cold, when she reached to the third weather station. And this moment she woke up. „Oh, what a terrible dream,“ she sighed. At the same time she felt, that all her body was cool. „Chills,“ realized Marlene, why she is shaking. Marlene tried to pull blanket more over body and to move herself under it. „I have to get warmer,“ she thought. Time was 4 a.m. She had two more hours until the next naked day outside.

She did not stay asleep anymore. Finally at 5.30 she rose out of bed and started to prepare hot tea. Chills still plagued her. She almost cried, because after half an hour she had to go outside naked. Now she was inside and dressed, but nevertheless felt much cold. „How can I go?“ she asked itself and burst into tears.

After drinking hot tea and eating sandwich she maybe felt a little bit better. Chills were still there and Marlene believe, that maybe was her fault not to have sex with some of the boys in the evening. First time, when she had sex with guide during severe winter day at National Park, she felt much better after that. But as we know, later she nevertheless collapsed and it happened after her 8,5 hour walk. Now was all similar – she withstood well her first day 14 hours at below-zero temperatures, but now her body was all over cold. And she didn’t figure out, why this freezing started hours later,
Finally Marlene hoped perhaps she will not feel more cold, when she will step naked outside. „Maybe getting even better,“ she tried to convince herself, but still hesitated. She took all clothes off and looked at the clock. She was not still sure. To complete her naked week was important, but not at the cost of health or even the life. Finally she stepped out from the door at 6.04. It meant she had to return four minutes after 8 p.m.

Outdoor temperature was not warmer than yesterday, approximately the same, almost twenty degrees below zero. „Whooaaahhh!“ groaned Marlene, when wisp of the cold air hit the naked body. „Run! Run! I have to run!“ suggested Marlene to itself. And she ran quickly the same way as yesterday towards bus stop and major road. She tried desperately not to think about cold.
Feelings were not improving. She ran and then suddenly sank into the snow. Marlene realized, that she was only half-conscious. Some rings whirled in front of her eyes. She managed to get up, and now slowly ran back toward the house. She was not ready and decided to return.

When she returned, Martin surprisely had awakened already and brought logs into the cottage. He suddenly saw Marlene running towards house and asked: „You didn’t go today to journey like yesterday?“
„I can’t,“ said Marlene quietly. „I will give up. My body trembles all over.“
„No!“ shouted Martin. „You have to complete your naked week! Think twice: you can do it!“
„You do not care about my health?“ asked Marlene, but didn’t yet gone inside.
„I care!“ confirmed Martin. „I know, you have a strong health. Keep your mind up! Rubbing snow against your body will definitely help.“
Marlene was quite pale. She even could not talk loud and only whispered: „Please, let me go in!“
„I can’t stop you, if you want to give up. But, please, think twice! Maybe we will try rubbing?“

Marlene was already standing at the door, but turned around and said: „Let it try!“ She sat on the chair and Martin quickly picked up snow. He threw snow on Marlene’s body and started quickly to rub. Marlene suddenly felt so good. Her pale body started to become more red. Very carefully Martin rubbed her breasts and Marlene enjoyed a great pleasure. „More, please!“ she yelled.
Sexual desire once again helped Marlene to overcome bad feelings. Martin rubbed also her pussy and Marlene got an orgasm. „Whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh! Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhh!“ she yelled. „More! More!“ she begged Martin. Soon Marlene started to sweat. Her body was now completely hot. Another orgasm lead Marlene to ecstatic condition. „Oh, Martin! Gooooood! Excellent!“ she shouted. She threw herself down and eventually began to throw snow over her body. Martin look at her with amazement. Only a little bit sexual excitement and she was again OK.

Marlene sit again on the chair and said: „Thank you very much! I was really ready to give up, but now I will continue definitely. You will go back into house?“
„If you want, I will come with you now,“ said Martin.
„Not necessary,“ said Marlene. „I will come back at time, Today you have not planned hiking and I can maybe do walking in my own way.“
„Ok, as you wish,“ said Martin.

Marlene now started normal walk towards major road. Already hour has passed and she reached again from the same point, where she had collapsed. Now feelings were completely changed. Marlene walked barefooted and naked in snow like every other warmly dressed person. She was happy to be able do to it. She wished to meet someone, to prove that ordinary 15-year old girl can walk naked at harsh weather and not to freeze.

Suddenly Marlene remembered, that in the other side of the major road was a little lake, where she often Escort spent time, when she was in grandmother’s place in summer. There was also a village near lake and maybe some fishermen doing under ice fishing. Marlene decided to go direction of the lake, she guessed, that lake was about 5 kilometres from here. If to walk normal pace, then one hour to lake. She didn’t have to hurry anywhere, because almost 13 hours was ahead.

Today there was no people on country road. Marlene reached at main road and quickly crossed this. She looked at the road sign, in which was written: xxxxxxxxx (name of the nearly village) 3 km, lake xxxxxxxxxx 3,5 km. Lake was not situated next to the road, but about one kilometer left by forest road. Soon one car approached, but Marlene continued to walk calmly. She was not afraid of public nudity. Car slowed ride and two people looked out the window, but they didn’t stop. Marlene imagined, how surprised they were and she was even victorious – she dared to walk directly ahead, but people from car dared not to talk her. And Marlene laughed: “It means, I am doing a normal thing!”

Finally some hundred meters before forest road turned towards the lake, two men came along the road. Marlene was happy, because she was already eager to show her courage to others. But meeting was not a pleasant.
“Are you out of mind!” shouted one of the man, when he realized, that girl is truly naked. He presented himself as a police officer. “Do you know, young lady, that walking naked in public place in winter is not only harmful for the health, but also not allowed by the law?”

Marlene felt a bit of fear. “I didn’t know and here in the road are not much people, this is not a public place, but forest,” she explained.
“You are wrong – every place, which is not private territory, is public. Can I ask, why you are naked at such a cold weather? Why you are doing this kind of s..t?” asked policeman angrily. His companion was all the time silent.
“I am simply walking. If people are prepared to…”
“What about prepared!” man sharply interrupted Marlene’s speech. “You are not simply walking, but simply slut!” You suffer here severe cold only to show herself to other people. That is called exhibitionism. And if girls are doing this kind of s…t, then they are sluts and nothing else!”

Marlene burst into tears, second time today. “Please, don’t be cruel. Let me go, please!” begged she.
“I am not going to arrest you,” was policeman now more generous, when she saw girl crying. “At first: where are your clothes? You have to put them on and then you can go where you want.”
“Oh, sorry, but all my clothes are in the cottage, 10 kilometres from here,” lied Marlene, because exactly clothes were about 4 km from here.
“What!? You have already walked naked 10 kilometres in such a cold weather? I can’t believe it. Don’t lie to me – your clothes must be somewhere near.”

Marlene now felt a little bit more confident and said: “Maybe not ten kilometres, but enough far. I am not afraid of cold and therefore I can walk long-long time naked. I promise to return immediately after completing my walk at lake. That was my goal for today and I really didn’t know that walking naked can be somehow offensive.”

Policeman now shook his head. “I see, you are fully stupid! Why you are talking about offensive behavior? This is shameless behavior. You don’t understand, that girls – you seem to be also underage, which is more bad thing – don’t walk naked in front of the men like us. You have to return immediately!”
Marlene cried again and then suddenly realized. “But are you really a policeman? Can you prove it?”
“Oh, what are you asking? I don’t prove anything for you, because you can’t demand anything, if you are shamelessly naked!” said policeman. Then he suddenly turned to other man, winked eye and said: “Are you ready? We will fuck out this naughty girl!”

Both men assaulted Marlene and carried her into deep forest. Marlene shouted and screamed, but nobody heart her. Then she suddenly stopped her yell and discovered a better opportunity. “You do not need to rape me. I’m willing to have sex peacefully,“ explained Marlene.
„That’s something new!“ said alleged policeman. „You see, she is really a slut.“ Men pulled off their pants and in warm clothes started to fuck naked girl straightly in the snow. Marlene has nothing under her back, only snow. „Please, do it carefully, why you are so cruel,“ she cried.
Now another man, who mainly have remained silent, hit Marlene heavily. „Take my cock in your mouth, cow!” he shouted only. Blow was so strong that Marlene had to surrender. She cried and let fuck her. She really didn’t understand, why these cruel man disagreed a consensual sex and had to rape her.

Finally they demanded Marlene to take sperm to the mouth and swallow. She had to do this and almost vomited. Marlene again felt chills, because she was lying on the snow almost ten minutes and she never felt sexual excitement during a brutal rape. “Now, bitch, look, you do not talk about anything! Anyway nobody believes you, when you say about walking around naked in the woods,“ said alleged policeman. „Take it as a punishment for inappropriate behavior.“
Marlene was now fully freezing, but relieved, that men didn’t something more bad. „Sorry, I have been a bad girl,“ said Marlene. „You punished me fairly.“
Both men laughed. „You see, we educated her!“ Luckily for Marlene they now left and didn’t even look back. Marlene stood up arduously, she felt pain on cheek, where cruel man hit her. Body ached all over and cold attacked again like it did early morning.

Marlene waited a moment and then slowly returned to the road. She looked carefully at both sides of the road and didn’t see rapists. „Where they disappeared?“ she asked itself. She was afraid, that men were still spying on her and watching, where Escort Bayan she is going. Therefore Marlene decided quickly to return into thick forest. She tried to reach to the lake road through the forest. This was very difficult to step naked in the thick snow. Marlene knew, that on the lake were probably some fishermen and she hope them to be more kind.

Finally Marlene found the lake road and turned left. Two cars stood in the parking lot, fishermen supposed to be on the lake. Marlene stepped now on the ice and she again felt an excitement, because she was naked middle of the snow and ice. The sun already warmed just enough and rising temperature helped her again to overcome bad feelings.

She appeared like a snow princess to the east side of the lake, where lone fisherman tried to catch fish. All other men were quite far from this place and if they saw somebody coming over lake, they couldn’t see, that girl was nude. Marlene joyously welcomed fisherman: „Hello! How the catch is going?“
Man stared to the girl and clearly chuckled. „Thank you, but not well. Too calm and sunny weather today. It seems that you too are dressed according to the weather,” he said.
„Of course!“ Marlene said. „Today is quite warm.“
„You are brave girl! Actually weather is not too warm, but you seems to feel itself comfortable.“
„Thank you! That is not a big deal to be naked today, because I have practised much,“ said Marlene.

Temperature was now about -12 and Marlene was happy, because she understood: if to withstand first hours in the morning, then later will be bearable conditions.
„You want to see fishing or maybe try yourself? Maybe you bring me luck!“ said fisherman. He give fish hook to Marlene, who now sat on the chair. „Try also to move the bait from time to time,“ teached man.
„You have currently school holidays and you came to spend time at countryside?“ asked man.
„Yes,“ said Marlene. „My grandmothers cottage is about 6 kilometres from here, but I am her not with her, but friends.“

They talked more, but fisherman never asked, how girl dared to come naked in front of him. He also guess the age of the girl and offered her 15. „You are right, how you knew?“
„Intuition,“ said fisherman, but later appeared, that he had some valuable hints. „By the way, my age is opposite to you, it means 51.“

Marlene tried to catch fish almost 40 minutes, but unsuccessfully. „Maybe you like massage? I have learned a little about this. Your body will be warmer then,“ said man.
„Yeah, you can try, though my body is warm enough,“ said Marlene. When man started to massage slowly and carefully, he understood, that Marlene told the truth. Then he began to rub intensively, eventually reaching also to stroke breasts. Marlene didn’t say anything and man realized, that girl allows itself to do whatever. Then he quickly let the pants off and started to rub Marlene’s body with his hard cock.

“Wow!” smiled Marlene. “you even have a massage instrument with!” She joked. She clearly understood, what was this “instrument”. Finally she turned around and saw a huge cock, which was not only long, but also thick. She was only hour ago raped, but now was ready to fuck in the right way. “I have really become a sex-addicted,” thought Marlene. She wanted this huge cock badly!
Fisherman looked around – others were quite far, there was no risk somebody will see him fucking schoolgirl. Marlene started to moan immediately, cock was so strong. When she had a sex with National Park guide in winter, this man had also big cock, but not so huge. “Ooooaaaaaaaaahhh! Wuuuuuaaaahh!” she screamed. “Fuck me! Fuck me hard! Hard! Hard!” shouted Marlene. She had extraordinary pleasure and soon she got first orgasm.

Man continued hotly. In cold weather he had difficulties to cum, but Marlene liked it. She was like in heaven, all bad memories of the rape had gone. She got second orgasm and then third, the most powerful. At the same time fisherman was read to cum. He started to groan now. He continued to push hardly and then shouted: “I am cumming! I am cumming!”
Marlene opened her mouth and exactly at right time man get his cock near to girl’s face. First load came as a rifle bullet and then next one. Marlene tried to get all the blowjob into mouth, but soon her face was also covered, but fisherman was not finished yet. He moaned loudly and more liquid flew into Marlene’s mouth. Horny girl showed to the man her filled mouth and then started to swallow.

“You are incredible!” praised man.
“Oh, you were wonderful,” replied Marlene. She was again all sweaty. Coming back to earth after an amazing sex, she asked: “Is here in the lake some open water? I have to swim.”
“In this corner a small river from swamp flows into the lake,” man pointed to the place, approximately 800 metres far. “You really want to swim? Not afraid of cold water?”
“Oh, I am feeling right now like in hot summer,” said Marlene.

They both went towards water, fisherman wanted to see, how Marlene swim in the ice-cold water. He left all the fishing instruments near ice-hole and followed girl. When they reached to the far corner of the lake, Marlene ran to the edge of the ice and jumped headfirst into water, which was quite deep in this place. She dived immediately and then came out of the water at the mouth of the river, what was 30 metres away. “Wow!” wondered fisherman. “You swam such long distance under water!”

Marlene shook her hair and rejoiced: „The water is so nice!“ Now she swam to the other direction, came out of the water, ran to the shore and then jumped back. She splashed water and was really happy. Slowly she began now to swim a freestyle back and forth from the mouth of the river to the ice edge. This distance was about 60 metres and Marlene complete one end approximately at 90 seconds.

Man didn’t ask anything. He was fascinated Bayan Escort by the way the girl calmly swam, did a somersault and then turned back to the other side. And she did it again and again. If yesterday cold water had frightened her, then today she swam like in summer. After completing distance ten times, she said to the fisherman: „I have not yet cooled down.“

„How you can do it?“ asked man in astonishment. „You have been now more than 15 minutes in water.“
„That’s only good! I have to swim 40 minutes every day. I will complete this all at once,“ she replied. Marlene dived again and then continued to swim. „I am getting a cold looking at you,“ said fisherman. „Then run on the ice!“ laughed Marlene.

After some time Marlene also slowly felt water becoming colder. „How many minutes?“ she asked fisherman. „38,“ replied he. „OK, then it will be the last 100 metres,“ said Marlene and then came out from the water. „You want to dry now? I can give you my coat.“
„No-no,“ said Marlene. „I do not be covered during this 14 hours, what I spend naked outside. I will stay wet until sun dries my body.“

„I have no words, you are such a tough girl. Let’s go to my home, I will introduce you to my family,“ said fisherman.
„What? Your wife?“ was Marlene confused.
„No, I am divorced. Only daughter and son are at my home during spring break,“ explained man. He said, that his daughter is 16 and son 12-year old. Marlene was again confused: 12-year old noy seemed too young to see teenage girl’s naked body. Man again explained: „Don’t worry, we go to the sauna always together. He has already seen her sister naked.“

That also explained, why man so precisely considered Marlene’s age – he had seen her own daughter, approximately the same age girl naked and had a good comparison.
Both children were disappointed, when father come without any catch of fish. But then he said to children: „Look, I catched another fish – naked girl is sitting in our yard!“

16-year old Marta was really surprised. She asked Marlene many questions about naked walking, about school and friends. Marlene was happy, that Marta was so friendly. „I really can’t understand, how you can handle this freezing weather,“ Marta said finally. Then boy threw some snowballs towards girls and fught started. Kids got a serious boost, snowball fight involved them completely. Marlene hid herself behind a tree and then throwing snowballs at others. But boy saw her and he banged a snowball against her butt. Both laughed.

When they finally calmed down, Marlene told to Marta, how she can come to her cottage tomorrow. „I will be naked again tomorrow and we are going to hiking about 9 a.m. There are also boys, maybe you like them,“ said Marlene and Marta flushed. She promised to come, father also accepted it and tomorrow promised to come as exciting as today.

Fisherman’s family and Marlene ate outside, because Marlene was not allowed to come inside. Sun warmed now more strongly, though temperature was not risen more than -6-7.
At 2 p.m Marlene finally reached to her cottage. Boys were already worried. „What happened?“ they asked. „Nothing special. I met some kind and some not so kind people, but genrally it was an interesting day,“ she said and not mentioned a rape.

I will not talk anymore about last six hours of Marlene. Mainly she and boys were sawing trees and repaired grandma’s shed as planned. Despite of the awful start in the morning Marlene felt today much better. She forgot completely about cold and was all the time naked on the snow and in cold air as if it were a normal.

In the evening they again relaxed in sauna and Marlene thought, how sexual excitement hepled her today very much. But she didn’t want to have sex with her classmates. She never had any relationship with classmates and some of the boys, who considered Marlene as a decent and good girl, even believed her to be innocent. And why not – many 15-year old girls have not had a sexual relationship. After Marlene’s naked walk in National Park most boys reconsidered their opinion.

Actually Marlene had her first sex as early as age 13. Her partner was then a 19-year old boy and this was only a one-time-relationship. The young man simply used the opportunity to take virginity from 13yo girl and forgot her.I can say, Marlene was quite active. Sometimes she tred to search for sex herself, though usually boys were looking girls for this reason. And never Marlene looked the same age youngsters – all her sex partners (including todays fisherman there were now as many as 38!) were mainly older than 20 and only occasionally one boy was 17.

In this case Marlene didn’t know her age, she thought him to be at least 20, because he looked older. Marlene quickly escaped at the morning after sex from the boys apartment and never answered to his calls and text messages. Because Marlene tremendously feared, that some young gay may fall in love with her. Older guys mostly used Marlene as a sex object and this position also satisfied a girl. She wanted only sex, not a relations. It was too early to be involved.

And now, for this reason, she had to invite here some other, some older person, who will maybe have sex with her, not Martin or some other boy. In the evening after sauna Marlene said privately to Martin: “Take into account, that what happened in the morning will not be repeated by any means! But I am still afraid, that maybe this freezing will happen also in tomorrow morning. Can you invite your dad to the rescue? Maybe he itself is also interested to see my experiment, because he didn’t believe this.”

Martin was disappointed, because he hoped already to be a Marlene’s boyfriend and now girl sharply rejected everything. “No father, but I can ask my elder brother. He is 22 and studying medicine right now. This case can be useful practice for him. He has also a little break from university now,” said Martin sadly.
Now Marlene went to the bed, hoping that Martin’s 22-year old brother will solve all the problems – both freezing and need of sex.

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