Naughty Niece (3) [With her Mum]


Naughty Niece (3) [With her Mum]I literally threw the last piece of kitchen towel into the waste bin, when Sarah’s Mum Jean entered the kitchen.As before she was wearing a long purple silky nightie, that was meant to entice and not to hide her assets.“Sarah and you were up early again,” she said quite nonchalantly.“Yeah I always find it difficult to sleep in a different bed, Sarah was saying much the same.”She opened her eyes wide and she flicked her head upwards as if in agreement, but I felt a bit of distrust in her movements. She turned towards the kettle and flicked it on,“Sarah normally doesn’t have trouble sleeping anywhere,” she said as she spooned coffee into a mug, still with her back to me.I looked at her and as the other morning I could easily make out the lines of her knickers through the sheer material of the nightie.“In fact I have never known her to get up this early, apart from when she was a little girl. That is why I’m up early because when I noticed she was gone I was a bit worried.”“Worried?” I said.She turned to face me,“Yes worried she might be getting up to something she shouldn’t.”I felt an involuntary gulp come on,“What on earth can she get up to that she shouldn’t here?” I asked.Jean smiled at me and her shoulders rocked up and down as she gave a small laugh.She took a couple of steps towards me and lowered her voice,“I’m not stupid you know,” she said, “I have noticed in the past that you have run an approving glance over my daughter. I also know that for the past couple of years, Sarah’s constant “Uncle Andrew this and Uncle Andrew that” betrays her crush on you. Put the two and two together and that, in my mind, could spell trouble.”The kettle boiled and she turned back to it, filling her mug with steaming water.I wasn’t sure what to say if anything, but then Jean turned back to me,“So anyway there I am laying on my bed upstairs and wondering where Sarah is and then I hear something going on down stairs. Something that sounds a bit sexual, like someone fucking maybe and I put two and two together and come up with the fact that my sweet 18 year old daughter is doing something she shouldn’t.”I could feel my cheeks redden.Jean smiled again and nodded her head,“Yes that’s just about it isn’t it, you are fucking my little girl, you old pervert and the only reason I didn’t come storming down here and gave you at least some warning is because I didn’t want to türbanlı içel escort create a scene and wake Kath up.”I thought about denying it all, but realised that was too lame, Jean wasn’t stupid, of that I was sure.“We were just having a bit of fun, nothing serious,” I glibly said.Again she gave a little chortle,“I bet Kath would think it was fucking serious.”“Look Kath knows I look at other women, we talk about it sometimes, I let her flirt with other men. We have a great relationship.”Jean sat down at the kitchen table and placed her coffee cup on it,“Yeah but does she know you are fucking her niece behind her back. Looking is one thing, fantasy is another, but actually putting your cock inside an 18 year old pussy, how is that going to make Kath feel?”I sighed and sat down next to Jean,“Look Jean, don’t tell her, if it has to be done I should do it, but don’t make a scene.”She smiled back at me,“No I’m not planning on doing that,” she said.She then started to drink her coffee and for a minute or so there was silence between us.“So you prefer young girls do you?” she asked suddenly.“No Jean,” I said, “It just happened.”“But you’ve been looking at her for years, just waiting for the right opportunity is my guess.”“No Jean, it was just a moment in time and before we knew what was going on, we were all over each other.”Jean leant forward and put her hand on my thigh,“So is this my moment in time?”I felt my cock twitch at the implication and then I put my hand on hers.“It wouldn’t be right Jean.”“I think I’ll be the judge of what is right,” she said and she slid her hand away from mine and up to my groin.She started to feel my cock through my shorts,“Still hard then, didn’t you finish off up Sarah?”“Yes, but you are driving me nuts.”She licked her lips provocatively,“Good, I thought you didn’t like me.”I lifted up my hand and pulled the plunge in her nightie to oneside and exposed her right breast, her tit was large and her nipple had started to harden. I grabbed it between my fingers and started to toy with it. Jean pulled the top of my shorts and my boxers down and my cock popped out.“Mmmm,” she said “Is this fresh from my daughter’s pussy.”I smiled at her,“No her arse actually.”Jean looked shocked,“You’ve been fucking Sarah’s bum this morning?”“You bet, she loves it up the arse.”I leaned forward and pulled Jean towards me and kissed türbanlı içel escort bayan her full on the lips, my tongue forcing her lips apart. She reciprocated and our tongues entwined. When we broke off I whispered in her ear,“I bet you love it up the arse too.”I felt her shudder in excitement and her movements on my cock quickened.We kissed again and I felt her chest rising heavily in passion.“OH MY GOD!” it was almost an hysterical shout and both Jean and I turned to see Sarah standing just a few feet away.She looked at us both wide eyed.I was embarrassed and now even more concerned about what I had gotten myself into, but Jean just smiled back at her daughter.“Shhh!” she said “You’ll wake Aunty Kath.”Sarah looked at us back and forth like she was watching a tennis match,“But what are you doing?”“The same as you and your Uncle were doing half an hour ago,” Jean said adamantly, “I heard you two at it earlier, now I’ve come for some myself.”My cock had deflated, but Jean still held it in her hand, she flipped it up and down,“This is not your sole possession you know, why can’t I have some?”“But Mum,” Sarah pleaded, “I didn’t think you liked Uncle Andrew that much.”“We might not see eye to eye on some things, but like you I’ve always had a bit of a crush on him and now that the cat is out of the bag I want a bit of fun myself.”At this point I felt like a bit of a bystander and the whole scene just seemed weird. Here I was my wife up stairs still asleep hopefully and I had a mother and daughter virtually fighting over me.“Look,” I managed to say, “I think perhaps we need to sort this out after the holiday.”Jean smiled and said,“No way, darling, I need a good fucking like my daughter and I’m not waiting a few more days, Sarah can clear off or she can watch, I don’t care, but before my sister gets up this morning I want to feel your cock inside me.”I felt my cock start to harden just at her words, “Sarah can watch………”Now that was something to think about.“Do you want to fuck my Mum?” Sarah asked me.I looked at Jean sitting there, her right tit still exposed and wondered what her pussy was like.“Yes,” I said.Jean smiled in triumph and stood up.“Look Sarah darling, Mummy needs a nice hard cock just like you. I’m not saying he can’t fuck you when you want,” she said in a quiet sensuous voice.She reached up and pulled the straps türbanlı escort içel of her nightie off her shoulders and it fell down, exposing both her large saggy tits and then her black cotton knickers.Sarah looked at me and said quietly,“Do you want me to stay?”I reached out to her and she stepped into my arms. I kissed her cheek and her lips and I felt Jean squeeze my cock.“Lots of men would love a mother and daughter combo,” she said, “And I’m happy if you are.”Sarah looked at her Mum and softly nodded her head.Jean slipped her fingers into her knickers and dropped them to the floor. She had a mass of pubic hair, lightly coloured like her hair and her wrinkled pussy lips were already dripping with juice.I touched her softly, opening her labia up and running my finger along the length of her cunt away from her clit and back again.Sarah looked round,“What if Aunty Kath wakes up?”“She’ll have to wait her turn,” Jean said with a grin.Sarah laughed and the tension seemed to go out of her as she realised that I was cheating on my wife with them both.Jean turned round,“Fuck me from behind.”I moved into position and slowly penetrated her wet cunt. I thrust in and out and felt Sarah sidle up beside me. I turned towards her and kissed her.It was a magic moment.As I thrust harder, Sarah’s kiss got more passionate. I reached out and grabbed her tit through her T Shirt and bra and managed at the same time with my left hand to reach round and grab one of Jean’s bouncing boobs.I fucked Jean hard and kissed her daughter hard at the same time.My lust rose and I grabbed Sarah’s right hand with mine and placed it on her Mum’s big white arse. She continued to kiss me hungrily, whilst her Mum moaned and gasped under me. I opened my eyes and looked down, Sarah was fondling her Mum’s arse under my hand. I pushed her hand down towards her Mum’s arsehole and held it when I felt my fingers touch the right place.I broke the kiss and said,“Let’s finger your Mum’s arse together.”I leant back but still kept thrusting slowly and inserted a finger into Jean’s rectum. To my great delight one of Sarah’s fingers joined mine as she too got lost in lust and passion.“Oh yeah baby, feel your Mum’s body.”Sarah looked at me with glazed eyes and pushed her finger in deeper, once more kissing me.Like earlier Jean’s cries were growing louder and I realised we were in danger of discovery, so I thrust into her deeper, crushing Sarah’s hand between us and emptied myself into Jean’s hot wet cunt.We both stood there shuddering to orgasm. Sarah pulled her hand away and rubbed her Mum’s bare back.“This is very naughty,” she said.“Very,” I said, “But just think of all the fun the three of us can have next week back at your house.”“Mmm, can’t wait,” she said with a smile.

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