Neighbourhood Watch


  The Voyeur… At 2:12 p.m. precisely, her car purrs onto her driveway, its tyres crunching upon the white gravel. The door swings open to reveal a pair of black leather stilettos perched on the end of shapely, nylon enveloped legs. The driver eases herself from the car before reaching back inside to retrieve her handbag and laptop. Her rounded ass points skyward as she stoops, her short, navy skirt clinging to its contours. She rights herself, smoothing down her clothing as she pushes the car door shut which a swish of her hip.She has a figure to die for, the perfect hourglass and, with her hair pulled back in a neat bun, she looks every inch the sophisticated professional, the no-nonsense career woman working hard for a living. She rummages in her handbag for her house keys and, finding them, heads for her front door to let herself in.I re-position my scope, focusing it on her kitchen. I’ve just completed the adjustments when she appears through the doorway. She unbuttons her jacket and tosses it onto the counter. Her shoes are kicked into a corner and her hair unpinned, allowing it to tumble down her back in a cascade of golden waves.She has beautiful hair, deep red and naturally wavy. When it catches the sunlight it appears to burst into flame, the rich auburn tones reflecting the sunlight with startling vibrancy. She gives her mane a shake. I love it when she does that. It’s one of the endearing little habits I find so arousing.She’ll make herself a sandwich now. That’s her routine. My Juliette’s a predictable creature, regimented. Lunch will take exactly three minutes to prepare and five to devour. The timing never deviates. She eats at her breakfast bar facing out onto her garden – facing me. I see her clearly, every detail; the rise and fall of her chest as she breathes, every twitch of the muscles in her beautiful face.My viewing platform is my house, my spare bedroom to be precise. My semi-detached property overlooks the rear of hers and, with no high fences or trees between our gardens, I can see straight into her kitchen… and her bedroom.I watch her every day. I used to peep through a crack in my curtains, catching glimpses of her as she moved around. These days I use a telescope, its lens carefully concealed amongst an assortment of toys and ornaments I’ve placed along my windowsill. It’s well disguised, I’ve checked from my garden. And the viewing quality is phenomenal.Juliette wipes her mouth, her long, delicate finger removing a smear of mayonnaise from her lips. I feel the first stirrings in my loins as I watch her suck the creamy sauce from the tip of her finger. I tingle at the unconscious sultriness of her actions, the sheer feminine sexiness. God how I wish that was spunk, my spunk, deposited upon her lips.Juliette gets to her feet and dusts down her blouse. Her hand grazes a nipple as it brushes past. I see it harden, the outline visible beneath her tight garments, triggering a longing desire inside me. I ready myself to move the scope. She’ll go up to her bedroom now. She always does.I need to wait until she’s out of sight: I don’t want her seeing movement, I don’t want to give myself away. I sit patiently, motionless, as she rinses her plate and trots stocking-footed towards the staircase.Quick!My respiratory rate increases as I re-position my lens. I have approximately thirty seconds to do it. Whatever focus I achieve in that time will have to suffice. Past failures to home-in on the right spot, or achieve a sharp image, have proved frustrating. There. Done. Not a moment too soon.Juliette walks into her bedroom and her transformation gets underway. I watch with bated breath as she unbuttons her silky blouse and peels it off. She sheds the business-woman façade emerging as a sexual nymph, a lusty temptress in delicious lingerie, who’ll tease me and tempt me until I come.I ankara travesti wonder what she’s wearing today. The anticipation makes me breathless… “Ah yes,” I sigh as she reveals a pink lacy bra with the tiny red bows.It’s my favourite. I love that one. It’s semi-transparent so I can see her large, dark nipples protruding through the material. My pulse quickens as I ogle the breasts all trussed up in their tantalisingly skimpy cradle. Oh, they’re so milky white and I love the way those soft, rounded orbs jiggle when she moves. Juliette’s wonderfully voluptuous, her breasts are magnificent. I’ve never seen a finer pair.My eye remains glued to the scope as Juliette unclasps her skirt and slides it to the floor. I gawp at her nylon clad legs and the pink, lacy panties that hide her intimate parts. She pushes her thumbs under the waistband of her pantyhose and rolls them down. Sitting on the edge of her bed, she kicks the gossamer thin material off her feet. She wriggles her toes and rubs them before stretching and moving away, out of my line of sight.I wait. I daren’t move my scope to follow her. She might see.She doesn’t disappear for long and I’m soon gazing up and down her sleek torso with its perfectly proportioned bumps and rounded belly. I find her body incredibly attractive. It arouses me like no-one else. She’s gorgeous. One day I’ll tell her that.2:34 p.m. Juliette glances at her watch and a smile creeps across her face.“That’s right,” I whisper, “you have time. There’s plenty of time.”I sit on my bed, the scope held firmly against my eye, as my precious Juliette lays back on her pillows. I know what she’s going to do next and I live for this moment. Oh yes… here she goes… Juliette’s eyes flutter and close. Her hands move to her breasts caressing them, fondling them.I long for her to remove her bra and expose herself to me, but Juliette never gives me that pleasure. She denies me the chance to see her nipples, hardened and aroused, so I content myself with imagining her naked. I picture myself touching those breasts and dare to imagine their flavour as my tongue laps over them. How wonderful it would feel to take her nipples into my mouth and suck them, hard… “Oh yes,” I moan softly.More stirrings, my cock is swelling.Juliette’s delicate hands glide down her abdomen, running over her smooth stomach and across her thighs. Oh God, I love this next bit… she raises her hips and grasps her panties, sliding them down and hooking them over her feet. I catch a fleeting glimpse of her snatch before her knees pull-up blocking my view. I hold my breath. “Come on… more.”Her hands delve between her thighs, her fingers finding the moist slit hidden from my longing eyes. She lets out a sigh and allows her thighs to fall open.“Oh yes, good girl, that’s it. Let me see you…oh yes, that’s good.” I can see everything: her neatly trimmed pubic hair, her soft pink slit. “Oh yes…”My body responds to the sight my eyes are drinking in – my pulse surges and I shudder as a delightfully nasty stickiness seeps into my boxers.My darling temptress writhes on her bed, masturbating before me. I watch, transfixed, as her fingers stroke her sensitive pussy. The sight never fails to amaze me. She thrusts her fingers into her mouth, coating them with glistening saliva, before plunging a slick finger deep inside her hungry slit.My cock throbs and my hot breath leaves a mist on my window pane as Juliette finger fucks herself in front of me. I study her movements; slow circles which gradually progress into harder rubbing interspersed with deep thrusts inside her vagina. Her delicate opening widens, swells, swallowing up first one finger then more before spitting them out all covered in juices. She raises her glistening fingers to her lips, greedily lapping at her own secretions. She sucks her fingers clean, writhing with pleasure ankara travestileri at the sweet taste.I wish I was there. I wish I could touch her. I’d lick her out, sucking up every drop of that juicy milk and swallowing it back. I’d nibble on her hardened clit and penetrate her with my tongue. I’d feel the velvety softness of her cunt and the squeeze of her vaginal walls as they contracted, stimulated by my oral expertise.My hand reaches for my groin. It’s scorching.Juliette’s slender fingers rub her clit frantically now, her chest rising and falling rapidly as she gasps for breath. Her orgasm’s building fast and it won’t be long before she comes. I wonder what she thinks about as she pleasures herself…could it be me? Is it possible that she knows I watch her? No of course not. She probably thinks of her husband or some random, sexy film star. Not me. Not yet at least.I’ve Googled Juliette. I’ve learned all I can about her. Juliette Martin is a part-time financial adviser, part-time mum and the perfect wife. But Google’s wrong: my Juliette is so much more than that. She has a naughty side, a devilishly sluttish kink which makes her masturbate without closing her curtains. Anyone could see her – it just happens to be me. I think she likes the idea of having an audience, it’s an integral part of her sexual fantasies… what if I’m wrong? Juliette’s body begins to shudder. She’s reached her climax. Her back arches and her legs slam together trapping her fingers as she strokes herself through the waves of ecstasy. Her muscles convulse. She groans, quivers and falls limply backward. It’s over in a matter of seconds and my precious girl lies still, breathing hard. A smile of contentment illuminates her angelic face.Suddenly, she sits up. Her sparkling blue eyes target my window. Oh God, did I knock the scope? Did she see movement? I hold my breath terrified that I’ve given myself away. No, wait, she doesn’t look angry or scared. What is that look on her face? I can’t place it. I see the corners of her mouth turn upwards…she does know I’m here, doesn’t she?Juliette suddenly glances at her watch and bites her lip.I breathe again. She hasn’t seen me, I’m being paranoid. I watch her grab her dressing gown and scurry away. It’s a part of her routine, it’s normal. She’s gone for a shower and will be out of my sights for the next three minutes. I sit back on my bed and close my eyes…my turn.Lying back, I hastily slip off my sweatpants and boxers. My hands work my cock into a frenzy, bringing on a rapid climax. I replay Juliette’s actions over and over in my mind, letting myself imagine I’m in the room with her – kissing her, touching her, pushing my fingers inside her wet hole…“Oh God…”My hard cock burns beneath my palms and my balls tighten.“Yes… oh Juliette, yes…”I feel the release as my load shoots from my pulsating head, covering my hand with creamy spunk. I keep stroking as the waves of bliss subside and my penis slowly deflates. My orgasm is much like hers; brief but satisfying. I’ll bring myself to climax again before the day’s done, and I’ll come much harder. But for now, I’m content. And I don’t want to miss the end of the show. Juliette hasn’t finished yet. I wipe myself with tissues, pull-up my clothing and settle back into position behind the scope.2:58 p.m. She’s back. Her face is wet and a baggy, white dressing gown covers her. My eyes widen as her toweling garment is shed. But my saucy lady disappoints me. She stands with her back to the window, allowing only a rear view of her luscious nakedness.“Turn around Juliette, please turn around,” I mutter under my breath.She doesn’t. She never does. Her spine distorts, curving, snakelike as she wriggles into her bra and panties. She likes to tease, to leave me wondering what those soft orbs of hers look like fully exposed. She’s a seductress, travesti ankara a Siren luring me towards her. And I want her. Oh yes, I want her so badly.Juliette dresses quickly, transforming herself once more. I watch the metamorphosis from sexual goddess to down-to-earth, jeans and t-shirt wearing ‘school-run-mum,’ no different from any other. She runs a comb through her hair and applies a touch of make-up. Her performance is over for today.I often wonder if she displays herself to her husband at night or if I’m the sole recipient of her sexual charms. I can’t tell. He comes home late and the curtains are always drawn before he gets back. I don’t know what she does alone with him. I hope she doesn’t fuck him. I hate thinking about them together. It won’t always be that way. One day she’ll be mine.At 3:02 p.m. Juliette does something she’s never done before and it sends my heart into palpitations. She walks towards the window, leans on the sill and gazes out. Her eyes scrutinise my window, analysing it. Her focus lands directly on me for the second time. Her gaze lingers on my net curtains and the collection of teddy bears, snow globes and books which camouflage the end of my scope. I get the sudden, crazy urge to stand up and wave to her. I want to reveal myself, but I know I mustn’t. It’s not the right time.A slight frown furrows her brow. She stares at our neighbour’s greenhouse, bothered by something she sees. Then she turns away.I breathe again. I’m not ready to make a move on her but I will, eventually. For now, I’m content to enjoy our liaisons as they are. I love the private connection we have and I’m not going anywhere. I’m patient. I love her and one day I’ll hear her say she loves me.3:06 p.m. Juliette exits from my view and, in one minute’s time, she’ll be gone. She’ll go downstairs, find her comfy shoes and her car keys, then I’ll see her dive into her car. It’s school run time, the end of her break from reality. When she returns she won’t be my Juliette anymore, she’ll turn off the kink in her personality. She’ll be the devoted mother, the loving wife and homemaker – not the Juliette I get for a few precious minutes every afternoon. I’ll see that Juliette again at precisely 2:12pm tomorrow. I’m happy with that. *** The Exhibitionist…  At 2:12 p.m. precisely I pull on to my driveway. It’s my favourite time of day and my pulse races with anticipation. I open the car door, hitch my skirt up a little and swing my legs out. I know you’ll be watching and I want you to see my shapely calf muscles, enveloped in black nylon. My pantyhose are new. I chose them with you in mind. Do you like them? They’re sheer and make my legs look silky and slender. I look sexy, don’t you think? Especially when I wear them with my favourite black stilettos.I ease myself up out of the driving seat then reach back inside the car to retrieve my handbag and laptop. It’s a deliberate move; bending over at this angle gives you a fantastic view of my nicely rounded derriere. I hope you’ve spotted the changes I’ve made to my skirt? I took it in last night to make it tighter. Can you see how beautifully it clings to my ass?Umm, I can feel your eyes on me. You’re making me feel so sexy and desirable. I smooth down my skirt and jacket, running my hands over the contours of my breasts and hips. You like my figure, don’t you? You love my curvaceous bumps. Why else would you watch me so devotedly every day? I smile inwardly as I notice the tiniest movement of your net curtains as your breath ruffles the material. I was right, you are there. I’m delighted. You and I are going to have a lot of fun together.I close the car door with a flick of my hip. It clicks shut quietly. I slam it at work and I do the same when I pick Charlie up from school. I’m a door slamming sort of person but I act differently in front of you. I don’t want to startle you, make you jump and knock your telescope. I wouldn’t want to ‘out’ you before you’re ready to reveal yourself. That would never do, would it? I rummage through my handbag for my house keys and head for my front door.

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