Nelly Ch. 01


It is night.

I am standing in the middle of a second floor studio apartment in the center of town while it’s occupant, Nelly, a 19-year old student of mine, is down on her knees sucking my cock.

Amber light from the street outside glows through the front window and falls over her angelic face. The flowery scent of shampoo rolls off her blonde hair as her head oscillates back and forth.

Perhaps this is a typical story, the new adjunct professor fresh from his doctoral studies, involved in a seduction with one of his students. The story would be typical if it weren’t for the fact that while Nelly is devouring my cock, her 21 year old lesbian sister, Ingrid, is kneeling behind me eating my ass.

I look around Nelly’s apartment and try to take it all in. To verify that it is real. There is the well-worn green fabric sofa up against the wall, potted plants on the marble window sill, and the pride flag hanging in the doorway between the bedroom and the sitting area–which I assume is more a symbol of Nelly’s acceptance of her sister’s lifestyle than anything else.

So how did I end up here?

It all started with a dare.

Nelly dropped by my office one Tuesday afternoon to ask me a question about her thesis on the rise of Dutch feminism during the period of the Northern Renaissance. But when she sauntered into my office that day and slouched down on the old vinyl chair next to my desk, there was something about her that told me she was not really here to talk about the intricate details of Dutch feminism during the Northern Renaissance.

It was her eyes. The way she looked at me with those ice blue eyes set wide in her innocent round face framed by platinum blonde hair. They radiated a subtle naughtiness underneath a thin veil of innocence. She would ask me a question or describe her confusion, then sit back nonchalantly and wait for my reply. Her lips pressed together in a squiggly pout as she contemplated my answer.

“I don’t know, I mean one thing I don’t get how is how Vermeer in his paintings portrays women, you know, with their glistening eyes and moist lips he attempts to show them as independent sexual beings, but yet they are locked in by the cool, controlled order of the rooms doing domestic chores.”

“Good observations, but don’t you think the images are at the same time liberating?” I shot back.

“Maybe, but they are still prisoners.”

I let out a little laugh. I shouldn’t have.

“Now you’re making fun of me,” she returned.

“I’m sorry, I wasn’t making fun of you,” I said, sitting forward in my chair trying to recover from my gaffe.

“Then what is it that I don’t understand?” she continued.

“Well, Vermeer is complicated.”

“I can tell.”

“Behind those polished surfaces is a mix of contradictions. He paints life in the physical sense as it presents itself to us while at the same time conveys some of its underlying contradictions.”

“Oh, you mean he’s a bullshitter?” she interjected.

I laughed again, but this time she genuinely amused me.

“Now, that’s a good one,” I said.

“Thank you,” she returned, her face lit up by a big wide smile.

I suddenly felt a connection to her. Something that transcended the normal student-teacher relationship.

“Listen, Nelly. You’re a bright girl, you always have some good insights. You ask very good questions in class, and so far your writings show a keen curiosity that doesn’t come natural to many students.”

“Well, that must be because I have a good teacher,” she said faking a shy smile.

“Thank you,” I returned. I felt my face flush red.

“Do I make you feel uncomfortable?” She asked after a brief pause.

“No, not really, why should I feel uncomfortable around you?” I replied.

“Come on, I mean, you’re not THAT much older than me, and it’s obvious we find each other attractive,” she went on.

“You think so, huh?” I was buying time. I enjoyed the flirt, but this was crossing the line. I was newly married with a new teaching post at a good university…whatever I did next could make the difference whether I would hold on to what I had or throw it all away.

I asked her if she had a boyfriend.

“No,” she giggled.

I asked her why not.

“I don’t know, just haven’t met the right one.”

“Have you ever been in love?” I asked, hoping this would deflect the conversation away from me.

“Maybe. Well, I would say I has close once.”

“But you weren’t sure?” I continued.

She shrugged. “I guess I was always afraid of giving myself up totally to someone. When you’re in love, you’re vulnerable.”

“That’s true,” I replied, but didn’t feel like elaborating. What the hell did she know at her age about love and the complexities of human relationships?

“Do Küçükyalı Escort you have any brothers and sisters?” I changed the subject.

“One younger brother, and one older sister.”

“How old are they?”

“Well, Erik is fourteen, and Ingrid is twenty one”

“Does Ingrid have a boyfriend?” I asked.

“You’re trying to change the subject.”

“Well…” she paused. “She actually has a girlfriend.”

“You mean she’s a….”

“A lesbian?…yeah, at least that’s what she says.”

“What do you mean, at least that’s what she says?”

“I mean, I don’t know, she’s been with plenty of guys. I mean, I used to catch her fucking them on our couch all the time when we were in high school. She was quite the slut, then all of sudden she was into girls.”

My eyes widened. “Just like that?”

“Yeah, just like that.” She leaned forward and licked her lips.

“You know you’re really pretty.”

“Thank you,” she pulled back with a giggle.

We spoke for a while about her sister, Nelly’s theories on why she got into girls all of a sudden, then turned to Nelly’s sex life. I learned about her first time, a boy named David, who fucked her from behind on her parent’s couch, which had become a kind of sexual playground for both her and her sister.

I was definitely way over the line at this point. But what the hell, I kept going.

“So, how’s your sex life now?” I asked.

She puckered her lips and blew a loud raspberry while giving a thumbs down.

“Wow, that surprises me. I mean a good looking girl like you…”

“Means nothing. Can’t find the right guy. Now I know why some girls get into girls.”

“Like your sister?” I asked.

She paused for a moment, then replied sourly, “Not sure what her deal is.”

I nodded.

“I’m so fucking horny right now,” she squealed as if asking for sympathy.

“Nelly, listen. I’m married and I’m your teacher, we better stop this now.”

“But I need to get off.”

“So how are you going to deal with it?” I asked, still semi-curious on where this might lead.

“Like I always do, I fucking masturbate.”

I nodded, not sure what I could say.

“Do you want to see me to do it?” she asked.

I locked the door.

“Aw fuck,” she exclaimed then reached up under her red and white flowered dress and pulled down her white cotton panties. Then she pushed back the the vinyl chair and put her feet up on my desk. I caught the faint whiff of cunt.

She thrust her hand between her legs and let out a loud exhale. Her pink lips curled and contorted into a variety of shapes as she cooed and moaned. I watched her hand vibrate under her dress as she worked herself closer to orgasm. Her eyes were two slits, crammed shut. I wondered what image she held in her mind to help her get off.

“Oh God,” she cried. Her head shot forward. Blonde hair whipped in a wild tussle.

I was caught between the sensations of intense sexual arousal and bewilderment.

She shuddered violently as she rode the waves of orgasm. When it was over she lay back in the chair, her chest heaving. A shiny pool of her juice smeared the chair between her legs.

Neither one of us said a word for what seemed like an eternity. I sat there and let her compose herself while she stared up at the ceiling.

“I need to go,” she said finally while sitting up. Her flushed face had the look of embarrassment.

“That’s okay,” was the only thing I could say. I felt like a schmuck. Did I lead her into something she was now going to regret?

She stood up and picked up her panties. It didn’t feel right to watch her roll them up her thighs, but I did it anyway.

As she approached the door to leave, she turned to me and said, “You’ve got meet my sister so you can see for yourself.”

“To see what for myself?” I asked.

“Since you’re so good at reading people, I’d like for you to meet Ingrid.”

“Sure,” I replied. I was in.

“Stop by my apartment tomorrow night, she’s coming over to see me.”

“What’s your address?”

She told me her address. I wrote it down.

“I dare you to get inside her head and explain her to me,” she continued.

“I’ll do my best,” I tried to sound nonchalant.

She continued towards the door with a devilish smile. She turned and winked as she closed it behind her.

That night I fucked my wife harder than I ever have in years, then I masturbated again at 3am when I got up to take a piss.

When I arrived at Nelly’s apartment, Nelly answered the door with Ingrid standing about a meter behind her.

Nelly invited me in. I closed the door behind me. She introduced me to Ingrid.

“Nice to meet you, professor,” she said cheerfully.

“Please call me Axel,” I replied.

“Of Küçükyalı Escort Bayan course, Axel.” she responded. I wasn’t sure if she was being sarcastic. This whole thing started to feel awkward.

Ingrid had the same high-cheekbones as Nelly, the same blue eyes, and same fair complexion. But Ingrid’s hair was a little darker, her lips were fuller, fluffier, and I imagined would feel incredible wrapped around one’s cock.

We sat on the couch and Nelly fixed us some drinks. An uncomfortable tension was in the air made worse by the fact that Ingrid had this shit-eating grin on her face the whole time. It seemed I was the only one who was nervous.

Nelly handed each of us a beer. We made some small talk, then when the loosening effect of the alcohol took hold, the flirtatious look in Nelly’s eyes returned — the same look she had the other day when she entered my office.

Ingrid took a long pull from her beer then wiped her juicy lips. When she put the bottle down she started in a big round voice, “So, professor…”

“Axel,” I corrected her.

“Okay, Axel. So, how the hell did you get my little sister to masturbate in front of you?”

I looked over at Nelly and laughed. She dropped her eyes and giggled with embarrassment.

“I don’t know. I didn’t do a thing. She was the one who volunteered to do it.”

“Volunteered!” She yelled.

“Well, yes…” I replied.

Ingrid stood up holding the beer in her left hand while sweeping her right hand across the room and cried out to an imaginary audience, “Ladies and gentlemen, and now for my next act, I need a volunteer from the audience…”.

She stooped down low with wide eyes and held that position for effect.

“No one? Come on!” Ingrid continued addressing the imaginary crowd. “Don’t be bashful now…just need one brave soul to engage in a single act of debauchery…”. She put her flattened hand up to her forehead pretending to shield the sun as she scanned a distant horizon.

I started to laugh.

“How about you, professor,” she darted her head in my direction. Her blue eyes were ablaze.

“Me?” I tried to play along, but not sure where this was going.

“Come on, professor, I dare you…” she darted back at me.

“You dare me…” was all I could muster.

“Yes, professor Axel. It is I who dare you.” I felt a surge in my loins.

“Okay, I volunteer,” I said comically, while waving my hand in the air.

“Excellent! please stand up and take center stage,” she beckoned to me.

I stood up and moved to the middle of the room.

“Nelly, turn off the lights,” she called to her sister.

There was a click and the room was dark.

She dropped the side show barker routine and led me by the hand to the center of the room. She called for Nelly to join us.

Ingrid whispered in my ear, “I want my sister to suck your dick while I give you a little surprise.”

Ingrid and Nelly both started to undress. I followed their lead and soon all of our clothes lay in piles scattered across the floor.

Their pale nubile bodies flashed in the ambient light and my cock raged at the sight of the fair-haired thatches between their legs.

Nelly sunk to her knees and took my cock into her hands and fondled it. I felt the searing wetness of Ingrid’s tongue flickering across my ass. Nelly gave the tip of my cock a few circular licks before closing her mouth around the entire piece of meat.

Ingrid’s face was buried between my butt cheeks while she lapped her tongue up and down my tingling hole. Occasionally I felt a squeeze as she stiffened her tongue and thrust it up into the deeper reaches of my rectum.

The feeling of Ingrid’s gelatinous tentacle reaching working its way around the sensitive opening of my ass, while the wet warmth of Nelly’s mouth engulfed my cock sent jolts of electricity throughout my body. It took everything I could muster to hold back and let this moment last as long as I could.

Nelly was looking up at me with those innocent ice-blue eyes that were a foil for a girl with a naughty soul. Nelly’s plan was for me to try and figure out her sister, Ingrid, but at this point, I would conclude that both of them were pretty kooky.

Nelly pulled back and took several deep breaths. Her saliva-covered face glistened in the dim light. She seemed oblivious to the slobber running down her chin.

Suddenly Ingrid pulls her face out of my ass and gulps at some air.

“How you doing little sis?” Ingrid’s voice.

“Good,” Nelly whimpers between labored breaths.

“Wanna switch?”

Nelly hesitates for moment, then replies, “Sure.” But she doesn’t sound so sure. Her mind seems focused elsewhere.

They change places by scooting around on their knees.

Now. Nelly’s face is in my ass, Ingrid’s mouth on my cock.

Ingrid sucks gently at first, not using her hands. The gentle motion of her head is like an ocean tide, coming and going in a soft cadence. She concentrates with closed eyes, as if playing a violin solo.

Nelly licks my ass tentatively, lacking the confident gusto of her sister. This round lacks the previous fury of before, but now the act contains a certain tenderness and beauty.

An orgasm starts to well up inside me. I’m going to come. My breathing reveals it. The girls know.

Who’s mouth will I blow in? The question amuses me.

Nelly’s stops licking my ass. I hear her labored breath.

“I want this,” Ingrid answers the implied question, then commands Nelly to keep licking.

Nelly’s draws her warm tongue up and down my rectum. Ingrid takes me deep. My cock explodes.

Ingrid’s mouth squeezes harder. She looks up at me with wide eyes. Her swollen lips sealed around my shaft resemble an over-inflated inter tube. The depression caused by her sucked-in cheeks makes her face look skeletal, and coupled with her bulging eyes she looks like a person possessed.

Nelly shoves her tongue up into my ass. I shudder. Another wad of come squirts into Ingrid’s mouth. Her throat contracts. I continue to come in waves, she swallows with each delivery.

Nelly senses it is over and moves around to my front. She kneels next to her sister.

When my balls are drained, Ingrid pulls my cock slowly from her mouth. She offers it to Nelly.

“Here, have a taste,” she whispers.

Nelly gingerly licks the underside of my shaft.

“Ewww, I can taste your spit,” Nelly complains half-jokingly.

“You love the taste of my spit, admit it,” Ingrid replies in a muffled voice. She is holding some of my come in her mouth.

Nelly shrugs then puts my still-hard cock into her mouth. Although I just came, I felt ready for some more.

Ingrid puts her hands on Nelly’s shoulders while she sucks. After a few minutes Ingrid pulls her away and gently guides her to the sofa where she lies down. Ingrid leans over and moves her face closer to Nelly’s. It looks like they are about to kiss.

Ingrid pauses for a moment and caresses Nelly’s cheek. It is a tender act that speaks to Ingrid’s role as older sister–protector, agitator, friend, rival. Which one is she now?

Ingrid’s lips part slowly revealing a viscous white fluid inside her mouth. Nelly looks up at her with a look of fear and revulsion.

Ingrid’s cracked lips open wider. As if on cue, Nelly opens her mouth. A syrupy stream of jism mixed with Ingrid’s saliva falls from her mouth and lands on Nelly’s waiting tongue.

Nelly pulls it into her mouth and let’s the wad dissolve slowly. She then swallows the corporeal mixture as it melds together with our own saliva.

An image of them as youngsters flashes into my head. It is early evening, they just had dinner. Ingrid has Nelly pinned to the ground on the cool grass after a frantic chase. Nelly had taken something of hers; a doll, a piece of jewelry, whatever it was, it was something that Nelly knew would trigger Ingrid’s intense fury. Nelly knew there would be consequences, but she was willing to suffer them. It was worth the sense of satisfaction of getting her sister’s goat.

Ingrid pops a loogey out of her mouth and let’s it hang from her lip. Nelly screams for her to stop. She is sorry, she’ll never to it again. Ingrid sucks the loogey back into her mouth and makes Nelly promise to never do it again. Nelly promises. Ingrid teases her again with the loogey. Nelly screams that she promises.

After threatening her with the loogey a few more times, Ingrid is satisfied that Nelly is sufficiently tormented and let’s her go. Nelly runs home. Ingrid swallows the loogey and follows after her.

Ingrid now makes a hawking sound as she collects the rest of the come-saliva from her mouth. Nelly opens again.

There is a puckering of Ingrid’s lips as another wad squeezes out of her mouth. This time the fluid is clearer, less viscous; more spit than come.

Nelly takes it. Her lips close. Her throat bobs. She swallows.

Ingrid stands up slowly. Nelly remains on the sofa staring up at the ceiling. She looks like she is in a trance. Ingrid grabs a wool blanket from the back of the sofa and covers Nelly.

She then takes me by the hand and leads me into Nelly’s bedroom.

“What about Nelly?” I ask.

“She’ll be fine. Let her rest there for a bit.”

In the street light screaming through the window, I take in the attributes of Ingrid’s body. In her nudity, she has a confidence and authoritativeness to her. She is not athletic, but is fit and nicely shaped. Fair skin, the type that never tans but only burns leaving her red and sore after a day at the beach. Small, but not tiny tits. Nice round butt. The small swell of her belly has a particular sexiness to it.

I wonder if Nelly ever gave back to her whatever she stole.

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