Nikki’s Summer School


This is my entry into the Summer Lovin’ 2021 contest. I hope you find the story interesting on different levels, the sexual education of a young woman and the complicated relationship between friends and lovers with an older man. Please vote for this story. Thank you.


There was a knock on my door, which is rare in the rural desert outside Tucson. My neighbors and I live on at least an acre, we are a tight community, friendly, but we rarely just drop in on each other. We call or text. I was wondering who would come inside my gate and knock on the door.

I opened my front door to see a tall woman. Well groomed and professionally looking. Her long blonde hair flowed gracefully over her shoulders.

“Mr. Keller?” she inquired.

“Yes,” I responded.

“My name is Karen McDonald,” she said while extending her hand to shake mine. “I am a Realtor who is representing the investor who recently bought the property next to yours.”

Art, my next-door neighbor, passed away in April. He was survived by his wife who was incapacitated. When he died his son put his mother in a home and sold the property.

“Did you know the previous owner of that property?” she asked pointing in the direction of Art’s house.

“Yes, I did,” I replied. “My wife and I were good friends with Art and Claire.”

“Well, I noticed the house is handicapped equipped,” Karen explained. “Yet, there doesn’t appear to be a ramp for wheelchair access, like yours. You look fine, is your wife handicapped?” she asked timidly not sure if she was prying too much.

“My wife had a stroke several years ago,” I offered. “She past six months ago.”

“Oh, I’m sorry,” she responded sincerely.

“Art had a metal, ramp that his son removed when he sold the house,” I explained.

“That’s what I was wondering,” the Realtor said. “I have a client who requires handicap access and she would love to rent the house. I was trying to figure out what to do about ramp access.”

“You can have one built like mine, which you see is long with a slight pitch,” I explained. “I did that because I was my wife’s caretaker and I wanted it as easy as possible on me physically. Claire, Art’s wife, had a powered wheelchair so the metal ramp was not a problem for her.”

“OK, that makes a lot of sense. The owner doesn’t want to spend a lot to rent the house so maybe the metal ramp would be better,” she concluded. “Thank you for your help, Mr. Keller,” she said extending her hand once again to shake mine.

A few weeks later I noticed a crew installing a ramp on the neighboring house.

June had been hot and now that July was coming in I prayed for the monsoon rains. The saguaros appeared skinny after several years of drought, less than normal rains. These tall cacti had a spring of exceptional blooms, out of desperation for survival or to portend a rainy fruitful summer. I hoped for the later.

It was a stormy Thursday, first day of July, in the afternoon when I saw a car and pull up next-door at Art’s old house. The wind was blowing fiercely, thunder and lightning in the distance. I observed Karen McDonald getting out of the sedan, running up the ramp and opening the front door. She ran back to the van.

“Shit, we have to get Mom up this ramp before the lightning strikes and kills us all,” a young woman cried out.

“Chill out, Nikki,” I heard yelling from the van.

These were to be my new neighbors, so I felt an obligation to go over and help. As I approached them, Karen noticed me.

“Mr. Keller,” she called out. “Thank you for coming over.”

“What can I do to help?” I asked.

“Can you get the wheelchair off the rack in back of the van so I can get my mother on it?” asked the young woman with a sense of desperation. I did just that and bought it around the side of the van where a woman sat in a swiveled chair, dark brown eyes and long flowing black hair. She had a large bust, noticeable cleavage. One good arm and hand, the other amputated below the elbow, two stubs for legs.

“Ready Mom?” the young woman warned as she reached up, picked her mother up like nothing and set her in the chair. Just then the sky unleashed a torrent of rain. By the time we made it up the ramp and, in the house, we were all drenched.

Karen’s phone went off. She answered and stepped off to the side. I took the opportunity to introduce myself.

“I’m Ryan Keller,” I said to the two women. “I live at the adjacent property,” getting my bearings, “over there,” pointing in the direction of my house.

“I’m Mary,” said the woman in the wheelchair. “This is my daughter Nikki,” she introduced the young woman. Nikki had the beginnings, the immature attributes of her mother’s beauty. A little chubby with undeveloped breasts, same dark exotic eyes and short black hair.

“The washes are running bad and several roads are closed,” Karen informed us. “Unfortunately, the moving truck won’t make it this afternoon.”

The house was barren. No furniture and they had few belongings amongst Şişli escort bayan them.

“Maybe we should go to a hotel then,” Mary suggested.

“If the moving truck can’t make it here, how are we going to make it back to the freeway hotels?” Karen replied.

“Let me get some towels, blankets and, if I can remember where it is an inflatable mattress for you tonight. Also, I can loan you a couple of lamps,” I offered. “It will be dark in a few hours.” I noticed they only had the overhead lights in the kitchen. “Think of it as a camping trip,” I said trying to lighten the situation.

The rain was still coming down hard but the wind subsided. Nikki followed me to my house. My dog started barking like crazy as we entered.

“Take it easy, Daisy,” I told my little dog. Still, she ran up to Nikki and kept yapping. “Don’t worry Nikki, she’s all bark and no bite.”

“Ok,” Nikki said timidly.

I grabbed a few large black trash bags to load towels, sheets and blankets in. I found the inflatable mattress and pump. We were ready to head back to Mary and Nikki’s new home when I thought we all needed something to make the day brighter.

“Wait,” I told Nikki. “One more thing, or several more things.” I grabbed two bottles of wine and four glasses and put them in the bag with towels.

Before we broke out the towels, I opened up a bottle of wine and poured us four glasses. I handed one to Nikki and she looked over to her mom.

“It’s alright Nikki,” Mary said in response to Nikki’s stare. “Just sip it slow to get used to it.”

We all dried off as best as possible. Nikki had retrieved a suitcase from the van so she and her mother could change into dry clothes. I helped set up the mattress on the living room floor. It was getting dark and we finished off both bottles of wine.

When Mary and her daughter were in the bathroom changing, Karen took me aside.

“Um, I don’t know if I can make it home tonight,” she said demurely. “Can I sleep on your couch?”

“Of course,” I told her. “I don’t think any of my wife’s old clothes would fit you but I have my larger T-shirts. We can put your clothes in the dryer.”

“Sounds good,” Karen responded with a smile. “I better call my husband and let him know I’m stuck out here.”

I was impressed with Nikki’s strength, her ability to lift and move her mother around. Later I found out that she had been caring for her mother for the past four years, sacrificing here teenage experiences devoting herself to her mother.

I guided Karen up the ramp into the backdoor where we were greeted by my barking little girl. After a few sniffs and some more barks, Daisy settled down on the sofa.

“I have another bottle of wine,” I offered hesitantly, not knowing how to behave around this tall blonde buxom beauty. I was horny and could have fucked her in a heartbeat but I was respectful and couldn’t tell if she was coming on to me or not.

“I would really like to get out of these damp clothes and take a hot shower,” Karen said to me smiling. After my wife’s stroke I had a new step in shower installed. It was roomy with a bench and grab bars. I led Karen to the master bath and showed her.

“Well here’s the shower,” I pointed out to her.

“I didn’t expect that,” she responded as she began to strip off her clothes. “Well, what are you waiting for? Take off your clothes and put them in the dryer with mine while I get the temperature right.”

I immediately started to get an erection as I took a look at Karen’s butt making my way with our clothes to the laundry room. I was rock hard when I returned to the bathroom.

“Come on in,” Karen beckoned me. I stepped in the shower with her. “My god, you’re rock hard,” she exclaimed grabbing ahold of my cock. “How old are you?”

“Sixty-five,” I answered demurely.

“My husband is twenty years younger than you and hasn’t been that hard in years,” she told me.

We rubbed each other with body wash. I fondled her large tits while she stroked my hard cock gently. I pulled her in close, reached around and grabbed her butt cheeks to feel her soft, clean skin against mine. Breaking away she took the hand held shower head and rinsed my erection off.

“When I was a little girl, I said a bad word,” Karen whispered in my ear. “She washed my mouth out with soap. I don’t like soap,” she said as she continued to rinse off my cock and balls. She handed the shower head over to me and directed it to her pussy. “Soap doesn’t taste good.” I made sure her pussy was thoroughly rinsed.

I had only one clean bath towel in the cabinet, the others were next door. “I guess we’ll have to share,” I said. We took turns toweling each other off. My erection wouldn’t subside.

Karen leaned into me and whispered in my ear, “let’s fuck.”

I yearned for the taste of pussy. I didn’t waste any time lunging between Karen’s thighs. She was already wet with her juices. I wrapped my mouth around her swollen lips and tongued inside her, savory her womanly nectar.

“Oh Escort Sultangazi god, don’t stop,” she moaned. It didn’t take much before she was about to orgasm. Her thighs tightened around my head. I sucked on her clit vigorously. A gush covered my face with her cum. “Oh fuck,” she sighed as she started to come down. I was hot and ready.

My cock was throbbing. It needed to be inside her. Karen’s legs were relaxed but still spread apart. I easily slid my hot rod inside her wet slippery pussy. It was a sensation I hadn’t felt for years. Slowly I began to slide in and out of her vagina.

Karen started moaning again. I picked up the pace. She pulled me down and kissed me passionately while my hips worked hard pumping my cock inside her. Her legs wrapped around my back.

“Cum with me,” she moaned softly. “Please, inside me.” I felt my orgasm coming on. My balls tensed and my cock throbbed harder. I pushed harder and deeper into her.

“Aaaaghhhh,’ I cried out as I pumped my cum inside her hot pussy, clenching around my cock. “Oh god,” she moaned as we climaxed together.

I was winded and Karen breathed heavy trying to recover. It was exhilarating. We laid there staring at the ceiling, taking in that great sexual encounter we both just experienced.

“Your wife was lucky to have you,” Karen said as we laid still. “My husband never fucked like that. No guy I’ve ever been with could eat pussy and fuck like you.”

“Thank you,” I replied, still waiting for my heartbeat to settle down. “I never really thought about it. I just let myself go.”

After a few minutes of recovery, Karen asked for that glass of wine and a t-shirt. We propped ourselves up in the bed, sipped on the wine and talked.

“Mary and I have been friends since high school,” she started to explain. “Her husband was a lazy drunk so she had to work hard for everything. I pleaded for her to leave that jerk.”

Karen took another sip of wine and looked at me sorrowfully.

“Thank god Nikki wasn’t with them when the accident happened,” she told me. “He was drunk, he killed another couple and look what happened to Mary. She was a beautiful woman. I envied her beauty.”

“She is still beautiful,” I said sincerely. Despite the loss of limbs, she had an exotic beauty with her dark eyes and long flowing black hair. “What brought you to rent her a house way out here?” I inquired.

“Well, Carlos was drunk and he killed another couple,” Karen explained. “His blood alcohol level was triple the legal limit when they brought all of them to the hospital.”

“He was charged before he died,” she continued. “The insurance companies refused to pay out a dime, leaving Mary the financial burden.”

“Despite she was also a victim?” I asked.

“I’ve been trying to help Mary and Nikki with the legal wrangling. It’s frustrating and infuriating,” Karen sighed. “This house out here is barely affordable for them. They lost their home in town.”

I didn’t know what to think. How was a woman going to survive without the ability to completely take care of herself? And what about Nikki? She is a young woman tied to the responsibility of helping her mother with basic physical needs, losing her opportunity to grow up normally.

“So, what about Nikki?” I asked. “What’s in store for her?”

“Nikki is totally committed to her mom,” Karen told me. “I feel bad for her. She could have blossomed into a beautiful young woman, physically and emotionally were it not for the demands of being her mother’s sole caretaker.”

“It’s a shame,” I lamented. “A beautiful young woman’s life without opportunities to make it her own.”

“Yes, it is,” Karen agreed.

We finished our wine, gently caressed each other, kissed less aggressively with the same passion. Karen went down on me, wrapping her warm lips around my cock, bringing me to another erection. I was hard when she straddled me, guiding my stiff rod into her hot, wet pussy. She rocked back and forth, then leaned forward and kissed me gently.

“Ryan, are we friends now?” she asked as we were bonded sexually.

“Yes,” I replied while I felt her vagina squeeze and gyrate around my cock, buried deep inside her.

“Please, then help my good friend, Mary,” she spoke softly in my ear. “I love her very much and want to help her.”

“I will do what I can,” I responded.

“Think of her as you would me,” Karen told me. “She is so much more beautiful than me. Please make love to her. She needs to be loved and you are a great lover.”

I didn’t know how to respond except to continue to grab her butt cheeks and roll her over. Our bodies pressed against each other again. I pumped my cock inside her until I came with exhaustion. I rolled off her and fell asleep.


The moving truck arrived around ten, the roads being cleared and open. Mary and Nikki directed the two workmen where to put their furniture and other belongings. Karen and I tried to be invisible, out of the way when I realized that they Taksim escort now had their belongings but no food to sustain them. I decided to go shopping for them, buying the basics, not knowing what they liked.

After shopping, I went back over to my place and started making a pot of chili and some rice. I figured everyone likes chili.

As I was stirring the pot, Karen came in.

“I have to go now,” she said. “I really enjoyed last night,” the tall blonde woman told me.

“I did too,” I responded. “It was something I hadn’t experienced in a long time, and I really appreciated the intimacy.”

“We’ll get together again,” Karen said. “But remember what I told you about Mary? She really needs to be loved. I could tell from the first time I met you that you would be the perfect man for her.”

“I am a bit older and I’m not sure any younger woman would want me for a lasting relationship.”

“Don’t underestimate yourself,” she laughed. “You’re very good in bed. I hope you can see the beauty in Mary and make love to her like you did with me.”

“If she wants me,” I replied.

“Maybe not at first,” Karen responded. “She is still bitter about life. But I have faith in you. I fell for you quickly and she will too in time.”

With that said, Karen gave me a kiss and went on her way.

Nikki washed out a few bowls she unpacked and we sat down to eat a late afternoon dinner of chili and rice. Since my days when I lived in Florida, black beans were my preferred bean, in chili or otherwise.

“I like the black beans,” Nikki commented. “This is really good chili.”

“Thank you,” I responded to the young woman’s compliment.

“What do you think Mom?” Nikki asked her mother trying to get her engaged.

“Yes. It’s very good,” Mary replied.

We enjoyed the dinner along with a bottle of wine. Mary was very quiet, almost shy. Nikki seemed eager to make conversation.

“Do you know about getting good internet out here?” Nikki asked me.

“I tried a few different services and finally settled on the cable company,” I told her. “My wife loved to watch streaming TV and the cable company was the only service that worked,” I explained.

“Is it expensive?” Nikki asked.

“Yes, the most expensive, but it’s worth it if you need reliable internet,” I told them.

“Nikki missed her high school years and her education because of me,” Mary said as if she felt guilty because of her circumstances. “She needs to take classes online to get her degree. We haven’t always been able to afford it.”

I thought about it for a moment wondering how I could help. Our homes were too far apart for Nikki to connect with my service.

“Do you have a laptop?” I asked Nikki.

“Yes,” she replied.

“Well, you can come over to my place anytime. I’ll give you the password and you can use my internet.”

“That’s generous of you,” Mary responded. “But we can’t afford to pay you for that.”

“My service is unlimited so it won’t cost me,” I explained. “Use it as much as you want,” I told Nikki while I looked at her mother, reassuring her it was alright.

“I can help you out with some housework,” Nikki chimed in. “I kind of noticed you could use a little help with that.”

“Nikki. That’s rude,” Mary admonished her.

“It’s ok Mary,” I said. “I’m not a great housekeeper, not like my wife was. I would appreciate that kind of help.”


I usually got up around seven in the morning. Nikki would come over around eight to attend her online classes. In the summer, when temperatures could get over one hundred degrees by noon, I worked outside in the early morning hours. My wife had a love of plants but sadly the neglect from her illness and the exceptional drought left a graveyard of dead trees and other plants around the house. I wasn’t about to replicate what my wife had created, I just wanted to clean it up and let nature do her thing.

Around noon I generally would shower and go about the rest of my day. Nikki and I would go grocery shopping one day a week. Late afternoons I spent next door with Mary. We were becoming good friends, I really enjoyed her company.

“Do you have any hobbies?” Mary asked.

“He loves to paint,” Nikki interjected excitedly.

“Yes,” I added. “I’m not much of an artist but I have always just enjoyed getting lost in the picture, the canvass.”

Nikki took her phone out of her pocket and showed her mom pictures of some of my paintings. I had been unaware she took them, and I was mildly elated that she had.

“I love anything visual. Maybe that’s something I could try,” Mary said. “I hope it’s not expensive. I can’t really afford much.”

“Don’t worry about that,” I assured her. “I’ll get you set up with everything you need to get started.”

Nikki and I went to the arts and crafts store and bought Mary a couple of canvasses, a basic set of oil paint and an easel. Before we brought the painting supplies into the house, Nikki grabbed me unexpectedly and kissed me on the lips. “Thank you,” she said.

I was becoming attracted to Mary, her exotic beauty despite her obvious loss of limbs, her longing eyes and perfectly formed breasts. My tryst with Karen was just that, a fun sexual adventure, nothing more. My growing affection for Mary felt like my feelings I had for my wife,

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