No Hands


Last weekend I was alone in my apartment and was reading erotic stories online, which is something I absolutely love to do. I had been doing it for over half an hour and was getting quite aroused. I debated about whether I should try to pull off a quickie there at the desk (which is in our small kitchen) or take it to my bedroom where I could get naked and really enjoy myself.

Bedroom won out, and I decided to finish one last story and then go have an amazing orgasm followed by a relaxing bath. I clicked on the story title that I thought would get me as warmed up as possible. It was about a girl who thought she masturbated too much so decided to call it quits for one week. Then the desire to have an orgasm started to consume her life, and she couldn’t focus in class and started to stare at every customer at her job thinking about sex. It jus t wasn’t healthy. That night when she was driving home from work, she was so worked up that she could feel her wetness soak her panties. She was wearing a skirt and was so tempted to just give herself a couple of strokes which she was sure would lead her straight to a fulfilling orgasm. But she stayed true to her vow, and kept her hands on the wheel.

She did, however, Başakşehir escort begin to instinctively squeeze her thighs together. Now, I’m sure most of you have already done this, but when you squeeze your thighs together when you’re wet, you can get pretty excited. Well, as the story went on, she was getting herself worked up pretty good. As she approached an orgasm, she convinced herself that as long as she wasn’t touching herself, then she wasn’t actually masturbating, and she was still achieving her goal. Once she decided mentally to let go, her body also let go, and she flooded her panties with a long, strong orgasm.

Wow! I was hooked. I was breathing hard as I read the story and could picture myself with her in the car when she came. I, too, was pretty wet at this point and could feel the tingly sensations calling me for more attention. Part of me wanted to get off right then and there, but I thought about what I was going to do myself once alone in the bedroom, and I was able to hold out. So I read on…

The girl was now proud of herself for relieving her pent up passions, but at the same time sticking to her goal of not masturbating. She decided then that Bayrampaşa escort bayan any hands-free activity would still count toward not masturbating. She went on in the story to hump a stuffed animal, the bathtub water stream, and her own thighs a few more times. I was breathing so heavy reading the last parts of the story. My face was red and I had soaked my own panties. I was proud that I had made the last part of the story without sending myself over the edge (even though I caught myself squeezing my thighs together more than once), and thought that I, at this moment, had a lot in common with the story’s narrator. She was trying to hold out, and I was trying to hold out as well.

I got to the last part of the story with an overload of anxiousness and desire. I wanted to run to my bedroom, but wanted to finish the story as well to see if the girl was able to pull it off. I started the final part and found that she was finishing up her last lecture class for the day. Her mind was filled with sexual fantasies, and she couldn’t even understand the professor anymore. She got lost in her own thoughts and then realized that she was rocking back and forth ever so slightly Escort Beşiktaş in her chair. She was wearing tight jeans that day and could feel the seam reach out and touch her clit when she shifted in her seat. If you’ve ever worn tight jeans with a big seam, you know what she is talking about, especially if you are already a bit wet and sensitive. Well, she found she couldn’t stop the motion as the passion it created consumed her. I was reading the words slower and slower. My vision blinked in and out of focus. I finally became coherent enough to realize that I was mimicking her movements. I, too, was wearing jeans and was totally working the front seam into my soaking folds. And the worst, or best part, was that I was getting too close to stop. I knew I was going to explode and gave in, humping my chair and jeans violently as I read about the girl having her orgasm at the same time as me. Since she was in class, she bit her lip to prevent herself from making any noise, but I couldn’t do the same as I let out a loud moan of pleasure as I just about wet myself.

I sat at the computer for a few more minutes until I caught my breath. Wow. That was an amazing orgasm. I felt that I was actually with her and that we were coming together at the same time in real life. It was so erotic and dirty at the same time.

I finally managed to get up and went to my room, peeled off my jeans and panties, then passed out in my bed with a smile while trying to figure out if I had met my goal or not. At that point, it didn’t really matter.

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