Northern Grand Duke’s Affair Pt. 01



Once upon a time, there was a mighty empire named Alvarez. It was ruled by the royal family and four Grand Dukes. The four Grand Dukes had been helping the royal families for hundreds of years. Each of them represented the land that they governed: East, West, South and North.

The Northern Grand Duke – Izekiel Van Oberon was the youngest among them. At the age of 18, he was known as the greatest swordsman of the empire, and when he was 20, he officially inherited the title “Grand Duke of the North” from his father. However, people knew about him not only for his talent in swordsmanship but also for his beauty. A perfect handsome face with red-eyes which looked like ruby gemstones, snowy-white hair, fair skin and a tall, muscular physique. Of course, he was a knight after all. Some knights who had a chance to see him change clothes told that he had an amazing body. A lean muscular body with ripped arms, toned chest, chiseled 6-pack abs, muscular legs and ass.

Women in the empire were captivated by his appearance so they always tried to be friend with him, or even seduce him. However, Izekiel wasn’t someone who was easy to get along with. He always kept an ice-cold face and although he treated everyone politely, he still kept a certain distance from people, especially women. Why? The answer was his lover.

When Izekiel was 22, he was engaged to the youngest daughter of the highest priest of the South – Ruberia, who just turned 18 that year. She was a pure, innocent and warm-hearted young lady with blonde hair and a beautiful face. Her smile could warm everybody, included Izekiel. At first, he wasn’t like this engagement, but after a year Ruberia stayed at his palace, he quickly fell in love with her. Their love was admired by everyone. They were head over heels with each other and thought that their love would have a happy ending.

Unfortunately, an event suddenly happened and changed this romance story into an illicit story.


Ruberia had been living at the Northern Duke palace for 2 years. She and Izekiel were madly in love with each other. As their wedding would be held in the fall of this year, they would officially become wife and husband, not just fiancée and fiancé anymore, and they wouldn’t have to use separate rooms anymore. Just thinking about that made Ruberia giggling all day.

However, she had to deal with a big problem before that …

On a balmy day of April, The Northern Grand Duke’s palace received a letter from the empress. It said that the empress had chosen The Northern Grand Duke’s palace to be the venue for the empire founding day ceremony next month. And since everything had to be perfect, the Empress had sent one of her lady-in-waiting who had many experiences to come and help.

Three days later, the lady, who was mentioned in the letter, arrived. The moment she got off the carriage, everyone was stunned by her seductive beauty. She was around 40 but her face didn’t show any signs of old age. She wore a tight navy blue dress that showed her curvaceous body with large, squishy breasts and her big, plump butt. All the knights and male servants who attended there couldn’t get their eyes away from her sexy cleavage.

“Nice to meet you all. My name is Mary el Lundeberg. I came here by the order of the Empress to help you guys prepare for the upcoming event,” she said.

“Nice to meet you. I’m Ruberia,” Ruberia greeted the lady with a bright and friendly smile, “Let me lead you to your room.”

On the way to Lady Mary’s room, Ruberia happily told her about the palace and servants. However, none of it was of any concern to the middle-aged lady since she was busy scanning Ruberia from head to toe. Lady Mary expected the handsome young Grand Duke to be the one to greet her, not his fiancée. She thought that this would be a good opportunity for her to “get closer” to that cold Grand Duke.

“So where is the young Grand Duke?” Lady Mary asked.

“Oh, he was in the middle of his training so he will meet you at lunch”

“I see…” Lady Mary replied.

They kept walking to the room and chatting about life in the North.

When they came to Lady Mary’s room, Ruberia knew that it would be impolite to just leave the guest there, so she decided to find a way to spend more time with the lady. And that was the reason why the two of them were hanging out together in Ruberia’s room. They were chatting and drinking tea together.

Suddenly, Izekiel entered the room. The two ladies were surprised when they saw him and he was the same. Izekiel came to Ruberia’s room right after his training ended without knowing that Lady Mary was spending time with his fiancée. That’s why he hadn’t changed his training outfit yet. Izekiel was still wearing his loose medieval shirt and a pair of black trousers that clung a little bit tight to his legs. He was sweaty, but it didn’t make him less charming.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t know you had a guest,” Izekiel said, knowing that he hastily opened the door to her room without thinking.

“Izekiel, she is the one the Empress Alanya Escort sent. Her name is Mary,” Ruberia introduced, “Lady Mary, he is Izekiel, the Grand Duke.”

“It’s my honor to meet you,” Lady Mary greeted the Grand Duke.

“Thank you for coming here. I hope you don’t mind me coming here looking like this,” Izekiel replied with a face that wasn’t showing much emotion.

“It’s fine. You don’t have to worry. I understand,” the middle-aged lady said.

She wasn’t disappointed seeing him like this, otherwise, she was mesmerized by how hot he was right now. A handsome face with drops of sweat rolling down from his forehead and muscles which couldn’t be hidden under his shirt. Lady Mary swore to herself that she wanted nothing more than making this hot young man naked in bed with her. Her body became more and more sensitive as she thought about that. It was burning hot and her pussy started getting wet. The feeling of her panties rubbing against her cunt made her even more horny.

For Izekiel, even though he had attended many royal parties, this was the first time he met Lady Mary – one of the five lady-in-waiting of the Empress. He had to admit that she was beautiful, not the same way as his fiancée was. Ruberia was young, beautiful in a pure, innocent way while this woman was mature, having a luscious body and seemed flirtatious. Normally, Izekiel didn’t pay attention to women, except his lover and younger sister. But today, he was attracted to Lady Mary like being bewitched. Some people thought that he had abstinence from sex or he had very less sexual desire since he always kept a cold face and hardly talked with other women. However, Izekiel was still a young, healthy man. He did have sexual desire, a very strong sex drive, but he had to repress it since he had a fiancée and he didn’t want to ruin her innocence before the wedding night. Maybe that was the reason why he couldn’t keep his eyes away from Lady Mary’s cleavage.

“Izekiel, do you want to join us?” Ruberia asked her fiancé.

“I think I better go to take a shower,” Izekiel replied. “We will see each other at lunch.”

As Izekiel strutted to the door, Lady Mary suddenly stood up with a relaxed smile.

“I think it’s time for me to go back to my room. I have to get ready for lunch too,” she said.

“Ohh sure! Let’s continue next time!” Ruberia said with a bright smile as always.

When the lady walked to the door, she and Izekiel accidentally made eye contact. She secretly flashed him a mischievous smile. This wasn’t the first time he received a smile from a woman, but this time, he felt something different because he accepted it without feeling annoyed. He even offered her to let him escort her back to her room. Well, it was the bare minimum of courtesy in the nobility – he simply thought, but he didn’t know that he just let this wicked woman had her way to seduce him.

On the way back to Lady Mary’s room, she kept making some lustful gestures like lowered her top to show off her cleavage more, gave Izekiel a seductive glance or pretended to drop her fan and bent down to show him her watermelon butt. She even pressed her butt to his left thigh and then his crotch, rubbed against him a little bit to feel his sizeable “sword” inside his pants and then stood up like everything was just an accident.

“Damn, he is hung like a horse. What a perfect man!” she thought.

Meanwhile, this situation made Izekiel feel awkward. He knew this woman clearly had some bad intention with him but he still gave in. It was lucky that there were no servants here at the moment so no one knew about this or noticed he had a semi-erection. Handling sexual urges was very hard and challenging, even with the young Grand Duke of Northern who was known for his cold attitude, especially when an erotic lady was flirting with him like this.

Everything was normal after that but Izekiel kept thinking about that for the rest of the day. He was trying to clear his mind by spending time with his lover, thinking about how lovely she was and the moral standards that he must hold. However, when it came to the night, every man was the same. Their testosterone hormone made them want to have sex, made their dick hard as rock so that they couldn’t think about anything but sex. Even an honorable Grand Duke like Izekiel was no exception.

For the next few days, Lady Mary kept on seducing Izekiel anytime they met. She showed off her sexy body to him secretly by wearing tight and more revealing dresses, tried to touch his chest, his muscular arms and even used her toe to flirt with him under the table when they had lunch, dinner or a meeting. Lady Mary didn’t care about Ruberia’s presence because she knew this girl was too naive to notice what she had done to her lover.

About Izekiel, his resistance against Lady Mary was slowly fading as his body started to react more strongly to her action. At first, he would try to avoid looking at her and dodge her touch. However, as the time passed, he was letting himself get sucked by the temptation. He didn’t even try to stay Alanya Escort Bayan away from her or stop her anymore. Even though he knew it was wrong and he needed to put up a fight against it, his body still wanted to be touched by that middle-aged lady. There wasn’t a night where Izekiel didn’t dream about Lady Mary with his dick fully hard.

How long can Izekiel resist his lust? He couldn’t even know. In contrast, Lady Mary knew she almost reached her goal, and all she needed was just an opportunity to make the handsome, young Grand Duke completely fall into lust. Luckily, she didn’t have to wait too long for that wonderful chance…


The second week of preparation quickly came. It was a hot Monday night at the Northern Grand Duke’s palace. Izekiel, Ruberia and Lady Mary were having a meeting in Ruberia’s room to discuss about the upcoming party. It was around midnight, about 11.30 on the clock, when Ruberia accidentally fell asleep in the middle of the discussion.

“I guess she is too tired now. But I still wanna finish this problem. How about we continue our discussion in my room?” Lady Mary said to Izekiel with a mischievous smile as she had something in her mind.

“Um…s…sure,” Izekiel replied with hesitation.

Then, Izekiel brought Ruberia to her bed, covered her with the blanket, turned off the lights and then followed Lady Mary heading out her room. A man and a woman alone together in the same room – even an idiot could tell it was suspicious. The moment Izekiel entered Lady Mary’s room, he still had a faint hope that this woman simply wanted to get her job done. He kept his cold face and sat on the couch.

“Do you want some wine?” Lady Mary offered.

“Yeah,” Izekiel replied after a few seconds.

The middle-aged lady took out a bottle of wine and then poured it into two wineglasses. She handed Izekiel one and then the two of them clinked their glasses and gulped down the wine in one go. After that, the atmosphere inside the room seemed to be different.

Lady Mary sat down next to Izekiel and that made him feel a little bit strange. They quickly continued working on where they left at Ruberia’s room. Izekiel tried to focus on the paper but the alluring fragrance from Lady Mary kept making him distracted. It took him a while to really focus on his work.

And for Lady Mary, she was ready for her final attack. She kept sitting closer and closer to Izekiel and adjusted her dress so that her cleavage could be shown off perfectly. However, she knew that wasn’t enough so she put her hand on his firm right thigh and pretended to look at the paper he was holding. Lady Mary slowly slid her hand up to get closer to Izekiel’s crotch. And when Izekiel realized, her hand was right on his crotch and caressed his bulge that was lying from his crotch to his left hip.

“Hey, you shouldn’t do this,” Izekiel grabbed her hand and moved it away.

“Why? You enjoy it right?” Lady Mary said with a foxy smile and gave Izekiel her seducing eyes as her finger pressed on his glans through his trousers playfully, making him grunted in pleasure.

“I can’t…” Izekiel was trying to stop her, even though his body was ready to give in, hoping that he could remain faithful to his lover who was sleeping without knowing anything.

“You don’t have to be tough, young Grand Duke. I know you already had your eyes on my slutty body. I know you are a beast, an animal, who wants to release his sexual urges.” Lady Mary said as she began unzipping Izekiel’s trousers.

“I’m warning you. Stop this kind of indecent action right now” Izekiel said angrily, knowing that his body didn’t even try to stop her hand sliding into his trousers through the zipper. A part of him wanted to resist, but the other was hoping she would continue.

“I know your innocent girl can not satisfy you, she was too pure and naive, and her body was nothing special…” the lady slowly fondled his hard, stiff dick through his underwear and continued, “…Look at my body, young Grand Duke. It’s all yours. You can rail me as much as you want. It’s gonna be our secret.”

Lady Mary’s voice was seductive, like the poison slowly spread inside Izekiel and made his mind blurred by lust. Izekiel locked his gaze on the woman next to him, overflowing with lust and animal instincts. He was barely cognizant enough to try to resist. He was in the situation where his choice could make his life completely changed.

“What will you choose? Having a hot, lewd night fucking like animal in heat with me or staying faithful to your pure girlfriend who both you and I know she is dull in sex?” Lady Mary urged Izekiel to make his choice.

What would he choose? He was a knight that everyone respected and a Grand Duke. Would he willing to risk his honor, dignity and his loyalty for his fiancée that he would marry in just a few months just to satisfy his own lust? With this voluptuous, indecent middle-aged woman…

Izekiel gulped in nervousness. Well, he had his choice now…

All the lights in the room were turned Escort Alanya off. Only the moonlight shining from outside the window illuminated everything inside the room. On the tea table, paperworks laid cluttered. From the tea table to the bed, there was a trail of clothes laying haphazardly on the floor. It started with a tight red dress, a white shirt, a belt, a black trousers and ended with a slutty lace bra, a tiny lace panties and a pair of men’s black trunks. The bed legs were moving intensely while the room filled with creaking noises, the sound from two bodies smacking to each other and moans.

“Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes! Please fuck me hard with your dick!”

The old lady was on her knees on the bed with her hands gripping the headrest, fully naked, moaning in ecstasy as the man with white hair behind her kept pounding her from behind like a rutting animal. His hands were holding her waist while her big, soft butt was slapping against his smooth, muscular thighs and his crotch as her pussy sucking his manhood in. Her large milk tanks were shaking back and forth lewdly with each thrust.

“Oh my god! The young Grand Duke is fucking me from behind with his big, hard dick! Yes, yes, yes! Fuck me as hard as you want!”

The lady screamed frenziedly as the man thrusting his dick in and out her pussy faster and stronger. This is why she loved young men. They’re young, healthy and filled with sexual desire. But the top reason for her enjoyment right now was the man who was fucking her was the young Grand Duke of the North. He was young, handsome, having a muscular body of the greatest knight and his dick was huge – straight, 9.5 inch in length, thick and had a clean, angled glans like a harpoon. She couldn’t believe the man who was famous for his coldness and emotionless face could fuck a woman like this.

Looking Izekiel turned from a decent noble man to a lustful beast like that made Lady Mary become hornier. This was far beyond her imagination. He fucked her like a professional, like he was born with not only the talent for swordsmanship but also the talent for sex. With that thought, her pussy became wetter and tighter.

“Urghh,” Izekiel grunted.

He wasn’t a womanizer. He also rarely went to bed with women. He hadn’t even had a close relationship with any women since he met Ruberia. But the woman he was having sex with right now was different. She could make him easily surrender to lust. Even though she was around 40 years old, nearly his mother’s age, her body was so erotic. He could still remember the feeling when his hands groped and fondled her large breast before he slid his dick into her pussy. It was slippery, warm inside her. His dick was wrapped perfectly by her soft flesh inside as each folds of her massaged his shaft. This woman brought him excitement.

Lady Mary started to moan louder as she nearly reached her orgasm. The same goes to Izekiel as he could feel his semen was rising up. Izekiel fastened his pace, making the smacking sound when his body slapped against Lady Mary’s body became lewder. At this point, he couldn’t stop thrusting anymore even though he knew he shouldn’t ejaculate inside this woman. Not because he was afraid of getting her pregnant, but because he knew if he blew his loads inside her, this relationship would never end.

“I’m going to ejaculate,” Izekiel said while panting.

“Yes! Yes! Let’s cum together! Fill me up with your semen!” Lady Mary couldn’t stop her excitement.

A loud smack sounded as Izekiel grunted and Lady Mary screamed blissfully. His dick was buried deep inside her pussy and started to spurt streams of semen inside her. At the same time, Lady Mary reached her orgasm, her body began to tremble crazily and her pussy wrapped Izekiel’s dick tighter like it didn’t want to waste any drop of Izekiel’s semen.

Their bodies kept grinding at each other for a while before their orgasm subsided. Both of them panted. Izekiel withdrew his dick from Lady Mary’s pussy, making a flow of fluid leaking out of her pussy. It was covered with her pussy juice and his cum, still erected. Suddenly, the lady pushed him to make him lie on his back, straddle him and wrapped her hand around his big, hard cock.

“O…Oi!” Izekiel was surprised by her initiative. “You’re really not going to quit?”

Lady Mary looked at him with eyes filled with lust, “We both want to do more, right?”

After saying that, she pressed his glans against her pussy entrance and then slowly sat down, sucking his dick into her pussy. She placed her hands on his chiseled abs, feeling his firm muscles as she started to bounce up and down on his cock. Izekiel could feel the stimulation as she was riding him. With this pose, he could fully watch how her large breasts moved up and down with her rhythm.

Lady Mary moaned lewdly with the face of a slut who was blinded by sex. Izekiel was lying with his hands stayed still on the bed as he let the middle-aged lady fucked him in cowgirl position. In this society, most people only do missionary. All the poses that Izekiel and Lady Mary had done were considered as unholy and only seen at some lewd, licentious people. But having this kind of sex wasn’t bad, otherwise, it was amazing. Izekiel tried to deny it but the fact that he was enjoying having this slutty bitch bouncing on his cock and moaning like a pig.

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