Nuclear Family

August Ames


Nuclear Family is the tale of a young man who, along with his five sisters, escapes nuclear war to a state-of-the art bunker built by their father. This story begins in 2048, I could say the reason is for an interesting plot thread, but it would be more accurate to describe it as a plot device.

This story’s setting is pretty much the definition of deus ex machina, so if that’s something you won’t be able to get over, I wouldn’t bother reading.

The Blaire family consists of:

Nolan Blaire SR, 52 years old engineer for Lockheed Martin, defense contractor for the United States Military. Nolan Sr was a tall and strong man from his decades of manual labor and discipline from military service. He was a loving father and an amazing role model for his children who adored him.

Nolan Blaire JR, 25 years old engineering graduate of Stanford University, working towards earning a spot at Lockheed Martin himself. Nolan took after his father, tall and strong due to his years of athletics and exercise. He shared his father’s brown hair and blue eyes, but had his mother’s soft and gentle face.

Stacy Blaire, 23 year old medical student, the oldest of Nolan’s sisters. She is the only sister that Nolan shares a mother with, and also shares his brown hair, blue eyes, and gentle face. She was quite tall, standing 5’10 and weighing around 160 pounds. Nolan always thought she had the ‘Hot Soccer Milf’ look to her with her wide hips, big backend, and shoulder length brown hair. Stacy was like a mother to her other sisters, as her sister’s mother had died 8 years ago from ovarian cancer.

Debbie Blaire, 21 year old barista and the oldest of Nolan SR’s daughters from his second wife. She is a natural blonde like her mother and three younger sisters, but dyed black with blue streaks. She’s the black sheep of the family, different from all her sisters and never quite got along with any of her siblings. She’s fairly short like her mother and her sister’s, standing just 5’5, but was still the taller than all her younger sisters.

Patricia and Pam Blaire, 19 year old college students and completely identical down to their personality. While their sisters are calm mannered, skinny and lithe, the twins are loud and excitable, round and voluptuous. They are confident girls and love to tease their “hunk” of an older brother, as they call him.

Rose Blaire, 18 year old high school student, the quietest, smallest, and also smartest of the Blaire sisters. Standing just 4’8, The tip of Rose’s head barely came to her brother’s nipples. She only weighed around 80 pounds with little curves, quite often she would be mistaken for Nolan’s young daughter when they were out together, something she resented. She’d lived a sheltered life, so while she was extremely intelligent, she was also very naïve. She is also deeply in love with her brother.

Also in the bunker with the Blaire’s is Tiffany Oberding, Debbie Blaire’s friend turned lover. She is 20 years old and taller than most of the Blaire sisters, standing 5’9, skinny, with long red hair and freckles. She’s quite the opposite of Debbie, quiet and sweet, despite that they have been best friends for years.

This story will show Nolan navigating his relationships with the 6 women around him. The good, the bad, the sex, all of it. Enjoy.

June 23rd, 2048

I was awoken by my Holo ringing, a quick peek at my clock told me it was almost three in the morning. I thought the typical, ‘Who the fuck is calling me at this time at night?’ until I looked at my Holo and saw it was my father. I cleared my throat and answered.

“Yes, sir?” I asked as a small hologram of my father appeared over the device.

“Nolan. Bombs are in the air, dropping in less than 30 minutes. Get your sisters and yourself to the bunker, and use my access code which I am sending you now. Once you and your sister’s are in, go to the command terminal and activate contingency ‘Tango November Whiskey’ with my access code. Do you understand?”

I was stunned, in shock, unable to answer.

“Nolan?! Do you understand?”

“Yes, sir.” I finally choked out. “What about you?”

“I’ll be fine. The base has a bunker, keep your communication lines open, I will try to contact you as soon as possible.”

“Yes, sir.”

“Nolan, son. I love you. Go now.”

“I love you too, Dad.” I said, and he hung up.

I sat in my bed for a moment, stunned. My mind instantly wandered to who could be doing this, the Chinese? European Union? What’s left of Russia? Tensions were rising ever since we annexed all of North America, but I never thought it’d come to this. None of that mattered now, what mattered now was getting my sisters to safety. I got up and dressed, then quickly ran to Stacy’s room. Stacy is my oldest, youngest sister, 23 to my 25, and the only of my sister’s whom I share a mother with.

“Stacy, Stacy! Wake up! It’s what Dad warned us about – nukes are coming.”

Her groggy, half closed şişli escort eyes went wide. “Are you serious?”

“I’m sure as hell not joking. You get the twins, I’ll get Rose and Debbie.”

Somehow, her eyes went even wider. “Debbie’s at Tiffany’s house.”

“Fuck!” I exclaimed. “I’ll wake Rose and tell her to meet you down stairs. I’ll meet you all with Debbie at the barn. I’ll text you instructions, just in case.”

I bolted out of the room before she even had time to answer, and headed towards Rose’s room. Rose was my youngest sister, barely 18, but her and I have a special bond. Maybe it was I being the oldest and her the youngest.

“Rose, Rose baby, wake up.” I said, and I pulled the covers off her sleeping body. She was completely naked, her tiny form displayed for me in it’s entirety. Her flat chest adorned with perpetually erect nipples, and her young body completely devoid of hair.

Her eyes opened, but she didn’t panic and cover up liked I’d expect. “Nole? Nole what’s happening?” She said as she came to.

“We got to get to the bunker sweetie. Get dressed and meet your sisters down stairs, I have to go get Debbie.”

“Nolan you’re scaring me.”

“I know, I’m sorry. Just do as I say, okay?”


I raced out of her room, down the stairs, and out to the garage. Tiffany’s house was 15 minutes away, there and back is 30, less time then I had. I grabbed the keys to my Dad’s Mercedes and hopped in. I attempted to call Debbie as I backed out of the garage to no answer. “God damnit.”

I hit 250 miles per hour on the way to Tiffany’s, making it there in under 10 minutes. I didn’t bother with the door bell, I kicked Tiffany’s front door once, twice, and then a third time and it finally swung open. “Debbie! Debbie!” I shouted loudly as I walked through the house.

“Nolan, what the fuck?” I heard Debbie say behind me.

I turned and saw Debbie and Tiffany in just shirts and underwear in a doorway, weary from sleep. “You two, car, now, or you’re going to die. Nukes are coming.” They both stood and looked at me like deer in headlights. “Now!” I yelled, making them jolt.

We all ran to the Mercedes and were off, by the time we made it home my father had called me 24 minutes ago. I hurried them to the barn where we found the rest of my sisters. They all stammered out questions to me but I ignored them, we didn’t have much time.

I popped up an access hatch and went down first, shouting up “File in behind me!”

Once we all climbed down the 20 foot ladder, there was an elevator to take us the rest of the way down to the bunker entrance, almost 200 feet below ground. During the short elevator ride I hushed my sister’s panicked conversations, and said, “I know we’re scared, let’s all just calm down and get situated here. I’ll explain once we’re safe.”

As the girls came down one by one I punched in my Father’s access code on a terminal next to a large steel door, which popped open after I entered the last number. “Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go!” I shouted like a drill instructor as the girls went through the door. After the first door was a second, bank vault like door with the same terminal as well as a biometric handprint scanner. I punched in the code and pressed my hand to the scanner, and the door began opening.

My sister’s and I rushed in, and once all in the dark space I punched in my father’s code yet again to close the door as they spoke frantically amongst themselves. Rose came over and clung to my arm. Once the door closed, the lights came on in the bunker, revealing our home for the foreseeable future. I hadn’t seen the inside of the bunker since it was under construction, and now I knew why I thought it felt familiar.

The bunker was almost a copy of our home, with the bunker door being like the front door. After the door was the foyer, a big open space with a living area to the right, and a dining area to the left. A curved set of steps on either side of the foyer led to the second level, where assumedly our bedrooms were.

I remembered my instructions, and went to the command terminal next to the door, activating the contingency code my father had provided. Once I punched it in, a loud whirring noise could be heard, and the bunker rumbled. Some of my sister’s let out small cries, but I assured them everything was fine. After a few moments a robotic voice could be heard through speakers, ‘LOCK DOWN COMPLETE. HABITATION PROTOCOLS INITIATED.’

“Nolan, what the fuck is going on?” I heard from Debbie behind me.

“Nolan, we’re scared.” The twins, Pam and Patricia said.

“Nolan, is Daddy going to be alright?” Said Rose from my side.

“Okay, okay, okay.” I said loudly, silencing the chatter. “About 45 minutes ago I was woken up by a call from Dad, all he told me was that bombs were flying and to get everyone to the bunker. He said there’s a bunker at the base, so Dad is safe under Fort Bragg. He said to keep our communication lines open and he will contact us when he can. mecidiyeköy escort That’s all I know, other than this is our home-“

I was cut off by an intense rumbling that almost knocked us off our feet. ‘The bombs’ I thought to myself. They were landing. Millions of people were dying. Rose clung to me and my other sister’s shouted.

“Oh my god. Is that…?” Stacy said.

“Yes. It is.” I replied glumly.

We lived in Corona, California which is not to far from Los Angeles and San Bernardino, both likely targets in an all-out nuclear war, so I figured we may feel some aftershocks from the bombs, but this was greater than I expected. It lasted maybe 30 seconds, and once over I could hear the sniffling of my sisters and Tiffany. We’d all just lost almost every single person we knew besides who was standing here now.

My father had once told me that incase we ever needed to use the bunker without him, there’d be detailed instructions on initiation and upkeep on the automated systems that would keep us alive for the foreseeable future, so I told the girls, “Why don’t you guys go take a look around, there’s a couple things I have to do. Meet me back here in 30 minutes.”

They all nodded in agreement and walked away together, looking like zombies. My heart broke for them. I went to the command terminal and found the instructions my father had left me. First he told me where I could find wrist watches that would allow the girls and I to contact one another with ease around the bunker, which I got and set on a table in the foyer. There were a few dozen breakers to flip to give power to the entire bunker which is powered geothermally. I took a look at the map, and it appeared levels 1, 2, 3 were solely reserved for the recreation of our house, and there were 4 sublevels labeled accordingly:

1. Entertainment/Residence

2. Food/Water/Medical

3. Storage/Fabrication

4. HVAC/Maintenance/Sanitation

Next thing I had to do was boot up ARC, Autonomous Robotic Caretaker. ARC wasn’t just one robot, it was a dozen or so different types of robots, each designed for a specific task. Some of the bots had multiples, and when all was said and done I counted 127 robots in the bunker. Three in particular took me by surprise, ones designed for pre-natal and newborn care, and two robots meant for sex, one male and one female. ‘Dad really did think of everything.’ I thought. I booted up all the essential ARC bots, which didn’t include the sex bots.

Next were to run diagnostics on the rooms that ran continuously since construction, which were listed:







That last one explained the baby bot. I knew even with the robots, upkeep on this place was going to be a lot of work. I ran the diagnostics as instructed, and there was one fatal error. Repopulation. Somehow power stopped going to that room, any sperm or eggs that were once there would be long lost.

By the time I was finished with the diagnostics the 30 minutes had passed, and I met the girls back at the foyer. Rose came running at me, jumping at me and wrapping her limbs around me.

“Please don’t leave me again.” She said.

I hugged her and stroked her back, and from the chatter from my sisters I learned that all our rooms were exact duplicates, down to clothing and knick-knacks of our real rooms, but outdated by about 6 months. I also learned the entertainment level had everything you could thing of. Basketball & tennis courts, soccer & kickball fields, a pool, an arcade, a bowling alley, a roller rink, and more. It also had an area the girls described as dorms, 50 or so rooms with communal bathrooms and other necessities. I had to see it for myself, it didn’t sound possible to all be in a bunker.

I told them all about the instructions Dad had left me, about the other three sublevels they didn’t explore, and about the repopulation room.

“A repopulation room? Are we really gonna be stuck down here that long?” Pam, one of the twins asked.

“And does this mean we can never have kids?” Patricia, the other asked.

“Yes, and yes.” I said glumly.

“You could give them babies.” Rose said with her body still molded to mine, making a very awkward silence.

“That’s inbreeding you sicko. Just because you want to fuck your brother doesn’t mean everyone else does.” Said Debbie.

“I don’t!” Shouted Rose, disengaging from me. “I was just saying. I’m not a w-h-o-r-e like you”, she spelled out.

Debbie started shouting something, but I was done. “ENOUGH! We’ve been down here 30 fucking minutes. 30 fucking minutes! News flash, sisters, we’re going to be down here YEARS. Decades, even. No one else but us.” I said.

“Sorry Nole.” Rose said, looking embarrassed. Debbie just rolled her eyes and crossed her arms.

“I have more work to do, Stacy, could you visit sub level 2 and see how our food supply and medical supply is? Take Debbie and Tiffany istanbul escort to help. Pam and Pat, you check level 3 and write a summary of what you find.”

“Yes, Nolan.” Said Stacy.

“Sure thing big bro.” Pam and Pat chorused.

“Whatever, let’s go Tiffany.” Debbie said.

Rose held my hand and looked up at me, “And what about me?” She asked.

“You’re coming with me.” I said, and she smiled. It was so good to see her smile, with what was going on.

My next instructions were to set access for everyone in the bunker, meaning I was in control of who had access to what parts and levels. Something must’ve scanned us all as we came in, because even a photo of Tiffany appeared. I gave everyone full access, not seeing a reason not to.

My final instruction was to watch a video from my father, and share it with my sister’s if I found it necessary. I knew Rose was not leaving my side, so I allowed her to watch it with me.

“My children, if you are watching this, there was need for the bunker and I am not around. This likely means I am dead, and I am sorry.” Rose squeezed my hand tight, but I assured her Dad was safe at Fort Bragg.

“If my estimations and calculations are correct, in the event of nuclear war the surface around our home will not be viable for life for nearly half a century, so the bunker is equipped to house over 100 people for over a century, far, far more than you children will need.”

“In the event of a total nuclear war, there are certain contingencies in place to jump start the population. Female fertility medication will be infused into the food, as well as an experimental drug that not only makes the chance of a female child exponentially higher, but the chance for twins, triplets, or even quadruplets as well. A third medication delays the period, tripling the amount of time a woman is fertile in her cycle. In the event of a loss of the sperm bank, Nolan’s or any other present male’s semen can be deposited into the male ARC bot designed for sex, which can store small amounts and impregnate women as a man could.”

“Every instruction or piece of information about the bunker you could ever need can be found in the search directory of the command terminal to give you the most comfortable lives possible, and I hope all the hard work getting the bunker to this point lets you lead fulfilling lives. I’m sorry this happened to you my children, and I love you.”

The screen went black and Rose and I sat in silence for a moment, before she started crying and flung herself at me again. I hugged and kissed her, and admonished myself for the way I liked her body pressed to mine. After she calmed I asked, “Do you think we should show your sisters?”

“Yeah, Pam and Patty will be so happy to know they can have babies. Stacy too. I know I am.”

“But it’d be my… sperm.”

“Mhmm.” She said with a smile. “I was right about earlier, you can give us babies!”

The images of impregnating my sister’s flashed into my mind, which made me sick to my stomach but oddly aroused at the same time. “Okay, you’re right.” I said, and activated the terminal’s PA system.

“Girls, once you’re done with your tasks come back to the foyer, there’s a video for you to watch on the command terminal.” My voice boomed over speakers.

“Let’s go check out sublevel 4.” I said to Rose, still holding her hand.’

As we walked Rose asked me, “So, uhm, what are you gonna do for sex?”

“Erm, well, there’s the sex bot.” I said.

“Sex with robots sounds off putting.” She said.

“Yeah, it does. But we gotta make do with what we got.”

“We could do it, ya know. Eventually I mean.” She said.

“Rosebud, that’s not right.” I said, laughing internally at her forwardness.

“What’s not right is that I get locked in this stupid bunker before I even see a real man-penis.”

I couldn’t help but chuckle. ‘Man-penis’. But my heart also broke for Rose, she had a very valid point. “I’ll think about it, but no promises.” I said.

“Okay. Better think quick, because those fertility meds are going to turn our vaginas into penis seeking missiles.” She said, making me laugh.

“I should be able to stop the food from being infused, I’ll take a look at the food level later. Shouldn’t be too difficult.”

After a few moments of silence she asked, “Is everyone… dead?”

I stopped and kneeled so I was closer to eye level with her, and held her hands. “Yes, sweetie. Most of the people we knew are gone.” Her eyes started to well up once again and I hugged her to me tight. “But I’m not going anywhere. I love you kiddo.”

“I love you too.” She whimpered back.

We eventually made it down to sub level 4, the automatic lights flicking on once the elevator door opened. It had the appearance of an unfinished basement, HVAC vents, piping, and wiring all exposed. Few Mech suits used for maintenance lined the walls along with large storage cabinets for all sorts of tools. I perused the control panel of the HVAC system, getting familiar with it, while Rose climbed up and sat in one of the 8 foot tall mech suits.

“This is so cool. I can’t believe all this stuff was under us the whole time.” She said.

“Yeah it’s pretty amazing what Dad was able to build down here.”

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