Nursed By My Mother Part 1


I am a normal eighteen year old horny male who stands six foot one inch ans posess a very athletic build. I live alone with my what used to be very prudish mother Susan. Mom is a tall woman at five foot ten inches and has extremely long stout legs that seem to take for ever to get up to her round and rather large womanly ass. Her huge bust fills out the package perfectly giving her an almost amazon quality. Let’s just say that more then once I have fantasized about my mom when I masturbate.My father left us, or should I say got kicked out about two years ago. I will never forget walking into the house behind my mother after we came home from shopping unexpectantly. There he was, my Dad between the wide spread naked thighs of our next door neighbor Mrs. Jorgenson (the blond bombshell) and he was fucking her for all she was worth. The sound of revulsion that erupted from my mothers throat was almost scary, yet all my father did was look over at her and increase his thrusting. Mrs. Jorgenson tried to push him off but he just kept on driving into her. “See Susan, this is what a real woman does. She fucks her man and she likes it. Not like you, you frigid bitch.” yelled my father as her took hold of our neighbors floppy tits and pounded her even harder. “You have no idea what it is to be a woman you dry assed prude. Take a look and learn some thing.” he demanded.Judging by his shortness of breath and reddened face, I think Pops was about to climax. Just as mom was about to turn, dad pulled his cock out of Mrs. Jorgenson’s hairy pussy and squirt his cum all over her belly. That was pretty much the last time I saw him. He packed up and was gone from our lives for ever. Because my Mother’s family is very well off, we did just fine with out him. Mom had always been some what standoffish with me. A very good care giver but not one to hug, kiss or cuddle me as I grew up. I guess she just was not the physical type, which was a real shame considering her voluptuous body that seemed to scream for sex. More then once I tried spying on my mom in hopes of getting a glimpse of her nude body. Unfortunately I only managed to succeed in seeing her in her matronly bra and panties a couple of times. There was the one time though, I did get a quick side view of one of her breasts as she changed, but she was so conservative usually she did that in the dark or behind tightly closed doors. Because we were alone together, mom became almost over protective, not allowing me any space. It was though she wanted to be with me every second of the day. It did cause some tension at times, but I understood that I was all she had and she didn’t want to loose me, so I accepted it. That was till my eighteenth birthday. Some school friends had decided to take me out to celebrate and I managed to get mom to agree to allow me. I guess the excitement of both my big date plans and the fact that I was now an adult male got the best of me. I even surprised myself at how liberal I was with her as I was walked out the door to meet my ride. Mom was right near the entrance and as I passed istanbul travesti by her. I took her in my arms, lifted her large supple frame, hugged her tightly to me and gave her a big kiss on the lips. Just as any normal son would do with his mother. Needless to say, she was shocked and confused by what happened. I glanced back as I walked out the door and just caught her as she touched her lips with her fingers and smiled like she really enjoyed what happened.The evening promised to be a great one till tragedy hit. We were only three blocks from my house when we were struck broadside by a drunk running a red light. The passenger side where I was sitting took the brunt of the hit and I was severely injured. The others in the car had mostly cuts and bruises but because I was sitting beside the smashed door, I ended up with a broken shoulder, collar bone and dislocated knee. The injuries resulted in a leg brace on my right leg and both my arms being immobilized in full length casts. The heavy plaster was moulded out from my chest at a forty five degree angle to allow for proper healing. The casts left me with absolutely no used of either hand.I remained in the hospital for two weeks and my mother was constantly at my side. The first few days were a blur of heavy pain medication that caused me to drift in and out of consciousness. It seemed each time I woke I found her right beside me crying. Soon the pain gave way to a dull ache requiring less medication. At least now, I was fully awake and aware. My mother hovered over me constantly. Finally, I was finally released to home care. Because my mother had used up her holiday time from work, she was forced to hire some one to look after her helpless son during the day while she was gone. Sheila was an experienced home care worker that came highly recommended. She was a slightly over weight pretty twenty five year old divorcée and we seemed to hit if off instantly. Sheila and I were going to be together constantly during day time hours for the next couple of months so becoming friends was important. When we arrived home, Sheila met us at the door and skillfully helped me into my bed which she had set up to accommodate my injuries.I wasn’t home for more then an hour when I about to suffer the worst indignation I had ever experienced in my life. I was so totally helpless that I couldn’t even get up to urinate. I laid there struggling when Sheila politely asked me what was wrong.”I have to go to the bathroom.” I said almost in an apologetic way.”Oh, that’s no problem at all. Here is how we will do this.” Sheila explained in a relaxed and clinical manner. “If you need to urinate, I will place your penis inside this special bottle, and when you are done I will clean you up then empty it. Would you like me to assist you now?” She asked some what soothing my embarrassment. “Yes please.” I stammered. ” The dam is about to burst.” I said trying to make light of the situation.Sheila grinned at my feeble little joke then lifted the blankets and gown covering me. She gently took my istanbul travestileri cock in her soft small hand and placed it inside the bottle. “I will give you some privacy then come back after you are done. “OK?” Sheila said with a sweet smile on her face. “Thank you. I really mean that for being so kind about all this.” I said some what relived.”Hey, don’t worry. This is my job. This is what I do for a living.” She said trying to show me that there was nothing to be ashamed of.Sheila returned about five minutes later and asked if I was done. I nodded and wondered what would happen next. She lifted the blankets once again and took my soft cock in her hand then gently shook off the last drops of urine. Then while still holding my cock in her warm hand, she removed the bottle and set it on the night table. I felt my cock stir. Only two girls had ever touched my cock before and my horniness was starting to betray me. Next, Sheila took an alcohol swab and began wiping the end of my now stiffening penis.”We wouldn’t want any bladder infections now would we?” she said as she rubbed the cool pad all around the end of my knob. I made a slight gasping noise as the friction caused my cock to stiffen even more. I tried my best to fight off the urges. I was positive that I saw another slight smile cross Sheila’s lips as she quickly replaced the blankets now that the task had been completed. Sheila ordered me to now rest as she would go through all the details for my care with my Mother.I fell into a deep restfully sleep. My mother actually woke me about three hours later. Sheila had left for the day and it was now my Mom’s sole responsibility to look after my well being. “Wake up honey.” My mother whispered quietly. “My gosh.” I thought, she hadn’t called me honey since I was a small child. I looked up into her smiling face. Mom actually leaned forward and ever so gently hugged her face to mine. A small tear rolled down her face as she said.”Oh gawd Robbie, what would I have done if I had lost you. I m so very very thankful you are going to be OK.” That was the most emotion I had ever seen from my mother. “Don’t worry Mom.” I said trying to comfort her. ” I will never leave you.””You better not, because I don’t think I could bare it.” Suddenly I realized how badly I had to pee. “Oh damn.” I said to myself. I hadn’t thought about having my Mom help me pee. I mean she is the one that will have to hold my cock as I do this. I was mortified. “But I have no choice. It’s either that or make her change soiled sheets. Mom, I have to go.””Go where honey? You can’t get up.””No Mom, I mean I have to go!” I said with a slight desperation to my voice. “Ohhh, I see.” she said now realizing what I meant.”Here, let me get the bottle and I will help you. Sheila explained every thing to me.””Isn’t there a different way we can do this?” I said unable to hide my embarrassment. I was suddenly aware that my cock was hardening. Remember, I hadn’t had an orgasm in two weeks, and that is some thing considering that I used travesti istanbul to masturbate up to five times a day. In fact I was so full of come that my balls were actually aching slightly.”Oh don’t be silly you. Wasn’t it me who wiped your bum and changed your diapers. It’s nothing I haven’t seen before.” she scolded me with a smile on her face.”Oh, here goes, I thought. With that said, Mom lifted the blankets exposing my stiffening prick.I couldn’t help but noticed how her left eyebrow shot up and the sharp intake of her breath as she saw the size of my semi hard cock. I don’t know if it was nervousness or excitement but she instinctively licked her lips at the sight of my seven inch manhood. She quickly slipped it in the bottle and sat facing me patiently waiting. I laid there trying my best to piss but in my horniness, I couldn’t help but be distracted by my mothers huge tits. After what seemed like forever I managed to completed the task. As I layed there, the emotions running through my mind had my head spinning. I was turned on by the sight of my mothers enormous breasts and especially excited by the thought of her touching my cock. I couldn’t believe it, but here I was getting hard again with the anticipation of Mom’s hand on me. In a dry strained voice, I told Mom that I was done. She lifted the blankets and removed the bottle. Her eyes never left my cock causing her to almost spilling the contents all over the night stand. She next milked out the last few drops of urine then careful cleaned my knob with the alcohol swab. Mom then did some thing that even Sheila didn’t do. She wiped down the complete length of my shaft as well. I was sweating trying to control my now rock hard cock. Mom had her hand wrapped snuggly around my dick as she cleaned my ball sack. Her breathing became quicker and more raspy. Suddenly her hand jerked up causing my cock to twitch. Mom’s head snapped up to look at me. The surprise and shock spread across her face. She quickly let go of my manhood then flipped back the blankets. Nervously, Mom jumped up and stammered some thing about having to make a phone call to my Aunt then hurried out of the room.”What just happened here?” I thought to myself. “Did my Mother actually get excited from handling my hard on?” I laid there still perspiring. An overwhelming desire to be masturbated by my Mother rolled over me. The rest of the evening I spent by myself with my Mother busy bustling around in the kitchen. When I was finally ready to go to sleep for the night I called her once again.”Mom, I need to go to the bathroom before I go to sleep for the night.” When Mom came in, she lifted the blankets and this time, turning her back to me, she placed my cock in the bottle. When I was done, she leaned forward and lifted my cock out of the bottle. The position she was standing in allowed me a great view of her round and supple ass. “Oops, here I go again.” I said to myself as my cock instantly hardened. This time she shook off the last few drops then quickly wiped the knob with an alcohol swab. Taking her time to clean all my parts thoroughly. When she was done, she covered me up then Mom did some thing that I can’t recall her doing in years. She actually kissed my cheek good night. I was floored. “Could it be that she was actually softening? Naa it ain’t going to happen, not Mrs Iron Britches.” I said to myself.

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