Obeying Katie ch03


After Katie and Chloe both fucked me twice we relaxed and talked for a while. I was sitting with my back against Katie’s chair and she had her legs draped over my shoulders. I was massaging her calves while she stroked my hair. They told me both her and her sister were curious about the female led lifestyle and had some success in finding boyfriends that allowed them to experiment but so far no one had come along who was as eager as I was.. They told me they were both thrilled.
Chloe said her husband was willing to submit occasionally but there were problems. It just wasn’t in his nature to submit. He was a natural top. I said I understood. Then came the moment of truth. Katie told me to kneel and turn around and face her. I did. She told me I had been wonderful and she wanted to spend a lot of time with me but there was another request she wanted to make of me. Chloe was now leaning forward in her chair and said “it’s actually for me, Mike.
I said “what is it?”
Katie sighed and said “there’s no easy way to put this. Chloe is asking you to service Gary sexually.”
I looked at Chloe and said “I’m confused, why can’t you service him? I mean you’re obviously capable.”
This time Chloe sighed and said “his cock is too big for my ass and my mouth and you have already proven you can take the same size cock all the way down your throat and up your ass. The double dildo’s we were wearing were purchased just for this. Gary is exactly the same size…. You see Mike, Gary demands a lot of sex and he wants me to take it in the ass. I just can’t. I’ve tried but I’m not into it like you. He want’s blowjobs constantly and I’m not prepared to do that for him. I love him and I don’t want our relationship to suffer so I proposed this idea to him. He wouldn’t be cheating and I’d have a little fuck toy with my sister to play with. Besides, you are an expert pussy licker. Gary is not.”
Katie put my face in her hands and said “Have you ever sucked another man’s cock?”
My face flushed I’m sure and she knowingly leaned back in the chair. “Tell us all about it.”
I said there really wasn’t much to tell. It was for a period of about three years off-and-on with a longtime friend when I was 19 to 21.
Did he fuck you? She asked.
“No Miss Katie, we tried one time but I had no clue about cleanliness or preparation so it ended quickly. It hurt too much.”
Then she leaned forward, placed her hands back on either side of my face and asked “will you suck cock for me and will you take Gary up your ass for me baby?”
I said with a smirk, knowing I had lost the battle, “He’d better be shaved… I don’t like hair in my mouth.”
Chloe flopped back in her chair and said “THANK GOD”, Katie just smiled and kissed me.
I heard a door open and in walked the up until now mythical Gary completely naked.
“So did you talk him, uh “her” into it?” Gary said “Nice outfit, by the way” he said staring at my pink outfit.
Again I blushed.
“Yes Mike has agreed” said Chloe “and if he sucks cock like he eats pussy you are in for a big treat. Oh and his name is Missy while we are playing but only then. His name is Mike otherwise.
6’ 3” heavily muscled and very trim. He stuck out his hand and I shook it while I was on my knees where I could see his glorious penis. It wasn’t just that it was big it was the aesthetics. Beautiful pink head with a contrasting brown straight shaft and big round balls. Mine actually looked the same only smaller. He was shaved except for a landing strip above his prick. If I didn’t have a cock cage on, I would have been hard.
I was obviously staring and the girls knew it.
“See something you like, Missy” said Katie and both girls giggled. I blushed again. “I lasered him a couple of years ago just like you so you have a smooth cock and balls to feast on.”
Gary reached down and tilted my chin up and said “are you Rus Escort ready?”
I could only nod “yes.”
Gary went to the big chair that Chloe had vacated and sat down. He scooted forward just like Katie and Chloe had before exposing everything so I suspected a conspiracy.
“I heard you like to give analingus. I like that and don’t worry, I’m relatively clean.” (He grinned).
Chloe said “That dick isn’t gonna suck itself Missy, get in there and show me what you got.”
I didn’t need to be told twice. I crawled over to him and looked up at him my face burning red with embarrassment and anticipation. He said “just start and we’ll see how it goes. Don’t worry, nothing’s gonna happen that you don’t want.”
Chloe and Katie had moved closer to get a better view. My heart was throbbing in my chest.
I started on his ass, stroking and licking his beautiful butt cheeks. He liked it I could tell. Chloe then grabbed the back of my head and pushed my mouth right onto his anus. “QUIT FUCKING AROUND AND LICK HIS ASSHOLE, PUSSY” she said.
“Yes ma’am.”
I licked it, I sucked it, I stroked it with my tongue holding his prick and balls up out of the way. I dove in with my tongue as far as I could and he started breathing harder. I knew I had him. After 2 or 3 minutes of ass worship I could feel him starting to get hard so I worked up to his ball sack and sucked one testicle then the other softly and slowly into my mouth rolling them around. He was rapidly getting harder and I didn’t want to miss the experience of feeling a beautiful 9 inch cock get hard in my mouth so I pointed him directly at my mouth and swallowed. He was about 5 inches at that time. He was so warm and thick feeling when he slipped inside, an experience I will look forward to repeating as often as I get the chance. I left him in my mouth gently stroking his balls with my right hand while my tongue caressed every inch of his shaft. I stopped long enough to wet my middle finger of my left hand and place it at the entrance of his anus. He didn’t protest as I slide it inside him and found his prostate. I softly sucked and lathered his prick trying to drive him crazy. It worked. He got very hard, very quick. His head rapidly moved past my esophagus and buried itself deep in my throat. Chloe was right, the 9” Dildo felt just about the same size.
When I was sure he was fully erect I withdrew him from deep in my throat with an audible exhale that was sure to impress and let his member fall out of my mouth. I was showing off :).

Chloe gasped, Katie said “damn”, Gary said “fuck that’s good, don’t stop, cocksucker”
Of course I didn’t. I licked up and down the shaft and continued to deep throat him with the encouragement of everyone in the room. I got into a rhythm stroking his prostate while bobbing up and down on that hot, hard, gorgeous dick. I was hooked. Gary obviously hadn’t ever been given a blowjob like this before because he didn’t last long. He erupted in my throat with his hand on the back of my head. I really didn’t have any choice but to swallow. He was an inch or 2 past my esophagus. My nose was buried in his landing strip.
“Swallow it all, pussy” Said Gary.
The girls cheered!
He removed his hand and immediately Chloe put her hand on the back of my head and held me in place and swatted my butt cheeks 4 hard slaps.
“No you don’t slut!” Chloe said. “You don’t get to remove your mouth from his cock until he is hard again. I want to see if you can really take him up your ass so get back to work!”
I did as I was told.
“Thank God I have a fuck hole for my husband” Chloe said.
“Hey he’s my toy and my man Chloe but Gary can use him whenever he is available” Said Katie.
“Of course I know that” said Chloe “but look at my husband and this man… He was obviously meant to worship Gary’s cock. Agreed?
Katie nodded her head slowly but said “He’s doing it for me and Sincan Escort he’s still my man.”
Gary said “girls, girls please stop arguing and let me enjoy this.”
Slowly working and slathering my tongue on the underside of penis I soon had my reward. He started to grow.
Gary said to Chloe, “I’m sorry babe but she sucks dick better than anyone.”
“Men suck cock better and women eat pussy better isn’t that the belief, honey?” Chloe said. “I’m just glad you like your new little present. Now are you hard yet?”
“Yes my dear” Gary said.
“Good, then put her on the table and fuck the ever-living daylights out of her. I’ve got to get some relief from your constant nagging about blow jobs and anal.”
He gave her a salute and grabbed my hair and pulled my mouth from his cock.
“Good, no great cocksucker… Now you have something else to prove. Can you be fucked, really fucked?”
“I hope so Sir” There it was, I’d called him Sir and I knew it was right. Both sisters giggled
“Fuck him on the table like a woman Gary, put her on her back. I’ll get the wedge pillow for you” said Chloe.
Once again my arms were pulled down and tied to the front legs of the table but his time I had soft restraints around my thighs at the knees pulling my legs back up near my chest and spreading my legs open wide leaving me upturned and opened up to this man with the raging hard-on. Gary picked me up and slid the wedge under my hips so he had a clear shot at my anus. He grabbed the lube and made sure I could see as he slowly drizzled it into his right hand. He was leaning up against my thighs, with his prick hovering over me. He was taking his time specifically to fuck with me and I knew it. He wrapped his hand around his beautiful shaft and started lubing it up. I believe he wanted to show me just how much more of a stud he was than me. I don’t know. All I know is I wanted that cock in my ass and I wanted it now.
“Stop teasing her Gary, fuck her now” said Chloe.
“Yes ma’am” said Gary. He wiped his hands off with a towel and then he lined up his cockhead and said “Here it comes my friend.”
He started in nice and slow and then once his head popped in he positioned himself so that his hands were resting on the table right by my left and right rib cage just underneath my armpits.
“Are you OK?” he said.
My eyes were in the back of my head so I guess he was worried. I said “yes, just fuck me.”
“YEAH, JUST FUCK HIM GARY” came the outcry from both sisters at once.
So Gary fucked me and he fucked me hard and fast and long. I was spent but he was still going.
Long slow strokes all the while the girls were drooling and saying “OH MY GOD”.
His penis felt soft and hard and ooooh sooo warm all at the same time. It was a much different feel than that of a dildo. I craved him plunging into me over and over again. My cock was leaking in the cage like a dripping faucet. I thought I might pass out it was so intense.
After what seemed like an eternity but Katie told me later was only about 5 minutes he came in buckets and I finally got to feel what it was like to have someone cum in my ass. It was warm and really wonderful having him pulse and quiver inside me. Chloe said “OH MY GOD DAMN THAT WAS SO HOT”.
Katie said “DAMN…. JUST DAMN!
When I was released from my bondage, Gary had flopped on the sofa and Katie suggested I go clean him up.
“CRAWL MISSY” was her directive.
I did just that.
I put my hands on the top of his thighs and leaned in. My tongue found the underside of his beautiful pink head and as I raised it up I sucked his entire softening shaft into my mouth. The lube Katie had was mildly flavored with cherry so it was quite pleasant but I could still taste Gary’s sweat and cum and my own nether region. Thank God I had given myself a thorough enemy earlier.
After the shaft was sufficiently clean Sıhhiye Escort I moved on to the ball sack. Gary was growing again so I pushed his thighs up towards his chest and headed for his anus. He took the hint, leaned back and raised his legs so I had free access. I cleaned under his balls and worked my way down to his anus. This time I wet a finger and alternated sliding it in to tease his prostate and sucking and licking on his little pucker. His dick was hard as a rock so I left a finger in him and headed for his dick.
The girls were just mesmerized.
Chloe whispered “Look at that little sissy suck cock, do you believe it Katie?”
Katie said “I’m gonna give her the best blowjob of her life and let her fuck me as soon as Gary cums. She has certainly earned her reward.”
I worked Gary’s cock long and slow enjoying every minute. I had to work it for a good 10 minutes because he had cum twice already. Finally he placed his hands on either side of my face and said “I’m ready Missy” I put my lips around his head and slowly lowered my mouth all the way down to his pubes feeling the head pop past my esophagus. From this position I could move slowly up and down but just ever so slightly, not more than an inch keeping a good suction and using my tongue like a feather on the underside of his majesty. Caressing with my lips and throat, teasing with my tongue. He came with a low guttural groan and I beamed with pride.
Gary said “Please tell me you’ll do that on a regular basis Missy.”
“I hope every day Sir” I said truthfully but a little embarrassed nonetheless.
“Ok playtime is over and Missy is Mike now. Stand up Mister so I can uncage you” Said Katie.
I did as I was told. Gary and Chloe had wandered off to the kitchen and said something about ordering pizza.
My cage was dripping with pre-cum when Katie released me. She laughed and held the tip of the plastic cage up to my mouth and said “I wanna see you lick it clean” Of course I did.
Katie said “Now go in the bathroom and have a quick rinse. I want you clean if you’re going to be in my bed tonight.” I walked in the bathroom and saw a 2 quart enema bag with the hose and nozzle. Katie had prepared a nice warm enema so I could clean out the lube and Gary’s semen. I got on my knees, placed my left cheek on the bathroom rug and inserted the nozzle, obviously not needing lube at this point. It felt good and in 15 minutes I was clean again.
Katie walked in and started the shower. “Get in” she said.
We washed each other slowly and tenderly. She kissed me on my mouth, on my face, on my chest. She was treating me like porcelain doll and I loved it.
When we were finished and dried off we went back to the living room.
“Ok Mister assume the position in the chair” Katie said and pointed to one of the big chairs. I sat back and draped both legs over the chair arms. I scooted forward.
Katie smiled as she knelt in front of me and started flicking her tongue at my anus. It made me jump every time she did that. I said “please stop teasing Katie”
She said “Oh poor baby, do you want Katie to lick you ass?”
“Yes please.”
“Well as long as you said please” And she spread my hole with her thumbs and dove in. it was wonderful. She spent a good 5 minutes giving me the best rim job I have ever had. Then she moved up to my balls sucking them softly and slowly, just like I had done with Gary, stroking my shaft with her right hand. I think she may have learned a thing or two watching me suck Gary’s cock because she slid the middle finger of her left hand in my gaping anus and located my prostate. I moaned and she said sarcastically “don’t worry, I’m a nurse”. She looked up at me and smiled.
Then she said “it’s time for you to cum” and she engulfed my dick in her mouth and dropped her lips all the way to my pubis. She was slow, soft and methodical. I lasted about 30 seconds and then erupted. She giggled while she swallowed. “I certainly hope you last longer than that in my ass, mister” she said
When she had milked me dry she lifted herself up and gave me another kiss and collapsed in my arms, curled up in my lap. I had officially fallen for this woman.

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