Ode to a Muse


At first, there was darkness. The kind of darkness that is absolute and oppressing, forbidding of contrast and all the more empty for it. In this darkness, layed a lump, oblivious and indifferent to its surroundings.A single ray of light pierced the darkness, like a herald to your glory. Suddenly, things inside the darkness took shape and the lump saw himself for what he was for the first time. Invigorated, the man stumbled towards the light but before he reached it, a million other rays joined the first, like an angelic choir. Awed by the spectacle, the man stopped and was surprised to find that these bursts of brilliance were not only magnificient to behold, they also warmed his face, gently caressed his skin and even managed to penetrate his chest and touch his soul.The light of day changed the Pendik escort man, for not only did he see things as they were now, he also saw the beauty in them, what they could be and how much he longed to feel your touch when he shaped them.And so he shaped and rejoiced in the gift you had given him, the ability to see and to feel with more than just his senses. In the brightest of your moments, he felt inspired and crafted works of beauty, his imaginations unleashed by you and his intentions pure.But soon after these moments of glory, your light began to fade and it disturbed the man greatly. He was so caught up in imposing your beauty upon the world that he had started to take the source of it for granted. As if to taunt him, the rays once again likened themselves Beykoz escort bayan to a choir but this song was not an aria of glory, it was a swan song. The last ray faded away into darkness and once again, the man sunk into uncaring despair.However, something inside him had changed and it was not indifference that paralyzed him. It was grief and a melancholic longing. Remembering you and your light, he felt inspired once more, but it was a shoddy imitation of the creativity he felt when you flodded him. And so it was that the man created the fire. Elated by his success, he rejoiced in the light and the warmth that it seemed to give him. But men are greedy and fire is devious. Drunk on his success, he reasoned that he could not only receive the warmth and light Escort Cevizli that the fire provided, he could take it and make it his own.Sitting in darkness once again, the man rued his creation as he nursed his burnt fingers, the price he payed for attempting to steal. The fire had been a fickle mistress and without his care and supervision, it had left the man shortly after punishing him for his greed.Rage and fury overcame him. He raided the surrounding nature for wax, blinded to the destruction he was unleashing by his quest to get closer to you. Out of this wax, he fashioned wings and after he could improve them no more, he sat in brooding silence, awaiting your return.At the first sign of light, the man rushed out of the darkness, disregarding the spectacle that had once awed him, rooted him to the spot, touched his soul. The man had grown cold and calloused in your abscence and perhaps it was the desire to inflame his soul once more that drove him to the peak of the highest mountain or perhaps it was the greedy desire to touch you, to dominate you and to subjugate you to his will.

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