Old Bods, Young Gods Ch. 02


“Weekends are supposed to be fun,” Rachel thought when she woke up the next morning with a nasty hangover. She was quite agreeable to rolling over and spending the day in bed when she heard the roar of a gas lawn mower from somewhere off in the distance.

“Jesus! Don’t they know it’s the weekend?” she groaned covering her head with her pillow. The 45 year old frustrated housewife allowed herself to wallow in self-pity. Her 3 kids were away, either in school or in the case of her son, in Europe. Her bastard of a husband was spending more and more time away. This time, he was supposedly working in New York. Since he now seemed to be traveling more and they were making love less and less, she had started to wonder if maybe he had a mistress hidden away somewhere.

“That’s probably why I’ve been fantasizing about Raoul. It’s just that I’m lonely AND INCREDIBLY HORNY!!!” she said out loud shocked at her own vocal outburst. She looked around embarrassed to see if any one had heard, forgetting, of course, that she was alone. The only sound she heard was that and she shouted it out, “THAT GODDAMN LAWN MOWER!” next door. Going to the window, preparing to blast Ron Jefferson, her neighbour, she was about to shout out through the open bedroom window when she realized it wasn’t him but the object of her fantasies, Raoul Rodriguez!

She stood there in her sheer nightgown and looked down as the handsome 18 year old pushed the smoke-spewing mower back and forth across the Jefferson yard totally unaware that he was being spied upon. He had taken off his shirt and because he was sweating, his tanned brownish skin glistened in the morning sun. Every so often, the teen would stop, wipe the sweat from his brow and then without realizing that he was being observed, would adjust his manhood in his dirty, denim shorts.

This did not go unnoticed by the older woman and she strained her eyes looking at his crotch. She wondered if he was as well-endowed as he appeared. While pondering this, she realized that he had stopped near one of the bushes close to her property line. The young worker looked around and then turning his back to the Jefferson house, he undid his zipper, pulled his cock out and started to piss.

Her bedroom window was almost directly above where the youth was urinating and not only could Rachel see the steady stream of yellow urine but she was enthralled by the size of the penis it was coming from! Even though she had been married for 25 years, she had never seen a grown man urinating! Not only was Raoul pissing against her fence but his penis stood out proudly that he didn’t seem to even have to hold it.

Rachel’s hand was now under her nightgown, stroking her clit. This scene was turning her on. She didn’t know if it was seeing him pee or if it was seeing the teen’s exposed cock but at that point, she just didn’t care. Her free hand unconsciously started to fondle her breast. Her eyes closed as she really started getting into it. Nearing her self-induced climax, Rachel opened her eyes wanting to look longingly at the object of her lust when she was shocked to see that the teen was now looking up at her!

She tried to pull back farther inside but she knew it was too late. The 18 year old had seen her masturbating almost right above him!

Summoning up all her courage, Rachel tried peeking out again just as he was giving his dick a couple of shakes and struggling to push it back inside his shorts. It seemed to be even larger than before and just as he got it back inside, he looked up at her again and smiled – no, smirked!

That did it. She was so hot! It was either call the boy up to put out the fire, as they say, or do it herself. She was all set to do the former when Amanda Jefferson appeared in the yard and started flirting with the young gardener. She wanted the boy Adonis to come in and have a cold drink.

“Shit!” thought Rachel. “That slut is going to seduce the kid right in front of me!”

Sure enough, the 40 year old hussy even brushed her hand across the 18 year old’s butt as he passed by and started to enter her kitchen. Before he did so, Raoul looked up at Rachel’s window and smiled again.

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” Rachel cursed to herself. She then took stock of the situation realizing that she had been about to break her marriage vows and for what? A need to cum? With a kid no less! She could do that herself as she had quite often lately. Besides that, she told herself, I can still imagine that it’s Raoul without the consequences of adultery.

Stepping back from the window, she backed into the edge of her bed as her fingers had already started working her clit. Her imagination was spurring her on as she jealously now pictured what was going on in her neighbour’s house. She envisioned her 40 year old neighbour on her İzmir Escort knees on the kitchen linoleum sucking the teenager’s cock urging him to cum in her willing mouth. Rachel even thought she heard the boy urging her on, “Si…yes!!!Yes!!! Signora Jeffereson! Suck me! Si! Suck my big cock!”

But no, her imaginary lover Raoul wouldn’t be satisfied with just a blow job. He would pull his employer up and lay her on her back on the kitchen table, pulling off her underwear as he did so. Then he would spread her legs as he licked her lucky neighbour’s pussy with his tongue until she was cumming all over his beautiful, Latin face.

“I…yi…yi…yi! Signora Jefferson! I’m going to make the gringo lady cum!”

This final erotic picture soon brought the Rachel to her own glorious climax. “Oh God, Raoul! Eat me! Eat me!” she cried as she reached her own personal Nirvana. Finally, after she’d finished, Rachel started to cry realizing that she needed more than self-gratification. She needed someone to love her.

Rachel moped around the house the rest of the morning until the phone rang. It was Josie.

“Rachel, you need to get out of the house. The country club is having its weekly dance tonight and you and I are going to go. I’ll pick you up at 8 and wear something sexy. We’re gonna turn some of the local men on and make some wives very unhappy tonight. I won’t take no for an answer. Be ready at 8 and…..don’t be late!” she laughed as she hung up before Rachel could refuse.

The afternoon seemed to drag on forever as Rachel contemplated canceling. How could she go out socially without her husband? But the more she thought of him being away again, the more angry she got. She was so lonely. She deserved to have some fun too. He was probably out partying when he was supposed to be working. What harm could it do for her to go out, have a few laughs and maybe even flirt with some men?

Finally, determined to go, she searched through her wardrobe for something to wear. She found that nothing suited her mood. Everything in her closet was either out of fashion or downright matronly. She looked at her bedroom clock and realized that she didn’t have time to go shopping for a new outfit and swore again. She was contemplating canceling again when she thought of her daughters, Karen and Caitlyn. Surely, one of them would have something that might be acceptable.

Going through their closets was fun at first. But, after trying on several of their dresses and putting them back because they were too young-looking for her, or too short or….too tight, especially in the breast department, Rachel was getting depressed again. She started chastising herself again. “What am I doing? I can’t do this.” She had almost convinced herself that there was no way she was going to go to the club when the phone rang again.

Thinking that it was Josie, Rachel picked up on the second ring and was surprised to hear Michael’s baritone voice. It was hard to distinguish what he was saying due to the background noise.

“Where are you, Michael?” she asked suspiciously. “I thought you were working?” she added sarcastically.

“Now, Rach, baby, don’t get mad. We…we just knocked off for a couple of hours and then we’ll be right back at ….”

Before he could finish, Rachel could hear a woman’s voice saying, “Come on, Mikey, you said I could have the next dance!” It was then obvious that Michael had covered the mouthpiece as suddenly there was no sound until his voice came back on the line.

“Look honey, it’s not…it’s not what you think!” he sputtered defensively.

“You bastard! YOU FUCKING BASTARD!!! WORKING MY ASS!!!!” Rachel screamed as she flung the phone against the wall.

That did it. She was steamed. Her first stop was at their bar where she poured herself a large glass of red wine and then headed for Caitlyn’s room. “Two can play that game!” she sobbed.

She angrily decided on the shortest, tightest dress she could find. Her breasts were much larger than Caitlyn’s and she was almost spilling out of the already low neckline but she didn’t care. Her long legs were hilited by the highest pair of heels she could find. Having decided on dress and shoes, Rachel now contemplated what to wear under the dress. She was tempted to really be bold and go without any underwear at all but then realized she couldn’t be that slutty.

She had decided to wear pantyhose and no bra when she opened Caitlyn’s dresser drawer. That’s when she saw the perfect compliment to the way she was feeling. Caitlyn had sheer dark stockings but more importantly, a black garterbelt! For a split second, she wondered what her daughter was doing with a garterbelt but then realized with a smile, why she had worn them in her youth. Men loved them and women felt really İzmir Escort sexy when wearing them so why not? Rachel hadn’t worn a garter belt in years but tonight was going to be different. “Fuck you, Michael!” she said out loud.

She tried on the garterbelt with and then , for some unexplained reason, without panties and then the bitter memory of Michael’s phone call made her angry all over again. “That does it!” she said out loud. “No fucking panties! I’ll show him that two can play at this game!”

She had just finished putting on her makeup and fixing her long dark hair that had just a couple of grey ones as a subtle contrast, when the doorbell rang. Josie had arrived 15 minutes early. Rachel drained the last of her wine, took a big breath, adjusted her boobs and went out to face her best friend.

“Jesus Fucking Christ! My God, Rachel! You look fabulous! You look like a fucking whore but you look incredible! How am I ever going to attract a man tonight when you look like that?” her friend stated incredulously.

Rachel explained her outfit and the phone call and after commiserating over another glass of wine, the two 45 year olds left for the country club.

When she pulled her BMW into the country club parking lot, two young valets raced to open their car doors. It was obvious that their outfits were a hit, when neither youth could take their eyes off them. The two women laughed with pleasure. Josie even said to the 20 year old opening her door, after noticing the bulge in his pants, “Down Tiger! The night is young…but then so are you.”

“You’re terrible, Josie. You have changed so much in the last year. Come on! Let’s go inside before you do something foolish right out here.”

The two women couldn’t stop laughing as they giggled all the way into the posh club leaving the valets gawking at their wiggling rears.

Almost every eye went their way when the two attractive females made their grand entrance. All the men from 18 to 80 looked on lustfully while the women threw daggers their way. Most of the conversations halted momentarily.

The gay maitre’d harrumphed as he showed the two women to a booth near the washroom. There was no way he was going to give them prominent or prestigious seats – not dressed like common harlots! Of course, he hadn’t counted on the number of men, young and old, who suddenly had to use the facilities.

The two best friends giggled as they became cognizant of the comings and goings to and from the men’s restroom. Knowing nods and winks with young and old were exchanged fairly often much to the chagrin of some nearby matrons.

Dinner was ordered and drinks started to arrive – none of which they had ordered. Many of the bolder men started sending over the unrequested alcohol hoping to get at least a smile from the women.

As dessert was being served, a distinguished man and a much younger version of him, approached confidently.

“I’m Brad Davies and this is my son, Jonathan. We’re celebrating his 19th birthday tonight. Would you ladies make our evening even better by agreeing to dance with us?” the older gentleman asked in a deep voice.

Josie didn’t wait for Rachel. “Why sure sugar! Let’s give all the old broads here a show.” Taking his proffered hand, she practically dragged the 50ish man onto the dance floor.

The younger man looked slightly embarrassed and said shyly, “L..L…Look…um…if…if you…you’d rather not , I’ll…I’ll understand….but…you’re…you’re so beautiful.”

That’s all it took. Rachel was impressed with the boy’s shyness but more importantly, she needed to feel attractive to a man. The fact that he was more than half her age didn’t matter. He was a man! And a very cute one at that.

“Are you sure, honey? I’m just an old married lady and pretty rusty. But, if you want to…how could I say no. It is after all your birthday,” she answered immediately chastising herself.

“I don’t think you’re old – mature maybe but then I still think you’re the prettiest woman in the room and I’d still be honoured if you’d dance with me.”

While climbing out of the booth, she saw his eyes drawn to her exposed legs and she was sure he had gasped when he saw her garters showing above her stockings. Then not really understanding why, Rachel leaned forward on the pretext of straightening out her dress which had ridden up. This brought her barely restrained, prominent breasts into focus and the young man leered longingly at them.

Rachel put her hands on her hips almost posing. Finally, she laughed, “Come on Birthday boy, you gonna look or do you really want to dance?”

Flustered and turning red, the young man apologized and offered her his hand. The two then blended into the dancers at least as much as a Black Widow spider and her Escort İzmir next quarry could.

The music started off fast but soon subsequent songs became slower and more romantic. Rachel was flattered when a couple of older, very distinguished looking gentlemen that she vaguely knew tried to cut in but she rejected them all much to the joy of her young partner. She informed them that it was Jonathan’s birthday.

Walking away dejectedly, one of the rejected but hopeful dance partners muttered, “Lucky little shit. Wonder what he’s gonna get for his present?”

Feeling more empowered now, Jonathan started holding her closer with each song until she thought she felt something hard pushing against her groin. At first she was tempted to pull away but then the memory of her husband’s call came back and she found herself moving willingly into the boy’s erection.

The band decided to take a break and Rachel invited Jonathan to join her at the table where Josie was now sitting with the boy’s father. It was obvious that Jonathan was smitten with the older woman as he couldn’t accept fast enough and practically knocked her over when they headed for the booth.

She was sure the innocent-appearing young man brushed his hand across her butt as he guided her into the now crowded booth. She became surer when a few minutes later, his hand landed on her nylon-covered knee. Deciding not to stop him, she wondered just how far he would try to go with his father only 3 feet away – or how far she would let him.

She didn’t have long to wait. Even while participating in the conversation with Josie and his father, Jonathan’s hand started to move up the inside of Rachel’s leg until he was touching bare skin! Her sudden intake of breath, caused Josie to ask her if she was alright. Assuring her best friend that she was definitely okay, Rachel spread her legs farther apart and allowed the no longer shy young man to reach her panty-less crotch. Now it was his turn to gasp.

“What’s going on you two?” Josie asked but before they could answer, Josie’s phone rang. “Excuse me, a minute,” she apologized taking her phone out of her purse.

“Yes….yes….okay…are you kidding? You bet sweetie!” Looking at the 3 quizzical faces, Josie lied. “Um..that was my husband…um…I have to meet him…um sorry, Brad…um Rachel, I hate to ask but…but can I borrow your car? I have to meet…um you know.”

It was obvious to Rachel that it hadn’t been Harry but rather Josie’s young lover, Barry on the phone. Josie was rushing off to meet her young stud for a quick fuck! Before she could even answer, Jonathan piped in, “Let her take your car , Mrs.Barr. I’ll make sure you get home okay. My Dad gave me a new car for my birthday.”

Giving Josie the stub for the valet, the 2 women leaned closer and Josie whispered, “Take him home and fuck him, Rachel. You owe it to yourself.” Then looking over at the young man, continued, “Honey, if I wasn’t going to get my own hard, young cock, I’d be tempted to fight you for this one. Do it, sweetie, take him home.”

Almost as an afterthought, eyeing the younger man’s father, Josie added in her friend’s ear, “Why not take both of them home? I hear threesomes are in this year. I’ll phone you in the morning and I better hear a blow by blow description, if you get my drift.” With a final laugh and a haughty shake of her long auburn hair, Josie departed leaving the trio in the booth.

Her departure created a sudden quietness among the three until the band started up again. This time the elder Davies, not giving her a chance to refuse, pulled Rachel onto the floor much to the chagrin of his 19 year old son. He was a much more accomplished dancer and soon she was enjoying herself immensely. She looked over at the sad face of the Jonathan and her heart went out. The mother in her wanted to go over and assure him that it was alright. It was obvious the boy was intimidated by his statesman-like father.

The two dancers finally returned to the table to greet the now sullen look of the birthday boy who was starting to put away more drinks than he should. He brightened up however, when he felt Rachel’s hand drop to his knee.

Playfully, Rachel decided it was her turn to tease the boy. While pretending to listen to Jonathan’s father, she let her hand slide up the young man’s leg until it touched something hard. Now, it was Jonathan’s turn to be shocked. The older woman hadn’t stopped. She had started rubbing her fingers up and down the length of his shaft.

Unaware of what was happening to his son, Brad decided to run the risk of being rejected in front of his oldest boy. He calmly placed his hand on Rachel’s knee and started to fondle it. When the sexy woman didn’t object, he started inching his hand up under the woman’s short skirt until he too gasped to find that she had no panties on!

Rachel was beside herself. What was going on? She was fondling a 19 year old while his father was now touching her privates! What in the world was she going to do now? (to be continued)

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