One for the Road Ch. 02


At the end of our driveway I slowly turned left.

I spent the next thirty minutes in a sort of trance as I drove the familiar route to the freeway. Memories of the neighbours kept interrupting my thoughts. If I had known that they were swingers we could have worked out some arrangement. My wife would not have been interested but I had often screwed around behind her back.

By the time I hit the highway I had filed those thoughts away. Three hours later I was halfway to Gundagai with a full bladder and an empty tank. I was bored and starting to get horny again. I turned off the highway into a small service station.

I had been here before. I liked the old fashioned service.You could pay for your petrol without being harassed about discount chocolate offers. They didn’t sell lottery tickets. They sold old fashioned burgers, cooked to order. Sure, you had to wait, but the buns were never soggy or stale. I gassed the car then parked it under a shady tree. I paid for the fuel then claimed a table putting my newspaper and unopened coke on it. I quickly made my way to the toilet.

One of the cubicles had some unusually detailed graffiti. It was a bit longer than the usual phone numbers of cock hungry whores.

It related an encounter with a couple in Gundagai. A young truck driver was about to spend a rainy night in his broken down truck. A retired trucker spotted him and offered him dinner and a bed for the night. The bed contained the old guy’s toothless wife. If you could believe the story, he used her three holes while the husband masturbated.

In the morning the couple had given him a lift back to the truck. She had given him a blowjob in the cabin while the mechanic changed the diff. When the repairs were complete the young guy fucked her arse while the mechanic was sucked off.

They all lived happily ever after, getting together for gangbangs on a regular basis. There was even a mobile phone number for prospective swingers. I had often thought about ringing one of the “married cumsluts” whose numbers are found in public toilets but I had never had enough guts. I washed my hands and headed back to the diner. As I walked through the narrow corridor I passed one of the cashiers. She was a large woman Betturkey in her late thirties. Her uniform was open enough to reveal most of her large breasts. Her hip rubbed against my arm. I apologised and she paused for a moment.

“Is there anything that I can help you with?” she asked as she pressed against me.

“Actually, there is,” I whispered to her with hesitation in my voice, “I’m concerned by the filth that’s written in the toilet.”

“Oh, really,” she replied “What about it?”

“It’s very explicit,” I said as I moved closer to her, “A lonely guy might get excited and become frustrated. It could lead to bad driving.”

“Oh, I hadn’t thought of that,” she said as she touched my arm, “but you should see the stuff that’s written in the truckers’ shower room. That stuff gives them a hardon every time.”

“Wow,” I said to her. I was nearly standing on her toes. I could feel her breasts pushing against my chest, “I better check that out one day.”

“How about now?” she said as she squeezed my arm. “I’m about to clean up in there. I could wash your back and dry you off.”

Moments later she was closing a door behind me. In the shower room there was a row of lockers against one wall. In the middle of the room were some wooden benches. There were four shower cubicles at the far end of the room. All of them were being used. There were several piles of clothing and towels on the benches opposite. None of the cubicles had doors.

Explicit graffiti and cartoons were spread over every bit of wall space. Even the ceiling was covered with the dirtiest drawings imaginable. I stood for a few seconds looking at ceiling.

“Did you really come here to the read the ceiling?” the checkout operator asked me as she patted my backside.

She was looking at the naked truckers. She walked up to a jar on a small ledge near the lockers. She picked it up and counted the money in it. There were four twenty dollar notes.

“Give me twenty and you can have the shower of a lifetime,” she said as she pocketed the money. I quickly fished out some cash and put it into her hand. She moved to the middle of the room. She pushed the benches around to make a space. She started Betturkey Giriş to unzip her uniform.

“Hey, Johnny,” she called out and the trucker in the first shower turned around, “I’ll do this guy first, OK? You’re after him, then you other three, but, only one at a time. No shoving. If you guys crowd me I’ll pack up and go. OK?” They were all looking at her now. None of the showers were running.

She held their gaze until they had all nodded agreement. By then she was sitting on a bench. Her uniform was next to her shoes and stockings on another bench. Her large boobs were still in a lacy white bra. I could see the tip of one nipple poking through. She wore a white g-string that was partially hidden by the folds of her lower stomach.

She reached over and opened my fly, quickly releasing my cock. I was soft but the gentle squeezing of her fist soon had me hard. She pulled me closer and started licking the underside of my shaft. All the guys in the showers were watching, one of them already had his dick in his hand. She took one of my balls into her mouth. Johnny stepped out of the shower stood on the other side of her.

Johnny’s dick was thicker than mine but shorter. It was erect when she wrapped her other hand around it. She slowly jerked him off as she opened her lips wide and took my cock fully into her mouth. I felt her teeth lightly run along the length of it. She moved her head up and down it a few times. Her dark eyes looked up at me and I grabbed the back of her head. Johnny was standing close enough for her to rub the tip of his cock against her bra. I could see his pre-cum.

I looked across and the three guys in the showers were all rubbing their hard dicks.

The end of my cock bounced against the back of her throat. Her tongue was frantically working around it. She was a good cocksucker, plenty of warm saliva swirling around my shaft as she sucked. Johnny undid her bra and her tits were finally available for my hands. I grabbed one of her fleshy white mounds and he grabbed the other. He started pinching her nipple and her mouth went wild. It felt like she was going to swallow my foreskin!

I pinched the other nipple as her head bobbed up and Betturkey Güncel Giriş down on my pole. Her hand was swiftly working Johnny’s cock. Without warning he shot a load straight onto her tit. The sight of that sent me over the edge and I shoved my cock down the back of her throat. I spurted a load of hot come into her eager mouth. She swallowed every drop and sucked for more.

I got my breath back and pulled out of her hungry mouth. I sat on a bench as Johnny returned to the shower. He turned on the water and didn’t even look around as the other three guys walked over to her.

The largest of the three pushed his erection against her closed mouth. She kissed the end of it then ran her tongue along it. She got him to turn around. The other two guys were standing beside him, their cocks standing proudly to attention. She got him to bend over then, without warning, shoved her tongue into him. She pulled back and started licking his butt. She pushed her tongue deep into him then reached around and started masturbating his fat cock. After about a minute he ejaculated onto the concrete floor. She removed her tongue and pushed him away.

She stood up to remove her g-string and bent over the bench. In a flash one of the guys was plugging her gaping hole with his hard cock. He grabbed her hips and fucked her for all she was worth, plunging in and out of her at a great pace. He started to slow down as her reached under her and started to twist those reddened nipples. She moaned and started pushing her arse back against his thrusts. He was slamming it all the way into that juicy pussy. She loved it. He came loudly, collapsing on top of her.

He pulled out and the last guy took his place. He stuck his shaft all the way in then slowly pulled it out. The neon lights reflected the semen and pussy juice that oiled the length of it. Cum oozed out of her puffy swollen pussy lips. He shoved his boner back in then pulled it out again. He repeated this action several times then he settled in for the ride. He fucked her long hard. He grabbed those tortured tits and dug his nails into her nipples. She came, throwing her hair back and pushing against him with all her might.

He gave her one almighty thrust and shot his wad deep within her. She pushed back so hard that he nearly fell over. He stood there for a minute of two then slowly withdrew his cock from her soaking pussy.

The guys went back to their showers. She joined Johnny as I zipped up.

She cupped his balls as I shut the door walked on down the hall.

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