One Rainy Evening


One Rainy Eveningwanna see the girl live on cam for free: http://lockwall.xyz/54jSorting out the complications, Staying at the State Park and the Deflowering of Bobbie.When the three got back to their cottage they busily set about making their dinner. There were smoked pork chops and chicken breasts, potato salad, hot rolls and iced tea, in addition to myriad pastries remaining from the visit to The Grecian Table.After all were full, they put away the remaining food and sat down around the table to begin discussing plans with which to proceed with their lives. It was quickly agreed upon to live together, alternating between the two houses, until reaching a decision to or not to become a family, and to consider or not consider marriage.Bobby said that he had been thinking of finding a large piece of rural property to move onto for a while but had never pursued the idea. He described wanting a few hundred acres with woodland, ponds, farmland and pasture with his house near the center. He had envisioned a modest home with office space and a workshop to invent ideas and create them into existence. “Oh, Daddy, would it have a****ls and a swimming pool?” Bobbie exclaimed.“Baby Girl, it could have just about anything that we want. I intend to have it done to my specifications and I have enough money to accomplish it. I will let you decide what you want since we have agreed that I am now your Daddy. You will have access to it regardless of the final outcome of our family situation. I have a strong feeling that we are going to be close from now on and will proceed accordingly,” Bobby offered.Bobby said that he would call a real estate broker the next morning and get that project on the way.Bobbie and Janet looked at each other and smiled broadly. “Daddy, can I have a horse? I have always wanted one but have never even ridden one. That would be so cool!” Bobbie pleaded.“Sweetheart, you may certainly have a horse if you want one. We should probably have one for each of us, even,” Bobby answered, “I mean to make your lives as fun and comfortable as I possibly can. Having you two around is making me a very happy camper and I intend to show it!”“Daddy, Daddy, DADDY,” Bobbie shouted, tears streaming down her pretty face, “You are the best Daddy in the whole world! I love you SO much. Mom and I are the luckiest girls to have you. I want to live with you for the rest of my life.”“You know what?” Bobby asked, “I want to live with you for the rest of my life, too. Right now, that goes for you, too, Janet. I cannot see living without you two. We seem to have been brought together for a reason and I, for one, want to try it. We are three of the most unlikely people in the world to have the relationship that we have. I agree that we are all three the luckiest to have each other.”“What would you two think about starting a group to orient transgendered k**s towards satisfactory and productive lives? I think that letting them visit our home and seeing how we get along could work wonders. Of course, we would have to not mention our private lives, just give them the freedom to be themselves and understand that their position is not impossible to live with. I don’t mean to administer psychological treatment, just open doors for them. I know that Bobbie went through a hard life for most of her years, but she is fortunate to have had you, Janet, to talk her along. I’m afraid that most k**s do not have that,” Bobby mused, “We will have to work on that, I think.”“Now, I want to get started listing all of Bobbie’s talents, achievements, and accomplishments. I have been so impressed gaziantep escort with you, My Daughter. You are a very smart young lady, and I want to know all about you. Janet, if you know someone who is qualified and willing to do an extensive IQ panel as well as capabilities screening, please arrange to do so. I have someone in mind that should be great in that endeavor in case you don’t. Or, we could have it done by more than one and get an even broader picture,” Bobby said.“Well, I have an acquaintance who is a clinical psychologist. She should be a good choice,” Janet said.“Excellent,” Bobby replied, “and I have a brother who is a clinical psychologist, too, and he is a very broadminded and understanding guy who would probably love to take Bobbie on as a project.”“We must start thinking about getting Bobbie ready for college soon,” Janet remarked, “Are you sure that you want to go into electronic engineering, Baby?”“Absolutely, Mom,” Bobbie answered,”I really want to work with Daddy and do what he does.”“I’ll tell you both that I intend to personally deliver her to school and pick her up afterward, each day. I believe that between the two of us, we know enough people around the school to ensure that she have safe places to go at any time. It’s a big school, but it can be safe if one takes care. I have an app for Android phones that shows its GPS location at all times, and utilizes radio triangulation in addition. I’ll show you here on my laptop,” Bobby added.“Does either or both of you have smart phones?” Bobby asked.“No, we don’t,” Janet answered, “I could not justify the cost.”“That little detail will be corrected tomorrow,” Bobby said, “I will not have you two unprotected for so little cost. We will have a Smart-Phone Operation class and address several of the benefits.”“Wow, Mom, Daddy takes care of his girls!” Bobbie exploded. “Another thing that I have in mind is about you, Janet. Please let me take care of your expenses so that you can go to school on a full-time basis and complete your doctorate much sooner than your present schedule allows. If you feel that you have need to repay me, you may. It won’t be required. I have the feeling that you and I will be happily married in the not so distant future. That will help my adopting Bobbie very much, I think,” Bobby added.“Oh, Bobby….that would be such a relief for us. If it were anyone other than you I could not even consider that, but I too, think that we are going to be a legal family soon and that just makes perfect sense to me. I love you, Bobby. I never thought I could imagine having someone like you as my partner. For once in my life, I can dream! I was never able to do that. Bobbie feels the same,” Janet said, beginning to weep.“Whoa, hold on there, you two. You mustn’t forget that I am also fortunate finding you two. My life was drab and cold until you came along. We are all going to rise to the occasion! This will be a group effort. We will work together and exceed our wildest fantasies. You’ll see!” Bobby insisted. “HAH!, speaking of rising to the occasion, it seems like Bobbie is rising again. You are the horniest girl that I have ever known. What am I going to do with you?” Bobby chided.“You promised that you were going to do something very special for me, in case you have forgotten,” Bobbie injected.“Oh, no, my horny little pleasure, I have not forgotten. If we have no further business to discuss, may I suggest that we lock up and go to bed? I hope that you are ready for what you have ordered, Little One, because I am ready to grant your wish,” Bobby promised.“Mommy, escort bayan he’s gonna make me a real girl!” Bobbie screamed.“Bobbie, I keep telling you that you ARE a real girl. I am just going to do the only thing that I haven’t done to you yet. Making love to you is unique. We will do anything and everything that you wish. Your orgasms are not like boys have. Yours are like girls have, slow to peak and then much longer than a boy would ever experience. Your semen comes out very slowly but in great quantity. I love it when you do it. It pushes me over the edge and makes me have long and slow ones, too. I have never had these kinds before. Everything about you is a girl, and you are MY girl. I am very lucky to have you,” Bobby explained.“And, Janet; you are like a virgin. You are learning how to make love and I am feeling so important to be the one you are learning with. You are everything a man could ask for in a woman. You’re extremely intelligent, beautiful, sexy and real. I can’t help falling in love with you and I don’t want to be without you,” Bobby added.“To be honest, I have only been with one other girl, and that was when I was 18. She and I had been dating for a couple of months and one night she told me that she wanted to “Go To The Next Level”. I was glad to accommodate and so we did it at her house one night. She told me the next day that I had no idea what I was doing and that she was through with me. I told her that she was my first and that it was obvious that I was her first, so what could she expect? She turned and walked away and I never tried it with another woman. I had experimented with a few boys earlier, and liked being sucked but couldn’t get interested in sucking a boy. I have always been very heterosexual. What a joy to have met you, Bobbie, and then you, Janet. My life has started back again,” Bobby confessed.Picking Bobbie up, and putting his other arm around Janet, he went to the bedroom and began undressing Bobbie, telling Janet to wait and he would undress her, too. When he had them both naked, they pushed him down onto the king-sized bed and began stripping his clothes off. Bobbie was extremely hard, as usual, and Janet’s clit was very prominent for a change, and she was leaking down her thighs.“I can’t wait for you to do what Bobbie wants,” Janet whispered.“Are you really going to do it, Daddy?” Bobbie asked hopefully.“Yes, but I think that we should go slowly and carefully, Baby,” Bobby said.“I know that I want to try it, Daddy, and you won’t hurt me. Just do what you think is right. I love you, Daddy,” Bobbie said in a very quiet voice.“O K, Sweetheart, I am going to put this slick lube on you and me. I think that we can do this if you can relax. We are in no hurry, remember that. If I can do it right, it shouldn’t be very painful if any at all. I will be watching you very closely for any sign of pain, hopefully before you can tell me. Are you ready?” Bobby asked his daughter.“Yes, Daddy. Mommy, will you hold my hand, please,” Bobbie said, hesitantly.“Here we go, Little Girl. Now, keep looking at me straight into my eyes. I’m going to put my finger in you first. Oh, that’s it, Baby. Just stay relaxed like that. Very good! OK, now I am going to put what you want into you. That’s good, you’re still relaxed. The head of my penis is in you now. Stay relaxed, now….. That’s just fine, Baby, look down at it now. I am halfway in your sweet body! You are so tight and it’s so hot in there! You are doing so good! Bobbie, I am all the way inside you and you haven’t even moved or twitched. Do you want me to begin going in and out of you?” Bobby asked, sweetly.“Yes, Daddy, please make love to me now. This is the most beautiful feeling in the world. Do I feel good to you, Daddy?” Bobbie cooed, softly. “This is the most intense feeling that I have ever experienced, Baby Girl. Good is not even close to how you feel to me,” Bobby told his sweet little daughter.Bobby then noticed that tears were pouring down Janet’s face and she was smiling and beaming at the two making love.Bobby then began to flood his own tears from the sheer intensity of the feelings between the three of them. Bobby continued making love to Bobbie, who was now weeping, too, with a huge smile on her face.All of a sudden, Bobbie began bucking up against Bobby in an almost wild fit of abandonment, pumping up into Bobby like a machine, and panting and whimpering as she discovered she could do her part along with her Daddy.“Oh, Daddy, I feel it coming! I feel it coming, please don’t stop, Oh, please don’t stop, don’t stop………..AHHHHHHHHHhhhhh……… DON’T STOP!” she cried as her little 3 inch tool began to expel its cream all over her tummy, “Daddy, It feels so good! Please don’t stop.”As Bobby injected his sperm into his daughter, she could feel his dick twitch and spasm while she continued to squirt hers with every inward thrust of his against her prostate. When she finally finished her orgasm, Bobby put his arms around her and pulled her tightly against him as he rolled over onto his back, still inside her. Janet moved over and put her arms around the exhausted pair and cried with joy. About two hours later, Bobby woke up with an urgent need to pee. He, reluctantly withdrew his now soft dick from his daughter’s still tight bum hole, causing her to moan in protest.“I’m sorry, Baby, but I have got to pee,” he told her.Laughing, Bobbie said “I do, too!”He picked her up and took her to the toilet. He waited for her to sit down and spread her legs apart, kneeled down and peed with her, their penises touching and side by side. When they were through, Bobby got a warm damp washcloth and cleaned her cum from both their tummies, Bobby complaining that he had not been able to swallow it while it was still fresh.Bobby picked her up and returned her to the bed where he kissed his daughter from head to toe and back again, being sure to spend extra time with her no longer virginal hiney hole, her cute little dick and her tiny boobies. When he finished, Bobbie was completely asleep.Janet was watching with love as he completed the deflowering of their daughter.Janet told Bobby that she had just witnessed the most beautiful thing that she could imagine. Bobby asked her if she would like for him to make love to her, now.“No, I want to make you feel good this time and sample some of what Bobbie got from you,” she said as she scooted down and took his soft tool into her mouth, “Do you have any left for me?” she asked, coyly.“I don’t know, My Love, but you may try to find out,” he replied.After about five minutes of her new-found way to play, he became harder and harder until he was, once again, completely hard. He became aware of an intrusion into his hiney hole as Janet probed to find what she had seen the results of, now several times. When she located his prostate, he jumped and she began to massage it until he warned her that he was about to blow. She hummed and began to swiftly suck his dick while swiftly going up and down on it, licking the head and under it every upstroke. Bobby let a huge load into her mouth and she swallowed it all, not missing a drop. Janet kissed Bobby intensely and told him how much she was in love with him, then lay down and spooned up against him. Bobbie, sleepily, told them that she enjoyed the show and went back to sleep on top of her daddy.* TO BE CONTINUED *

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