one saturday night


Me and my grandma were going to go pick up my cousin that lives in a town just a few hours away.She and I had always had a close relationship as cousins,we were like best friends when we were younger .But as I got older and my hormones started to kick in I started to notice how hot she really was.She had blonde hair, blue eyes. Not very developed tits yet but she was only 13, but what she lacked in tits she made up for in the ass. In all honesty it was the best ass I have ever seen.Also with growing up I noticed that she had become a litle bit of a brat,But that just made me want her more.(by the way im about 5foot10 weigh 185 pounds mostly muscle blue eyes brown hair and im 14).

When we finally got there I was happy to see her (not her personality,her body). She was happy to see me to i guess cause she gave me a hug when she saw me.I maintained a unhardend penis because even though she was hot as hell and I wanted to be able to fuck her she was my cousin and i did not want her to notice and over react

Later when we reached home she asked me “Jason can I play your playstation” I said “sure why not Brooke” Just seeing her walk made my penis hard for a 14 year old ,it was about average 6 to 6 and a half inches but good enough.I folloed her into my room and she just ploped her lovley ass right on my bed like it was her house, but I did not mind.

When we finally got bored of playing video games we wached t.v for a while untill it was Tandoğan Escort time for bed, she huged me goodnight and went into the guest bedroom. Immediatley i put my face on the spot she had been sitting the whole time and smelled the sweet smell, after absorbing the nice aroma I jacked off, I blew my load quicker than usuall that night,after i did I dicided to ask her the folloing day to do it with me. I had the perfect plan if she diclined i would just say “just kiddin” or somthing.

The next morning i remembered my plan and decided to wait for the perfect moment to ask her, I felt a little like a pervert but who cares (I bet most of you would bang your cousin if she was this hot). Later on in the afternoon around 5:00, i decided it was now or never but i got delayed because she was fighting with me over the right of the remote, when she scratched me i got pissed and threw the remote right at her and hit her in the stomach.she started to cry,and theres nothing that turnes me on more and makes me fell real bad more that a girl crying.she ran into the guest bedroom and started crying some more.

Only about 30 seconds after hearing her cry my guilt got to me and I went and gave her a hug and stroked her hair as she cryed on my shoulder and I said I was sorry for hurting you.after she stoped crying and she calmed down a little bit,i started to tickle her,at first she resisted from laughing,but Tunalı Escort eventually started laughing and giggleing,I tickled her untill she begged for me to stop.

While we were laying there I started to ask her the question but as I was about to she stoped me and asked me”would you want to do it with me”,my eyes immediately got wide and I started to say hell yeah,but I thought about it and instead said”why do you ask”?She started to blush and replied” I dont know….I just always wanted to know how it felt…and….Ive…kinda always ……wanted to ask you to do it with me…..and I always hoped you would say yes” I started to grin as she said “I hope you dont think im a whore or somthing”I said “no I dont think you are a whore and If you want I guess I can have sex with you,BUT I want you to be on top ok”.she said okay and all of a sudden she went over and sat right on the top my chest and she started to unbutton her pants. when she got them down she threw them in the floor and she was left with her panties and shirt. she took of her little shirt and I saw her exposed boobs.Although they wernt that big they were still very nice.now all she had on were her panties.while still sitting on my chest she pulled them down and I was amazed at the body she had. And right in front of my face I saw that lovley pussy of hers.She dropped her panties right on my face and let out a little giggle. then she retreated Türbanlı Escort near my cock now erect, she got on the edge of the bed on her knees and unzipped my pants and let my dick come out.

With my fully erect cock ready for anything she was going to do to me.She started to suck my cock. Now ive heard about blowjobs but I did not know it would fell this good.It just made it feel even better with her making all of them slurping sounds and her spit running down my dick.”Ahh Jason, you taste so good…I cant wait till you are inside me” .After a few minuites I said stop im about to cum. she said alright and waited for minuite then she started to play with it to work it back up again. and then she went and started to grind her sweet little tight pussy on my dick,and she started to moan and groan as she was bouncing on my dick”Oh god ahhh help….ooo ahh ” she kept on moaning untill she had a very intense orgasm. She started gasping”Ahh im cumming ohhh” when she finally stoped panting I stood up, picked her up off the bed and bent her over and started to bone her in the ass. I loved her little ass hole squeezing around my dick it felt so good. I stoped before I cummed and she looked at me with a pissed off look and said “Why the hell did you stop”. I did not say a word as I layed her down and stuck my cock between her underdeveloped tits and told her to work them up and and down. shey obeyed and worked her tits up and down my dick untill I blew my load all over her face and tits.

After it was all said and done she put on all of her clothes and went and sat on my lap and whispered in my ear “we will have to to this again sometime”. I guess its easy to guess that from then on I hoped that I could see her again real soon.

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