Big Tits

I might as well quit!

I sat in the changing room of my boss’s pool house, face in my hands, crying to myself. I had been half way up the pool’s ladder, just the lower half of my legs in the water when the hip ties of my bikini came undone. I hadn’t felt it at first and continued my climb. But the breeze on my exposed sex and the hoot from several of the guys in the pool let me know I was in trouble.

I had tried to put it back in place but all I could do was hold the fabric against my pubic hairs. I ran for the change room and here I sat, crying.

“Shannon, open the door.”

It was the boss’s wife Sharon, asking again to let her in.

“Shannon, hun, come on. Bill’s taken the rest of them inside.”

I leaned over and undid the lock, sitting back down with the towel over my lap. Sharon slipped in, closed the door, and locked it. She put her arms around me and I cried into her shoulder. I’m not a terribly innocent child but there were plenty in the pool that I didn’t want to see my pussy.

Sharon whispered into my hair, stroking my shoulders and back. It felt nice.

“I’m sorry.”

“Sssh, no need for apologies, it was just an accident. One that few are going to forget but still just an accident.”

I looked up into her face and saw her smile. I gave a little laugh too. I pounded one fist onto my knee “Stupid, stupid, stupid.”

Sharon xslot giriş gave me another hug. “Quit killing yourself. The guys all got excited, some of the girls too I think and the gals that didn’t, well, they gave their guys a good thump!”

Another chuckle.

“In fact, I don’t Bruce is going to get any from his wife for some time to come. She’s so mad, the water turned to steam around her!”

Sniff and laugh.

Sharon leaned down, perhaps to kiss my forehead but I had turned my face up to thank her. Her kiss fell nearly on my lips. She pulled her head back but kept her hands on my shoulders. I just smiled and sniffed again.

“Thanks.” I said. Sharon kept looking at me, strange. Then her pressure on my shoulders increased and she drew me towards her, her lips gently falling on mine and holding me there. I closed my eyes and sighed. Slowly Sharon increased her lip pressure until our lips parted and tongues began to caress.

Sharon suddenly pulled back. “I’m sorry Shannon.” And she made to get up. I grabbed her hands. “No, no, its okay…it felt nice.”

Sharon stared down at me again, searching my eyes. I pulled her hands down and lay them on my chest, the thin fabric of my bikini top the only thing separating us. Sharon shivered. She knelt down in front of me her hands gliding over my breasts, the fingers teasing the xslot rising mounds there.

“Shannon, it’s been so long.” She was shaking. I put my hands on her face and drew our lips together again. When we finally parted I asked, “What do mean it’s been so long?”

“I’ve had female lovers before Shannon, but it’s been years.” Her hands never stopped and I discovered that one of my breasts was exposed. “We use to have such wild times Shannon, Bill and I. We were quite the swingers. But age crept up on us.”

“Nonsense!” I said, coming my fingers through her thick wavy hair, fingers sliding over ear lobes and neck. “You are very beautiful!”

Sharon bent lower and kissed my nipple. I pulled her head onto my breast and she began to suckle me. I closed my eyes, tilted my head bad, lips slightly parted and moaned. Her fingers kept busy and she was able to free the other breast. Her mouth paid attention to that nipple too.

The towel was pulled off my lap and her fingers slid over my bush.

“I saw this in the pool and I my mouth watered from the memory.” Sharon whispered into my chest. I shuffled my ass forward, nearly off the bench and Sharon crouched lower, her tongue sliding over me. She explored me, like a lover returning to the scene, she picked her way through familiar territory until I was begging her to let do her.

But Sharon remained there between my legs, expertly licking, eating, and sucking me. And when her fingers entered my wet hole, I cried out just a little. Sharon ran her tongue hard against my clit, strong slow strokes while fingering me madly. The combination of speeds drove me wild and suddenly my cunt clamped down on her fingers and I came.

Sharon continued to clean me. “My turn.” I gasped.

“No time right now sweetie, we have to get you into the house. But will you promise to stay?”

“Yes, yes, of course I will.”

Sharon helped me get my top rearranged and knelt to my side to tie the bikini bottoms, giving one of my cheeks a playful nibble. I slipped up the stairs when we entered the house to get my clothes on. When I came back down, everyone was gathered in the entertainment room. The guys leered, a few of the wives scowled, but over at the bar, Sharon was whispering into Bill’s ear. He turned to her as if shocked. She rose up on her toes and gave him a big wet kiss.

Sharon slid back down, smiling up at him. Bill passed his tongue over his lips and his eyes grew wide. He turned and stared at me. Sharon waved me over.

I sat on the stool in front of the bar and nearly laughed at the biggest grin on Bill’s face. “What can I get for you Shannon?” he asks.

“I have a pretty good idea.” whispered Sharon and she playfully slid her hand along my thigh as she walked away to join the party.

“Really?” Bill asked, handing me a drink.

“Really.” I answered, winked and turned to the party myself. I hoped it wasn’t going to be too long before the other guests left.

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