Orgasm Therapy Ch. 03


Juan was always on my mind, by dint of his paying delicious attention to virtually every part of my body.

The sexy 25-year-old dark-skinned Latino was my physical therapist, having come to my house following hip-replacement surgery. Nothing untoward happened between us at first. After all here I was, a laid-up 60-something business woman with a sorry sex life with her own husband, dressed in dowdy sweatpants and top, feeling sorry for myself and not particularly attractive.

But Juan changed that. This kind, gentle soulful young man had not so much seduced me, as let the palpable electricity between us play out. He was gorgeous, so compassionate and gentle, and I, admittedly, was ripe for the picking. My husband paid little attention to me as is, less so in my current rehabilitative condition. Separate bedrooms we used now were a stinging, cold metaphor for the separate lives we lived.

That first time, our first sexual encounter, had come about when I’d asked Juan to get me a pen from my side table drawer, and he came across my trusty vibrator. One thing led to another and the gracious young man offered me a most blissful other form of therapy: He used the vibrator on me, and when the battery died, his fingers, magic and long and insistent.

On our second encounter, his oral attention was divided between my toes, something I’d not enjoyed before, and my pussy. And following that, mine was on him, his glorious long, fat cock, and I fellated him as I lay in bed, his explosive orgasm layering my face, neck and tits with his copious load.

Which he then licked off. This man, this boy-child really, was a magician with his body, endlessly surprising and delighting me.

Now I lay in bed waiting our third encounter. He’d been coming thrice weekly, and the day in between his visits was torture as I awaited his return. I had given thought to shaving my genital area; it is rather thickly vegetated, I must say, and something I thought no man would be fond of, but Juan relished it.

He loved the texture, the sight of it, the smell, the taste. I waited for him now, under the blankets in my tight running shorts, short white socks and clingy top with no bra beneath, anticipating, sneaking a hand into my damp bush and thinking of him.

He moved like a cat, this sinewy bundle of dark muscle, and was in my room before I knew he’d even come in the house; I’d given him a key to enter, and now he stood in the doorway, beaming that electric smile, all gleaming white teeth and smooth mocha skin.

“My dear Mrs. Tremblay,” he laughed as I was startled and pulled my hand out of my shorts with a sheepish smile. “That’s my job, remember?”

“Of course it is, dear boy,” I giggled, opening my arms and hugging him as he walked to me and sat on the bed. “Of course it is…”

He brushed back my silky blonde hair, framing my face with his long fingers. Smiling, he kissed me. A peck at first, then slowly invading my mouth with his impossibly long, talented tongue. I moaned, melting to his touch. He broke the kiss and stood.

“Now, Mrs. Tremblay, shall we get on with therapy, before…” he smiled, eyeing me up and down with respectful appreciation, “we get on to orgasm therapy?”

“Of course, Juan, you’re the boss, you’re the expert, in all ways,” I sighed.

We labored through the mechanics of therapy, working my legs up and down, back and forth, stretching to the point of pain, but pain never really came. Every time he laid those fingers on me, cupping my muscular old calves or kneading my thighs or holding me around the waist to steady me on my feet, I felt nothing but pleasure. He made me, as always, come alive and transcend any physical limitations I may have been feeling.

It took a good hour, maybe less, of moving about, bending, stretching, working through the routine.

It was a warm day and I was sweating heavily. Juan, in his tight white t-shirt and snug white therapist pants, looked cool as a cucumber, his chiseled torso pressed tight to the fabric of his shirt, his ass muscular and hard in those pants. He looked good enough to eat.

He guided me on a walk through the house, after slipping my running shoes on my socked feet, standing by me, encouraging me, always there with a quick steadying hand should I falter. We chatted about things, life, sports, politics, and then he guided me back to my bedroom.

“You’re doing very, very well, Mrs. Tremblay, I am so very pleased with your progress,” he said proudly, now standing close, hands on my hips, our crotches pressed together. “So very, very well…”

He kissed me now, deeply and fully, probing my mouth with his tongue, his fingers caressing my back, massaging it and lower, to cup my ass in my shorts, taking my breath away. Physical therapy was over. Orgasm therapy had commenced.

“It’s good that you stand as much as possible, to gain strength in your hip, to get your balance back,” he said, pulling his mouth from mine and nuzzling the folds of skin on my aging neck, an area I’d always hated but which Juan relished, tonguing and sucking the flesh. “Can you stand for me awhile longer?”

“As Bornova Escort long as you’d like, my love,” I sighed, my hands running through his dark hair as his mouth worked my neck.

He laughed and pulled away, holding his arms out to the side.

“Well then,” he said, slowly kneeling, his eyes fixed on mine, his hands at the waistband of my short shorts, tugging them down. “Stand for this, if you don’t mind…”

My shorts and panties were off with one expert motion, and I kicked them away. Looking down, I couldn’t help notice the smile widening on my therapist’s face as he knelt, inches from my sweat-matted bush. He moved closer, his hands around the backs of my thighs. He inhaled deeply and moaned.

“My God, Mrs. Tremblay,” he hissed, running his nose into my fur, up and down and inside, gently grazing my clit, making me gasp. “I cannot get enough of your scent. It is magic..it is heaven…”

And then he was in me, his tongue, parting the hair, the lips, finding its target and drumming at it. His tongue, wet and hot, flickered like a lizard’s, making me moan, my hands in his hair. He licked with such accuracy, such intensity, my orgasm mounted quickly. Now he moved his tongue lower, bending his head back a bit, the length of that tongue entering my wet hole as his nose moved in circles over my clit.

“Oh my GOD, Juan!” I cried out, holding his head by the sides and urging him in deeper, spreading my thighs slightly to allow it further entry and letting the fleshy interiors of them hug his face, pressed against his cheeks, holding him tightly in place.

I humped now at his face, hearing my grunting groans of mounting passion, noises I’d never made with anyone but Juan before. I held his head, thrusting at his face, grinding him, swiveling my hips and flexing my slightly saggy ass to pump my sex into his mouth. He swallowed over and over, groaning in pleasure, tonguing the hole and I felt my orgasm fill him. I don’t know how long I came but it seemed to last forever and not nearly long enough. I released his face from my thighs and hands, and smiled. It was possessed of a dreamy smile, and a thick, shiny layer of the results of his work.

“Wow,” I sighed, pulling him to his feet to kiss him, lick him clean and share it with him. “Amazing…as always…Juan, you are just…amazing…”

We kissed a few moments more and he pulled back, smiling, gently turning me around.

“Can you stand for a little while longer?” he asked, his hands cupped under my fleshy cheeks, massaging them, opening them wide. “I have another method you may enjoy…”

In the full-length mirror on one wall, I watched him kneel behind me, a mesmerized look on his handsome face as it neared my ass. That’s another part of my body I’d long not like, gone slightly saggy and wrinkled as I approached and hit my 60s. But now, as Juan moaned looking at it, his fingers massaging the flesh, spreading my cheeks wide, his face going slowly inside, I felt like a 20-year-old beauty queen.

“OH MY GOD!” I cried out, feeling his tongue enter me where no tongue had entered before. “No one…oh my GOD Juan! No one has ever…licked me…licked my bum!”

He laughed at my coy term and vibrated his head back and forth, eager to get deeper, his tongue spearing my tight rectal ring and plunging in and out, wetly and loudly, his moans echoing in the sweaty chasm of my ass. It was unbelievable; I’d toyed with my own ass before, using various vibrators and small dildos, and it was good, but this was otherworldly. His talented tongue, long, red hot and probing, tickled every anal nerve ending in its reach, and I was nearly cumming from it.

Then I went quickly over the edge as Juan worked one hand between my quivering thighs. He embedded his long thumb in my pussy, and with his index and middle finger scissored my lips, rubbing them back and forth, providing exquisite squeezing pressure on the oily clit between them.

I screamed in pleasure, or thought I did, but my mouth opened in a silent scream, my voice gone from me as my body climbed and surpassed the pinnacle of sexual ecstasy. All I heard was his moans, and the wonderfully obscene sounds of slurping as his tongue fucked my clenching asshole.

I came long and hard, feeling my gel gush out to coat his fingers and thumb as he buried his face deeper still in my ass. In the mirror I saw that head shake side to side, eager to go deeper, and his tongue burrowed in my rectum with a renewed intensity. I clamped down with my cheeks, trapping Juan’s adoring face inside and I felt his gasps for air as I smothered him in the saggy, white orbs of my butt.

When I finally stopped cumming, he ever so slowly pulled his hand from my sopping bush, and mouth from my ass with a sexy slurping wet sound. He gently kissed and licked each butt cheek, working up my back, peeling off my top as he did. He licked up between my shoulder blades, then my shoulders, nuzzling his adoring face to my neck, suckling the meatiness of it.

I felt his cock press into my ass through his pants. He held me around the waist with one hand, twisting Bornova Escort Bayan my nipples with the other. I felt his cock grow hotter against me. He raised his hand to my mouth, the fingers wet, the palm glistening with me. I madly licked them, slurping myself off his palm and fellating each of his long, strong, wet fingers.

He turned me in his arms and planted his mouth to mine, and we shared my fluids, kissing madly, our faces gone smeary with my orgasmic slime. Finally, our kiss broke and he stood back, smiling at me. I stepped forward, peeling off his tight shirt, gasping at the sight of that marvelously dark, muscular chest and rock-ribbed belly.

“Oh, Juan,” I groaned, watching with wide-eyed wonder as he dropped his pants, that thick, veiny cock springing up free, the head wet and throbbing.

“Now then, Mrs. Tremblay,” he smiled, guiding me back to the bed. “A bit more therapy…”

I lay back and Juan lifted my legs, his strong hands under my knees, slipping down my calves to grip me around the ankles. Gently, he worked them in a bicycle motion, pumping them back and forth, alternately driving each knee toward my chest. The stretch felt great, his hands surely guiding my legs. He smiled down between them, watching my pussy lips rub together and open, the insides gleaming and wet and anxious.

He stepped forward, dipping slightly, the tip of his cock brushing my hole. I gasped, inhaling with a start and holding my breath as I felt his thickness fill me. He continued to work my legs in the bicycling motion, pumping them, each slow movement taking him deeper inside my aching pussy.

“OH FUCK!” I cried out, head snapping side to side in delirious pleasure as he nestled deep, balls against my ass, filling me like no man had ever or would. “OH FUCK!”

He didn’t fuck me as much as he held himself tight and deep inside me, letting my legs do the work, pumping, pumping, pumping with his hands guiding them. He worked them slightly faster and harder, the resulting pressure growing tighter on the cock trapped between them. I felt him thicken, the plum-sized head swell, his balls pulsating against my wet ass still slick from his mouth. I looked into his eyes. The lids were fluttering. He was close.

“Fill me, Juan,” I moaned in a dark throaty growl. “Cum…”

“Oh… Mrs…Mrs… TREMBLAY!!” he cried out.

He still hadn’t fucked me, just held fast deep inside me, pumping my legs, yet he exploded, his gorgeous cock spurting a massive load, scorching my womb, filling me up with endless jets of his glorious young cum. I came from the force of his orgasm, feeling the thick sticky ropes of sperm coat the walls milking them. He came for a good 30 seconds, holding fast and deep inside me. He had never once moved his cock in and out. He had only moved my legs to gain the friction he needed. This kid’s magic ways knew no bounds.

He sighed, and let go of my ankles, my legs falling to the bed, shaking. His cock slipped out as he pulled back, a sheath of white around it, his cum and mine. I felt the cool air rush over my dripping pussy and felt his fluid ooze out.

“There’s so much,” I giggled. “So much of you…you came so hard, Juan, my God, you came so hard, so much…”

I moaned now as I watched him kneel, gently parting my shaking thighs, exposing me fully to him. His smacked his lips as he watched my hole widen and fill with white. A dollop dripped thickly into my asshole.

“Allow me, dear lady,” he sighed.

The first time Juan had eaten his own cum, it was off my tits, my neck, my face after I’d blown him. And I came as a result. Now, his tongue speared my gooey hole and his mouth attached to it, sucking, slurping, seeking out every thick juicy bit of his sperm, swallowing it down eagerly, his handsome head twisting to get deeper. And I came again, hard and fast, feeling him work to clean me, my thighs involuntarily slapping shut around his neck.

I squeezed hard, hard as my post-operative hip would allow, and felt him struggled for air in my vise grip thighs. I came in his mouth, my fluid mixing with his, and Juan didn’t miss a drop, slurping down the gooey combination, his long tongue probing, scooping out more and dipping down into my asshole to get any that had leaked there.

I finally stopped cumming, releasing his trapped face from the prison of my squeezing thighs. He sat back, smiling, lips, chin and cheeks a pearly smear of us.

“I’m sorry, Juan, you couldn’t breathe, I’m sorry I squeezed you so hard!” I laughed, hand to my mouth.

“Don’t be silly, all part of the therapy!” he laughed, standing up to lean over me, my tongue eagerly probing his face, cleaning it of us. “That you can scissor your legs so hard is a very good sign, Mrs. Tremblay, you are very close to full recovery!”

He put his hands around my hips now, gently rolling me to my belly, my legs together. He straddled them on the bed, his wet cock slipping into the silky embrace of my calves, bending over to pepper my quivering ass with kisses. I moaned, louder still as his face nuzzled the cleft between my cheeks, tongue Escort Bornova tickling my sensitive anus.

“Wow, you can’t get enough of my ass, can you?” I giggled, feeling his tongue in my rectum.

“Have you ever, Mrs. Tremblay, had anal intercourse,” he groaned from the cave of my butt, tongue wiggling inside me.


“Oh my God, Juan, you want…do you mean?”

“Have you?”

“Uh, no, not technically…I mean I have played with…I have put things in there…”

“And how did it feel?” he asked, now slipping a finger into my tight ring, making me groan, his tongue dancing around it, lubricating it.

“It felt so gooooood,” I hissed. “Oh, please Juan, do it, fuck me, fuck me in the ass!”

“In time, in time,” he laughed. “We must get you ready first!”

He did, slowly, wetly, tonguing my asshole deeper, putting another finger in, probing deeply. He wiggled them side to side and I humped the bed in response. He took them out, licking them, and adding a third. In a few minutes, he had four long fingers completely inside my asshole, reaming me gently, pulling them out, pushing them in. Readying me for his big fat cock.

“I think you’re ready, Mrs. Tremblay,” he said, pulling his cock from my slick calves wet from his dick. “Slowly, we’ll go so very slowly and you will tell me if there’s any pain.”

“Of course,” I groaned, bunching my pillow in my face and biting it.

He got some lotion from my nightstand for extra lubrication, fisting his cock as he straddled my ass and the sound alone nearly made me cum. He ran some into my ass, rubbing it in with his other hand and then slowly, his legs astride mine, entered my virginal ass.

Truth be told, it hurt at first as the cock head penetrated the tight anal ring, a sharp, stinging pain. I moaned, wincing and he slowed. Then gently pushed in, a sexy quarter inch thrusts, kind and slow, and soon it felt heavenly, like just the thing my ass had been waiting for all my life.

And then we were fucking, Juan laying flat atop me, grinding, humping, pulling out and slapping down, his balls crashing against the backs of my thighs. He leaned into me, pumping, his mouth at my neck, licking the flesh of it. His hand ran under me, diddling my clit as his cock filled me from behind.

“It is good?” he asked with sweet compassion as I felt his sweat droplets sear my back which he licked off.

“So good, Juan, so good!”I cried out, clenching and relaxing my cheeks around his plunging cock. “Oh fuck me, Juan, FUCK MY ASS!!”

He did, so wonderfully, thrusting into me, filling me, his cock thick and hard and electrifying ever nerve in my ass. He fucked me until I came at his fingertips, and I felt his cock swell and give up a load nearly as copious as the first, filling my anal cavity with a searing wet heat. He collapsed atop me, gently thrusting, his cock wilting only slightly.

He pulled back and out, and my asshole throbbed as his cock left me, wanting it back inside, needing more contact, hungry and insatiable. The feeling of want surprised me and I was therefore delighted when I felt Juan dip his face to it, inside the cum-streaked cheeks, his mouth at the hole.

“Holy SHIT, Juan, really?” I cried out as he feasted on the cummy load in my dripping asshole. “FUCK!!”

He laughed, slurping madly, eating his load from my ass, his tongue long and strong inside the sloshy ring, gobbling it down eagerly. When he finished cleaning me, I rolled over, pulling his face to mine. I licked it frantically, relishing the taste of his cum and the funky aroma of my ass, a combined sensory overload that made my thighs clench in a miniature orgasm.

I needed more, I was hungry for more, I wanted more of his seed. Groaning, I pulled him over me, straddling my chest. Pressing my tits together in a wrinkled patchwork of flesh, I watched him press forward, spearing the folded meat of my tits, fucking them. He groaned, eyes rolling in his head, his cock slippery and wet, fucking my tits.

“Oh my God, Mrs. Tremblay, I’m…I’m gonna…cum again…again!!” he cried out.

“Give it to me, stud,” I heard myself growl, tilting my head down to watch his long cock disappear and then reappear in my tit embrace, the thick knob pulsating, brushing my chin. “Cum for Mrs. Tremblay, baby, all OVER ME!”

He did and I opened my mouth to capture the first ropy strand of cum erupting from his gorgeous cock, washing it around inside it, then felt another splash of hot goo on my face, and the rest oozing out into the thick mesh of my neck flesh, coating every inch. He stopped, pulled out and smiling down at me, stroked the last gob of his cream onto each of my thick brown nipples.

“Wow,” I sighed. “Just…wow…”

The wow continued as Juan, true to gentlemanly form, cleaned me. He suckled my tits, tongue washing the nipples clean, and then in between, sweeping the flesh, ingesting his seed. Up he came, to the wattle of my neck, moaning as his tongue worked each salty fold, suckling the meat into his mouth and swabbing every inch clean of his cum. His mouth worked up my throat to my chin and cheeks, washing over them and finally into my mouth. Our tongues flashed over each other’s and we worked the cum on them into a foamy lather. He pulled away and I gobbled up the strand of sperm bridged between our lips, kissing him, holding his gorgeous face in my hands.

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