Our Masturbation Journey Ch. 01


My ex-wife and I had a great sexual relationship and to be honest it was a shame that we split up. We started off like many new couples, shagging as often as we could but it was on our honeymoon that things got more exciting.

After a long drive out west, we checked into our tidy but small caravan close to the sea. As usual we got stuck into each other as soon as we were inside. The next day proved to be the turning point and it was after a mid-morning trip to the local village that we started role playing for the first time. This is something we would revisit often over the time we were together.

For our debut, I pretended I was coming to collect her rent and she would plead that she had no money. I knew she masturbated, as she often told me when she did. I knew this was an opportunity to do it together. It was simple. The more she agreed to my landlord demands, the more her bill was reduced.

A passionate kiss was the first demand but this was obviously not going to be enough to settle the “rent” bill. As she sat back Escort Başakşehir onto the couch, she moved her hands to her small but pert breasts asking me if that was any help. I nodded. She then opened her blouse and began to pinch her nipples, taking turns with each one. This was just the start and I can still remember how horny I felt watching her sitting on the couch with her blouse open, cupping one breast while tweaking the nipple on the other.

Her next step was to ask me if that was enough to wipe the debt. Of course it wasn’t. I told her to remove her khaki shorts, spread her legs and stroke her pussy over her pants. She started to do this with without any more encouragement and as she lay back on the couch, I could see a small damp patch beginning to form on her pink lace panties.

By now I was hard and feeling like I needed to stroke myself to relieve the ache. I unzipped my own shorts and let them fall slowly to the ground. As I did so, I put my hand inside my pants and began to stroke Bayrampaşa escort my cock slowly and gently watching my wife pressing her fingers against her pussy. I could see this was having an effect on my wife as she began to lick her lips while the movement of her hand became more urgent.

I could tell she was very turned on as she soon pulled aside her panties to reveal her ginger pussy which I could tell was already sopping wet. She sighed loudly as her fingers slipped between her lips and then moved up to start working on her clit. After a time she licked her fingers, tasting the juice which I could smell as it filled the air.

That was the sign for me to uncover my cock and begin my own pleasure in earnest. As I began to move my hand faster, she added to her own pleasure by pushing two fingers into her pussy. She began slowly thrusting them in and out, looking at me to see if that met my demands. She moved her right hand back to her clit, increasing the tempo of her circular motion while Beşiktaş escort bayan reaching down with her left to tease her sopping slit.

Quickly she removed her panties and left them hanging on one ankle and as she began to rub and finger herself with more conviction. Pretty soon we were moving in unison and both getting closer to orgasm. Her breathing increased and got raspier as she increased her speed, randomly inserting her fingers into her soaking pussy. By now I was on the edge and knelt down in front of her, with my cock inches from her pussy.

Without warning she took my cock in her hand and placed it against her pussy, rubbing the end against her clit and up and down her soft lips. I was close and I could tell she was too.

As she continued, she bit her lips and started to buck her hips to meet the approaching orgasm. I was struggling to hang on to my sanity and desperately needed to come.

Suddenly her mouth opened, her eyes clamped shut and her moans got louder and quicker. As the orgasm hit, her stomach clenched and her face contorted with pleasure as her hips rocked spasmodically to meet each wave of pleasure. Just as she was at her peak, I emptied my spunk all over her pussy and stomach and we collapsed in a sticky and spent heap.

As we came round, I told her that the bill was cleared. Today’s bill at least!

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