Outdoors fun


It was a gorgeous sunny day. My boyfriend and I were both off and decided that we would go and meet up with some friends for an afternoon session in the pub.We got ready and went on out to meet them. I was wearing a pair of purple hot pants, a cream see through sheer fabric top, a purple bra and matching thong, and to hide my modesty, at least for now, a short button up top as well.I felt pretty sexy with my long legs and toned stomach on show and as the drinks flowed and the sun shone down I began to get that familiar horny feeling, but, unfortunately there was nothing I could do about it in a crowded beer garden with all our friends around, or was there?I leaned in and began to kiss my boyfriend, my hand tracing up his leg under the table till soon I was massaging his stiff cock through his jeans. By this time my nipples were rock hard and my pussy was becoming wetter and wetter.Everyone around us seemed oblivious as to what we were doing. Without saying a word I got up, took my boyfriend by the hand istanbul travesti and led him down the alley beside the pub.I quickly dropped to my knees and opened his jeans, his stiff cock springing free, his helmet was bulging and his boxers were already damp with pre cum, more escaped as I slowly worked his foreskin back and forwards over the tip of his penis.I took him in my mouth and began to suck on his cock, taking him deep into my mouth till I could feel his balls on my chin. He began to rock back and forward fucking my mouth like it was a pussy bringing himself closer and closer to cumming.Then, we were both startled by a clatter from above. We looked up to find one of the bar tenders was sitting at the top of the fire escape, his jeans were open, his cock, which was already hard, was out and his mobile phone, the source of the noise, was lying a few steps further down.At first he seemed a bit shocked and taken back that we had seen him, as you would be, but my boyfriend soon put him istanbul travestileri at ease.“Don’t be shy mate, get yourself down here.”He quickly came down the fire escape and we found out that he had been on a break having a cigarette up there when we came down the alley. Our performance had got him rather excited and he decided to have a wank whist watching us.Everything was going fine until his phone slipped out his pocket and ruined his fun.“Tell you what mate,” my boyfriend said.“Free bottle of Champaign when we get back in and your fun is only just beginning.”The bar tender looked slightly shocked before eventually agreeing. I knew exactly what to do.I pulled down his boxers to reveal his now limp cock. He wasn’t anywhere near as big as my boyfriend. I began wanking him off and sucking on the end of his cock and he quickly became fully erect, well, all 4 inches of it anyway.I took him in my mouth and started sucking him off whilst playing with his balls. No sooner had I started swirling travesti istanbul my tongue around his helmet then I felt his balls tighten in my hands, he groaned and bucked his hips into me before shooting what felt like a gallon of cum into my mouth.I tried to swallow it all but it was impossible and some ended up dribbling down my chin onto my top.I let his again limp cock flop from my mouth and he quickly tidied himself up before jogging off towards the pub mumbling something about putting our drink on ice for us.Now it was my boyfriends turn, he was rock hard from watching me suck off the young bar tender. I went to take him in my mouth but he had other ideas.He bent me over the bottom of the fire exit steps and roughly pulled down my hot pants and thong.With one thrust he slid himself fully into my hot wet pussy. He fucked me hard and fast, each thrust taking me closer to orgasm. As my pussy contracted round his shaft and I stifled a scream with my orgasm ripping through me my boyfriend also let go and shot his load deep inside me.We quickly sorted ourselves out, found our free Champaign, which turned out to be sparkling wine, and rejoined the group to a few knowing stares and winks.We finished our drinks and decided that we were going to head home.

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