Owned by a Dom Pt. 03


“Learning My Place”

Will falls further into Derek’s trap (attempting a mix of 3rd person) comments appreciated

Things really went from sugar to shit in just the span of three hours. I went from a hotshot agent with the world at my fingertips to a desperate cocksleeve to the man I used to idolize. The following day was absolute hell, my poor throat felt raw and swollen, and I could barely breathe let alone speak. I called the office letting them know I wasn’t coming in, being seen like this was not an option.

Regret and shame were the first feelings to greet Will as his eyes opened, well mentally. The pain in his throat had only increased overnight, and he couldn’t fathom why Derek had done that to him. Even worse, he questioned himself as to why he let it happen instead of fighting back. The answer was clear, he knew he was gay, but he knew that he was submissive, he craved to be dominated and used like a cheap slut. It turned him on to be completely powerless at the mercy of another.

When I finally rolled out of bed the weight of the world fell on my shoulders, and I felt like crap. Looking in the mirror only served to kill what confidence I had left, My shame skyrocketed when my phone vibrated, I knew exactly who it was from without looking. When I opened the message, my sore jaw hit the floor, there was the video of me blowing Derek in his limo. The shameless slut that was choking on Derek’s dick was unrecognizable to me, that slut ignited a fire in my loins. My phone buzzed again with another message from Derek saying that if I didn’t want this video to get to my friends and family, I would be at his place that night.

Will couldn’t believe it, he was really being blackmailed by his idol, the very man whose poster stayed over his bed for almost nine years. Just the thought of Derek sent shivers down his spine, he was incredibly turned on but nervous as to what he had planned for him tonight. : Will thought out loud, Kurtköy Escort ” Maybe this won’t be so bad, it can’t get any worse than the limo”. He kept thinking about the limo and wondering if anyone saw him, it was just too much for his mind. Anxiety was driving him up the wall as he showered and shaved, he had to get ahold of himself.

I kept thinking about the text message, would he really send that video to everyone, it would absolutely ruin my life, my family doesn’t know I’m gay. This could kill my career and alienate me from my loved ones. I have to play this correctly, or ill lose everything. I knew I could find a way out, I just had to be careful and control the situation. I brainstormed the entire way to Derek’s house, I was going to assert my dominance and walk away from him for good. Pulling into his massive driveway, my confidence flew out the window with the rest of the air in my body. I began to panic on the inside as his security approached my car. They were polite, he had already alerted them that I was supposed to be on the property, and they walked me to the door. Although the staff seemed nice when I got to the door they chuckled and wished me good luck. That didn’t help my nerves at all, and when the door opened, the last shred of determination melted away like butter in a pan.

“It’s good to see you again Will, I knew you’d be back.” Will didn’t appreciate being talked down to by Derek and stepped closer to give him a piece of his mind but Derek turned away walking briskly, “Follow me, boy, you don’t get the luxury of my conversation.” Obediently Will followed behind him without question, he knew he had no leverage and would rather have not pissed Derek off early. They walked down a grand hallway until Derek turned left into a stairwell that led into a fully furnished basement. Will quipped, “Wow this is an amazing setup man, there’s so much space in here.” Derek gave him a warm smile, then grabbed Will Kurtköy Escort Bayan by the shoulders forcing him to his knees.

“This is the second time you’ve spoken without my permission bitch. It’s time you learn your place.” He looked down at me in disgust and slapped me hard. My face burned and my teeth rattled from the well-placed blow, I was a bit terrified not knowing what was coming next. I knew what was coming, if there was a camera, the audience would have also known it. Unfortunately for me, there were security cameras all over the mansion. He pulled out his massive prick and placed it on my lips telling me to get started, but defiantly I didn’t move and stared back at him. This made him angry, I could tell but he kept his composure, and simply pulled his phone out. “Don’t make me send this video Will, you don’t want to kill your career before it starts do you?”

I accepted my defeat, he had me by the balls and there was nothing that could be done, I couldn’t wrestle him for the phone. I opened my mouth and began licking the head of his dick. “Look at me while you do it cunt” It was just too much, I already felt broken and helpless, but I needed to please him. In the midst of my sucking his dick, a warm liquid started to run on my tongue, I tried to move away but his strong hand on my head stopped me. That cruel smile of his had returned, this bastard was pissing in my mouth, and worse he had his phone recording my torment. “Drink up sissy, and don’t miss a drop.” The acrid warm fluid slid down my gullet as I helplessly stared up at him, the shame of this moment was killing me inside.

Derek couldn’t believe how easy breaking this little bitch was, he was barely getting started with his plans and wondered if he’d even have to resort to his favorite measures. He pushed those thoughts aside as he was just about finished relieving himself. A more sinister thought gave way when he stopped his stream, making Will think his torment was over. As Will moved back, Derek unleashed a torrent of piss into his face. The poor guy sputtered and whimpered, but his desperate situation kept him still as he accepted the leftover piss that Derek shook onto him. The tears pooled up in Will’s eyes as he stared at the floor, his spirit in shambles.

My eyes stayed locked on the tile floor, I didn’t want to look at him, but I could feel his eyes on me just watching. But something felt odd, the energy in the air even felt different as he approached me. “Eyes on me sissy, I’m not anywhere close to being done with you.” He grabbed my chin forcing me to look up at him and then he held this bottle under my nose, “Take a whiff of this cunt, it’ll make you feel better.” I moved away from him but a swift kick in the balls floored me. Writhing on the floor in pain, he offered me the bottle once again, but this time I took a long whiff, not wanting another punishment. With that sadistic smile of his, he grabbed me by the arm dragging me to my feet with ease. My head was spinning and the colors in my vision swirled. Whatever was in that bottle was melting my mind.

Derrick dragged me down a hallway and then into a room that he unlocked as we went in and locked again only after setting me on a bench. My thoughts were still muddy as the bottle was held under my nose. I was rewarded with a pat on the head before things got fuzzy again. I heard the door open and a few quiet voices, but then my hands were cuffed behind my back and my legs forced apart. The only thing I could see was the floor and based on the voices id heard, there were at least three people in the room with us. A tug on my hair snapped me from my thoughts, and in front of me stood a fully naked Derrick and three hung guys with wicked looks on their faces.

I knew nothing was going to change what was going to happen to me at this moment, so I willingly opened my mouth as Derek placed the spider gag in it. He was surprised but gave me his signature smirk and patted my head once again. His friends in the back laughed saying “We’ll go easy this time, we might want to use him again.”

To be continued.

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