Owning Amber


I own a print shop in Miami and my life has most definitely changed. About a year ago, I hired a young girl named Amber. She had just turned twenty one. If a girl could look like a Barbie doll, Amber did. She had almost waist length blonde hair and bright blue eyes. Her breasts seemed perfect for her body. Her legs were very shapely and tan. I had to hire her that day. I found myself dreaming of what this girl would look like naked.
Amber was very skilled graphic designer. And most of my clients were calling for Amber to handle their designs personally. I soon changed the dress code for the shop allowing the ladies in the design room to wear casual clothes on Fridays. Amber normally would wear jeans and tee shirts on Fridays. The jeans held her heart shaped ass as if she was liquid and poured herself into them.
I was very happy with the way things were going with the print shop. The guys never missed a Friday and my customers were happy with the work we produced. Amber was a find. She worked hard and was great to look at. Then came August 23, 2004, Amber was late. The day went by and no call from Amber. I was a little worried about her and tried to call her. From what I knew of Amber, she was living at home with her mother and stepfather. She had no steady boyfriend that she ever talked about. I was closing the shop and everyone else had left for the day. I heard the front door open and in walked Amber. I could see she had been crying.
“What happened Amber” I asked?
“I’ve been thrown out of my house” she said quietly.
“Why, did your stepfather do something to you” I asked?
“Well” she stammered, “My mother caught us together”.
I was shocked “You were having sex with your stepfather”?
“Yes, he has been one of my bootie calls for years”.
“Bootie call?” I asked.
She gave a short laugh through her tears.
“When I want sex, I make a bootie call and I hook up with the guy for the day or night”.
“And he is on the list” I asked?
“Yes, and a few more, too” she said.
“How many do you have, if you don’t mind my asking” I said.
She smiled again. “I like sex, and I like to have a safe partner”.
“I have six of them.”
I felt my own cock getting hard at the thought of this girl fucking some many men.
“How often do you call?” I asked.
“About once a day, I like cock” she said.
I think she could see the tent in my pants because her eyes seemed playful and bright. She moved closer to me and said “I need a place to stay, can I stay with you?”
“Ok, sure you can stay with me for a while”. I said.
She looked relieved and the stress of being homeless was over.
“If you don’t mind my asking, why did you not call one of your bootie calls?” I asked.
“Because they share apartments with other people or have girlfriends that would make life unpleasant for them” she said.
“Don’t you have a boyfriend” I asked.
“Not now, I have a hard time keeping boyfriends” she said.
I was clearly surprised by that.
“I can get guys by the loads but I can’t keep them. I like to have lots of sex and after a while they just can’t keep up. So I make my bootie calls and the boyfriend gets pissed and leaves” she stated.
I took her to dinner and then took her home. I showed her around my house and told her to make her self at home. I was still in shock at the thoughts Yenimahalle Escort of Amber fucking an older man. I must have been so focused on the dream because I almost missed her walking out into the living room. She was wearing a tee shirt and panties. I could not stop looking at her. She had to know I was looking. After a while she got up and moved around the room and seemed to move so I had a look at anything I wanted.
I decided to make a move right or wrong. Hell, she was young enough to be my daughter. “Amber, I will let you stay as long as you need. But…” I left it hanging.
“But” she said.
“But I want to be on your bootie call list.” There. It was out there now.
“Ok “she said. She smiled and walked over to me. She dropped to her knees and reached for my zipper. I don’t know why but I reached out and stopped her.
“No, Amber, stand up and take off your clothes for me” I said.
A look of surprise crossed her face, she smiled and stood up.
She pulled her shirt up over her head. I watched her tits come into view. They where bigger than I imaged. She was so tan, her nipples were small and perfect. They stood tall and hard. She reached for her panties; she was teasing me because she pulled them down so slow. Blonde pussy hair, so light she looked bald, greeted my lusting eyes. Her panties slid down her legs to her ankles.
I stood up and walked around her; she stands five foot four and weighed about 105 lbs. Her ass was tight and firm; her stomach was smooth and forced your eyes to her pussy. “Stand here and wait for me” I said.
“Ok” she said, concerned what I was up to.
I came back with a bowl of water and a razor “Shave your pussy for me” I said.
“May I have some soap” she said.
“Yes” I replied and I left to get her the soap.
I quickly removed my clothes and freed my raging hard cock.
As I walked back to the living room. I decide to boss her a bit to see what would happen.
She smiled at seeing me naked and I handed her the soap. She wet the soap and lathered up her pussy. She started running the razor over her pussy. Each stroke the hair came away and my cock ached for release.
“Stop” I commanded she look at me with surprise. She stopped.
“Kneel” I commanded. She dropped to her knees.
I pushed my cock into her face.
“Suck me off” I said.
Her mouth opened and she sucked my cock like it was food and she was starving.
I watched her head bobbing up and down on my cock. Her beautiful blue eyes making contact with mine. Her lips gripped my cock and her tongue slid along the underside of my shaft. Up and down, deeper and deeper, she took me in her mouth. The pressure of her oral assault on my cock required me reach out and gather her blonde hair in my hands to control the speed and depth of the sucking. I grabbed her head and started to shoot my sperm deep into her mouth. “Swallow my sperm, Amber, swallow it all”.
She worked her mouth to hold all the cum I was pumping into her. I shot one more blast on her face as I pulled away from her, my cock still shuddering from orgasm.
She smiled and moved to stand. “Finish shaving your pussy for me, Amber” I said.
“Ok” she said. She went right back to work on her pussy. “May I wipe off your cum?” she asked.
“No” I said.
She Ulus Escort soon finished shaving her pussy. It was sweet to behold.
“Lay on your back, Amber” I commanded. She did.
“Now, open your legs wide for me. Show me your bald pussy.” I said.
Her pussy was so sweet and soft, so tan and I could see the juices leaking from the young hairless pussy.
“Finger yourself, while I watch you” I said.
Amber hands went to her pussy, her fingers danced around her clit and dipped into her depths of her pussy. I watched one knuckle disappear, then another, and I watched as her wet fingers slid in and out. My cock was again coming to life. Faster her fingers rubbed her sweet hairless pussy. Faster and faster she went. The fevered pace became a blur.
Moans of passion escaped her lips.
“You need me, you want me to be your master” I found myself saying.
“You need a master and I will be your master” I said.
Screams of lust burst from Amber “Yessssss “.
Her whole body shook in ecstasy.
“Come to your master, Amber” I commanded. I watched Amber try to stand on rubbery legs. I reached out to help her make it to me. I pulled her on my lap and kissed her deeply forcing my tongue into her mouth.
She curled up into a ball, so small and soft. I continued to kiss her hotly on her neck and mouth. I lifted her onto my throbbing cock. And I bit down on her lip.
I could feel my cock push its way deep into Amber’s tight wet pussy.
She moaned from the pleasure and the pain. She wanted to begin riding my cock up and down. But I would not let her move. I held her tight and forced my mouth over hers again.
As I pulled away, I asked her, “Who’s your master?”.
“You are my master, I am your sex slave” she said.
“You will fuck no one but me, or who I allow to have you, understand?” I demanded.
“Yes master” she giggled. She then rose up and climbed off my cock.
She turned her back to me and sat on my cock again. Here legs spread wide as her powerful thighs pushed her pussy down on to my cock. Up and down, her pussy rode my cock. Faster and faster, she fucked me. Her tight cunt gripping my cock so tight, I thought I would explode in a few seconds. I focused on her beautiful back, the muscles sweetly toned and strong her blonde hair thrashed about as she fucked me for all she had.
I felt the pressure of orgasm building in my balls. My whole body went rigid as I exploded into her amazing hot pussy. Amber was lost in the throws of her own orgasm. She fell off me onto the floor.
“God that was great” Amber said. “I have not fucked like that in a long time”.
I felt like a kid again. Here I was a fifty plus man being fucked by a sweet slip of a girl. She made me feel like I had never been with a woman before.
Amber slept in my bed that night. She did not bother to even put on clothes.
She snuggled in close and said before drifting off to sleep “Older men make the best lovers”.
My head swam; I could not shake the images of Amber fucking her stepfather.
Somehow I fell asleep and woke early the next morning. Amber was still sleeping as I headed for the shower. She must have woke up because soon she was in the shower with me. She reached out for my cock and wanted to make me hard for her.
“No, Amber” I said. “We have to get to work”.
Amber was stunned “You don’t want to have me before work” she asked?
“No slave, I will have you when I want and where” I said.
“Slave?” she asked “Are you for real, you want me to be your sex toy?”
“I don’t want anything, you are mine to enjoy” I said.
“Ok, you’re the master” she giggled.
“Then get ready for work” I commanded.
Amber was not happy about my refusal to fuck her before work. She dressed and headed for her car. I stopped her and asked her to ride with me to work.
“Anything master wants” she said angrily.
She tried to reach for my cock again in the car. I stopped the car and said “Amber, show me your breast”.
She smiled, thinking she had me. I now believed I knew how to handle her. As her precious tits came into view I grabbed her left nipple and pinched it as hard as I could.
Amber sucked in her breath from the shock of what I was doing.
“I am the master” I said coldly “Me, not you, UNDERSTAND?!”
She cried from the pain “Yes, master”.
She cried the rest of the way to work. The other employees came to me about Amber and said she was moody and angry.
It was nearing lunch time so I went to my secretary and had her go for pizza for the shop. I then called Amber up front.
As she walked in, she said “Master wants something?”
“Yes, master wants his slave to close and lock the door” I replied!
She moved to do so, and then came back to my desk. I could see I had her attention, but she was unsure if it was for discipline or pleasure.
“My sex toy is having an attitude today?” I asked.
Now she was sure it was for punishment. “I’m sorry, master, I just need you, and I need sex” she said. I smiled and said “Ok, remove your pants and panties now”.
She quickly responded to my commands. I reached out and grabbed her hair, guiding her to my desk. I then bent her over my desk. I could smell the scent of her sex.
I unzipped my pants and pulled my cock out. I slowly aimed for her sweet wet pussy. I held myself at the edge of her wetness. I then slammed my hard cock into her hungry pussy. I sank half way in on my first plunge. She let out a small scream.
“Keep your mouth shut Amber” I commanded.
I fucked Amber with all the force my body could create. Soft moans escaped her lips from my attack on her pussy. I continued to hold her down with my left hand and with my right hand I licked my fingers and pushed them into her ass.
Amber tried to fight against me, “No, not my ass please” she cried.
I answered her with a third finger pushing into her virgin ass.
“Keep your mouth shut or I will use my fist” I said.
“I own you, Amber, you are mine” I said. I could hear her crying quietly.
“Yes master, I am yours” she said weakly.
I pulled my cock from Amber’s sweet tight pussy and pushed it home deep into her ass. A small cry escaped her lips. I thought Amber’s cunt was tight, her ass felt like I was squeezing my cock in half. I fucked her virgin ass for all it was worth.
In and out, I plunged deeper and deeper into her amazing ass. I noticed Amber was now fucking me back as best she could.
I released my hold on Amber’s hair and held her hips, letting her impale her ass on my cock. She started having one orgasm after another as she picked up the pace of the fucking. I could not hold out any longer and lost my load deep into her bowels.
We both fell together on the floor. She smiled to me and said “Thank you, Master, for using me for your pleasure”.
I kept her panties and sent a now happy Amber back to work.

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