Pantyless on the flight up to San Francisco


I had a boyfriend who lived in San Francisco, and would frequently fly-up to be with him. While there are a lot of attractive Asian women up there, he always expressed how special I was. I’m sure it had to do with my exhibitionism and my accomplished art of cock teasing. But really, I’m an attractive Asian women in my early 30’s, divorced with no children. I work-out regularly and maintain a sexy figure and like to dress as sexy as I can get away with for the given occasion. For all you data-oriented men, I’m petite, at 5’1, 110 lbs, and c-cupped in the boob department. My now ex-boyfriend always paid for my trip, and spoiled me in other ways which I adored. Things were real exciting, I guess because of the long-distance. Sadly, this last trip ended things for us. It wasn’t something either of us expected, but things just developed that way. On this trip, we were going to a wedding that Acıbadem escort bayan he had been invited to. I suspected that the bride was a girl he used to have a thing for, and that he wanted to show-me-off. That was fine with me, and I was really turned-on by his suggestions of some of the fun and exciting things we could do. I was very much looking forward to the trip, especially since I had not had sex with him for over 3 three weeks. For the flight-up, he wanted me to wear a certain dress he just goes crazy over. My reward for wearing it was a shopping spree for my wedding reception outfit, so I was very motivated. The dress is a form-fitting tank mini. It’s of a semi-sheen light material, and very, very short. While the armholes expose much of my sides, my boobs are snuggly covered, but my nipples are prominent. As I mentioned, the dress Escort Kaynarca is very short and I have to constantly tug it down while I’m walking. And forget about dancing (although I’ve worn once or twice in the nightclubs). Of course my boyfriend didn’t want me to wear panties, which I rarely do anyway. I’ll admit that I’m very naughty, and it seems that I’ve gotten naughtier since my divorce. I just love the rush from feeling so vulnerable, and having a naughty secret. When I’m with the right guy and scandalously dressed, I’m just a bundle of nerves, and feel so incredibly horny. Well anyway, sexy matching heels completed my outfit. On the day of the trip, I didn’t think I’d have enough time so I changed at the office. I waited till everyone left and stripped right there in my little cubicle. It was exciting doing that, and I briefly fantasized about Aydınlı escort one of the guys catching me. However as I was leaving and caught a glimpse of my reflection off a glass door, I chickened-out and decided to rush home and get my overcoat. I’m a very daring girl when I’m worked-up, but this dress was really short, and an airport setting was way too open and scrutinizing. I just thought I’d take the coat off when we landed, and none would be the wiser. I did feel extremely sexy, and wearing the coat made me feel sexier. It covered me to mid-thigh and tied around the waist, which accented my legs and gave the horny imaginative guy the impression that I might be totally naked underneath. Going through the airport was a real lark with heads turning and many appreciative smiles from men. On the plane, I was seated next to an older man, who was very talkative and friendly. I loved the compliments he gave me, and his constant gazes. He ordered cocktails for us, and we toasted to one thing or another, and had great fun. He made sure my glass was never empty. It was only a few drinks, and I didn’t even finish the last one, I was feeling warm and woozy, which added to my building horniness.

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