Parked Surprise


For many years I went to the same diner in town two or three nights a week. The management changed and they hung onto their wait staff for about six months before firing many of my favorites. One of my all time favorites was young girl, Abby, just out of high school who was working her way through the local community college. She and I spent many slow Sunday nights sitting and talking about many different topics. I ate my meal slowly those nights because I enjoyed her company and her visage. She is quite short, standing only about five foot two, while I tower over her at six foot three. Her short stature is offset not only by her astounding beauty, but her perfectly proportioned body.Her jet black hair often fell off her shoulders and hid her magnificent chest, but she seemed to know how much I enjoyed her physical attributes because she would pull her hair up into a ponytail whenever we could spend some time together talking. I always enjoyed seeing the tops of Abby’s breasts as she sat across from me and leaned over to sit. She used to wear a black leotard on her toned and trim body with either shorts or a skirt over it. The neckline always dipped a good six or more inches below the knobs of her collarbones. Her breasts were like globes, rounding high on her chest. I never saw a hint of nipple or anything other than the tops of those globes, but I will forever recall their shape and seeming firmness. In any case, kolej escort Abby was one of the first ones let go and we lost touch over time. I stopped going to that diner shortly after that and so my contact line to her was gone. We never exchanged numbers or addresses because our time was something we enjoyed as accidental and unforeseen. Anyway, I suppose I should relate my latest experience. I was sitting in my car. Typically, I start my Saturday and Sunday mornings by visiting one of the nearby fast food places and getting a quick bite to go. Then, off to a donut place to get a large cup of coffee. Then, I’ll park at one end of the nearby strip mall at the end with the nutrition store, off to the side so no one will bother me, and I won’t bother them.I wear a loose pair of shorts that allow me to pull down the waist and touch myself to my hearts (and other parts) content. This Saturday was no exception. I had finished my breakfast and was going through my email on my iPad. The waistband of my shorts was down, tucked under my balls and I was sporting a semi-erect woody. It feels really good to put all the windows down, open the sunroof and let the fresh air wash over me. So, I sat with the iPad on my lap, leaning against the steering wheel, drinking coffee with one hand and massaging myself to blissful hardness. The emails were mundane and after I got rid of the last of them, I switched sihhiye escort bayan over to begin perusing new stories on the Lush Stories site. Always ready for a hot story, I began reading one about two women who by accident were vacationing together. I was stiff in a matter of minutes because the author dove right into the good parts without much preamble. That’s when I heard the knock on the door post on the passenger side. “What the hell,” I shouted as I tried my best to cover my rock hard cock with my hands and the iPad. “Hey Bill!” I heard a female voice say. My first thought was that at least it wasn’t a cop here to arrest me for indecent exposure. My next conscious thought was the realization that my intruder was none other than Abby. The next thing that went through my head was mortification that she had caught me with my cock in hand stroking it in the open. “Please don’t put that away on my account,” were her next spoken words. “Abby, how have you been?” I said without re-exposing myself. “Oh, I’m fine and getting better by the minute. How are you, Bill?” “Good, good. What are you doing here?” “I’m the manager in the nutrition store. I decided to come out here and distribute some fliers on car windows. I wanted some fresh air. Apparently there are parts of you that like the fresh air too.” “I’m so sorry…” I started in a half hearted apology. “Don’t dare apologize Escort sincan for anything. Quite frankly, I enjoyed what I saw and would like to see more.” “Abby, I’m not normally a prude, but I’ve got twenty years on you and…” “Oh shut up and move your hands,” she said opening the passenger door and sitting in my car. “Abby…” I started. “Do you always do this, park in your car and hold your dick?” Honesty being the best policy I said, “Saturday and Sunday mornings. I’m not normally this, uh, erect, but I was just reading a story…” “What was it about,” she said taking my near hand in hers and moving it to her thigh. “It’s about two women. One places an ad, the other responds and they go on vacation together.” “Were you thinking of my sister and I?” she asked as she moved my iPad to the dashboard. Her sister was also a waitress, but not as much of a knockout as Abby. I think they were fraternal twins. “No, I was just enjoying the story.” “Why aren’t you still rubbing yourself?” “You kind of interrupted me and also scared the crap out of me, that’s why.” “Well, you better get back to it. I’ve always wanted to see a man jerk himself off and I don’t have all day you know.” “Abby, look. Masturbating is something I do in private, not with an audience.” “Are you trying to get me to do it for you?” she asked, taking hold of my cock in her hand. “No, but I do appreciate the offer,” I said, making no move to stop her hand from slowly stroking my now reviving cock. “Can I tell you something,” Abby asked. “Sure.” “By the second or third time I saw you at the diner, I wondered what it would be like to sleep with you.” Her hand moved up and down my shaft, squeezing me on the way up and relaxing on the way down.

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