Party Night


Drake Edwards pulled his cab slowly into the crowded night club parking lot. Young people littered the parking lot, while others filed in and out of the club. Cars double parked and poured out into the street. Groups hung around one car or another talking loud and laughing. Drake remembered his early twenties, and nothing seemed to change except now the skirts were a lot shorter and the cars were faster.

The young women in his back seat clamored to get out before Drake reached the entrance of the club. They were in a hurry to join their friends who walked between the moving cars.

The young woman who sat in the middle on the back seat of the cab had the largest tits Drake had ever seen on a girl so young. Every time he tried to still a glance, the young woman would shoot him a flirty smile and nudge her friends drawing them into uncontrollable laughter. “Don’t you want your tip,” the young blonde said after handing him the fair. She snatched her top and bra up over her large boobs flashing Drake before jumping out of the cab.

Drake chuckled. He remembered hanging with his buddies, drinking, and having fun with the young ladies. He was the ring leader of his band of hoods looking to do just about anything for kicks. It didn’t seem like it had been over forty years since he made out with sexy young twenty year old in parking lots, but his license on the visor showed his birth date.

With the crowd moving back and forth in front of his cab, he hadn’t realized that the car in front of him was parked and so was the car that was almost touching his bumper. He got out of his cab and began moving amongst the crowd in the parking lot. He got a few flirty looks by various young women, but for the most part the young people didn’t seem to mind him.

A Alsancak Escort rocking car caught Drake’s attention, and he saw a young couple fucking in the back seat. The windows were down and people passing by only took small notice of them. It was a big change in the young people’s attitudes from when he was their age. He saw a couple of girls French kissing seemingly for the amusement of their small crowd. The only thing that didn’t seem to be different was most of the young people seemed to be looking for some kind of sexual excitement.

Drake walked up on a group of three guys and two girls. One of the guys had a video camera focused on one of the girl’s ass, while she bent over in the window of the car. The girl’s bottom was fully exposed under her short skirt and she wasn’t wearing underwear. The others didn’t seem to mind Drake standing almost directly behind the girl. One of the other guys reached over and pulled the girl’s butt-cheeks apart as they all made remarks about how good the girl’s pussy looked.

“I know you never seen a pussy as good, have you?” the girl joked as she moved from the window.

Drake’s veins swelled as his cock grew to full erection. He had been trying to keep a low profile refusing his calls from his friends and staying away from his normal hang outs. He had a reputation that caused him more harm than good.

The girl turned around leaning back against the car and looked up at Drake’s face. She arched her back seeing Drake’s eyes fall on her swollen tits. She blinked several times as to focus her eyes. “Hey! I know you!” she exclaimed. “He’s that guy I told you about.”

“What guy?” the other girl asked.

The guy with the video camera pointed it at Drake.

“The guy with the huge Alsancak Escort Bayan dick that was doing my mom,” the girl said giving Drake a flirty smile.

“Oh!” the other girl giggled looking wide-eyed at Drake’s crotch.

“So, did you like my pussy?” the girl said reaching out to touch Drake’s stomach as she stepped to him.

“Fuck’em Ashley,” one of the boys said and the other two agreed.

Ashley giggled. “I saw how big your cock was when you were fucking my mom. If you thought she was good, wait until you get some of this.” She slid up on the hood of the car and pulled her skirt up around her waist.

Drake’s cock was throbbing in his pants. He didn’t want to pretend that he knew or not who the girl’s mother was. He never bothered trying to get a girl’s name when he had sex with them. Other than the video camera, he never gave a thought to being caught. He was over sixty years old, too old to be going to jail. The girl’s drinking concerned him. “I think that you may have had too much to drink.”

“No I haven’t. Have I Julianne?” Ashley asked her girl friend.

The other girl, Julianne agreed with Ashley, and so did the young men.

“Com’on…let us see that big dick,” Ashley giggled spreading her legs wider and rubbing her fingers over her moist cunt.

Ashley looked so young to Drake. They all did, but Ashley’s pussy looked so mature and inviting. A few more people came around to see what was going on. The small crowd joined in to encourage Drake.

“How old are you?” Drake never had to ask that question before.

“Old enough to drink, smoke, and to fuck,” Ashley amused the crowd.

“Okay. Let your friend take it out,” Drake announced.

The crowd cheered when Julianne crotched Escort Alsancak down and began opening Drake’s pants. The crowd grew larger and louder, but gasped to a hush when Julianne finally fished Drake’s cock from his pants. The old man’s cock was quiet a sight.


Ashley smiled at the sight of the huge cock in her friend’s hands. Julianne stroked it looking up at Ashley.

“Suck it, Julianne,” the guy with the camera said.

The crowd chanted until Julianne was stretching her mouth over the circumcised head of Drake’s cock. The guy with the camera zoomed in as the crowd leaned in for a closer.

“Lick Ashley, Julianne,” one of their guy friends said.

Julianne continued stroking Drake’s thick cock, while she started licking and sucking on Ashley’s already wet cunt.

The crowd got louder and bigger. It was a feeling that Drake hadn’t felt since those long ago days when he would make out with two to three girls at a time in front of his friends. The cheering encouraged him. He grabbed Julianne by her hair and pulled her away from Ashley’s glistening cunt. He stroked him awesome man tool to astonishment of the crowd.

“You want me to fuck you like I fucked your mama?” he announced for the amusement of the crowd. He lift and spread Ashley’s legs up and rested them against his shoulders.

The massive head spread the young woman’s pussy lips as the camera zoomed in on the shaved cunt and monster cock.

Ashley cooed into the camera feeling the thick cock spread her canal. She could feel the ridge of the head of Drake’s cock pushing steadily inside of her. She smiled and licked her tongue out teasing her fans.

Drake began to sweat as the young cunt applied more pressure around his throbbing cock. He wished for just a little bit of the strength from his youth. He pressed his fingers into the soft flesh of Ashley’s leg and drove his cock with every ounce of strength he could.

The crowd was silenced. All across the parking lot, heads turned. The spectacle was unmistaken.

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