Patty’s Lace Ch. 18


Patty’s Lace

This is the story of Patty and her Adventures in the city. Be sure to check out the profile to read the foreword to her story, and a link to image albums of the outfits used during appointments kept.

Chapter 18, The Show Must Go On!

After Cindy left Patty sorted through her pile of clothing for costumes and thought “more slips!” and headed for the Wardrobe Room B.

Thumb, thumb, thumbing through the half-slips, she found a half dozen more with exquisite lace and took the hangars also because she was short. She looked down and found she left the lid open on a storage container of half-slips she looked in earlier.

A little bit of very pretty mint green lace hung out from under the lid over the edge of the container. She grabbed the lace and held the mint green half-slip up, shaking it out. Patty found she was brand new with tags and though extremely wrinkled from being crushed in the container for a while, still stunning.

More gorgeous half-slips were under her stuffed into the container so Patty decided this would be the first one to sort through. She lay the slips she picked from the rack into the container, picked it up and headed for her room.

As she walked across the open performer’s lounge with her container of half-slips, she found there was no modesty here.

She noticed Alicia as she was thrown to the mat in that very lacy black vintage full slip, then a girl jumped on top of her in a marvelous tea-length Shadowline half-slip with scalloped lace, silky taps and nothing else.

Patty watched them roll around the mat gently pulling on each other’s slips, Alicia’s Black VF Full Slip was hiked up above her waist, with the other girl’s slip was flopping and flapping, then they stood. Kissing each other, Alicia squeezed her firm ass, as the other girl pulled Alicia’s tight lacy full slip down.

“Hey Chuck! C’mon over here” Alicia shouted, pointing at her.

Patty walked over to the mat they were wrestling on. “Hi Patty,” Alicia said looking at her load, “Are you wearing just slips for your matches?”

“May put on something else.” Patty said.

Alicia said as she touched the lace of a couple of satin full slips hanging out of the container, “Well, I’m feeling playful so go put the pretty slip / camisole set, I saw you with earlier and we’ll show you some moves, noob,” as she and the girl she was sparring with giggled.

“This is Sarah,” Alicia said as she jerked the elegant Shadowline half-slip down over her ass while Sarah reached out her hand, “Good to meet You” Sarah said as her slip glided down her legs to the floor pooling around her feet.

Sarah had shoulder length hair dyed bubblegum pink. With her cut, slim athletic build, she was one who spent a lot of time at the gym. Standing in nothing but a pair of lacy taps with her slip pooled at her feet, her pert tits wiggled ever so slightly as she bent over and pulled the lacy delight back to her waist. She said, “I hope we can get together soon.” Then she turned to Alicia saying, “You are mine, now!” as she jumped on her both of them falling to the mat.

Alicia shouted, “See you in a few minutes,” as they rolled, and she pulled on Sarah’s slip.

Back in her room, Patty poured the container of her newfound slips on the couch. As her clothing came off, she was thinking, “Wow, these people thought of everything.” She had on a rather plain outfit, grey dress, half-slip with no lace, plain bra, and basic bikini panties. She thought they were going to be ruined before the night was over, so she didn’t want to wear anything really nice. She hung her clothing and grabbed the stunning Vassarette Lacy Camisole / Half Slip set hanging on the rack.

Patty loved the feel of brand-new lingerie, very soft, but kind of stiff at the same time. She took her time with and loving the feel of the slip and camisole as she put them on. It would be a long time before she would be in the ring wearing them, giving Alicia the opportunity to destroy this gorgeous set.

Her nipples hardened as she adjusted her breasts in the lace of the camisole then a pair of pink satin knickers with white scalloped lace went up her legs and under her enchanting slip along with black stay up stockings with lace tops. After sitting on the couch playing for a few minutes, out the door she went and sat at the table closest to the mat Alicia and Sarah wrestled on.

Sarah had her legs locked around Alicia’s waist as Alicia yanked the Shadowline loose from between them. Alicia’s too tight full slip strained as it was being stretched by her movements and Sarah’s tugging at it. The pretty lace of both slips fluttered and thrashed about as they wrestled, rolled and shagged each other, especially Sarah’s loose flowing Shadowline. Seeing Patty, they stopped and kissed before standing.

They both came to Patty and Alicia rubbed Patty’s ass with the beautiful slip then gave it’s lace a jerk as she said, “Save this beauty for when we are in a mud match. I want be the one to muck Kurtköy Escort them up then rip and tear them from your body, you ready?” and gave Patty’s fabulous bubble butt a couple more light pats.

Alicia threw Patty to the mat, as she said, “Yes” Patty rolled to her back with her knees up, making the slip ride above the lace of her stockings, bunching at the top of her thighs.

Jumping on top of her, Alicia sat on Patty’s hiked up slip bouncing and pulled at her wide lace. “Lesson One,” she said, “always be on the ready, for anything.”

Patty shoved Alicia from top of her and they rolled across the mat. Patty could feel Alicia’s nipples harden as their boobs rubbed each other through the soft lace of their lingerie. Ending up on top of Alicia this time, Patty just sat there as Alicia squirmed and thrashed beneath her. Patty’s slip was bunched and crumpled up around her waist exposing her gorgeous lace trimmed taps as she held Alicia’s flailing hands.

Letting go of Patty’s Hand, Alicia jerked Patty’s delightful slip down by it’s lace and slapped Patty’s ass through her, making her jump. Pumping her hips up into Patty, not attempting to move from under her, she slapped and jerked Patty’s gorgeous slip again and again with force by its lace as she said, “Lesson two, always keep moving.” Patty started grinding her taps into Alicia’s tight full slip matching her rhythm, making her full slip ride up in front as Patty’s twisted half-slip thrashed around her waist and over that fabulous ass in a wrinkled mess with her boobs bouncing in the camisole.

Alicia let go with the other hand and stopped slapping Patty’s ass. Giving the slip a couple more hard jerks by her lace, she reached up and squeezed Patty’s boobs bouncing in the camisole saying, “Always put on a good show, Lesson three. Now this is a Nice Show.”

Putting her hands on Patty’s shoulders, Alicia pulled her down until their boobs rubbed each other again through the lace of their lingerie, as she resumed pulling on the lace of Patty’s slip. Patty’s pebbles hardened as the two rubbed lace and boobs, “Lesson Four, Have Fun with what You do!”

Squirming out from under her, Alicia was on her feet in no time, pulling Patty up. Before their silky slips could settle, Alicia jumped Patty, and both fell. Rolling up on top, Alicia pulled Patty up again like a rag doll and jumped her once more.

Alicia had Patty in a leglock shagging her gorgeous slip as they tumbled for a couple of minutes until Alicia stopped. Laying on the mat in their disheveled lingerie, Alicia kissed Patty and said, “Lesson five, you always want to be on your feet.” Standing, Alicia took Patty’s hand and helped her up.

Patty was sweaty, tired, and realizing how out of shape she was. She plopped down in her chair thinking, “Pilates & Cardio, Sarge had that shit right.

Slapping Sarah’s firm ass through the Shadowline, Alicia said, “Watch us, and we’ll show you some basic moves.

Patty thought, “WOW, Alicia is a dynamo, going for Sarah again, after she just wore me out in only a few minutes!”

They both went to a corner of a mat and looked at Patty who said, “Ding Ding”

The two ran at each other, clashing in the center of the mat. Sarah’s Shadowline flapped about as Alicia’s tight Vanity Fair full slip twitched with her exaggerated movements. Alicia leaned down and flipped Sarah over her shoulder. The Shadowline fluttered until Sarah crashed to the mat on her back.

Alicia was on top of her in a moment pulling at the lace of Sarah’s slip as she humped her. Sarah wiggled out from under her in a split second, then pushed Alicia back on the mat.

Sarah attempted to jump on Alicia, but she rolled back to her feet as Sarah landed on her stomach missing Alicia. Grabbing a foot, Alicia dragged Sarah across the mat, making the fancy Shadowline half-slip ride up around her waist in a wrinkled satiny mess exposing the glamourous lacy French knickers Sarah had on.

When Alicia let go of Sarah’s foot, she rolled over and popped back to her feet with her slip falling back into place and they hand wrestled around the mat. They gave each other’s slips a couple pulls, then Sarah took Alicia’s feet from under her with a leg sweep. Jumping on top of her, they rolled and shagged each other around the mat. Alicia jerked and tugged at Sarah’s half-slip until she got it off of her, then they stopped and kissed. Standing up, both walked to the table and sat down, with beads of sweat covering their bodies, Alicia still holding Sarah’s Shadowline.

“WOW, that was so totally AWESOME,” Patty said, “That was like, kind of a dance!”

“That is exactly what it was, a dance of a different form,” Sarah said, “I’m thirsty, would you two like something to drink?”

“Water Please,” Alicia said, as she sat and spread her legs then started using Sarah’s elegant Shadowline waist slip for a sex toy.

“Same for me, and Thanks” Patty said.

Sarah said, “Hey! gimme that!” trying Kurtköy Escort Bayan to snatch her half-slip from between Alicia’s legs by it’s lace. They had a tug-o-war with the pretty slip for a few moments until Sarah yanked it and Alicia let go. She pulled it up her legs and left the table swinging that gorgeous slip, stopping to chat with Lisa on her way to the machines.

Lisa was wearing flip-flops and a very silky looking formal length half-slip with lavish lace around her hem. The wide lace also trimmed a cathedral slit facing to the front of at least ten inches. She dragged the exquisite lace across the concrete floor as she walked with Sarah to the machines. Lisa’s slip reminded Patty of her Greenco-Maid formal slip.

Alicia asked, “Did you see our signals to each other?”

Patty asked, “Signals?”

“Yes,” Alicia said, “I’ll go through our sparring match, ding, here we go!” After we collided, did you notice that I slapped the bottom of Sarah’s right ass cheek?”

Patty answered, “Not really”

Alicia said, “That was a signal, that I was going to flip her over my right shoulder, Sarah told me she was ready, by squeezing my hand that she was holding. She even jumped to help me flip her.

“Sarah knew that I was going to be on top of her as soon as she hit the mat. I also knew she was going to be trying to get back to her feet, Lesson Five, so instead of putting my weight on her, I lightly screwed her as she shimmied out from underneath me. Shagging your opponent is a really good way to obey, Lesson two, always keep moving, and for the most part, they expect you to.”

Sarah returned with Lisa, both topless, clad only in their eye-catching slips and whatever was underneath. Both had armfuls of Dasani Waters. They passed them out then Lisa bounced around the table to Patty, with a “Sissie!” and jumped into Patty’s arms as she stood and they hugged each other tight.

They both sat and listened, as Alicia spoke, “Did you notice, Sarah shoved me a little by my boobs as she moved out from under? That was a signal also, that she was going to push me back.

I gave her two signals the first rolling my hand over her tummy to the left, indicating I would roll to the left and pulled her foot a little as she was standing. This indicated the drag across the mat. She responded by kicking my hand twice before pushing. A kick or squeeze of a hand or wrist indicates that they understand and are ready.”

“When we were pulling each other’s slips, Sarah gave me the signal for a leg sweep, and I gave her the ok. Had I not squeezed her hand, then if we in the ring, she may not have been able to do it, for I fell as soon as her leg touched mine. If we were in a slick pit or pool, then without the reply indicating I was ready, she could break my ankle or leg as I fell to the floor unexpectedly. Signals are important for safety as well as entertainment.”

“By the way, we were handling each other’s slips gently on the mat earlier. During a match, they will be handled very roughly. My goal will be to tear the lace from and rip her slip as much as possible, no matter how pretty, the more lace the better, even if it is made of satin or just made of nylon. I’ll pull that slip, jerk it, yank on it hard, trying my best to rip or tear it each time. But I’ll take my time destroying that slip not ripping it completely off of her unless she signals to do so by grabbing my wrist. From time to time we may cut rip-starts into an item, but these need to be not noticeable and maybe even have a loose stitch hand sewn into it to be discreet.

Lisa smiled wide as Alicia said, “By the way, Our Belle of the Ball here is an expert at shredding costumes, slips, dresses, lingerie, even harder items like girdles or corsets with precision. Talk with her to learn more.

Alicia continued with, “Your opponent’s goal should also be to trash your costume as much as possible stretching, tearing and ripping the pieces of it multiple times before ripping the piece off on your signal or you remove item completely. It’s ok to take a swipe at more than one part of somebody’s costume, but focus on one item at a time, top down. Dresses, skirts and blouses always go, but not slips, half or full and camisoles.

Alicia then said, “The crowd loves to see a good fight in them as the slips are slowly shredded and destroyed, while other items are pulled from under them. Full or half, always wear a slip with your costume and keep it on as long as possible. It may seem like I hate lingerie, especially slips the way I am talking, but quite the contrary. I have some very beautiful slips and slip-sets like what You have on, Patty that will never see the ring and no, they are not all black. I Love my slips and other lingerie at home, but here we put on a Good Show, that’s how pros work.” She took a drink of water and asked, “Any Questions?”

Lisa popped in with, “C-can we practice th-th the move we have be-been working on?

Sure! Little Sis! Have Escort Kurtköy you been watching the videos I showed you?

“Yes, y-yes, Sissie!” Lisa replied as they stood and went to the mat.

Alicia ran a hand down the side of Lisa’s silky soft formal slip then pulled it up and played with it’s magnificent lace as she asked. “You want to do it in this?”

“Su-sure.” Lisa answered.

“Well, you are our Belle of the Ball. What do you have on under that slip?” Alicia asked as she pulled Lisa’s slip up more to find Lacy Nylon Taps under. Lisa fidgeted around as Alicia said. “After your arm goes around my neck, I’ll grab your slip and taps and pull up. Just hop for now instead of jumping so I can test a few things ok?”

“Ok,” Lisa answered.

“Ready? Here we go.” Alicia said as she took a couple of steps back, Lisa did also then ran at Alicia who grabbed Lisa’s right arm and threw it around her neck with her left hand as her right hand grabbed a handful of Lisa’s dreamy slip and pulled up. Lisa hopped and Alicia let go when Lisa’s feet were back on the mat.

“That slip is too soft, too silky. I can’t get a good grip, It is also too loose to be able to pull you up by it. I’ll have to go under it for the taps.” Alicia said as she twisted Lisa’s slip so the slit was to the back. “Let’s give it another go, again, just hop.”

“Ok, Sis-Sissie, Lisa replied. She ran at Alicia again. Alicia tossed Lisa’s arm around her neck then jerked Lisa’s slip up with one hand as her other hand grabbed a handful of lacy taps. Lisa hopped, but Alicia didn’t pull up, letting go when Lisa’s feet were back on the mat.

“Those are no good either, also too loose and silky. They are nice looking but, we’ll need to find something sturdier like a light girdle.

“I-I have just th-th-the thing,” Lisa said and took off to her room dragging her delicate lace on the concrete floor, stopping to twist the slit back to the front so she wouldn’t trip on the breathtaking slip.

Alicia sat down and they all chatted as they waited for Lisa who returned after just a few minutes. Alicia called her over and remained seated as she started pulling Lisa’s slip up, playing with it as the same ravishing taps appeared from under her. Alicia noticed the spandex booty shorts under the taps and grabbed the front of the taps with one hand running her fingers into the waistband of the booty shorts, and her thumb went into a leg opening as she played with the lace of Lisa’s slip with the other. “Much Better!” Alicia said as she stood, “Let’s give this a go, remember just hop when I pull up.”

“O-Ok.” Lisa replied as they took their positions. Lisa ran at Alicia who tossed Lisa’s arm around her neck, then jerked her classy slip up hard and grabbed a handful of silky taps while gripping the booty shorts under as she did before. Alicia pulled up and Lisa hopped.

When Lisa’s feet were back on the mat Alicia let her go and grabbed the sensual lace of Lisa’s slip playing with it as she said, “Yes, much better! Let’s go all the way this time. Jump instead of hop and up you go! Straighten out when you are up and we’ll have it made! When you come down, land mostly on your ass.

Ok, Sis-Sissie, let’s do-do this! Lisa said as she moved into position. Lisa ran at Alicia and jumped as Alicia pulled up then was suspended upside down arrow straight with her toes pointed up. Her formal slip fell turning inside out as it covered her boobs and part of Alicia’s face. Alicia turned a little to line Lisa up and down they went with Lisa landing mostly on her ass not her back as she was suppose to do.

Lisa practically bounced back up from the mat grabbing Alicia hugging her as she hopped around, so Alicia hopped around with her as Lisa chattered like a squirrel. Patty and Sarah cheered which caught the attention of a few of the fighters including Quinn, who rushed over asking, “What’s up?”

Lisa bounced around asking Alicia, “Can we do it a-a-again? That w-was fun!

Alicia answered, “Sure! this time we’ll stay up longer, give me a tap if you get dizzy or need to come down. Watch this Boss Lady.” Lisa ran at Alicia who tossed her arm her neck then jerked Lisa’s slip up again really hard with a hand as the other grabbed taps and shorts, Lisa jumped when Alicia pulled and up, she went arrow straight.

Lisa’s slip fell inside-out again, and Alicia moved her head, so the slip draped over her shoulder instead of covering her face. Lisa’s free hand grabbed the front of Alicia’s full slip by its lace bust to steady herself as Alicia started turning slowly clockwise. Removing her hand from Lisa’s cleavage, Alicia started playing with the adorable lace of Lisa’s slip as she turned. Lisa gave Alicia’s full slip a pull and Alicia lined her up with the mat and down they went. Both were back on their feet in an instant, bouncing around and hugging each other as the crowd cheered the pro-grade extended vertical suplex Alicia and Lisa just performed.

“You guys think you can do that in the ring? It would be a show-stopper if you could!” Quinn asked.

“I believe so, with a little more practice.” Alicia replied as Lisa bounced around saying, “Yes, Y-Yes!”

“If you can, there will be some extra in your stockings.” Quinn said. “Speaking of, can I talk with You and Sarah in your room?

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