Penny’s School Reunion


Her footsteps echo down the long corridor, early evening sunlight shines through windows, onto plain, stark walls. Penny, more properly Penelope, stops for a moment; a knot of anxiety twisting her stomach, apprehension lining her pretty face. Pushing back her shoulders resolutely she continues, carefully checking the small brass numbers on each classroom door.Barely an hour ago she’d been the epitome of a carefree young woman, now her demeanour resembles that of someone on their way to the dentist, anticipating a necessary but possibly painful encounter. At last, she finds the right room, a familiar smell of polish tinged with chalk dust wrinkles her nose.The school is cathedral-like in its size and silence, a temple of learning designed to demand the obedience and respect of its scholars. The weight of history weighs heavily here. She shrugs back her expensively cut auburn bob, smooths down the regulation dark grey skirt. Catching her reflection in the glass of a framed picture of scholars from half a century before Penny takes a deep breath and enters the classroom. In the five years since she left the sixth form at Redbrook Grammar, Penny Adams usually tossed flyers from the Old Pupil’s Association into the bin. Continually starved of government cash the school often contacted alumni in the hope of raising funds, but Penny, with a good degree from a respected redbrick, had so far resisted these nostalgia-driven appeals.This time the newsletter caught her attention. ‘Last Days, your final chance to say farewell to the old school…’ Penny rapidly scanned the rest of the page. `Expensive repairs required… impossible to adapt… demolish and replace … ‘ She felt a sudden pang of regret. Typical, flog off a beautiful old building for housing developers to stick rabbit hutches on, then throw up a replacement as cheaply as possible and pocket the profit.Hence a farewell dance, which previous pupils were invited to attend wearing their old school uniforms. Penny checked her calendar. Bostancı Escort She’d nothing planned on that day, it’d be a laugh to meet up with a few old mates and as for the uniform, it was packed away in her flat somewhere… The evening is going well, everyone entering the spirit of the event and digging out their school old attire. Fortunately for Penny, her figure has altered little in the intervening years and the regulation blouse and skirt are a perfect fit. In the cause of authenticity, Penny adheres to the privileges permitted senior pupils in her day, a little lipstick, no jewellery, and sensible flat shoes. She might easily pass as a current pupil, albeit an uncommonly shapely and pretty one.”Ms Adams,” a pleasant male baritone shows evident pleasure at her presence, “how very nice to see you.””You too,” replies Penny, heart skipping a beat at the sight of Nicolas Knight. Nicknamed ‘Goodnight’ by the many teenage girls who found his self-assured manner and dark good looks much to their liking. In common with several colleagues, he’s dressed in keeping with the theme and wears his graduation gown.Mr Knight, “Nicolas, please, we’re informal”, was a patient teacher, an old-fashioned air of confidence adding to his allure and Penny had a massive crush on him during her final year. They reminisce amiably until, abruptly, his tone of voice acquires a harder edge.”You did very well at university, Ms Adams, especially since you got there under false pretences.””False pretences?” replies Penny, puzzled.”Indeed so,” a few inches taller, Nicolas peers sternly down at his former charge. “You’ll no doubt recall the disproportionate difficulties you had with mathematics?””I did try,” Penny sulks petulantly, a schoolgirl again, “just couldn’t retain the basics, the mere mention of geometry was enough to make me panic.” Her implicit appeal for his sympathy falls on deaf ears.”As, I suspect, so will what I have to say next,” he answers.Penny looks blankly back Bostancı Escort Bayan at her former teacher, anxious and uneasy. “In order to get a university place a grade C maths pass is a minimum requirement,” he continues. “I not only taught you but also invigilated the exam, during which I observed you copying equations from a concealed scrap of paper. I informed the headmaster, of course.”Penny’s throat is dry, voice almost gone. “I wasn’t really cheating, just couldn’t remember stuff” she whispers lamely.”The headmaster,” recalls Knight derisively, “more concerned with exam results and league tables, persuaded me, reluctantly, to keep my counsel.””Then it’s all in the past,” Penny sighs with relief.”Not at all, young lady,” responds Mr Knight crisply. “Old exam papers and invigilator’s notes are kept for ten years. Brought to the attention of your employer they might well cause some embarrassment. “However,” he adds darkly, “there’s an upside to this dilemma. I’ve been appointed headmaster of the new school.””You?” says Penny, incredulously.”Don’t look so surprised, my credentials and performance were judged more than up to the task.””Sorry, I didn’t mean to be disrespectful,” she answers quickly, eyes downcast, no longer the confident young professional but a wayward pupil brought to book.”We thus have an ideal opportunity to resolve this disgraceful matter,” announces Mr Knight. “In two days the building will be demolished, who knows what old records might fortuitously go astray?” He raises an eyebrow, significantly.Penny forces a desperate smile. “Oh, I see.””I very much doubt it,” Mr Knight responds sarcastically. “But now you’re appraised of the alternative, no doubt you’ll cooperate.”Penny is acutely aware of being in very deep trouble. “I think some form of punishment is appropriate,” he continues “A short, sharp, retributory shock.””Punishment?” Penny gasps. “But I’m not a pupil here.””I thought you were following my line of reasoning,” Escort Bostancı Mr Knight answers sharply. “Remember, I still have the proof.””But that’s blackmail,” she whines.”Don’t talk rubbish, girl,” he growls. “However, if you wish to be obdurate…””No, no I don’t,” Penny said, backtracking quickly. “I suppose some sort of penance is no more than I deserve.””Excellent. We’ll use the maths room, S3, on the opposite side of the school, to avoid any inconvenient disturbance.””What sort of punishment had you in mind?” she enquires cautiously, barely able to believe what is unfolding.”I propose to cane you, Miss Adams,” he states frankly.”Cane me!” Penny is thunderstruck. “But th-that’s illegal,” she stammers.”It’s quite rightly illegal for a teacher to strike a pupil,” Mr Knight replies reasonably. “However, as you pointed out, you’re not a pupil here, but rather an adult, entering into a voluntary arrangement.””I’m being coerced,” she complains miserably.”But unable to prove such an accusation,” Knight responds. “I will expect you there in five minutes, Miss Adams.” Inwardly shaking, Penny panics. Caned, bent over, touching her toes; he wouldn’t, surely, lift her skirt? She crimsons at the thought, yet the tremor of fear is accompanied by another unexpected feeling, arousal. No one at school or home ever laid a punitive finger upon Penny. However, a boyfriend at university did once spank her. Only playfully, of course, fired with the vigour of youth no sooner had they finished one energetic bout of sex than he’d been ready for another. Penny had pretended to demur, in truth, she was as eager as he, but why not make him wait?During the ensuing tussle she’d found herself pinned across his knee where, despite her struggles and the initial sting, Penny was soon aware of a warm tingling sensation spreading through her loins. The impromptu spanking made her most intimate parts melt with desire in a way nothing else had, before or since. Entered from behind, grasped by the hips and shafted to a shattering orgasm, Penny subsequently tried several times to provoke a repeat performance but was out of luck. This time, Penny’s chastisement will be delivered by the embodiment of authority, not a lover. With a sigh, she slips quietly out of the hall and down the corridor to meet her fate.

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