Pet Shop Girl


I had never thought too much about the cleaning ladies who came once a week to go over my apartment. I left their money before I went to work and, when I returned, things had been tidied up, the dishes washed and the carpets vacuum cleaned. Some were more conscientious than others; not that I was that bothered. I hardly saw them from one year to another; when I did, they were all middle-aged cheery ladies happy to make a bit of tax-free spending money.

I knew that they could only have spent an hour or two, judging by how much difference they made, although I paid them for three. The occasional girl friend would complain but it didn’t worry me – I could afford it.

Then I was made redundant and started working for myself. This meant that I spent at least half the week working from home. I tried to arrange to go to see clients on Wednesdays, which was when the cleaners came; the sound of the Hoover used to drive me mad. But that was not always possible so I closed my office door and put up with the noise.

Then a new cleaner started. At first, I paid her little attention other than the usual “Good morning. How’ve you been?” stuff. I found out that she had left her husband and was doing this job until she found something better. She was always very reticent when I asked her what she had done before. I only asked because sometimes I could help with introductions to clients if someone was looking for office work. I had no real curiosity. It was weeks before I found out her first name; it was Brenda.

“I hate that name. Just call me Pet.” She said.

She was pleasant enough: late twenties, blonde dyed hair cut short and a trim figure. She always wore tight jeans and a sweater. She reminded me of that early Rolling Stones song: “She was common, flirty; she looked about thirty. I would have gone away but I was on my own!”

I found I was spending more time at home on Wednesday. I guess I began to look forward to our little chats over coffee in the middle of the morning. She had a good sense of humour and we would often laugh about something or other. She would smoke a cigarette, which I usually hate but not with her – I liked the way she held it between her lips and sucked in. Then I would go back to work.

Nothing changed until one morning in early June. As spring turned into summer, on warm days, she had began to come along wearing just a T-shirt and no bra. She Üçyol Escort had small pert breasts with nipples that poked out endearingly. That day she was wearing particularly tight jeans and, for the first time I could remember, perfume and make-up.

“You look good today – who’s the lucky guy?”

“You must be joking. I’ve had it with up to my eye-teeth with men!”

I wondered whether maybe she had a girl friend instead and changed the subject. I went back to work and was busy on the computer, trying to finish a presentation, when she came in to do my office. This usually only took a few minutes, but today she seemed to linger. She looked over my shoulder and I could smell a mixture of her strong perfume and the tobacco on her clothes.

“What are you up to? I always wonder what you do up here all day.”

“Nothing very exciting, I’m afraid, but it pays the bills.”

“We all could do with a little excitement in our lives, Edward. God knows, I could!”

It was the first time I can remember her calling me by my name. It made me turn around quickly, my arm accidentally knocking against her breast.

“Oops, sorry.” I said. “Are you ok?”

“Well, you can always kiss it better if you like, Edward!”

I was amazed; she was young enough to be my daughter! I looked at her closely; she was smiling, her white teeth glistening in the light. A single bead of sweat was running down the side of her face. I could see that her nipples had hardened and grown; they jutted out invitingly through her white shirt.

“Do you want me to, Pet?” I asked.

She smiled and took my hand. As she did so, she pulled her T-shirt up and exposed her lovely breasts, small but shapely, white and firm, nipples pink and prominent. She placed my hand on her right breast; it felt so young and soft to the touch. I stood up and ran both hands over her breasts, kissed and sucked on the left one and then kissed her gently on the lips.

“Are you sure about this, Pet?”

“You tell me.” She unbuttoned the front of her jeans so that I could just about ease a hand down between her legs. She was not wearing panties and was completely shaven; it felt as if she had shaven that morning, perhaps specially for me? My finger found her slit and slid in. God, she was so wet it was unbelievable!

She gasped with pleasure. “Oh my god, Edward, I am gagging for it. I have Üçyol Escort Bayan been since I first came to work here. Don’t you dare stop now!”

As we kissed more passionately, I ran my finger up and down her clitoris. She used her hands to pull her tight jeans over her hips until they fell to the floor. We were standing there in the middle of the small study in full view of the road outside. Anyone looking in would have seen her sexy naked arse and heard her moans of excitement. Luckily most people were at work at this time. Even so, I didn’t want to let the neighbours have a free show; I leant over and pulled the curtain across.

“That’s better. Do you want to go into the bedroom?”

“No, let’s do it here, in your study, in your place of work!”

By now I had pulled off my shirt and was struggling to get my shoes off. She had taken her shirt up over her head and was standing naked, rubbing hard between her legs, by the time I managed to pull my pants down over my hard dick and remove my underwear. I hadn’t been with anyone for over a month and was as horny as hell!

I would have preferred the comfort of my large soft bed but was not complaining as she knelt in front of her and took me in her hands. I was hard as hell! She kissed the tip and licked off the pre-cum. She smiled, opened her mouth and began to suck.

Lord, it felt so good, tongue and lips sucking all the way up and down my shaft. I looked down at her blonde head moving up and down, noticing the darker hair at the roots. I was not ready to explode just yet!

“Sit in the chair – I want to eat you!” I whispered.

She eased off me, sat back in the armchair by the window and hung her legs over each side of the chair. She was wide open; I could see her large clitoris poking out from her pink, juicy shaven pussy. I went between her legs and tasted her with the tip of my tongue, easing my hands up over her tummy to her lovely breasts, which I fondled and caressed. She began to whimper with pleasure.

“Delicious!” I sighed, before exploring all the way up her slit, over her moist folds, using my tongue to pleasure her. She tasted so sweet and sexy; her clit was hard now as I sucked it harder and harder. She was beginning to get really excited now; to keep her still, I grasped each thigh and held it down.

I have a long tongue and used this to good effect as I slid it Escort Üçyol up and down her pussy hole and fucked her with it as quick and hard as I could. I had to keep coming up for air! I could tell from the noise she was making and the tightening of her pussy that she was having a succession of small orgasms, which were getting stronger and stronger. I wanted to be inside her when she came properly, so I withdrew my mouth and pulled her out of the chair and sat down myself, my cock standing to attention, not huge but enough for that tight young pussy.

She eased on top of me and slid her dripping hole over me. It felt fantastic as I began to fill her up, the sensuous pressure, warm and tight, around my dick sent shivers down my spine. Her breasts quivered but held their shape as she moved up and down on me. I looked down and enjoyed seeing her wet lips engulfing me and her hand rubbing her clit hard and fast. She was having long continual orgasms and yelling at the top her voice.

“Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me. Oh yes, Baby”

I could feel my balls getting ready as her pussy squeezed harder and the pace of her rhythm increased. As she entered her final climax and I knew I was at the point of no return, she threw the curtains open. As the light flooded on to her naked breasts, I could feel my spunk rushing up through my cock and into her. My hands forced her hips down so I was deep inside her as I squirted several times inside her. It felt incredible, both of us in heavenly ecstasy for a few more seconds, before it subsided and we relaxed in a heap in the chair.

“Fuck, Pet, that was fantastic!”

“I enjoyed it too, darling.” She replied with a cheeky smile.

We both cleaned up and put our clothes back on. I went back to work with a big smile on my face thinking about what we might get up to next time or, indeed, before she went today.

At noon, I heard her call up the stairs. “I’m finished.”

That was the signal for me to give her the money for her cleaning before she went. I went down and gave her the usual cash.

“Same time next week, Pet?!” I grinned. “I had a great time”

Her smile was colder than before. “I did too; you’re not bad for a man of your age. Not many manage to get it up me – that’s why I’m still so tight.” She said as she counted the money.

“Mind you, I thought you would never get round to it. I don’t usually have to make the first move. Anyway, my dear, my gentleman friends normally give me a little present afterwards – shall we say two hundred pounds? I’ll take a cheque, as it’s your first time. Strict cash in future, of course. Three hundred if you want something kinky!”

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