Phoenix Fun Ch. 03


(This is the third story chronicling our Phoenix vacation)

The early morning sun was starting to shine through the curtains. I awoke to see my wife Jill laying next to me on the sofa bed. I looked over to the kitchen area and my sister in law Dawn was making the morning pot of coffee. Her husband Sam was sitting at the table reading a book on what to do in Phoenix. All of us were still naked from the activities of the previous evening.

The smell of fresh coffee awoke Jill with a smile and she asked how I liked the events from last night. All I could do is grin and tell her that I learned more about her in one night than I did in all those years of marriage.

I was curious why she decided all at once that she was a sexual animal, not that I was complaining, but trying to understand how suddenly she liked dildo’s, getting fucked in the ass, swallowing cum and playing with her sister’s pussy.

Dawn brought us our coffee, sat down and started telling how the two of them used to sleep in the same room as kids. They were only a year apart in age and started into puberty as the same time. She said that Jill playing with her pussy and fucking dildos was nothing new, but the ass fucking and cum swallowing must be.

She said the two of them took turning playing with each other for all of their teen years. In fact, their parents had a vibrator that they would sneak into their bedroom and masturbate themselves and Beylikdüzü escort each other for hours on end. If the vibrator wasn’t available, they would rub each other’s pussy until they would cum.

Dawn always looked older than her young age. She decided to head over to the novelty store by their house and came home with a life like penis dildo and a double dildo. She said she could hardly wait until she had the vibrating penis in her. She was busy fucking herself when Jill came into the room. Jill volunteered to pump her pussy if Dawn would return the favor; Dawn had a better idea. She showed Jill the double dong and the next thing they knew; they had the dong in each of their pussys and were humping away. They used the dildos every night until Dawn got married and moved out.

I asked Jill why she didn’t have dildos for us and she simply stated, “I like your cock better.” What man wouldn’t accept that straight forward answer?

Looking around the condo, I saw Sam was stroking his cock, Jill was rubbing her tits and Dawn had her free hand in her lap. My cock was rock hard also. Jill had an idea. She suggested that Sam and I have a jack off contest. We both agreed, but the girls had to state the game rules and the prize.

The rules were simple. Neither wife could use her hands on our cocks to assist us. They could touch us anywhere else. The winner would be declared by the distance Beyoğlu escort bayan of the cum shot measured from the base of the penis. The winner would be licked clean by both sisters and they would them perform a threesome on the winner. The loser had to clean himself and video tape them sucking and fucking the winner.

So Sam and I took our cocks in hand and started stroking. Dawn was licking his balls and caressing his nipples. Jill knew I loved to have her fingers trace down my balls to near my asshole. Sam was the first to cum. Dawn was squeezing his balls like she was trying to get every last ounce of cum from them. She went to get the tape measure. In the meantime, I was starting to feel the first signs of cumming. I told Jill this and she said to let her know just before shooting. I started grunting and said I’m cumming. She then took her finger, slid it into my asshole and started pumping. I couldn’t believe the sensation. The first load shot so far that if almost hit my chin. Dawn looked at it and declared me the winner without measuring. The two of the started licking me clean.

I looked at Sam, grinned and told him to get the camera. Sam quickly returned with the camera and had a look of envy on his face. I told him to do a good job with the camera so I could see the action later.

Once Jill and Dawn finished licking me clean, the two of them started sucking my cock. Jill’s Escort Bomonti finger was still in my ass and with two mouths sucking me, the cock started to get hard again. They asked who I wanted to fuck first and I said Dawn. I hadn’t fucked anyone but Jill, so a new pussy around my cock would be nice. Dawn squatted over me and lowered her pussy on to my cock. Jill then put her legs over my face and pushed her pussy onto my mouth. This had to be a dream.

Dawn’s pussy was wet and she was using her muscles to squeeze my cock. Jill was getting in to me sucking her clit. She and Dawn started rubbing each other’s tits. The only one not moaning was Sam, but he was doing an ace job as the video recorder.

I told the girls to switch places before they came. I wanted Dawn to squirt on my face so Sam could record it. They jumped up and switched so fast that they hardly lost a stroke. Dawn’s pussy tasted great. Her pussy lips were swollen and I was busy sucking on them. Jill was facing Dawn again and reached over to play with her clit.

Sam put the camera on the table so that it was recording the action. He came over and put his cock between the girl’s faces and they started sucking his cock. They put their lips together and his cock was pumping between them. I could feel Jill’s pussy juice running down my balls, so I knew she came. Dawn then started squirting on my face. A person could drown with all the cum she shot. I started to cum and Jill jumped off. She stroked my cock as I came on my stomach. Dawn was still sucking Sam’s cock and he started to cum. He shot his load on my stomach also. The grand finale was having my stomach licked clean by both sisters.

What a start to a vacation. And to think we still had five days left.

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