Pigtails for Daddy


Pigtails for DaddyKrista had a craving she couldn’t satisfy. It made her whole body tingle and itch, she thought that this must be what heroine addicts go through when they can’t score. Her nipples were on fire, her clit pulsed and screamed at her for attention and she was sure that if she spread her legs, she’d see that she had soaked through her panties and jeans. Her inner thighs felt hot and humid. She would have killed for her vibrator right now.But, she didn’t have her vibrator. She was stuck in a plane seat 30,000 feet in the air and wouldn’t be reaching Dallas for another half hour. A half hour until she would be in a rental car, free to treat her pussy like a squeeze toy. It was a short flight from Austin, but she had worked the night before, went to sleep, woke up, packed a quick suit case and left for the air port without getting laid or playing with herself. It had been a couple days since she had felt like a woman and screamed her brains out while ruining her sheets. She was sure her mother and brother were at home fucking right now. She was sure they would tease her and as soon as she landed and turned on her phone she’d see tons of pics of their naked, sweaty bodies tangled and fucking. She wished she’d stayed awake last night. Her clit pulsed some more. She couldn’t take it, she had to touch her self. The bathroom was going to have to do. As she began to adjust to stand up, the captain rang over the intercom.”Folks we’ve made pretty good time and we’ll be making our final approach for DFW here, so if you could stay seated and fasten your seat belts, we should be landing in about 15 minutes.””NOOOOOO!” Krista screamed in her head. She was so frustrated. She had planned on walking into that bathroom, ripping her jeans off and slamming as much of her hand into her cunt as she could handle. She wanted to cum so badly she couldn’t stand it. Waiting and being trapped made it that much worse. But, at least they were closer than she had thought. It was only a matter of minutes before she was in a rental car, free to finger herself as hard and as loud as she pleased.The plane landed and she stood in line like cattle to get her bag from the overhead compartment. A stewardess smiled at her on her way off the plane and Krista wondered if she knew that in a different situation that smile would be smothered between her slick pussy lips.In the rental car, Krista did just what she had planned, unzipped, slid her jeans down to mid thigh for complete access to her pussy, and lit a cigarette. She had one hand in between her thighs, and the other maneuvering the steering wheel while delicately holding her cigarette. She was going to have to cum before she got to her father’s, otherwise there was no telling when she would get enough privacy again to play with her self.”Oh fuck….” she moaned to her self as she squeezed her clit between her fingers.But…why would she need privacy? For years now she, her mother, and her brother had all been fucking each others brains out. There was no part of her body or theirs that was unexplored, un-licked, un-fucked. Why not do the same with daddy?She would do it. She would seduce her father. There were no negative consequences other than a little awkwardness, after all, what would he do, tell her mom? Laughable. And even if it ruined their relationship, she only saw him every few years anyways. She pulled her fingers from her pussy and zipped up. She wanted to save all that frustration and horniness so she didn’t lose her nerve. She wanted to make sure that by the end of the night, she was bent over on her father’s bed with his cock a mile deep.”Oh yeah.” She remembered to turn on her phone. It powered on and instantly rang to life with texts and photos sent from her mother’s phone. It added to the frustration. Her mother had sent a play by play that detailed everything from sucking Chris’s cock at a Sonic to fucking in the hot tub at home with the pics to accompany it.”Sucking cock at a Sonic. Classy mom.” She replied in a text. “Wish I was there. Soooo horny right now. Might try to fuck dad tonight ;)” Krista hit send again and waited. She drove on listening to the radio, rubbing her self through her jeans. The phone rang and she answered it. “Hello?””Hey…baby. How was your…umph!…flight?” It was her mother. She was definitely getting fucked. “Oh yeah, that’s it….””It was good…very frustrating. I wish I’d joined you two last night. I’m floating in my seat right now.””Why didn’t you stop into the bathroom at the…airport?” Carrie’s breathing was fast and labored. “Sorry, your brother has me bent over the kitchen table right now….fuck!””Mmmm…I’m jealous. I should have but I wanted to have some privacy, so I started playing with myself in the car. Not sure it’s going to be enough though.” Listening to her mother get fucked was turning her on more and more. “I wish I was there to eat your pussy, mommy.””Oh…me too sweetie…me too. Maybe daddy will help you out…” Carrie was smiling when she said that.”I hope so…I think I’m really gonna’ try. How do you think he would take it if I just walked into his room and started sucking his cock?””With that man, there’s no gaziantep rus escortlar telling. Oh yeah baby…baby…make mommy cum…” Carrie’s voice was trailing off. “Just make sure…that what we do…stays our little secret, ok baby?””Oh yeah, no worries there. He doesn’t need to know anything about our fun. But, if it goes as planned, you’ll get every nasty detail. Haha!” Krista laughed and took a drag off her cigarette.”Good…girrrrlll…” her mother growled. “I have to go sweetie…you have fun. And remember, your daddy always liked pig tails when I was with him…..oh fuck…..” the phone went silent. Krista’s pussy was sore with horniness.Pigtails. That thought stuck in her head the rest of the drive home. She thought about how hot it would be to feel his hands holding on to her pigtails while he slid his cock down her throat, deeper and deeper. She thought about how hot it would be to feel him pulling her pigtails like reins as he slid his cock up her pussy, deeper and deeper. His house was only ten minutes away. She stopped at a gas station and put some make up on in the car.Her lips were blood red and her eyes were whorish, a deep blue eye shadow covered her eye lids and her mascara exaggerated her lashes. She wanted to do more, but this would have to work. A squirt of perfume and she got back on the road, texting her father that she was close.He was standing in the driveway when she pulled up. He’d apparently just gotten done running. He was in a sweaty tank that clung to his body and a pair of short running shorts. He had dark curly hair and a few days of stubble. He stood with his hands on his hips, out of breath.”You better not have worn your self out old man…” Krista said out loud to herself before getting out of the car. “Daddy!” she squealed as she ran up to hug him. He wrapped his arms around her, trying not to get her too sweaty, but she didn’t care. She craved his sweat. She craved feeling him against her. He had a cock, and it’s what she desperately wanted…needed. Krista gave him a big kiss on the lips and hugged him some more.”How have you been sweetie? Jeez, it’s been 4 years!”r daddy. I’ve been good. Just working and school.” she wanted to say ‘and sucking mom’s pussy every chance I get.’ but she restrained her self.”Good, well come inside, I’ll shower and we can go to dinner.”Krista’s heart skipped when he mentioned getting a shower. She wanted to join him and dig her nails into his stomach while she buried her face in his lap, sucking in as much of his cock as she could handle. Did he have a big dick? Of course, otherwise her mother never would have fucked him.While her father was showering, Krista took time to get ready and play with her self. Just as she had thought, she soaked right through her jeans. A big wet spot was running from the crotch about 6 inches down the left pant leg. It had almost dried during the drive. She had packed a pair of white shorts that hugged her ass and thighs and a blue lacy blouse that was almost see through. Her bra was red and could be seen plain as day through the blouse. If her mother were here she would tell her that she wasn’t dressed nearly slutty enough. Her ass cheeks barely hung out, you couldn’t see her pussy at all. Her nipples weren’t sticking out. Tsk tsk tsk. Way too modest for her mother’s taste. Krista lay on the bed gently rubbing her clit until she heard the shower turn off. He must be done. She imagined him stepping out of the shower, surrounded by steam. His meaty cock swinging and rubbing against his balls while he toweled off. Water clung to his chest hair and water dripped from his chin.”Ugh…this better work.” She said to her self. “Oh shit.” Krista remembered the pig tails. She quickly grabbed a couple of hair elastics and brushed her hair into two pony tails on the side of her head. A couple of bobby pins to clean it up and she had what she hoped would pass for her father’s little fetish. She texted her mother “wish me luck!” and met her father in the living room.Her father was wearing a red t-shirt, a v neck, and jeans that probably would have fit just as tight on her had she tried them on.”Ready?” he asked as he fished his keys out of his pocket. He did a double take and smiled, soaking in her tiny shorts and pig tails.”Yep.” she walked past and kissed him on the cheek, walking out the door and to his car. She was sure he was staring at her ass as it wiggled in her shorts.In the car ride to the restaurant, they made small talk. About school, about work, about her mother and brother, weather. Blah, blah, blah…none of it was about his cock so Krista was having to fake an interest, but she did it well. The most fun she had during the ride was crossing and uncrossing her long legs. The shorts had ridden up and she could see a faint outline of her plump labia through the material. Every now and then she’d catch him taking a peek at her thighs. The restaurant was much of the same.They sat outside at a table, the evening was warm and the breeze was weak, but still present. Every now and then a stranger would give an odd look, probably trying to figure out if she was his daughter gaziantep rus escort bayanlar or girl friend. Little did they know, she was soon going to be both. Her clit continued it’s screaming and throbbing. If it was in an insane asylum, it would be banging it’s head against a wall for attention. At this stage, Krista would have welcomed that kind of abuse on her clit.Krista watched her father eat and wanted to run her hand along his stubbly chin. Most of all, she wanted to grab a hand full of his curly hair while she shoved his face into her pussy. She reached into her purse and pulled out a cigarette and lit it. Her bright red lip stick made her lips cling to the tip. She blew the plume of smoke high above her head and delicately held it away from her and at her side. She wanted her father to watch her smoke. She wanted him to see that she wasn’t the cute high-schooler he had seen 5 years ago. She was a bad girl. She smoked, she fucked, she fingered herself in the car just minutes before seeing him. The conversation carried on. She played with the smoke before exhaling it, making sure to keep her father’s attention on her mouth. It worked. She could see something changing in his eyes. She wanted him to fall for her. She didn’t want love. She wanted lust. She didn’t want a father, she wanted a “daddy”. A daddy to fuck her, a daddy to eat her pussy, a daddy to stuff his cock in her mouth. After while, it was time to go.The car ride home was more eventful. There was just enough light from the highway lights that she was sure she saw him adjust and squeeze his cock a few times during the trip. She couldn’t blame him, she’d taken advantage of the darkness and was giving her pussy the attention it wanted, but not the attention it needed. He reached over and rested his hand on her knee. Was it as a father, or was it as a daddy? She didn’t know yet. But she aimed to find out. The car was the perfect place. He couldn’t run, he couldn’t fight back. She owned him.Krista rested her hand on his and picked it up, unbuckled, and propped her self up on her knees in the passenger seat.”Whatcha’ doin’ sweetie?” he asked, trying to keep his eyes on the road. Krista said nothing, instead, she went to work on his zipper. He swerved the car, surprised by his daughter’s actions. “Baby, what are…” he tried to fight back, but had to keep control of the car. And he knew what she was doing, he just didn’t know why. He should have seen this coming. As soon as she stepped out of her car, he saw something different in her. The way she walked, dressed, the way she looked at him. All night she had been seducing him. And he wasn’t going to lie, it had worked. His cock was ragingly hard. It had been begging to be released from his jeans all night. He had loved watching her cross and uncross her legs on the trip to the restaurant, he had loved watching her red lips gently close around the cigarette while she smoked at the restaurant.”Don’t think about what’s happening, daddy…just let it happen. I want this. You want this. I’m a grown woman and I know what I’m doing. Please…I need it really bad.” Krista finished talking and swallowed her father’s cock. The girth filled up her throat as she slid deeper and deeper on it. She listened to him gasp as it slid into her mouth, then his breathing picked up pace. She felt her phone vibrate in her pocket, it was probably her mom asking her how it was going. She continued sliding her wet mouth up and down the spit covered cock. Her father continued driving. She slid a hand between her legs and began squeezing and rubbing her pussy through her shorts. They were too tight to get a hand in the waist band, but luckily the material was thin enough to still allow for plenty of pleasure. Krista felt her juices soaking through the crotch. Her clit’s screaming and throbbing were reaching their peak. She would need fucked and soon.”Oh baby…what are you doing…” her father asked once again. He didn’t expect an answer, and he had his hand on the back of her head, so he wasn’t sure he would let her answer if she tried. He felt her warm breath on his balls and her spit rolling down to his thighs. The house was now around the corner. He didn’t want her to stop, but he knew they couldn’t sit in the driveway while she sucks his cock. “We’re home baby…”Krista’s mouth slid off of his cock with a pop. “Ok, daddy.” she reached up with her pussy juice covered hand and grabbed him by the chin and slid her tongue into his mouth. He grabbed her by the back of her head and pulled her mouth closer. He was kissing her like a daddy, not a father.Krista pulled away, flashing him a devilish smile and stepped out of the car. She shut the door and wiggled her ass as she walked away. At first she thought he wasn’t going to follow, then she heard his car door shut. He met her at the front door and unlocked it, his eyes focused on hers. The pig tails were driving him wild. As soon as the door closed and was locked behind them, Krista stripped. Her shorts were off first, followed by the blouse and the red bra. She didn’t even wait for him to undress before turning and rus gaziantep escort heading for his bedroom. Whether he was comfortable with this yet or not, it was happening. She didn’t care if she had to break out the rope.She heard him walk into the bedroom and saw that he was peeling his shirt off. His cock jumped out of the jeans as he unzipped again and slid them down to the floor. He joined her on the bed, admiring her full tits and hairless pussy. Krista grabbed his hand an slid it between her thighs. Her pussy was very warm and wet. He felt her press her hips against his hand as he began rubbing her up and down, up and down, up and down. His lips met hers and he slid his tongue deep into her mouth.”I want your cock in me, daddy…please.” Krista adjusted herself so she was on her hands and knees. She put her ass high in the air. He got behind her and buried his face in her ass, breathing in deeply. Krista giggled and leaned against his face. He reached between her legs and began rubbing and squeezing her tits, gently tugging on her nipples while he dipped his tongue in and out of her pussy. She was soaking wet and dripping down his chin. He could feel his cock drooling, anxious to be inside something soft and wet. “You’re so good at that daddy…” Krista turned and looked back at her daddy, smiling.He positioned himself behind her and angled his cock at her pussy. This is what she had been waiting for. This is what her pussy needed. It’s what she was craving on the airplane.His cock was filling and very hard. The head spread parted her lips and slid in with no resistance. She heard her father gasp as he slid in up to his hips. Krista could only imagine what was going through his head. For her, this kind of sin was normal, for him, it was an entirely new territory. It was an entirely new planet.Krista’s pussy was tight, but welcoming. His cock had no issue sliding in and out, in and out, in and out. He started off slow at first, not wanting to cum too soon and not wanting to hurt his daughter by going to hard. But, he was impressed with how experienced she was. She leaned far forward, her face in the pillow, her hands pressed against the head board. She was nice and sturdy, not moving around a lot. She matched her rhythm to his, pressing her ass backwards in quick, short thrusts as he burrowed into her. He began to pick up speed, his hips slapping against her ass harder and louder. Krista began moaning, and the moaning turned to gasping, and the gasping to screaming, and the screaming to cumming. Her pussy squeezed and convulsed on her father’s cock, but it didn’t slow him down. Her wet squirting only made things more slippery and therefore faster.”Use my fucking pony tails, dammit! That’s what they’re there for!” Krista cussed at her father and he instantly released his grip on her fleshy hips and grabbed a hold of both pony tails. He yanked her head back and used her for leverage as he fucked her harder and faster. “Do you want to cum, daddy? Huh? Do you want to cum?””Oh fuck yess sweetie.””Cum inside me daddy. Cum in my pussy. I’m on the pill, daddy. I promise. Cum inside me…” Krista egged her father on, getting him closer and closer. He pounded harder and harder, looking into his daughter’s ecstasy filled face tilted back towards him. His hands were filled with her hair, her pussy filled with his cock. And as he made a few, mad thrusts, she was filled with his cum. He continued his violent thrusting, even after cumming. He didn’t want to stop. Each thrust made a wet “shlick, shlick, shlick” sound. His cum mixed with her juice into a white froth that dripped onto the sheets. They were both covered in sweat. He rolled on to his back and pulled her with him. She positioned her self on top facing him cowgirl style. She grabbed a hold of his slick cock and impaled her self on it. His hands reached up and explored her soft bouncing tits as she began riding and grinding on his cock. He could feel their juices leaking onto his balls. Krista continued her riding.”Daddy…daddy…daddy…” Krista was close to making herself cum again. “Cum with me daddy…please…””Ok baby… tell me when…” he grabbed her hips and began thrusting upwards matching her rhythm. His cock was deep and pressing against her cervix. He kept his eyes locked on her as she picked up pace.”Ok daddy…ok…ok…now…I’m cumming! I’m cumming daddy!” Krista tensed up and rolled her hips against her father, feeling her own juices releasing as he filled her up once again. She collapsed on top of him, her pigtails in his face, her tits on his chest. She could feel his cock twitching and jumping inside of her as it tried to relax. As it softened up, it slid out of her and a river of his cum followed. Her clit had stopped screaming and banging its head on the asylum walls. Krista rotated her body so her pussy was in her father’s face and she began cleaning his cock for him, sucking and slurping the frothy white mess up, swallowing it in big gulps. She felt her father’s tongue exploring her, licking and slurping the same frothy mess. His breath was warm between her thighs. Krista rotated herself back and lay her head on her father’s chest. Her father fell asleep immediately, worn out from the fun. Before she fell asleep, Krista sneaked into the living room for her phone. Her mother had sent a message asking how it went. Krista responded by sending a naked selfie of her with her father sleeping in the background, her hair matted against her forehead with sweat and cum, a devilish smile on her lips.

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