(Pirate Era) Diary of Anne Breckinridge part 2


(Pirate Era) Diary of Anne Breckinridge part 2 Part II                   The next day I awoke, still a bit flustered and my mind racing at the events of the day prior. I sat about, rather bored reading my book for the second time when I saw a lamp come once more down the stairs. I hid automatically, assuming that it might have been someone else other than the man I had met earlier. The figure moved straight toward my position and I figured it was surely the same fellow. It was the same man, he carried the lantern in one hand and a plate of food and a tankard of grog in the other. He set the lantern down along with the plate and grog. He smiled at me as he did before and spoke firmly, but not harsh.                 “Ready lassie? I brought you some grub too, my end of the bargain..now its time for you to keep your end.” He was undressing me with my eyes. “How’s about you take’s that fine dress off eh?” His eyes brightened at şişli escort the thought of seeing my body. I stood awkwardly as I slowly removed my fine green dress and laid it on a nearby crate.                 “My how the heaven’s hath blessed you.” The man said as he moved forward and caressed my body. I didn’t really squirm, I knew there was no point, and besides we had a deal. My body for his silence and a plate of food every day.                 “The name is William,” he said “what might your name be? I figure we might as well be a wee bit civil since we are knowing each other so intimately as of late.” He smirked.                 “My name is Anne.” Said I still standing there in his arms awkwardly, more so than ever.                 “Well Anne, get down on your knees now like a good lass.” He helped me down with his hands and once I was down he unbuckled his thick belt and dropped his short sailor’s pants. His şişli escort bayan cock was large, he was quite aroused, I suppose he was waiting all day to get a chance to come fulfill his pleasure.                 “Be a good lass now and please me with your mouth and with your hands. I know you ain’t done this before, but you will learn quite well before we reach land.” He said with a smirk. I was there on my knees and didn’t really know what he was talking about. His member was throbbing a little bit and while he wasn’t the biggest of men, he wasn’t too small either. He could sense my ignorance and spoke gently.                 “Come now, like it were your mother’s tit and you were a babe.” I moved my right hand to secure his cock and   I moved my mouth closer to his head. I looked up and saw his joy and anticipation. I placed his cock’s head inside my mouth and worked it slowly with my lips, he moaned softly. I sucked mecidiyeköy escort a bit harder and then I felt him move his cock deeper inside of my mouth with a thrust of his hips. He was enjoying it, so I took in more of his cock with my mouth bobbing back and forth on his head and some of his shaft.   Like my mother’s tit? I thought it wasn’t quite like it at all. But I sucked faster tasting a man for the first time, it was odd. William, as his name was, moaned louder and I looked up and saw he had his eyes closed enjoying every sensation he was feeling.                 I remember him rubbing and squeezing my breasts when he was making love to me, and I thought I would please him the same way, by caressing him. I used my free hand to rub around the base of his cock and softly massage his ball sack. With this he let out a heavy moan.                 “Ah that’s it me’ girl.” He said in joy and satisfaction. I moved my head back and forth taking in more and more of his hard shaft with each movement of my head. I saw that as I did it faster he moaned harder. And when I closed my soft cool lips tighter around his shaft he almost quivered with unspeakable pleasure.

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