Poly at the Poly Pt. 09


I’d just had the most incredible orgasm of my life.

Two incredibly attractive blonde women — the athletic and amazing Allison as well as the sexy and superlative Cassie — had edged me over the course of an evening until I’d exploded with near-concussive force. All while my wife Emily, petite and peerless, had whispered in my ear about how hot it made her to see me spatter the two other women with my seed.

And that was it. Our epic five-day trip, our incredible six-person orgy, our over-the-top last hurrah, had finished. Everyone had cum hard and come down. We were all lying on the ground panting or even passed out.

My wife, naked and perched above my head, leaned over and gave me a loving upside-down kiss. But as our lips touched, I felt Emily stiffen. Freeze. Her jaw fell open. Her eyes went wide.

With everything that had just happened, I hadn’t noticed the position that was Emily in. Leaned over me, her butt pointing straight up in the air, eminently accessible. And when Emily had moved to kiss me, it had positioned her pussy in the perfect spot.

Now that I was looking, I saw what had happened. Unbeknownst to the rest of us, Jack had slipped back into the room. The older man had stepped behind my wife. When Emily’s butt lifted, Jack stepped forward and drove his hard dick right into her dripping hole.

Emily hadn’t been expecting the penetration. But based on the look on her face, she welcomed the intrusion. A little grin began to break across her lips as Jack slowly plunged into her. But that wasn’t the only place the older man was pushing in.

At the same time that Jack plumbed my wife’s pussy with his cock, he drove his thumb into her anus. He’d done this a few times before and Emily had submitted to his intrusion. But the look in her eyes — that mix of pain, pleasure, and fear — spoke of something both more and less than willing acceptance.

Emily stared down at me, all those confusing emotions passing across her face. She rocked back and forth as Jack began to fuck her. She reached down and gripped my shoulder, more for balance than affection, as the older man, once again, began to have his way with her.

By now, I was used to seeing my wife getting fucked by other guys. I didn’t particularly appreciate this more intimate view of it happening, but otherwise this was nothing new. A rerun. I would have already rolled out from under Emily except for her hand on my shoulder. Whether it was intentional or not, she was holding me in place.

I stayed focused on my wife’s face. I can’t lie, there was something intensely arousing about seeing her surrender herself to pleasure. I’d often wished I could have seen her face while doing her from behind, sharing in her expressions. Well, here I was getting the other half of the picture. It was kind of awesome, actually.

“Oh God,” Emily said, “Feels so good.”

I couldn’t tell if she was talking to me, telling Jack, announcing it to the room, or even just rambling, lost in the world of illicit pleasure.

I looked past my wife at Allison and Cassie. Both of them were sitting back against the far wall, watching all this happen. The look on their faces was remarkably similar to that on my wife’s. Uncontrolled arousal with only a little hint of worry. There was this sense in the room that something was about to happen. Only none of us could figure out what it was.

Jack, however, clearly knew the plan. He slapped against my wife, but without the usual urgency. If anything, he seemed to be taking his time. Waiting for something.

Finally, he took his thumb out of Emily’s butt. She wriggled and sighed, I think a bit relieved. He slid his cock out of her pussy. Now, Emily groaned in clear disappointment.

There was another pause. From where I was sitting, I couldn’t really see what Jack was up to. He seemed to be fumbling with something. A bottle, maybe? I couldn’t exactly tell.

A moment later, Emily giggled, ticklish. A moment after that, she straight out screamed.

My innocent wife’s face went bright red. Her bright green eyes threatened to pop right out of her head. Her mouth dropped open and her tongue lolled out. Like her whole face was trying to leap off her body.

My gaze flashed to what was going on behind my wife. From what I could tell, Jack was in the same position as before. But no, something was different. His dick was pushing in at a different angle. Higher.

And suddenly I understood exactly what Jack had been fumbling with. I looked to the floor and saw a still-open container of coconut oil. He’d gotten Emily going with his thumb, then lubricated his dick, and had started to take my wife’s tight, virgin asshole.

“Oh…my… God,” Emily gasped out. Her eyes really looked like they were halfway to exploding as Jack slowly slid his now-slippery dick into her rectum.

I looked over at Allison and Cassie again. Both women stared back at me in shock. They seemed stuck to the wall. All of us unable to process what we were watching. Whatever Kartal Escort little language we had left was stuffed into our stomachs.

Emily’s hand closed down tighter on my shoulder. Her nails dug in — five painful stabs.

“I… ohfuck,” Emily tried to speak but her body shut her down.

It was clear that she was in terrible pain. Whatever little enjoyment her nerves were giving her was overwhelmed by the agony of the rest. I wasn’t going to let this happen. I couldn’t. I had to protect my wife.

But when I started to get up, Emily dug her nails even deeper into my flesh.

“Stay with me, Paul,” Emily gasped out, “Please. Stay with me.”

I met her eyes, and she gave me a little nod. Maybe I’d misread things after all. Perhaps the mask of anguish on her face meant something else.

“Feels so… Ugh. Can’t,” Emily said, “Can’t hold on.” She was breathing in short, sharp gasps. Like someone was stabbing her. Which, I suppose, wasn’t far from the truth.

I didn’t want to watch this, but I couldn’t stop myself from looking. Jack was slowly sinking into Emily’s rear. His face unreadable. If he was enjoying this, it didn’t show. If I had to describe his expression, I’d say it was determined.

“OH! Oh FUCK!” Emily cried out as Jack’s balls finally rested on her pussy. He’d managed to fill her ass completely. He began to withdraw but Emily groaned. “Wa… wait. Please.”

“I’m going to stop,” Jack said, “I don’t want to hurt you.”

“No, it’s. It’s OK,” Emily said. She looked almost nervous, afraid. Like she couldn’t bear the thought of disappointing her lover. “Just give me a second. To get used.”

Jack stayed in place. I realized that he, too, was panting from the exertion. The energy of it all. He caught my eye. To my relief, though, he didn’t give me his usual cocky grin. Only a little acknowledgement. In some ways, that was worse.

Jack knew what he was doing. His point was clear as anything. Before, with Emily, he’d tried to make her admit that he owned her. My wife wouldn’t budge. And I’d reveled in her defiance. Now, though, I saw Jack wasn’t going to take ‘no’ for an answer.

“Oh… Ok,” Emily said, clearly gathering up her confidence. “Do it. Start moving in me.”

Now Jack’s face filled with a smile. He drew back a little bit, then slid forward. Emily’s eyes popped, but she didn’t cry out.

“Oo,” she said. A little gasp. “Oo. Ah.”

Jack started increasing his speed. Pulling out further. Slapping harder. Emily bit her lip, hard. Her eyes snapped shut. Again, it sure looked like she was in pain.

“You like that?” Jack asked.

“My head… feels like it’s gonna. Roll off,” Emily said. Her breath was ragged. Strained.

Was head-rolling-off a good thing or a bad thing? I wasn’t sure. I’m not positive Emily knew either. She stayed in place, enduring what Jack was doing. But there were tiny signs she was starting to enjoy it.

“Oh. Oo. Oh yes. Yeah,” Emily said, “Like that. Fuck yes. Ah. AH!”

Jack’s movements got faster. Harder. Emily’s voice grew louder.

“Aha! Oh! Oo! Oh Fuck!”

“You like that, Emily?” Jack asked, “You like that hard dick in your ass?”

“Oh God! Fuh-Fuck me!”

Emily finally released my shoulder, leaving five identical, marks. She reached back and started to diddle her clit. Her face was beyond red, it was purple. Her nipples were nearly the same color and looked painfully swollen.

I didn’t know how to feel, lying there. Seeing Emily like this, so supplicant to her need, was incredible in all the best and the worst ways. I didn’t want to watch this. I couldn’t look away. Envy and desire. Jealousy and arousal. All of it mixed together in my chest.

Emily’s cries only escalated. “AH! AH! Ohhhhhh! OHHHHHH! Oh God! I’m… Oh! I’m gonna… Oh FUCK!”

Emily stiffened. She let out a long, pained wail. An incomparable cry of ecstasy. Followed by a short, pained sob.

“Oh goddamn that’s it,” Jack faltered. He seized. “Cumming. Cumming in your sweet little ass. Oh fuck yeah.”

Jack’s eruption hit Emily with hurricane force. Her scream shot up another octave. Her eyes slammed shut and rolled back. The sound she let out was indescribable. Something deep and primal from before human beings could even be called human. A long, guttural explosion of sound.

Emily tipped forward, landing on top of me. Her body writhed and trembled as her orgasm trampled her from top to bottom. Every part of her clenched — fingers, toes, even her hair seemed to tighten.

Finally, she stilled. Rolled over on to the floor. Emily gasped for air like she’d been strangled. I saw her cheeks were wet with tears. Another little orgasm took hold of her, and she groaned. A long, slow, mournful thing. A woeful howl of satisfaction and sorrow.

Emily lay smoldering and shaking on the ground. Seed already dripping out of her asshole and down her skinny thighs. Her pussy still leaking from before.

Jack stared down at her. He shook his head and Kartal Escort Bayan let out a deep sigh. Of contentment, of disdain, I couldn’t say. Finally, Jack turned away. He walked back down the hallway. Closed the bedroom door behind him.

Emily turned onto her side and curled into me.

“Oh God,” she said, “Oh fuck.” They seemed to be the only words she knew. She repeated them over and over in a strange, monotone mantra.

“Emily, are you OK?” I asked.

My wife didn’t respond. She wrapped her arms around my neck and squeezed me tight. Like grasping onto the one rock in a tsunami. She buried her head into my chest.

“Emily,” I repeated, “Em. What do you need? What can I do?”

“Hold me,” Emily said. Choked. “Just hold me.”

I enveloped my wife’s little body with my own. A soft, warm cocoon. She made a light grunt and I realized she was snoring. I held her there, squeezing her tight, till the real world slipped away.


I woke up cold. My body aching. Someone was touching my shoulder.

“Hey,” the voice said. It sounded feminine, but in the haze, I couldn’t place it.

I slowly blinked awake. I had no sense of time. The room I was in was dark. I realized I was lying on the hardwood floor alone. Back in the bungalow. Of course. It felt like I’d whiled away lifetimes lying there.

Reality rushed through me. I’d been holding Emily but now… I tried to roll and realized I was alone on the floor. My wife had slipped away. Yet another familiar feeling.

I sat up fast. My forehead hit something hard. I swear it made that cartoon coconut sound.

“Oof!” the female voice said. I felt her collapse next to me on the floor.

“Crap are you OK?” I asked.

“I’m fine, just… Fuck.”

My eyes adjusted. Beautiful blonde Cassie was sitting on the ground next to me, holding her head. I noticed that she was completely naked. I know I shouldn’t still be having these thoughts, but that didn’t stop my mind from remarking, damn, she looks good.

“I’m OK,” Cassie repeated. “You’ve got a hard head.”

“Sorry,” I said.

“It’s my own fault. All these hardcore sports we’ve been doing, I should’ve brought a helmet.”

Cassie got up on her feet, holding her head with one hand. She reached down and offered to help me up.

“Emily?” I asked. Despite the gorgeous blonde looming over me, all I could think about was my wife and where she’d escaped to. It was like having a dangerous animal on the loose — I was worried that she was likely to hurt herself as much as others.

Cassie gave me a practiced, uncaring shrug. I had a feeling she knew the answer but wasn’t going to give it away.

“Come with me,” she said.

The beautiful blonde woman gave me her prettiest ‘please’ smile. I let her lift me off the ground. Even breathing felt like an incredible effort. People had warned me it was easy to put on weight while at Disney. After everything that had happened, I was pretty sure I was going to come home in the best shape of my life.

The room around us was dark. I had no sense of whether it was deep night or early morning. I tried to see if other people were in the room, but I couldn’t tell.

Cassie took me down the hallway, past the first bedroom. I was immediately serenaded by the sickeningly familiar squeaks of a women getting epically railed. It sounded a bit like Emily, but I couldn’t be sure. The door was shut tight, and I didn’t dare open it. Ignorance isn’t bliss, but it can be a mercy.

Cassie didn’t remark on it. She pulled me forward to the next bedroom. The door was open. The bed was freshly made. It looked remarkably inviting.

I went into the bedroom and flopped on the mattress. Cassie climbed in next to me. I know it seems odd in connection with everything else, but this felt strangely personal. Yes, we’d done it a bunch of places, a ton of different ways. But this was Cassie welcoming me into her bedroom. The place she’d slept with her husband all week. It should have been mundane, but somehow it felt momentous.

Cassie curled her feet under her. She kissed me on the lips, running her hands over my chest with adoration.

“You have enough for one more?” Cassie asked. She looked pointedly down at my crotch. My dick had already answered for both of us — erect and eager. She took one look and giggled.

“Cassie, I…”

“Paul, do me a favor and let me speak for once,” Cassie said. She put her hand flat on my chest, pushing me back into the pillows. “I know what you’re going to say and it’s OK. Tomorrow you’re flying home, and everything is going back to normal. I know that.”

I started to speak again but Cassie’s eyes flashed.

“But I need this,” Cassie said, “What you did to me. I don’t think you get it. You didn’t just make me cum, Paul. It wasn’t just the best sex of my life. That’s… I don’t choose my partners that way. I don’t know any woman who does.”

I nodded. I wasn’t sure where this was going.

“But you changed something Escort Kartal in me. Showed me something about myself,” Cassie said, “Remember I’ve done this sharing stuff a lot. I know the rules. Maybe better than anyone. But I can’t stop it.”

Cassie paused. Her breath hitched. She gave me a nervous little smile. More like the kind of look that Emily would give me.

“It’s OK,” I said, mostly because I didn’t know what else to say.

“I’m falling for you, Paul,” Cassie said, “I know. You’re married. Going to start a family. I shouldn’t fall for you but I am. I know I can’t, but I did. I know you’re not going to say ‘yes.’ But, for the rest of the time we have left together, please don’t tell me ‘no.'”

“OK,” I said. What did we say the day before? God, it seemed like weeks ago. One more day. One last hurrah. Well, the sun wasn’t up yet. So, we might as well make the most of it.

Cassie leaned down and we kissed. Not like before. This was different. Slower and yet more passionate. Cassie wasn’t showing off for the room anymore. Now she was performing only for me. Gradually, we graduated to tongue. Gentle caresses and light touches. Cassie’s fingers tangled in my thick chest hair. My digits danced on her supple breasts.

Cassie lay back and raised her hips. She spread her legs, supplicant. I moved to kiss her pussy, but Cassie pushed me away.

“Let me show you,” she said. She spread her legs further and leaned back. Drifted her finger to her snatch. I reached to stroke my cock, but she shook her head. “Just watch.”

“Oh,” Cassie said as she made contact with her sex.

The room was dark, but I saw more than enough in the shadows. The way Cassie moved her fingers, those perfectly painted scarlet nails, dancing eagerly from clit to cunt. How she slowly teased at herself.

As her need grew, Cassie lost all sense of delicacy. She jammed a finger inside herself. Two. Middle and ring buried deep. She strummed at her clitoris with her free hand. Raised her butt, humping upwards. Chest flushed. Eyes rolled back.

For any woman, that would have been amazing. With Cassie, it meant so much more. She was always so guarded, so protective of her true self. Like a paranoid turtle, any time she saw even a shadow of a threat, she’d snap back into her shell.

But that same, beautiful woman was lying back in her own bed. Body splayed. Legs flopped open. Her thighs shiny with her liquid. The scent of her sex overwhelming. She let the look of pleasure on her face, of debauched need, shine through.

This was pure, unadulterated Cassie. Flaws and all. OK, maybe she wasn’t the only person tumbling that evening.

Cassie gasped. Her hands froze. She let out a long, low moan. “Ohhhhhhhhh.” She flopped back into the bed. Eyes closed. She trembled. Her vagina made a long slow hiss, like air being let out of a balloon. Slowly, the beautiful blonde fluttered back to consciousness.

“How was that?” she asked, “Did I do good?”

I nodded. She hadn’t even touched me and already I was beyond the capacity to speak.

“Did I do OK for you, Paul?” Cassie asked, “Did I earn your awesome, thick cock?”

“Not yet,” I said, with a smirk. OK, maybe a I had few words left in me.

I dove forward, latching my mouth onto Cassie’s pussy. As soon as my tongue made contact, she let out a scream.

“Oh ffffFUCK!”

I slurped at Cassie’s blonde sex. I’d learned her preferences by then. Understood the ways she liked to be stimulated. Still, I took my time. Trying to permanently imprint that memory of her peaches and cream perfume. Her heady, womanly essence.

“Ohhhh,” Cassie said. She tilted her head back. Slid her butt forward. Submitted herself to whatever stimulation I deigned to give her.

Emily was too afraid to ever let go like this. Allison, too controlling. But Cassie, in a few short days (hours, almost) was able to give me her unconditional trust. I was going to take care of her body. I would safeguard her orgasm, carry it forward, deliver it with the grandeur and attention it deserved.

Cassie’s backside bucked. Her hands gripped my skull.

“AhhhhhhhhAH!” the gasp shot out of her like steam. Her whole body snapped around me. A hot burst of pungent liquid spattered my cheeks. Cassie fell back to the bed. A goofy grin played on her lips.

I lifted my head, giving her a cunt-juice-sticky wink. Cassie looked at my eager, puppy dog face and laughed.

“You should grow a beard,” she told me, “It’d be super sexy.”

“OK?” I said, cocking my eyebrow. It was a strange non sequitur, even for sex talk.

“Trust me,” Cassie said, “You’ll see what I mean.”

I shrugged and lay down next to her. I cupped her breast. The soft, warm flesh overflowed in my hand. I was not going to ever get used to that. I noticed Cassie’s pink nipple was screwed up tight. I leaned over and started to suck on it.

“No,” Cassie said, gently pushing me back. “I want your dick. I need cock. Please. Stick it in me Paul. I want to feel you stretch my little pussy.”

I smiled and lay back, gesturing to my dick like, ‘help yourself.’ Cassie spun on unsteady legs and climbed over me. She sat, poised at the point of penetration. Her eyes ran over my body like she was trying to encode my every cell.

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