Popping Poppy



I watched as Poppy did another set of pirouettes, her small frame twirling again and again, legs, back and neck as straight as an arrow as she listened to her coach bark, “Again!” for the hundredth time in an hour.

I, Ash Darkwood was a judge for the regionals and had stopped in to see some of the performers practice before hand. Poppy was incredible, but not just in ballet. Her coach had her minimally dressed in order to not distract from the intricate moves she was pulling off, but I found this more distracting. She looked like a doll, perfect, miniaturized and fragile. Her long legs stretching into a think lithe torso, small perky breasts heaving with the exertion of the drills. A slim neck and angled jaw was in symmetry with her lush lips and wide eyes. A crown of white gold hair twisted into an elegant bun-braid.

Her body arched into various poses, and I felt my erection rise in my pants as she spread her legs as part of her finale. Small chest heaving after finishing her display. The coach’s voice cracked like a whip and she began again.

I got up and walked over to the coach who was eyeing her with laser focus.

“Got a real talent there.” I drawled, lighting a cigar as I stood next to him.

“Keep your smoke away from my dancer.” He said, his accent was clearly Russian, I put my hands up in surrender and stayed put.

“She’s got a real shot at regionals.”

“It’ll be close. Her talent is raw.”

“Persia was close too. But we worked something out.”

The coach turned to me. Understanding my meaning immediately.

I didn’t fuck all the contestants mind you, but if a spot was, lets say, less secure, I was willing to edge my score to a higher number for the right price. Persia, now an internationally-known dancer was the last girl I had favored. It had went well for her, in the end that is. It was a very well-known secret that judges have always made such accommodations, but it was clear I was the first time Poppy had been approached with such an offer.

“What would such favors require?” He answered shrewdly

“That depends on the score you require.” Competitions like this could come down to the decimal.

“An eight then.”

“Bold of you to assume that the rest of the judges will be so soft on such, ‘raw’ talent as you say. But for an eight I’ll simply need a little quality time and lip service. Pre-performance mind you.”

He reached out a hand and I met it with my own.

Later that evening a knock sounded at my hotel door. Upon opening it Poppy was there. She looked petrified, her plump lips set in a pout that told me she had been informed of her duties tonight. Up-close I could see her eyes were a light green color, like tea. Her coach stood by her, a boulder of a man who looked like he had no intention of leaving.

I gestured for them both to enter and closed the door.

Poppy stood next to the bed, crossing her arms and legs to shield her body. She was still in the light sheer material from earlier and up close I could see the outline of her hardened nipples. I offered the coach some whisky from my bar and he took it as well as a seat next to the window.

I sat on the bed and gestured for Poppy to come closer. As she did I pulled her onto my lap and began exploring her slim frame. She was smooth and warm, though she shivered under my touch. She didn’t say a word as I kissed her slender neck, she just tilted away to give me a better opening. I spread her legs into the splits over lap and leaned her back against my body. She could definitely feel my erection against her ass cheeks because she noticeably tensed.

Her coach’s eyes roamed over her from his corner of the room. Sipping the whiskey but drinking her body in, it was obvious he had wanted to do this several times himself but for whatever reason had chosen to fight his baser instincts.

I slowly brought her sleeves down past her shoulders to rest at her elbows and gazed upon her perky tits, pink little nipples poked out and I mauled and teased them mercilessly. She let out a gasp and rolled her head back, whimpering as I took a nipple into my mouth, suckling it, dragging the entire breast into my mouth as if sucking on a small apple. Tiny little bruises and teeth marks appeared as I released her breast to do the same to the next one. She had obviously been instructed not to fight or speak because as I growled

“You like that?” into her ear, she simply quivered and a tear slid down her cheek, which I then licked back up, choosing then to kiss her face and finally her mouth. Escort

She allowed my to kiss her plush lips, they were soft and full and parted as I slipped my tongue between them to explore her mouth.

It was clear she was inexperienced at kissing, so I taught her a thing or two as I began to also massage my hand against her pussy, completely accessible to me due to her spread legs and sheer fabric. I allowed myself to think she was enjoying herself as I ravaged her body with my hands and mouth, her small breathy whimpers and moans filling the room, not to mention the wetness of her slit as I rubbed her clit with my expert fingers.

The only other sound was her coach, whom I ignored but had clearly started rubbing himself, his cock gripped in a fist as he downed the rest of his drink and poured another. I pulled the pins from her halo blonde hair, and watched as the silky strands fell to cascade around her bare shoulders. I lifted her off of me and sat her on her knees at my feet. She stared down, seeming to know what was to come. I lifted her chin with my fingers as I unbuckled my belt.

Her green eyes were wide and shined with tears, lips swollen from my kisses and high cheek bones rosy from the heat of my touch. My cock now freed, I placed the tip to her lips, they pouted and trembled and my cock grew agitated by the need for her mouth. I pressed the back of her head to my cock and sternly instructed her.


Her lips parted and a little pink tongue barely stuck out. I popped my meat into her mouth and felt that little tongue wriggle against my veined shaft. I loved seeing her juicy lips wrapped around my cock as I began gliding my cock in and out of them. She squeezed her eyes shut at the taste and a softly slapped her cheek.

“Eyes on me.”

She obeyed, as quick as any of her other commands and continued to milk my cock. She clumsily sucked and licked at it, all the while her fearful eyes remained on mine, begging me to end it, but also requiring me to continue to give her a good score. I felt my inevitable release as I forced my cock deep into her throat, causing small choking sounds as she tried to accommodate my size. I held her face in place as hot ribbons of sweet release washed through me and into her. Removing my cock I immediately pinched her jaw in my fingers.

“Swallow it.” It was a demand and I watched as her filled cheeks slowly lessened as she drained and swallowed my cum. The expression on her face was indescribable as she did exactly what she was told. A small drip fell down her face and I brushed it back into her mouth with my thumb. I pet her head as she took a shuddering breath. “Good girl” I crooned.

I looked over to her coach who has finished and was wiping his cum from his pants with a napkin.

“You know, Meredith Devaroh is also judging tomorrow.” I mentioned casually. He dropped his napkin on his lap. “Devaroh? Here!?” Meredith Deveroh was notorious for giving low scores to new names. She also didn’t have a cock to suck. Poppy looked back and fourth from me to her coach. She was slowly pulling her straps back up her shoulders and scooting away from the bed. Her coach however didn’t move. He simply continued looking into his glass, his face grim.

“How much?”

I played dumb. “You are paid up in full for your eight—“

“How much for the 10.”

I looked him over, my face expressionless. “You know what the 10 is. That’s why it’s a 10.”

He pushed his already slicked back hair back taking another drink.

“It can’t be before her performance, she’ll perform poorly, she’s inexperienced.”

Poppy was standing now, hugging herself near the door, waiting to leave but she also had a worried and somewhat frightened expression on her face, trying to follow the conversation at hand.

“How would I guarantee you fulfilled your end of the bargain?”

“I’ll leave you with her contract. She gets all 10s from you tomorrow, and we’ll be back in the evening. We don’t leave to Paris for the off-season until Sunday.”

I pretended to think on it, then nodded. We stood and shook on it, a terrified Poppy wilting in the corner.

I dreamt about Poppy all the night and what I wanted to do with her. Her green eyes swirled around me in the darkness of my hotel room and I began massaging my cock, picturing her puckered lips taking in my full length. Then I imagined her willowy body draped over my lap as I slapped her buttocks till it left red welts, branding her with my hand. I jacked off faster at the idea of her mouth set in a perfect O as I Escort Bayan entered her, having never experienced anything like it before and being overcome with my girth. I groaned and came picturing her and fell asleep with her name on my lips.

The next day it was all business. board meetings, interviews, and then the show. Over 50 contestants had made it to the semi-finals and only 10 would be promoted to the next level. Stunning dancers flitted across the stage, many were skilled beyond compare, others destined to teach in a gym studio on weekends. I was sure the score conservatively, true to my word and reputation. Three other judges made their scores as well, Iron-maiden Meredith among them. When Poppy appeared on stage my dick immediately twitched at the remembered moments of her sucking me off.

The performance was beautiful, not to mention erotic as she folded herself in half, twisting and turning in an elegant stances. Her legs raised high for her signature pirouettes before dropping into her finale splits. In order to make last night worth it she had given it her all, and I had the smug realization I would have scored her high anyway. With record highs of 9s and 10s she moved into the regional placements with ease. The crowd cheering as she made her exit off the stage.

I stuck around after the stage had been cleared to talk with news casters, benefactors, and VIP guests who had attended. I saw Poppy’s coach brush by and I handed him my card key.

“Have her ready for me when I get up there. I’m not in the mood to wait.” He nodded and took the key, leaving the lobby.

The scene I walked into was shocking, but not unexpected. The coach was back at his spot at the table, drink in hand, cock out and rubbing it. His eyes were glued on Poppy, who was better than when I had dreamed her up. Poppy lay above the bedspread, completely naked apart from dainty white ribbon tied around her wrists and ankles. They twined around her like a ballet slipper, completing her angelic image while also making her look like a gift from the heavens. She was face up, slim body stretched to be easily scene. She had her head turned away from her coach, his violation probably feeling more personal than my own.

Ignoring him, I walked over to her and slowly undressed. Then I crawled onto the bed to hover over her. She looked so small beneath me, I wondered if my cock would severe her in half. Only one way to find out suppose.

I lifted her ribbon bound legs, and stretched them all the way back to her head. The flexibility of these girls was incredible, and Poppy was no exception. She bent over double, revealing her cleanly waxed pink lips and small button of an asshole. I licked at her pussy and felt her quiver as I continued. The lips slowly producing her sweet nectars and I feasted upon her, her small cries sounding almost like mews as she tried to remain in control of her ever quivering body.

I stuck to fingers in her and massaged at her clit, her tiny fists balling up into fists as I did so. Lowering her legs, I looked into her face. Her breathing was ragged and her perky modest breasts heaved with each breath. I took my fingers that had rubbed her clit and put them to her lips.

“Open” I instructed her again, and she did. Her tongue coming out ever so slightly, which is where I laid her juices. “See how good you taste” I growled in her ear as I covered her entire body by my own. I kissed her fully on the mouth, snaking mu tongue in. This time she less awkwardly knew what to do and felt my tongue with her own. It was too much for me to handle and I reached down, half unwrapping my present, releasing her legs so I could spread them on either side of my own. She was so light as I lifted her body I could have been getting ready to fuck a cloud.

Her wet cunt was another story however. Wet as it was, my head barley inched into her before she let out a shark cry in pain. I adjusted, holding her by her thighs and began guiding her to me, forcing my cock inch by inch. Her moans continued and I almost laughed, if only she could see how much of me was left. Her wrists bound together above her head tried to cling to the sheets but could not find purchase as I pulled her to me. Her discipline finally broke and she tried to push my cock away with her bound hands. I didn’t even bother to cast her off her attempts were so feeble, and besides, her arms at her sides squeezed her tits together making the image all the more tantalizing.

“Please!” Her voice was so soft, like a tinkle of bells. “It hurts, please Mr. Ash!”

My Bayan Escort cock jerked in response and I flung into her with abandon.

“Oh!” She cried, fulfilling my fantasy of her last night. Eyes tightly shut, mouth parted, and a vice like grip on my cock as I squeezed into the tightest snatch of my life. I pulled out slightly and thrust back in, still only getting about half my cock inside her. She bit down hard on her plump bottom lip and groaned as I began to plunge my shaft inside her.

“ah!ah!ah!” Her breathy cries continued with each jab. Unable to take it any longer I grabbed her hips firmly enough to bruise, and slammed her down hard on top of me, skewering her like meat on a stick. She screamed then, her body going momentarily limp as she lost consciousness. A few slaps on her cheeks brought her tea green eyes fluttering back to life and she threw her head back in a low groan. I knew I had destroyed her hymen as my cock was covered in a light pink film mixing with our juices. Unable to catch her breath long enough to cry out, she continued to pant as I drilled into her. As I twisted her nipples between my fingers she whimpered and “ooooh’d” and I heard her coach groan and cum in the corner.

I refused my on-coming ejaculation, pulling myself out briefly to kiss at her still bruised tits from the night before. She lay here trying to catch her breath as I molested her fully, making sure every last bit of her felt my touch. I readjusted us so I was leaned against the headboard and she was lulled in arms, with her ass pressed against my angry cock, straining to be let back into her pussy lips. I kissed at her neck, and looked over to her coach, he couldn’t look away from her, his eyes staring at her body lewd and hungry.

“You ever try her?” I knew the answer.

He shook his head.

I grabbed her cheeks, squeezing them together so her lips parted.

“Would you like her to try you?”

He didn’t move for a long time, his eyes boring into hers. I could see her pleading with him, begging with with her eyes. He took another drink and stood up.

“No!” She cried out. “No!”

But he was on the bed and she was bent down so her face was level with thick dick.

“Shhh Poppy” He said, as he crawled onto the bed and pushed her face down to his waiting cock.

“N—-uuhh” Her cry was cut off as he entered her. Holding her head in place so all she could do was suck and breath through her nose. Her arms still bound they were pulled to her back and I had her firm round ass tickling my own cock. I dipped a few times into her still wet pussy and lathered up my shaft and head. Her moans muffled by her busy mouth.

Once sufficiently soaked, I pulled her cheeks apart and stretched what I could to allow my entrance. If her pussy was tight, her asshole was unyielding. She jerked and flailed at my penetration but I held her in place, pinning her between out two fat cocks. My head made entrance and her body shook with the exertion of it. Grabbing the whiskey from the side table, I poured it on myself and her ass, and plunged back in. Every nerve in my cock was on high alert. The ecstasy of the moment threatening to overwhelm me as I began to glide in and out of her. She must have fainted again because her coach began to slap her and speaking angrily in Russian, she sputtered and woke to his plump cock deep throating her mouth as she was sodomized by my ever raging erection.

My time had finally come. I felt my seed build up and balls clench as I began to drain into her parted ass cheeks. As I removed myself from her I watched as her pussy and ass continued to spasm in my absence. I knew the couch was finishing in her as well because he threw back his head with a groan and repeatedly jerked her head onto his cock until he was limp with relief and released her from his clutches.

Her sniffling sobs were momentarily the only sound in the room as I got up and lit a cigar, slipping on a robe and taking a seat in an armchair. Anyone who chose to cuddled after sex had obviously never savored a cigar right after orgasming. The Russian man removed himself from the bed and fumbled back into his seat to drink away what he’d just done. Poppy remained motionless on the bed. Honestly I would have been baffled if she could walk for the next week after this.

Time passed, and as my guest finished his drink he slowly dressed his little broken ballerina. She let him and I slowly watched as every little bruise and impurity was covered by her skin-tight outfit. All but her swollen lips, red rimmed, haunted green eyes and tasseled white-blond hair. Her coach lifted her, cradling her into his arms and I stood to meet him. Shaking his hand and returning the contract as per the bargain.

“See you in regionals.”

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