Power Chapter Six: Auditions

Big Tits

CHAPTER 6: Auditions Jay and I walked over to the upperclassmen men’s dorm where the auditions for life drawing were taking place. I couldn’t believe I was going to volunteer to get naked in front of girls. Jay laughed. “You’ll get used to it and learn to enjoy it. We got in line with forty other guys. They took two guys at a time inside. The first two were done in less than thirty seconds. Some guys stayed inside for up to fifteen minutes. I had no idea what the difference was. Finally it was our turn. When we entered we were asked to give our names. When I told them mine one of the instructors said, “Oh, you’re the one who freaked out when Helen saw him naked in the shower. You’re dismissed, but wait for Jay please.” Word sure gets out quick. They asked Jay if he had any reservations about appearing nude. He answered by taking off his speedo. Then one of the instructors asked him if his penis got any bigger. Jay stroked himself for about a minute to let them decide. “You’re dismissed, Jay. Thank you. We have plenty of other guys your size and shape with more interesting genitals.” Jay was heartbroken. I figured it would take me a long time to live down the story about the shower room, so I wasn’t bothered. I saw Brett in line waiting and said hi. “Why are you guys here?” he asked. “Don’t you know that they prefer alsancak escort gay models? We gay guys aren’t getting a hard on every time we get naked in front of the girls. In addition, they like to do group work sometimes. We aren’t hung up on getting naked with each other and touching each other.” Jay felt instantly better. He decided the reason given for dismissing him was false; they just didn’t want him because he was straight. I decided to let him think whatever he wanted. We walked over to the Psych/Sociology building and got in line for the psych interviews. I tried to join Janice in line, but the girl in front of her said no cutting. Since she looked like she could take me apart without breaking a sweat I decided to go to the back of the line. People were called in by groups of six. There had to be three females and three males. Every now and then the line stuttered waiting for a female to show up. There were more guys than girls in the line. Finally we were called in along with another guy and three girls. Janice was one of the girls. I looked at her quizzically; she said she had hung back so she could go in with us. There were four instructors in the room, two men and two women. One of the women pointed at Jay and told him that he would be expected to wear clothes if he alsancak escort bayan worked as a subject in one of the programs. The other woman pointed at me and gave me some really unusual instructions. “Pick out another person in your group and say something about that person that is absolutely true and is an insult.” That was easy. I turned to Jay and told him, “You look like total crap in pink baby-doll pajamas.” Jay and Janice both cracked up. The woman cautioned me that what I said had to be absolutely true. Jay told her he was my roommate and had come home from a party last night dressed in pink baby-doll pajamas as a joke. It was Janice’s turn next. “Mark, you have a problem with premature ejaculation. You’re going to need to do something about that or the girls will lose interest.” I turned beet red. Nobody was laughing, and the instructor accepted that this was absolutely true. The other two girls were looking at me like I was a disease. Another girl, Samantha, went next. She turned to the other guy and said, “Harold, your roommate says you’re a virgin. I’ll bet that’s because you’re queer. I don’t see you with girls ever.” I was sure the virgin part was true, otherwise I had no clue. Jay went next. “Samantha, for a girl with your weight and looks you are unnecessarily Escort alsancak cruel. Horny naked guys can get past your fat and your ugliness, but not your cruelty.” The girl screamed at Jay and rushed at him with nails ready. One of the male instructors stopped her in mid-stride. “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so his statements about your looks are not true. However, his accusation of cruelty sounds right. Also, you need to learn to roll with the punches.” The girl continued protesting and threatening Jay. She was dismissed. It was then Harold’s turn. He turned to Janice and said, “You are flat-chested.” Well, it was certainly true. She had really small tits. Was it an insult? I wasn’t really sure. Janice told him she already knew and was fine with it. The remaining girl, Charlene, went last. “Jay, part of sex appeal is mystery. Reconsider wearing just a speedo because there’s no mystery. Put on shirt and pants if you want pussy. We like to fantasize.” I couldn’t determine if it was true, or even if it was an insult. The fourth instructor, a man, told Charlene she had just made the cut. The rest of us would be notified. Janice, Jay, Charlene, Harold and I left together. We all congratulated Charlene. Jay even thanked her. Despite having had sex with about a dozen different girls and being perfectly comfortable naked in mixed company, he confessed that he still knew next to nothing about women. Janice told Charlene she had expressed the issue very well. She turned to me and said that even though most of the time we had spent together I had been naked, she still would like to start things off with me being dressed.

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