Predators in the Park (Chapter 2)


The next morning, we were both still excited about what took place with Brian the previous day so over a light breakfast Barb couldn’t stop talking about how erotic it was to watch me kissing another male. She told me how much she wanted it to happen again, whether with Brian or with another male of my choice.As we talked about the possibilities, Barb’s phone rang and it was Jan. I had a feeling that the call might last awhile so I took my coffee out to the sun porch off of the kitchen to watch the birds in the fruit tree. When I finished the coffee, I could still see Barb was talking to her so I sat there wondering if Jen was having second thoughts about seeing us today.About twenty later, Barb called me back into the apartment to tell me about the conversation.”Jen wants to change the original plan for the day which is fine with me but I want to check with you then I’ll call her back. She said since the weather is going to be nice today, she’d still like us to arrive at eleven this morning but she’d like us to spend the night as well. She also would really like to invite six of her other friends over during the afternoon to meet us and hang out in her backyard.”I told her that the revised plan sounded better since it would give the three of us a better chance to get to know each other. She then called Jen back to let her know that I was fine with the plan.We decided to walk rather than drive since only lived two blocks from the park. As we walked down her street, we were struck by the beauty of the one-story bungalow homes on the street and the landscaping that was impressive.  When we rang her doorbell exactly at eleven, she answered the door in the nude and gave us each a kiss on the mouth. As she invited us to strip down, I could detect the aroma of marijuana. After we were naked, she gave us a tour of her impressive and eclectic home. Her bedroom was fascinating due to the fact that it had two king-size beds next to each other and her collection of sex toys on the opposite side of the room that included a spanking bench. The room was devoid of dressers or other typical bedroom furnishings.She then lead us into her bathroom which was the size of my kitchen, it contained a bathtub that could fit two comfortably and a glassed-in shower big enough for four people. It caused a wide array of kinky ideas to run through my head but it was about to get better.She took us through her kitchen, then out the back door and when we saw her yard, we fell in love with it. The entire yard was enclosed by a brick wall that was about twelve feet high and one side of it had several handpainted murals on it. There were two picnic tables, along with a variety of other lawn furniture. She told us that the backyard served as an urban nudist park for her and her friends since there was no possibility of others viewing them.At the back of the yard, there was a brick two car garage with a second floor which according to Jen, was used occasionally as guest quarters for visiting friends. On the side of the garage facing the rear of her house, there were two outdoor shower heads on a small area of paving stones.We returned to her living room to chat and smoke some ‘grass’ until her friends arrived. As we started to talk, Jen asked her about the still obvious signs of the flogging and spanking she had the previous day.Barb said, “We got a little kinky last night while we were talking about what happened yesterday in Escort Gölbaşı the park, being with you today and my fixation with Liz, the lifeguard.”Jen laughed before saying, “Nice, maybe before you go home tomorrow, I can add some new bruising to your body! I made myself cum last night thinking about today and what the three of us might do to each other today. We’ll talk about Liz later but I’ve come up with a few ideas that just might enable us to corrupt her!”Just then something electronic beeped and Jen said, “That’s my security system telling someone is walking toward my front steps.”She left us to go to the door.We could hear her say, “Hello, Gwen, come on in!”She ushered Gwen in to meet us and after hugging us, she immediately removed her clothes before chatting with us. She appeared to be in her early forties and was certainly someone we’d both play with if the chance presented itself. She had a medium size body, unlike Jen’s swimmer physique but very pleasing to the eye.As Jen lead the introductions and conversation, her security system started to beep again and as Jen opened the door, we heard several voices.It appeared that the other five friends had coordinated their arrival time, as Jen lead five people into the living room before saying, “After everyone takes a joint, then meet us in the “sanctuary!”We each took a joint from the bowl on the coffee table and followed our host to the backyard. Once we were all outside, Jen had us put the lawn chairs in a circle and then we all sat down then “lit one up” at her urging.As we started to ‘toke’, Jen introduced us to her six friends, “I’m happy that you all could be here today because I want you to meet my new friends, Barb and Kevin. I first saw Barb in the swimming pool about two months ago and kept trying to figure out a way to make a move on her but yesterday morning in the shower, she flirted with me so a few hours later the three of us met in the park. I’m certain that the two of them will fit very well into our little group since they’re as twisted as we are!”As everyone laughed, Jen asked everyone in the circle to introduce themselves to us before it would be our turn.Gwen went first: “I’m Gwen and I live next door to Jen. I’m forty-two, bisexual, divorced and Jen lured me into her sex web about five years ago. We’ve had a lot of adventures together since then and they’re not over yet.”Steve was next to speak, “Hi, Barb and Kevin, it’s nice to meet you and my name is Steve. It was almost three years ago that Jen invited me to join the group. I’m fifty years old and single. Until I joined the group, I kept my bisexuality a secret but now I’m proud of it.”Then the hot Nubian Queen next to Steve said, “My name is Yvonne, I’m thirty-five, own my own business and have a degree in business administration. When I got married, my husband was aware that I was a strong bisexual woman with desires that only one person couldn’t provide so we agreed to enter the swinging lifestyle which was fine for a while. Our main issue with swinging was the relationships were short-lived because most only wanted to fuck rather than form long-term friendships which does happen here and why I love this little group.”Next up was Greg, “I’m Greg, twenty-six years old and was the newest member of the group until today. Until Jen invited me into the group, I never had sex with another male or couple. I’m single and employed Keçiören escort as a bartender at Independence Tap across from the park.”The lone Black male in the group then introduced himself, “It’s nice to meet you both, my name is Darryl and I’m married to Yvonne. I have to add on to what Yvonne said about this group that Jen organized for us. Despite the fact that we all joined because of the sexual aspects, we all have formed organic friendships that transcend sex. My gut tells me that you both will fit well into our secondary family”Jen was up next: “Since everyone except Barb and Kevin knows my story. I’ll pass since we’re spending the night together. They’ll hear it before they go home.”Barb then looked around the circle and said, “I’m almost at a loss for words but I would like to say a few things to you. I’m twenty-two years old, bisexual, a second-year student at Loyola Univerity in Lincoln Park with a goal of getting a Master Degree in community counseling and sex addict that loves herself. Kevin is my primary partner, and we’ve known each other since I was sixteen. At the point we met, I was already in a relationship with a mutual friend that was a member of the same political group where we first met each other. That wasn’t a healthy relationship due to his inability, to be honest with me, so I terminated it. Kevin was a breath of fresh air because all he ever wanted was for me to be myself.”And then it was my turn: “Whoa, this is difficult to put into words but I’ll try as best that I can. As Barb stated, we met each through our joint political work which is something that we both still share. We both believe in social justice and that we all have a responsibility to do the right thing. We both crave sex and sharing each other sexually. We love each other and believe that sex should be viewed as performance art.”Jen then said, “Let’s all relish the honesty and openness that we’ve all just shared with each other. We’ve got one hour before this gathering will end so please use the time to get to know our new friends better. Please don’t forget to send me your e-mail message before midnight tonight! ” Jen asked Greg to help her bring some cold beers out from the kitchen for everyone and when he returned he was displaying a very nice hard-on. Barb and I chatted with everyone, I enjoyed watching everyone that talked to Barb casually caress her ass, tits or upper thighs because it was clear that she was enjoying it and she wasn’t alone. While I was talking with Steve, his free hand started fondling my ass which I didn’t object to at all.When the hour-long “meet and greet” came to an end, the six friends said goodbye to us and Jen led them out. She returned about five minutes later, smoking a joint and asked what we thought about the group.Barb replied first, “I’m really happy that you invited them to meet us! I really like everyone in the group because they’re ‘real people’ and they’re each hot in their own way. The fact that you put the group together fascinates me and I’d love to know what your motivation was other than just the sexual aspect.”Jen replied, “By the time you go home tomorrow, you’ll know both my motivation, the history and much more about the group.”I answered her, “As someone who ‘came of age’ in the 1960s, the group reminds me of many things from my past including communal living, free love, and alternative lifestyles.”Jen started Kızılay escort bayan laughing then said, “Yes! You understand but I’ll tell you everything later.”Jen looked at Barb for about thirty seconds as they locked eyes and then said, “Sit on my lap, because I want to feel your ‘skin energy’ on mine while the three of us talk and get to know how twisted we all are!”Barb sat on Jen’s lap while putting her arm around her shoulders and kissed her deeply for over one minute. Jen put her arm around Barb’s naked waist then asked, “How are we going to get the little lifeguard, Liz, into bed and what do you want to do with her?”Barb looked at Jen then said, “I want to do everything that you can imagine with her, just like I want to do with you. I’m not sure how to get her into bed other than continue flirting and dropping hints at the pool.”Jen smiled then said, “I’m ruthless if there’s something that I want. There are several ideas that have occurred to me, we’d have to work together and may even need to recruit others to help us. I will find out her schedule of shifts at the pool, then we’ll be there every time she’s working and we’ll ‘lure’ her in by example or by preying on the needs of a young girl her age. Yvonne has already agreed to help us through her private investigations company  and Gwen will also help us.”Jen then asked Barb, “When you were seventeen or eighteen, what did you need?”Barb was silent for a few moments before saying, “A safe place to live other than with my divorced dad where I could explore my sexuality, a way to make some cash and a support group.”Jen said, “That’s exactly what we’re going to offer her but we can discuss this later after we play together so let’s go inside now because I’m too horny to wait!”Jen led Barb inside by her hand as I followed them and my eyes were focused on Jen’s firm ass.Once we were inside her bedroom, Jen said, “I need to ask you a few questions before anything happens but there are no wrong answers so don’t worry about that. Would it be alright with you if I had Gwen join us so she could make a video of us playing?”Barb responded, “Yes, that would be hot!”Jen called Gwen, once she ended the call she said Gwen would be right over and then she asked Barb, “Are you willing to be submissive to my needs for a few hours?”Barb smiled and said, “I’m more than willing, I’d love it.”We heard the security system beep and Jen asked me to open the front door for Gwen which I did. She joined us in the bedroom and immediately removed her clothes. Jen and Gwen set up the video equipment then arranged the lighting in the room.Once everything was ready, Jen said, “Gwen has made videos before and she’s very good at it. Barb, I’m going to abuse and use you hard so if you need me to stop, use ‘red’ as your safe word.”Barb agreed, then Jen took control after turning on a CD of Native American music with flutes, drumming, and chants. She signaled Gwen to start recording the scene as I watched from the other side of the room in anticipation. Jen grabbed Barb by the ponytail and pulled her to the spanking bench.Once she had secured her to the apparatus with the heavy leather straps, she walked over to her toy area and returned with a flogger. As the music played, Jen started to warm-up Barb’s ass and upper back with the rhythm of the music guiding her actions. It seemed to be like both of them had entered into some trance-like state, with no verbal communication between them.As the speed of the drums increased, so did the ferocity of the flogging and the look of pain on Barb’s face as the red stripes on her body multiplied dramatically. Barb didn’t cry from the abuse, instead, her breathing increased and she appeared to have a few orgasms from the pain.

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