Prison Island – 3


Prison Island


“So much boy pussy in here,” Karl said as he looked around. “At least my cock won’t get lonely.”

Francesco didn’t look at the guy across from him. He could be talking to him or himself.

“Hey, you, pink hair, do you like cock?” Karl shouted.

Naughty laughter was the answer.

“It looks like he does,” Karl said with a satisfied sigh. “Hey, Cesco, who’s your favorite? The one with the girl hair, or the one with the girl name?”

“Why does he have to like any of them?” Mouse intervened.

Francesco was trying hard not to get pulled in that kind of stupid conversation. The soonest they landed, the faster he would get busy running. The prisoners down there, they could be real or not. But this bunch clearly had only one thing on their minds.

Fucking. And Francesco didn’t plan on ending up with his holes stuffed and turned into a bitch, like always. No, this time, he would make a run for it.

“Don’t tell me you have the hots for Cesco, Ahab,” Karl said with venom in his voice.

“And what if I do? What do you care?” Mouse asked casually, like they were talking about the weather.

“Cesco’s mine, dipshit.”

Francesco jumped to his feet. “Cut the crap, idiot,” he said while closing his fists.

Karl moved lazily as he got up, too. “Or what, bitch?”

Francesco saw red in front of his eyes. He let out a loud cry and punched Karl straight in the nose. The blond clutched his face with a growl and then, to Francesco’s utter surprise, he began laughing. He moved his hands away and let the blood run on his t-shirt.

“I like you, Cesco,” he said and pressed one finger against Francesco’s chest, leaving a red stain on it. “You’re no pussy.”

Francesco willed his blood to slow down. “No, I’m not. So stop joking around, will you?”

Karl pulled a handkerchief out of his pocket, and then Francesco noticed what looked like a long knife in a sheath. What the hell? He had been kicked into the chopper with nothing but the clothes on him.

He cocked his head to one side. “What’s that?”

Karl wiped his face and then pretended to be surprised when he noticed what Francesco was pointing at. “Insurance,” he said with a grin. “Food, maybe. Surviving. You know, all that jazz. Just stick with me, Cesco. I’ll care for your ass.”

Francesco sat on the bench, the blood still pounding in his ears. That guy could have pulled that knife on him at any moment. Instead, he had taken a punch like it was nothing. Karl was dangerous, and he was better staying away from him.

“Whatcha you in for, Cesco?” Karl asked.

The nickname grated him, but he didn’t comment on it. He wasn’t sure Karl would let him take another swing at him without pulling out that blade. “I beat up my old man. No, scratch that. He’s not my old man. Just some dude banging my mom.”

And not only. Escort Francesco would have been okay with the butt fucking. But he would never be okay with being taken for a bitch.

“So, you threw a punch at him and he went crying to the police?”

Francesco spread his knees and linked his hands in front of him. He gave Karl a pointed look. “I put him in the fucking hospital.”

Karl’s eyes grew wide, and Francesco felt proud. Better the guy know him as a basket case. “What about you?” he asked.

Karl grinned and then put up one fist. He showed Francesco his thumb. “Assault with a deadly weapon.” He stretched his index finger. “Attempted robbery.” The middle finger followed. “Resisting arrest.”

“Shit,” Francesco said in a noncommittal tone.

“Yeah,” Karl said with satisfaction. “I’m the meanest motherfucker in here.”

An amused scoff came from his right. Francesco stared at Mouse in disbelief. That guy had the nerve to get on Karl’s bad side.

“You have something to say?” Karl asked the redhead.

Mouse stretched and let out an exhale like he was bored with that conversation already. “I’m calling bullshit.”

“Oh, yeah? And why’s that?”

Mouse stretched his arm to point at the others. “Leon snapped a guy’s neck for trying to beat up his sweetheart. Ty is in here for arson, and Anya sank an 8-inch blade into his lover’s chest. Spoiler alert, the asshole survived.”

Francesco felt his scalp prickling with apprehension. Why the hell was he in here? These dudes were in for some serious shit.

“And you? What are you in for?” Karl asked Mouse.

Mouse’s face stretched into a smile. He turned his head and winked at Francesco. “That’s a secret.”

Francesco sank his forehead into his hands, elbows against the knees, and stared down. He was officially more afraid of his so-called mates than of the criminals presumptively living down there.

“Oh, in case you’re all wondering what we have in common,” Mouse began, “that’s simple. We’re all big fans of that awesome thing guys have between their legs.”

“I’m not,” Francesco said, but the strength was drained from his voice.

Suspiciously enough, Karl didn’t deny right away.

“Ahab,” Karl started, “there are only two kinds of people in the world. The ones who fuck, and the ones who get fucked. I fuck. Leon fucks. You’re a bitch.”

Francesco was happy to be left out of that.

“So what?” Mouse said like that kind of accusation didn’t bother him at all. “Do you have a problem with that? By the way, I’m vers.”

“You’re vers my ass,” Karl said with a snort. “I can tell you’re a cocksucker from a mile away.”

Mouse leaned toward Karl. “Again, so what? And you should try putting your mouth on a cock, at least once. I can tell you’d like it.”

“Get the fuck out of my face, bitch, or I’ll mess you up.”

Mouse Escort Bayan withdrew, but he laughed in the same lazy way he seemed to do everything. Francesco didn’t want to think how it would feel to be on top of that guy, with his long legs wrapped around him. He had a feeling it would be everything.

“Chillax, mate. We’re in this shit together. You should know.”

Francesco moved his eyes from Mouse to Karl. The blond’s sneer faded. Mouse seemed to know everything about everyone. And it looked like he had something on Karl, too.

“Okay,” Karl said and worked his jaw. “We’re in this shit together. I’ll keep you, assholes, alive. How’s that?”

“Peachy,” Mouse replied. Then he turned toward Francesco and whispered, “By the way, Cesco, I think you’re deliciously gay and all in a good way.” He blew a kiss at him, and it was only half-teasingly.

Francesco looked away. Mouse had a mouth on him, in more ways than one. He spoke so casually about sucking cock. How it would feel to have a guy like that blow him?

It would blow his mind, for sure. But now, he couldn’t think of stuff like that. Now, he needed to protect his ass from all those fuckers if what Mouse was saying was true.

The chopper began losing altitude. His entire body tensed. Was it a good idea to run? Or stick with these crazies?


They were left in a clearing. The chopper lifted off the ground, and they stared at it for a few minutes. As surreal as that felt, they were now on their own, no parents, no juvie, no guards, no rules.

“Rule number one, kids,” Karl said loudly. “Survival one on one. Get to high ground. So, follow me.”

Francesco looked at the edge of the forest behind them. There was still a chance for him to try and strike it on his own. A hand landed on his shoulder. “Karl’s good at what he knows,” Mouse said. “Let’s get going. Whether he likes it or not, he has to take care of us.”

What that was supposed to mean, only Mouse could tell. But Francesco didn’t want to get chummy with that guy.

“Now, you should be careful with him. He really got his eyes on you,” Mouse continued as they walked, following Karl who was walking in front. Leon and his boyfriend followed closely, and Ty and Anya were right behind them. He and Mouse were the last.

“He got his eyes on me for nothing,” Francesco retorted. “I’m not going to let myself fucked in the ass.”

“I’m glad to hear that, but make sure you don’t ever get alone with him. He’ll fuck you,” Mouse said matter-of-factly.

“Thanks for the advice, I guess. What makes you think he won’t try to pull some shit with everyone watching? You look like you all enjoy that kind of show.”

Mouse pointed at Leon’s back. “That’s why Karl won’t try anything. Leon could wring his neck. He’s against violence.”

“No shit. So he snapped that guy’s neck by accident?”

“No,” Bayan Escort Mouse replied, unfazed by Francesco’s sarcasm. “That was intentional. The asshole was hurting Ollie.”

“What’s in it for Leon to play guardian for my ass, anyway?” Francesco stared at Leon’s back and felt the same shiver from before. That was a man, not a boy like the rest of them.

“He’s got a good heart. If Ty and Anya choose to suck Karl’s cock, he won’t say anything. But the moment Karl tries anything shady, Leon will be on him like that.” Mouse snapped his fingers.

“Then I should be fine, right?” Francesco mumbled. “What about you? Are you interested in jumping my ass, too?”

Mouse laughed and placed a small kiss on Francesco’s cheek. “Not unless you want me to. But my ass is game anytime if you want it. Or I could blow you.” Unlike before, Mouse’s voice dropped to a seductive whisper.

Francesco could feel new blood pooling in his groin. That guy could jerk him off only with words. “Not interested,” he said through his teeth.

Mouse moved away, much to his surprise. “Okay, suit yourself. But don’t let Karl fuck you, okay? If you want to be with someone, be with me.”

Francesco looked down stubbornly. He wasn’t going to walk into that trap, no matter how sexy Mouse was.

Officially, he was in hell. He was surrounded by guys who liked to fuck or get fucked. That meant that he needed to keep his guard up at all times, not let his eyes stray, not look funny at any of them, or he’ll end up on all fours with something hot and hard in his ass.


They seemed to climb forever, but they found a stream and stopped. Francesco removed his t-shirt and tried to drink from his hands cupped and filled with water.

“Wait,” Mouse said and stopped him. He pulled a small vial out of his pocket and sank it in the water. He raised it and stared at it, while its color changed. “It’s safe.”

So, Karl had a knife and Mouse some kind of chemistry set. He watched as Mouse used a small plastic bag to fill with water and then drink carefully from it.

Francesco stared at him and grinned. “It’s like we’re at the fucking Ritz.”

Mouse laughed, and his eyes turned lazy. Francesco felt them roam over his chest. “You’re one handsome dude, Cesco.”

He was sweaty and wanted to dive into the cold stream, but now he didn’t think it a good idea to get naked in front of that bunch. Not the same thing thought the others. Ty and Any jumped buck naked into the stream, laughing and splashing. Francesco looked at their hairless bodies and his cock twitched in his pants.

And then, a hairy body walked into his view, and his throat went dry. He had no idea how old Leon was, but damn, he looked different. He was all muscles and large, and his cock was just another thing. Francesco took in the two hairy coconuts and gulped.

“Dream on, Cesco,” Mouse whispered in his ear. “Leon’s taken, and he’s one guy’s sweetheart.”


You can find my artwork related to this story on DeviantArt – Daemon D. Hart.

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