Punishing Rachel, Part Three



It was funny, Josh mused as he made his way back to Rachel’s bedroom, a bowl of tomato soup in one hand, glass of water in the other… Friday night when he decided to find her all he could think about was how badly she needed to pay for her “sins”, and now different thoughts entirely dominated his thoughts. Upon further contemplation, he wondered if she might could come out of this not just chastened but a better person; the idea nagged at him as he walked into her room. He paused and was again struck by how incredibly beautiful she was… the restraints and mask did nothing to mar it and in fact, seemed to enhance her soft femininity. Her body was what people meant when they said “womanly”… curvy and luscious. Her full, round breasts rose and fell with her deep, regular breaths, and her soft lips were slightly parted in that familiar tiny snore. Setting the bowl on her dresser, he sits down on the side of the bed at lets his fingers explore her smooth skin ever so lightly, not wanting to wake her yet. Her nipples stiffened under his gentle touch and grew longer, the bumps around them standing up sharply. Around her side, up under her smooth-shaven armpit… he found a tiny mole there and wondered how many other people knew that was there… then continuing down, his fingers dipping into the deep hole of her navel. Continuing down, he traces her tiny round belly and smooths the thin strip of pubic hair she cultivated down to her half-open pussy, still gooey from their combined fuckjuices. He slips his middle finger between her outer lips and presses it against her clit… her body jerked in response and she started to regain consciousness… he continues to stroke it firmly as she shakes off her sleep, quickened breaths turning into moans, until he sees her stomach tense and the muscles in her thighs start to jump. Then he stops and slaps the inside of her near thigh “Wakey wakey piggy… I brought food, because you’re going to need your strength tonight. Are you ready to eat?”

Rachel nods weakly and opens her mouth to speak, but only a dry croak comes out… between the abuse, her moans, and the fact that the last thing she had to drink was an overabundance of alcohol, her mouth and throat were so dry she could barely speak. She felt shaky from hunger as well, and before she even thinks, the first thing she manages to whisper is “thank you…”

Josh arches an eyebrow in surprise, but all he says is “Don’t make a fucking mess, or I’ll make you clean it up with your mouth and then beat the shit out of you for good measure.” He brings the bowl of warm soup over to her; he’d decided against freeing her hands up enough to eat and he found the idea of spoon-feeding her annoying, so he just stuck a straw in the bowl. As soon as he puts the straw between her lips she starts to suck, and in very short order the bowl was empty. He then replaces it with the glass of water, which she sucks down about half of in short order and then stops, gasping. Setting the dishes aside, he contemplates how to get her to the toilet with a minimum of risk… then it came to him. Genius.

“I don’t have to tell you again what will happen if you try to pull anything stupid, right?” he demanded in that gravelly voice that was quickly becoming second nature.

Rachel shakes her head quickly, much invigorated and refreshed by the soup and water”No, I know… I won’t, I swear I won’t…”

That much was true… because whether she’d admit it to herself or not, she no longer had the strong desire to free herself that she had the night before. As a matter of fact, she could already feel her pulse beating in her clit again in anticipation, and squashed the knowledge of it firmly, unwilling to examine these changes in herself yet.

Josh freed one wrist and then the other, taking the chains off the bedposts instead of her hands out of the cuffs, and looped them around her wrists so that when he attached them together in front of her, she did have a little bit of play. He did the same with her ankles, leaving just enough chain between her feet to allow her to shuffle slowly. “Whatever you need to do in there, best do it now. I’m not taking you again anytime soon and you know what will happen if you piss the bed, right?”

She accepts his help to stand, and nods in agreement at his words. Rachel hobbles after him as he tugs her toward the bathroom, trying not to fall, and lets him guide her to the toilet. Any other time a stranger in there with her would have rendered her completely incapable of relieving herself, but she thought nothing of it now. Need to pee taken care of, she takes the wad of toilet tissue he handed her and spreads her knees as wide as she can so that she can fit both hands between her legs to clean herself up… which she did a very thorough job of, without thinking too much about why… and then just sat there, awaiting instruction.

Josh grabbed her up by the chains linking her wrists and leads her back to the bedroom, wondering at her docile manner as he pushes her onto the bed face down and binds her back to the bed, this time ass-up. He takes a couple of the abandoned pillows off the floor and stuffs them under her stomach, leaving her breasts hanging free in front of them, so that even though her chains are too short for her to get on her knees, her ass is still raised high. His mind was whirling with ideas for how to… well, help her, really, by teaching her a little humility. Maybe she wouldn’t be such an insufferable bitch if he broke her… really took her down that peg or two he’d told her she needed. He chewed a cuticle absently as he stood next to the bed, wondering how to go about it. Being into the lifestyle and having experience in it were two different things… he’d dreamed of finding himself a little submissive girl to keep, but hadn’t found one yet… he just kept making things in preparation. But when he was planning, he was thinking of a girl willingly submitting… not this. He really wasn’t a violent man, per say… he had just been pushed too far. Combined with his desire for her and sexual frustration he just… well, there was no one to make excuses to, so why bother? He had her now, it was done. He had an idea and moved quickly over to her closet, peering inside… jackpot. Unclasping a handful of clothespins from random hangers, he grabs a good handful and adds those to his collection on top of the dresser. Going back to the closet, he also finds a narrow leather belt with no decorations. Then he peeks into her bedside drawers and finds exactly what he thought he would fairly quickly… a fairly thick, if not too long, vibrating dildo. He grins to himself as he wonders if every girl in the world keeps those in the same place. Figuring he had all he needed, he returns his attention to the bound and silent girl on the bed.

Listening to him rummage around her room, Rachel’s stomach felt twisted up in knots. What else could he possibly do to her, she wondered… and decided maybe it was better she didn’t know. It was hard to get a grasp on her feelings anymore. She was so confused… even as her stomach trembled in fear she could feel her pussy getting wetter in anticipation, and her skin seemed hypersensitive. Every puff of air across it felt almost like a caress. Her face flushed with embarrassment when she heard him open “that” drawer, then wonders at herself… why does she care if her attacker… this rapist… sees her private toy? Perhaps, she thought, she should be more worried about what he planned to do with it…

Josh paused after gathering all the items together, and almost laughed out loud when he realized he was rubbing his palms together like some evil mastermind from the movies. He wished now that he had paid more attention to this type of thing when he was reading about BDSM, but he figured he could figure it out… hell, she was already Escort a different girl than she had been less than 24 hours ago. He cleared his throat and got his fake-raspy voice ready… “alright bitch. Things have been real fuckin easy so far. I’m not gonna lie, I’ve been letting my desire to fuck you make me forget what a stuck-up cunt you are… don’t get it twisted, piggy. I’m here to make you pay. Since you’re such a slut that you like it when I fuck you, I’ll have to punish you another way…” with that, he picked up a few of the clothespins. Sliding onto the bed near her half-covered face, he reaches under and lifts one of her heavy, hanging breasts and pinches the nipple viciously, making Rachel gasp and whimper, and also making it instantly hard. He clipped the clothespin onto it immediately and grinned when she she starts squealing and pulling against her bonds “quiet now, piggy…” he mock soothed, brushing her hair back from her face so he can see the pained set of her jaw. He gives her other full breast the same treatment, and sees tears start to slip out from under her mask while she presses her lips together in a thin, white line to keep from screaming. Now we’re getting somewhere, he thinks.

Rachel groaned in agony, her tense arousal forgotten in the steadily-increasing, throbbing pain in both her nipples. Rather than getting used to it, as she had frantically thought she might after he clipped the first, it was only getting worse… this horrible, burning pressure… it seemed like her nipples would be torn off, or at the very least, split in two, by it. She could feel a trickle of sweat forming and running down her bare back toward her shoulders as she strained valiantly to hold back her cries. She felt him move back on the bed and her eyes flew open and bulged out behind their covering… ‘surely he wasn’t going to put those things’ she had a chance to think, before the crushing pressure was applied to one of her tender nether lips. Her whole body spasmed and arched, chains rattling loudly, as a smothered wail comes from her throat. The pain was so intense and severe that him adding the second clip to her other labia barely made a difference. She rocked back and forth, screaming in her throat, her lips still pressed tightly together and held there by her teeth. ‘I can’t, I can’t, I can’t take anymore… I can’t, I can’t…’ her mind was stuck in this loop, literally deathly afraid that she was going to lose control and start screaming aloud.

Josh felt a surge of arousal, watching her squirm there, his eyes locked on the clothespins he’d just placed. They trembled and waved a little back and forth with her limited thrashing, the lips they held rapidly turning a dark red. One more to do, he thinks, but realizes he runs the risk of her screaming bloody murder when he places it, no matter how hard she tries not to. Despite all his warnings, he had no desire or intention of killing her, and didn’t want to be forced to. Some kind of gag… his eyes scan the room and the floor… settling on her discarded panties from the night before. He picked them up, smiled evilly as he noticed the crotch of them was well-coated with her mostly dried juices. He balled them up, inside out, and pushed them crotch-first into her mouth, then holds his hand over it to keep her from pushing them out. Then, picking up the last clip in his free hand, he spreads it’s claws open wide and positions it… then lets it go, right on her clit. The effect was immediate and satisfying… a wild, prolonged scream smothered to quiet by her panty-gag, her body tensing and jerking like she was being electrocuted… again… and those pins bouncing and swaying with her every movement between her legs, which he knew was only augmenting her pain.

At this point, even Rachel’s thoughts were an incoherent jumble of screaming agony and desperate pleas, which she was dying to make, but couldn’t. When he’d shoved her dirty panties in her mouth, she was almost grateful for the distraction, even as she fought not to retch, but this… this was more pain than she could ever remember feeling, and it just wouldn’t stop. Rather than getting numb, the flesh pinched between those cruel claws only pulsed and burned more with every passing moment. Dimly, she knew her thrashing and moving the clips was making it worse, but she couldn’t stop. All she could think was ‘please take them off please take them off’, but her muffled sounds were only screams and moans of pain. It felt almost like the clips were worming their way inside her and ripping the flesh between her legs to shreds. She felt him pull his hand away from her mouth, and she immediately started trying to push the panties out of her mouth with her tongue, wincing at the taste of her own stale juices, but he was only gone for a moment and he shoved them back in.

“Do you want me to duct tape over your gag, piggy? I will if you try to push it out again” he demanded, and she shook her head miserably. Still whimpering and thrashing, but slowing now as she started to tire, she simply sobbed and dug her teeth into the soiled cloth in her mouth. The pain was no less, but it had changed, somewhat… rather than the sharp, tearing type it was becoming deeper… a throbbing, burning ache that radiated out from each clip and beat like a drum with her pulse.

Josh had to smother a groan of pleasure as he slowly stroked his cock, watching her struggle. The tender flesh of her pussy was turning dark red around the clips, and her continuous shrieks of pain and thrashing were fading to miserable whimpers and trembling as she tired. ‘Time to turn it up a notch again’ he noted, and stood to grab the paddle from the top of the dresser. This time, he didn’t smack it on his palm, because he wanted everything to be a surprise this time… carefully, as he didn’t want to hit the clips and risk them popping off, he brought the paddle down on her upraised ass, and the screaming and thrashing began anew. He slapped one cheek bright red and then the other… and back to the first. He lost track of how many times he hit her… but by the time he was done, there were actually a couple of spots on her ass where he had abraded her soft skin until it bled. He stared at his handiwork, his cock throbbing painfully, waiting for her to be worn out again. Then the lessons could REALLY start.

Rachel nearly lost consciousness during the vicious paddling, but she was denied even that small kindness as he continued to wail on her defenseless ass. He jaw ached with as she clenched the panties in them tightly to smother the screams she couldn’t stop. Her throat was scratchy and burning from the strain… she’d never screamed this much in her life. Every time she thought she’d experienced the worst pain she’d ever known, he made it worse… she couldn’t feel anything from the base of her spine to halfway down her thighs but boiling agony. She was so exhausted now that her head drooped and she could no longer fight her bonds, but she kept twitching and trembling… tears poured down her face, which was frozen in a terrible grimace of agony and strain. As she hung there, limp and shaking, he asked her with a strange gentleness in his voice “If I take your filthy slut’s panties out of your mouth, do you think you can control yourself and be quiet now? You know what will happen if you don’t…” and she nodded slowly, utterly defeated.

Josh pondered for a moment if it would be truly safe, then grabbed his knife just in case and yanked the wadded-up cloth out of her mouth. She gasped a huge breath, but all she did was continue to sob and whimper exhaustedly. “Good piggy.” he remarked, “Now, it’s time for you to own up to what you think you are, my little whore, and learn the truth.” He took hold of the closest pin on her nipple, and pulled it just a little, forcing a gasp and a louder whimper from her. “When I ask you a question, Escort Bayan you are to answer it immediately, and honestly. If you’re too slow, I will twist each clip until you answer… if you lie, I will shove your panties back in your stupid slut mouth and add more clips. Do you understand me?” she nodded yes and he twisted the pin in his hand a bit. “What? I can’t hear you…”

“Yes!” Rachel cried desperately as it felt like he was unscrewing her nipple from her body. “Yes yes yes I understand!” her voice was cracking and breaking from the strain the screams had put on her throat.

Josh smirked and held the clothespin still “that’s better, piggy… now. First question… you think you’re better than most people, don’t you? You think your looks make you special, isn’t that right?” he waited about one breath, and began to slowly turn the clip.

Rachel’s mind was racing… part of her wanted to say no but she knew deep down it wasn’t true… and suspected her tormenter knew it too. She wrestled with it for a moment, until he started to move this clip, then the fresh burst of pain made her blurt “yes!”

Josh shook his head and continued to torture her nipple “not just yes, cunt… complete answer…”

“Yes, I… I think I’m better than uglier people… I expect to be treated better…” she stammered through the agony. As soon as those words left her lips, she felt the pressure ease and the hateful clip come off that breast. “Oh gods thank you” she moaned.

Josh chuckled quietly. “You are learning, aren’t you slut? We might make a worthwhile fuckpig out of you yet… ” he took hold of the other clothespin on her nipple. “Alright… now.

… you like to cocktease, don’t you? Like to show it off for guys you’d never fuck, just to torment them. Like to think of how you make their dicks hard, and how they might jerk off thinking about you later?”

Rachel nods quickly “yes, I do, I love it, I do it all the time… show off to loser guys… hope they have to jack off because of it…” she can’t get the words out fast enough, and shivers all over and sighs when the next clip is also removed. “… th-thank you… again…” she murmurs, embarrassed.

He grunts in grudging approval “Good answer, but that was the easy part. Now… you will repeat after me… and if you hesitate, you know what will happen. If you don’t say it like you mean it, you’ll get more clips. I’ll make your cunt look like a fuckin porcupine if I have to. You’re gonna learn…” he fingers one of the pins attached to her pussy lip, watching her flinch and smother a pained cry. “You will say… ‘I am nothing. I am not special, I am just a life support system for my fuckholes, which I should be glad to let any man use'”

Rachel’s face burned, and she opened her mouth to say the distasteful thing… but couldn’t force herself to right away. Immediately he began to pull and twist on the clip, fresh pain exploding between her thighs “Nothing!! I… am nothing…” she moaned in pain. “Not special… I’m just a… life support system… for m-my fuckholes… any man can use them…” her body shook with her sobs, and then shivered when he pulled the clip off, not bothering to open it this time. It pinched all the way to the edge of her labia and then was gone. “Oh… my fuckin gods… thank you…” she managed.

Josh began slowly stroking his cock again as he listened to her and watched her body’s reactions to the pain. He had never imagined how insanely hot something like this would be, and he was determined to make the most of it. “Not bad, whore, not bad… if you keep hesitating I may have to make the penalty worse…” he holds the other clothespin on her pussy lip lightly “ok… repeat again… ‘my only purpose is to please men, and from now on I will not tease, but please, any man who asks it of me. I will be meat… a fuckslut for anyone’s taking.” Josh of course didn’t believe for one second that no matter what she said, she would do this… but that wasn’t the point. He wanted to break her ego, and in his inexperience this was all he could think of. All in all, he was rather proud of himself.

Rachel struggles to remember everything “my only purpose is to please any man that asks… I will be meat, a… f-fuckslut for anyone…” her humiliated flush burned down over her chest and recovering breasts. The relief was so intense when he yanked the clip off that her cunt spasmed. “Thank you… thank you… thank you…” she moaned. The pain in her pinned clit was still intense and horrible, but at the same time she clearly felt herself getting wet. She was too exhausted and beaten down to question it anymore… for some reason, this terrible ordeal was turning her on over and over, and she no longer cared why in this moment.

Josh didn’t miss her pussy clench either, and grinned. This was turning out better than he could have ever imagined, in so many ways, he mused. “Ok… last one, my horny little pig… I know you want me to take this clothespin off your clit, but I think… you should beg me to. I want to hear your best begging… don’t forget what I’ve told you so far… make it good. I have complete control over your pleasure and pain, and I deserve to be treated like it. So beg… now.”

Rachel’s mind raced as she tried to come up with something her rapist would like. “Please… please take the clip off my clit… I’ll do anything you want, I’ll suck your cock again, I’ll… fuck you any way you want, you’re in charge… you’re my… my… master… please take the clip off sir, even though I’m a stuck up bitch and a slut and I don’t deserve it… please… Sir…” she was babbling now, crying anew… and it was more from the words she was just now realizing were true than the pain.

Josh clenched his teeth against a loud groan and gripped his throbbing cock in his hand. Fuck, she had called him master, and sir… holy shit. It was probably the hottest thing he’d ever heard in his life, but he couldn’t let her know. “Better than I thought you could do, whore…” he murmured, and then yanked the pin off her clit roughly. Her back arched sharply, and she stifled a keening wail.

“OH MY FUCKING GOD THANK YOU!” she cried. “Thank you… sir… oh thank you… please…” she babbled. “Anything… anything… you can do anything to me…”

Josh gave her a smack on her abused ass cheek, hearing her breath hiss through her teeth. “Thanks anyway slut, but I knew that. I just wanted to make sure you knew it too.” He rubbed a couple of fingers up and down her tortured slit, spreading the moisture that was leaking from her tight little hole. “Hopefully you realize know who’s in control… who your master is… and you know not to fuck with me. I think you do, though…” he took her overextended and purplish clit between two fingers “as a matter of fact, you want me to fuck you right now, don’t you? Tell the truth…” and started to squeeze just a bit.

Rachel didn’t even hesitate “yes, oh yes, please… I mean, if you want to fuck me, sir please… I do want it… please fuck me” her words tumbled out in a rush, stomach tightening in fear from his fingers around her sore and swollen clit. Part of her was scared, yes… but it was quite true anyway. She wanted this cruel stranger’s long and satisfying cock buried in her clenched-up pussy, and she would beg if he wanted. All the conflictedness and wondering were temporarily pushed out of her mind, and she was nothing but a mass of animal needs.

Josh felt his iron-hard cock twitch when he heard her say ‘please fuck me’… and he wanted nothing more than to ram into her… but she had one more lesson… picking up her own dildo, he turned the vibe on full blast, and shoved it into her grasping, dripping cunt. “I don’t think so… not yet, my slutty little pig girl… “he said through gritted teeth, so turned on he could barely Bayan Escort stand it. “You haven’t earned my cock yet… you need to understand that if you have ANY pleasure, it’s because I allow it…” he began to work the buzzing rubber cock in and out of her hole. “Don’t you dare fucking cum unless I tell you, got it? If you think you know pain, you’re wrong…” pumping it in and out of her, watching it get covered in her creamy juices and her lips cling to it as if her greedy pussy didn’t want to let it go “you haven’t seen shit compared to what I will do to you if you come…” using his other hand, he began to gently stroke her engorged clit.

She wailed desperately and actually tried to wiggle away to no avail… Rachel had no idea how she was going to keep her orgasm back, it was too much… that thick, hard, unforgiving dildo rubbing her oversensitive and creaming inner walls, and now his fingers putting just the right pressure on her abused clit… she felt herself getting closer and closer to the point of no return and no matter what, she didn’t think she could stop it. Finally she burst out “Please!! Oh gods please sir may I cum, master, please, I can’t hold it, oh fuck can I cum please… I don’t think I can stop it… ” she pleaded, feeling her body tense and spasm already.

“No.” he said calmly, “but good whore for asking… that’s what you have to do.” He pulled the toy unceremoniously from her twitching, grasping cunt and stopped stroking her. He got up on his knees behind her, and ground the rigid length of his cock against her soaked and spread-open pussy “now beg me for my cock, slut… tell me how much you need it.”

Rachel moaned and shoved her hips back against him, shuddering each time the veins and ridges of him rubbed against her clit. “Oh fuck, I do… I need your cock in my pussy… please fuck me master please, I’ll do anything, please just fuck me and let me cum…” she begged.

He could have laughed again but stifled it, wiping sweat off his brow “oh, you’re gonna get it alright, but not how you think…” he grabbed the belt and leaned over her back, still grinding, and looped it under her head and around her neck, putting the end through the buckle so he could pull it tight with one hand. He let it slide down until it fit snugly around her throat. Then he leaned back and grabbed the dildo in his other hand, slamming it back into her hungry cunt, making her arch and pull the belt a little tighter around her neck. He pushed the toy into her as far as he could, and the lined his cock up with her puckered little asshole, and began to push it in. Since he’d already reamed her once that day and he was coated with her thick, slippery juices, he didn’t meet as much resistance, but the moans of pleasure still took on a pained sound as he did it, which was exactly what he wanted.

Rachel froze with fear when she felt the belt slip around her throat like a noose, but only had moments to worry about it before he started trying to shove his cock into her ass again… it hurt less this time, but with her pussy stuffed so full of her own thick dildo it was still painful… she tried to breathe slowly and just let him in. When he started to work it in and out of her this time, she was surprised to find that it was starting to feel good… little moans of pleasure were escaping her lips again as she rocked her hips back toward him as much as the chains would allow. She began to whimper quietly “oh yes… oh fuck yes, it’s so good… fill both my holes, gods I need it so much, please… please… fuck me… fuck me harder…” as the pressure of her impending orgasm returned.

Josh obliged her, spurred by the sexiest sound he’d ever heard… her sweet, husky, little voice begging him for it. He rammed his cock to the hilt in her ass, pulling most of the way out before slamming back, harder and faster… wrapping the end of the belt around one hand, he leans over her back and reaches under her belly and back between her legs, first stroking her hot little clit again, and the working the toy in and out of her in rhythm with his thrusts in her ass… he could feel her whole body tensing under him… finally she started to plead. “Ohhh… ohh gaaawds… please let me cum… may I cum, sir, oh fuck I need to cum, I’m so close… please please master tell me I can cum… I can’t stand it…”

“Not yet…” he growled through gritted teeth, straightening back up so he can pound her asshole harder. “Wait… wait…” he rapidly felt his peak approaching. “CUM FOR ME NOW, GIRL.” he demanded “right fucking now you little whore… fucking cum on that rubber dick…”

“OH FUCK THANK YOU MASTER OH GODS OH FUCK…” she cried, her whole body spasming along with her cunt… the toy shot out of her as she tried to clamp down around it so hard she heard it hit the floor with a thud.

Josh felt her grasping, clenching orgasm in ripples along his cock and yanks the end of the belt up tight, exploding into her ravaged anal cavity as he feels her start to thrash from lack of air, thrusting into her ass as he spurts, then burying himself balls deep and pushing forward over and over while he pulls harder and harder on the end of the belt. Her body bucked harder under his as he suffocated her, but he it only prolonged his pleasure and he didn’t let go until the last squirt of his hot cum was shot into her ass.

Rachel nearly screamed for joy when she finally heard him say she could cum, and was sobbing with relief as her orgasm washed over her in waves, until she felt that strip of leather tighten around her neck suddenly like a garrote, completely cutting off all her air in an instant. Her eyes bulged out against her mask again and her body shook and fought wildly against her bonds. Her pussy was still twitching from cumming and she could feel every hard inch of him buried in her ass as he filled it with cum. Her mouth opened and closed over and over again without a sound, like a fish on land. Her face turned red… then purple… a bluish tinge was creeping around the edge of her lips and she had quit fighting by the time he let go. She took a great gasping slobbery breath and coughed, hard, at the pain in her throat, though it quickly faded. He may have been choking her to death, but it didn’t take long enough for him to finish flooding her asshole to do her any real damage… already the dizziness was clearing up. She felt a moment of anger, which quickly fizzled… after all, hadn’t he made it clear she was his to do with as he liked? She forced her body to relax, knowing nothing was going to get her out of this better than doing exactly as he wanted… and she knew now part of her wanted to. This unknown assailant had given her more and stronger orgasms than she’d ever had in her life before, and even though she knew she shouldn’t feel that way, she didn’t want it to end. “Thank you for letting me cum… Master…” she murmured huskily.

Josh let himself catch his breath, and slid his softening cock out of her ass before he could trust himself to answer. “Pretty good job, slut… maybe you’re not useless after all.” He climbed out from between her legs and slid off the bed, taking a moment to steady his trembling legs. This was, by far, the most exciting thing he’d ever done… he hadn’t even begun to imagine that things would progress the way they had… and fuck, if she wasn’t the most amazing piece of ass around, he didn’t know if he wanted to meet better. He pulled the pillows out from under her, and, after hesitating a moment, tucked one under her head, turning her face away from him. “Time for sleep again, my little piggy… in the morning, we’ll have more lessons. You did… well, today, girl.” He stroked her hair back off her face.

“Thank you Master…” she sighed, wondering why she always felt so sleepy the instant he said it was time. She didn’t have long to ponder it before the grey fog enveloped her senses.

(Hope I caught all the typos this time! I really tried hard. Once again, love comments, input, and if you don’t like it, tell me why! =D)

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