PUNISHMENT IN INSTALLMENTI am Ram from Chennai, married and 28 yrs old. I am decent and above average looking man and always had an inclination towards mature ladies. This incident happened to me recently and I am still carrying on my escapades with her. Would appreciate your feedbacks on this submission.All those who are into financial services sector and telecom sector will exactly understand what kind of relation is there between sales department and operations/backend department. It’s of a cat and mouse. If sales people are the accelerator of the organization then backend/operations department are the brake of the organization. Similarly when I joined this organization I met this lady. I am changing the name as she is still into corporate and I don’t want to screw her image. Let us call her Tesa. We use to sell a product where lot of customer documentation is required and lot of scrutiny is done.During this process we lose lot of our customers. In short if we bring 100 applications/forms for making them our customers then 40 of them get rejected because of either documentations or other scrutiny. I was heading sales for this company and Tesa was heading the operations. Every second or third day we used to have heated arguments with each other. Sometimes on mails sometimes verbal. Unfortunately, situation became such that we both became almost personal enemies. I used to look for opportunities to demean r trouble her and same was her mentality.One day because of her I lost a deal which was worth my 2 months target. And I was mad like anything. And to top it she took her team for a party celebrating my loss. I decided that I going to make her life hell and started making big issues of small things. Fortunately or unfortunately we both used to share the same cabin. Our cabin was such that we both sat opposite each other on the opposite sides of the same table facing each other. We had walls on three sides and one of the wall having a glass door. The fourth side of the cabin is a see through glass facing the road.Apart from the security man only I had the office keys. There was no security from 9pm to morning 6am. One day I found that she had left her phone on her on her desk while going for lunch. Just to trouble her I picked it, switched it off and took it with me. Thought would trouble her for a night and next day place it on her desk again. At night I was feeling naughty so I started exploring her cell phone. It was a high-end phone. I switched it on and immediately put it on offline/airplane mode. I started reading her messages and realized that she was into a relationship with a person even though already married.This got my interest and I started exploring more. Soon in video clippings I found her clips of giving blowjob to a man and that man was her boss, who used to operate from Mumbai office. She was married to a Royal family of Rajasthan. And now I got what I wanted. Next day she came to office with new phone and a new connection. She had not closed her previous number or taken a second sim for the same number. She wanted to wait for some time as she was sure that someone from the office has played the prank and she would get her phone back soon.Same day I messaged her from her old number to her new number – “I have got your phone with all the messages and video clips of you and your boss. If you want to meet me message me a joke.” She understood that the scene is bad. She immediately replied with a joke and asked what next to do. I replied, “wait on your seat for 30 min. I will meet you in your office.” I reached back to office in 10 minutes and started working. With the corner of my eyes I was looking at her and thinking what all I would do with her.She was a 5feet 6 inches tall, fair as a Kashmiri and had a sexy figure. She was slim on her waist, slim arms, 36c bosom and 38 hips. Her hair used to fall just below her shoulders and had got married just a month ago. And all her clips were of blowjob, smooch, and fondling. I knew she had been fucked only by her husband during the honeymoon as she had joined 15 days after her marriage and seeking a transfer to Jaipur. I would be the second person to fuck her and probably the first to deflower her asshole. I had made my mind clear.Exactly 30 minutes from the time I received her message I tore a slip of paper, wrote the same joke on that paper, went to her and handed over it to her. She read the joke and looked at me totally confused. I smiled and she understood everything. Gradually the expressions of being confused to that of shock and then fear. Along with the expressions of fear her eyes got wet and filled with tears. A small droplet rolled from her eyes. With trembling lips she asked as what I want. I moved my face close to her with a smile and she looked deep in my eyes with fear.We were looking in each other’s eyes when I moved my hand towards her chest and pressed her boob. She was so shocked that she did not reacted; she simply moved her face from my eyes to her breast being squeezed by me. She opened her mouth and said ‘please, no’. I said, “Shut-up. You would do everything I ask you to do. Everything, every time. Anything, anytime. I might ask you to run naked from your office to your home in the evening time. The only option you have is to commit suicide.” God damn it she was shit scared. And for me I was enjoying that türbanlı balıkesir escort fear, pain, humiliation.Though, of-course, I would never ask her to do anything which demeans her in public. It was only to trouble her and enjoy myself. I then asked her, “Did you understand ?” and she replied in affirmation. I slipped my hand under her top from the neck, squeezed beneath her bra and groped her boobs and stirred it. Came close to her face and licked her face from chin to forehead through the left side. She immediately wiped it. I again made my tongue wet with saliva and licked her face from both the sides and told her not to wipe it till I say.I withdrew my hand and went back to my seat for the work. As always, by 7:30 office was empty leaving me, but not as always she was also in the same place with me. At 8:30 security guy buzzed me on my intercom and informed that he is going. I said ok and told to lock the interlock of the main gate from outside. I called her and took her to the pantry, made 2 cups of coffee and sat with her on a table. Keeping distance made her understood in simple words,” I am not going to ask you do anything which will demean you or insult you in public or rather any third person.I would simply do things for my advantage and for fun. Anyways you are married and gone off with your virginity, thus nothing will be a problem for you.” Listening the last words she again started feeling disturbed and tears started rolling from her eyes. I went to her gave a small kiss like puppy on her lips and said “I have not yet asked you to have sex. Keep tears for that time. And now do something which you are totally comfortable with. You have been giving blowjobs to Avinash(her boss, name changed), but all I want as of now is a hand job.Saying this I made her stand from her chair and took it to the wall and asked her to start. She started unzipping my pant and I opened her pant. We both pulled each other’s pants and undies to the floor. She started stroking me and I started feeling her sexy ass and public hair. In the meantime I moved my hand inside her shirt and felt her boobs also. Soon my dick was hard, and quite big. She massaged my balls to build the semen. After some time I was about to cum, and then I told her that I am coming and she needs to collect all my semen in her hand.Not a single drop should fall off. She did the same. Then I asked her to rub all the semen all over her face very nicely. Again with wet eyes she did it and asked how long she needed to be like that. And I told her till the time she reaches home. Then she was about to wash her hands when I stopped her from doing so and said, “when you are carrying the love lotion on your face why clean it off your hands.” She understood. I pulled her pant, panty and buttoned it up. And left from office along with her. She used to stay quite near to the office and walks the distance through a busy market.Next day morning, around 7am I messaged her that a formal women formal jacket would suit her the most. As expected she understood what I meant and she came to office with a nice black summer jacket over her blue satin shirt. Everybody appreciated her look. She was happy, I came in our cabin, kissed her on her neck and wished good morning. She replied good morning with enthusiasm. Of course her spirits were high because of the way morning started. Then I told her that “I feel a bit of change will make you look more beautiful.” She asked excitingly what, I told her that you should remove your bra from beneath your shirt.She was shocked and understood why I had asked her to wear a jacket today. She went to washroom with her purse and came back in five minutes. As she entered the cabin I asked her to come to my side. I had brought keep wet hair gel with me. I took some gel on my fingers and applied it on both of her boobs. Of-course it dried in some time but for the whole day and kept her nipples tight with the cold feeling. And yes I had taken her bra and put it in my bag. I knew the office would be isolated by 7:30pm and I kept reminding her the same after every one hour.In the evening after the security man left, I took her to men washroom made her naked below her waist and asked me to give blowjob. Since she was in squatting position sitting on the floor naked, I removed my shoes and socks and started rubbing her pussy with my foot thumb. As I was about to cum I told her that I am going to cum in her mouth and she needs to swallow the every part of it. I cum huge and she had to swallow, though she vomited the next moment but for me it was a good feeling. For next day I told her to come without panty and wear a knee length formal skirt, the one girls wear in school.And also to shave her public hair. She replied as a student replies to the orders of a principal.Next day I was a bit late for office as I had to meet a client before office hours. As I reached office, 2of her juniors were talking to each other that she has a review on Saturday and maybe she is trying different outfits for the review. The other girl said that not possible as the review is on Saturday madam will wear jeans as always. The first girl countered, it can be but nothing very sure maybe to impress the evaluators she wears a business woman outfit.I understood what I need to get for her on türbanlı balıkesir escort bayan Saturday. And I was more excited to see her on the day in pantyless skirt. As I moved in the cabin I saw her searching something under her table. She was standing bent from her waist and her under the table. I wished her good morning and she wished the same back to me. Along with good morning she asked what for the day today she has to do. I was impressed and happy that a load/tension is always floating on her mind. I replied, “ Nothing sweetheart. You just need to relax.”Saying this I placed my hand on her ass crack over her skirt and started rubbing the passage from ass to pussy. She left a soft moan, and I thought she is maybe enjoying it. Then I pulled her from her arm and dragged her to the wall and made her stand resting her back from the wall. And I started rubbing her pussy over the skirt, gradually pulled her skirt and made way for my hand to reach her pussy. Oh, she bit her lip. Yes, she was excited but was also afraid as the cabin is not locked and someone may enter.I knew that whenever someone enters there will be a noise and it would take around 6 seconds to come in a position to see us. And 6 seconds were more than enough to adjust ourselves in official position. I inserted 2 fingers in her pussy and started masturbating her. Her eyes closed and trembling lips made go close start kissing her lips and actually sucking them one by one. Soon she shuddered to her climax and I felt the juices flowing out. I moved my hand out and made her stand the same way to allow all her juices to flow down her thighs and legs.I inserted my finger in her mouth and she understood without saying that she needs to clean them by sucking her juices of my fingers. I knew the feeling of sticky fluid dried would make her feel uneasy. And I masturbated her thrice for the rest of the day. Having done this much she was still afraid of what would happen by the end of the day. The day ended in a very humiliating way. I took her to the men toilet. Asked her to remove her skirt and I unzipped and pulled-out my cock. I told her to piss from standing position. She asked then why have I pulled out my penis. I told her not to ask question and just follow instructions.With a sad face and unexplainable expression she stood straight bent her knees a bit keeping her feet apart and started to piss. As her urine started, I started urinating on her pussy. She almost pulled back but realizing the things at stake she continued. Wow it was a wonderful view. Her pissing had made her pussy lips spread just half a centimeter and my pissing on her g-spot was making her clitoris popped-up. Though she had pissed directly on a drain but my piss on her pussy had made it totally wet and few string going down her legs.And the worst thing was the smell. Yes she had to go home the same way. She started crying while wearing her skirt back. And while moving out of the washroom looked at me questioningly. Aha, she was asking for tomorrows order. I pulled out a box from my bag and gave it to her and told you need to wear it tomorrow. She opened it, she was relaxed. It was a formal saree which can be worn in office. But asked, ”how about the blouse ?” & then bit her lip and asked again, “you are not expecting me to wear it without blouse? please…. “I laughed to the heart and told her that her black blouse she wore during navratri would completely match with the saree. She replied that it was a complete backless blouse. And countered that atleast it’s a blouse and I countered with an anger. She understood. While she was putting her gift in her bag I told her that she should not wear any bra, panty and neither the petticoat. She turned in shock, and told that a saree cannot be worn without petticoat. How will she manage the saree remain around her waist ??? I replied tie a big strong string or maybe a rope if required and tug your saree in that. I gave her a choice, either blouse or petticoat and reminded her of her lost mobile which was with me.Though the decision was hers and it was quite obvious that she will of course wear the blouse but still I was getting desperate to see her. I messaged her around 11pm at night that if comfortable she could reach office by 8:00am in the morning as some work needs to be discussed and a report to be sent by 9:00am. She understood and reached office by 8:00. I actually checked if she wasn’t wearing a bra, panty or petticoat. Wow she was very nervous of losing her saree tugs and I made her more nervous. I unhooked all her blouse hooks leaving the first one and last one intact. This made her look the same and nothing can be seen from any side.But from the front her bare boobs were touching her saree directly, which was giving her a feeling of being topless. She looked herself in the mirror from all the angle and with lot of nervousness, fear, embarrassment and humiliation she decided to spend the day in the same way. The biggest challenge for was to be cautious and restrict her arm movements especially not rising above her shoulders. And whole day I kept on getting chances to squeeze my hand under her pallu and squeezed her boobs and pinched her nipples the hardest way. Once during lunch time I managed to suck her boobs and bite her already red nipples.She türbanlı escort balıkesir cried twice and once her junior found that she was crying to which she kept nagging to know the reason. Anyways she managed it and in the night she asked as where we should go. I started rubbing her legs and gradually moved my hands inside her saree and moved towards her pussy. Wow, how hot her hole was. I started tapping on her belly just above the pussy. And suddenly pulled the string she had tied. She jerked and caught her saree tightly. She actually shouted on me as what the fuck is this ? I lost my temper and pulled her blouse making it break both the hooks which were intact the whole day.She grabbed her blouse from other hand. Now she was in a fix. Her both hands were occupied and she was crying. I warned her as not to repeat it ever again. Or else something more worse than this can happen. Then she calmed a bit as she had to walk through the busy market for approx. 10 minutes to reach her home. Then she requested as nothing of this sort for tomorrow as the next day was her review day. I told will do nothing to keep you cautious for the day but would want to meet her the next day morning early.She told that she would be reaching by 7:00am as her presentation is still to be given finishing touches. I told as what he has decided to wear, to which she replied her grey coat pant suit with white shirt. I wished her good night and confirmed next day early morning visit. Next day we both visited early in the morning. I asked her to spare an hour for me and then she can work on her presentation. We both went into the men toilet, I asked her to give me a blowjob and not to swallow my cum and masturbated her in nude. Now she started getting dressed.I applied some itching powder on her nipples and gave her a remote operated vibrator pushed completely inside her pussy. She did not realize the powder as it was a low intensity one. But I kept the remote with me. Her review was in the conference room which had see through glasses on the inside of the office. So, whenever I found that she is debating something or making a point I used to start the vibrator. She told me in the end that she cum 12 times during the day. At 5:00pm she got free from the review. Avinash had asked her to join him in the hotel but she made an excuse that her husband has come she is traveling toJaipur for the weekend. At 5:30pm we both were alone in the office. I locked the main door from inside and also bolted the latch so that no one can open it from outside even with the keys. We both got naked in the middle of the office. I lied over her and started kissing her and pressing her boobs in a romantic way. She also got excited and started responding me. Gradually I moved down to her boobs and started licking them one by one and squeezing lightly. She had started moaning by then. As I moved to her flat belly and kissed on her belly button she shivered and started calling my name in erotic way.I moved further down and started licking her pussy. Wow, she was quite tight highly sensitive. When I was sucking her pussy lips she started sobbing. She asked me to come in 69 as she wanted to feel my cock. I tuned into 69 position and lay on the floor with her in top. We were sucking for some time and ready for the act. We got into missionary position and I gradually inserted my 11inch in her half inch. She requested to be soft as it was too big for her. But her excitement with the vibrator was bigger than her fear. And with-in 2 to 3 strokesI was totally in and pumping her in slow movements. Every stroke was making her boobs juggle up and down. And I was going mad. I was on her nipples biting mildly to keep them erect throughout the process. I was about to come and I told I would come in her. She expressed her fear of pregnancy to which I told to go for the pill. Anyhow tomorrow was a Sunday and I had all day plans with her. Completing our fuck she looked very satisfied and asked what about tomorrow. I told, “ what tomorrow ? we are leaving for Mt. Abu right from here. And you are paying the expenses.”She said that she needs to carry her clothes. And I replied that I am carrying the required clothes. I told her that the cab would reach in 15 minutes and she can freshen-up if she wants. While she was getting dressed-up I pulled out her bra and panty. She got my message I wore the rest of the clothes. I had booked an innova. Soon the cab came and it was getting dark by the time we left. We took the last seat keeping the in between seats empty. As soon as we left the city boundaries I gave her a halter neck midi which was her half thigh length.Without argument she changed into the midi in the running car. I changed into a three-fourth and a vest. We were in the midway and it was totally dark. I wanted to give her a hint on what was on the way for the next day. I opened the string of her midi from behind her neck and exposed her boobs. I was squeezing her boobs and she was also like enjoying was rubbing my cock taking it out from the zipper. Suddenly I gave a slap on her boobs, she screamed, I smiled. She was looking again in my eyes and I gave her tit another slap, and another and another and another.A series of 10 to 12 slaps. She had already started crying without making much of noise. Her tit was totally red with finger marks, then I pulled out a paper clip from my bag clasped it on her same nipple and started slapping the clip. After sometime I started pulling the clip stretching the nipple. I tortured her same till we reached the hotel. What happened in the hotel I will share it in the next session. Meanwhile I request you to send me more ideas on how to torture her more mentally with damaging her image in public

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